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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah sallallahu alayhi wa ala early he was like me was sending him to Sleeman kathira It's a pleasure and honor to connect with you once again your brother Yeah. Hey Ibrahim coming to you live from my home here in Perth, Western Australia. I play that I pray that Allah Subhana Allah grant you comfort wherever you may be listening to these words, Allah whom I mean, I look forward to receiving your Islami questions, and so that we can assist in chat law as much as Allah has enabled us with hopefully positive answers for a betterment of our life and yours, Allah. I mean, I do look forward

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to hearing from you live on air in sha Allah. And these are important issues that at times are relevant to other people. Perhaps the question you ask can be considered a solder that you have bestowed upon others for solving a mosquito or a problem that they themselves have faced, but I've not thought to ask of directly. Today in shuttler, while you send your questions in and you queue up in the line on the phones and fulfill the, the duty you have with each other, I thought it would be important to speak about the portal on and I thought to actually begin with the definition of the Quran. To Pamela for a lot of people, it's something that becomes really useful to understand how we

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as Muslims define the Quran. And I know we do have an overwhelming Muslim majority, but there are many non Muslims who do follow along with this program. And I pray that Allah subhanho wa Taala opens hearts and allows us to engage with each other positively for that which is pleasing to Him in this life in the next allotment. I mean, the Quran is a very precise item, it's not just something that's left open for everybody to kind of talk about in its own space. And many people when they speak about the Quran at times what they're speaking about maybe a translation of something that is stated in the Quran. And these are two of course, conflicting things. Sometimes when I am discussing

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Islam with non Muslim audiences, one of the first places that I find that there is a misconception is that they believe that what they are reading in terms of the English translation, German translation, Swahili translation, whatever translation is produced for them, that that in itself that that particular translation is the literal Word of God that Muslims assume. And of course the answer to that is no. The Koran is not specific to that language other than the language it was sent in to our interview, Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and in that perspective is the point of entrance in our discussion.

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The Quran is spoken by Allah Subhana Allah and the first definition of the Quran is an annual qalamoun law, that the foreign is the literal statement of Allah subhanho wa Taala. It is spoken by Allah subhana wa to Allah in the capacity that befits His Majesty. It is not one that is rationalized by the intellect it's not one that is confined to a how or a why or in which way it is in the knowledge of Allah subhana wa to Allah and as Allah wielded, and the Quran was conveyed from Allah to gibreel to descend upon the heart of our Navy, Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam with it, and and unanimous belief about the Quran is that it is the literal statement of Allah subhanho

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wa Taala. And if and that's a really important point, we don't just believe in the meaning of the Quran or that its meaning is still maintained. We actually believe that the words and the letters that are sent to us by Allah, or the directed dictates of the Quran, and it's therefore very interesting that the Quran begins with salted fat you had the opening, which is like the key to the forum. It's where we open the forum and our journey with it. And in it, we make our first invocation, prayer and drop, it did not set off to stop him, lead me dinner, lead all of us to the straight path of life to the way of life that will dignify us before you and allow us to live

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balanced and in harmony with others upon this world. So that word is a very powerful word, it did not lead us all guide us all. Help us to achieve this guidance. So when you open the next chapter, your assumption is that the guidance will be there and the law begins and if last meme, three broken, disjointed letters of the Arabic language now in other places of the army,

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might read it and then and there are verses in the Quran lm yet tickle never under the name in public home has not the news of those who came before you reach you, and if they mean can make up a word, but at the beginning of this surah it's not a word. It is Elif on its own lamb on its own meme on its own, and they're elongated. What's the secret of that? Well, we come to know that the Quran is made up of Arabic letters. And in whichever language you tried to translate the Quran, you're going to invariably have to decipher and write the letter Elif as the sound the phonic Elif, in English, a l i f, lamb l, A, M. And that's just how it is, you cannot say and if is a and lamb is

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you know another letter. So that preserves the sanctity of the portal on the message of the forum, or an RB

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that is given to him an Arabic language, which is a static language. So the Arabic language is a wonderful language, it's a fifth category language, it's not an easy language to master. But the the Arabic portal on the Arabic language is a static language. It's not changing, you cannot add new words to it. So for example, as I look at my, at this telephone, I will say in Arabic have that have that have that telephone, this is a telephone now I've added a word telephone, it's I've just pronounced it with an Arabic accent, but it's not made it into an Arabic word. You can say a computer had a computer, or you could say an accounting machine, which describes the function of the

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computer that it counts into, you know, zeros and ones. But the word itself is not absorbed into the Arabic language. So what was Arabic then is Arabic today, and what is Arabic today will be Arabic into the future. It's an unchanging language. There is a compendium and more a gem of all of the Arabic origin words, and that's static. Now that's important because Elif LAN meme are representations of these Ledger's and they have their own names and they have their own functions. But what it does is it stems to the authority of the Prophet Mohammed Salim in conveying the Quran, that this Quran is not left for you and I to say lm instead of Elif Lam, Meem. Because that's how

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the Prophet recited it some Allahu alayhi wa sallam. So Allah brought down the floor and for a very important purpose, and he intended it to be Arabic for a very important purpose. It preserves the language of the Quran, you can translate it, meaning an approximation of it, and the translations may change with the understanding that mankind appreciates and different discoveries and science and all of that kind of wonderful stuff. But the Arabic as it is, is unchanging in that sense. And if land mean that it can keep up you were asking for guidance. It is this book, Lowery Murphy, do not approach it with doubt. Holden Linwood takim. It is in it that you will find the hood that the

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guidance you just asked if they now lead us to the path hundun little more caffeine, here is where you will find the guidance to those who approach it with a piety of heart with tequila with a purity of purpose and intent. And therefore you see the essence of the Quran that it is the word of Allah, or an kendama, the first part of its definition, Al munez. Zell, that is rich, revealed to the Prophet brought down munez that means it's brought down not in one word, but in stages, part by part, circumstance, by circumstance, reason for reason, over a span of 23 years, Allah Mohammed upon Mohammed, the third part of the definition of the Quran includes the noble persona of our Nabhi

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Mohammed, our messenger of Allah so I said that he cannot be detached because he's the one who recited the Quran for us to recite it similar to him. Alif Lam Meem instead of lm Orca ha, yeah, I am flawed. It's recited by him. So Lola, how do you ascend them to show us that even though those letters, they are jumbled and disjointed, and don't make a word, that they are recited in our purpose, and we recite them, seeking nearness to Allah subhana wa to Allah as they were sent to the prophets, Allah I send them and their knowledge is with Allah. It would be strange for a you know, a priest to stand in front of his congregation or a pastor to stand in front of a congregation and to

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speak disjointed letters k w x, Zed, you know F, and people said, What's wrong? You know, this isn't the Word of God. But for us, the lectures are a representation in our

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A reminder of the authority of the prophets I send them to convey the order and precisely without changing a letter in the beginning of the surahs these chapters the letters that don't seem to make sense have been kept as they have been, since the time of their advertising sell them. So if a letter that doesn't seem to make sense with the other letters wasn't thrown out, wasn't lost. How would you think that a word or a sentence that does make sense would be lost to mankind?

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Al Quran Kalam Allah, it is the word of God. Allah Muna Zell revealed upon the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam. It is brought down upon the Messenger of God, and it's brought down when necessary, 10 Zealand, New Zealand, part by part from above the heavens. It's not terrestrial. It's not manmade, it's not from his mind, it's not a figment of his imagination. And flb Mohammed upon the heart of Mohammed he received the follow on and it's Wait is that of a mountain cannot withstand it. Allah tells us in order and if this plan was to be revealed upon a mountain low and zelner Heather or Anna, Allah jevelin, Laura ATIA who Harsha and will tell Sunday and when

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men could shoot in LA. If you saw the Quran descending upon the Prophet upon a mountain, the mountain would shutter and shake from its receiving of the severity of the message of the Quran, the weight and the burden of having to deliver it on to the creation, but that which mountains would crumble under the heart of our VSI selam was pure enough to contain and to receive Al Quran qalamoun la Muna zelle revealed Allah Mohammed. And it is much more unfill most of it is gathered thereafter, into the volumes of the most half into the volume that we call the word most often Arabic means a volume. So it's gathered as a book. And very early on in the life of the prophets. I seldom there

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was no book that was gathered, and sometimes people kind of wonder, in the life of the Prophet, there wasn't a single volume of the Koran gathered, it was written, all of it was written, but it was scattered on different parchments and skins, and on different different places, but not in one volume. Although God says that he can keep tabs, this is the book the volume that you will recite. Well, the intent was always for it to be that, but with the life of the prophets, I send them always receiving new verses of the Quran, it would have been a phenomenal editing task to add new verses to different sections. And the very last verse that was revealed is in the very is in the second

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chapter of the Quran. So you would have to erase everything and reorder everything. And that was not necessary people committed the whole end to memory, which is the essence of the Quran that it is in the heart of humanity, which makes up the fifth dimension of the of the definition of the Quran. And most of my food don't fit so door. It is also gathered in the heart of mankind. And this is a phenomenal, phenomenal task amongst humanity. It's very, very rare that you will find a young child who has mastered in any faith in any religious tradition, there scripture and book to the extent and to the degree that Muslims committed to heart and memory. It is a phenomenal task and a phenomenal

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sign of the trueness of the Quran that so many people across the world even in the smallest of cities in the furthest Southern reaches of the world, such as here in Perth in Western Australia, just in my household if everybody else lost the hold on we can bring it back together from our memory and from what we have in our hearts. We have a caller on the line and we will continue speaking about the Quran after receiving the coal from the Santa Monica in color How can I help

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Yes, sister How can I help you today?

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When I will be

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and then he was there punishment.

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as long as

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they will be put

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to death can we put

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in house and

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we weren't actually are we supposed to?

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Come okay for your question sister. I'll repeat that.

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questions in shall begin with the second question first because it's a more important question. The question as what is the date that we make when we visit the deceased in the graveyard? The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam when he would visit the people of Ohio when he would visit the people of Kenya, he would speak out loud for others to hear many would say SLM or an equal Yeah.

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You would say I greet you all with peace, all inhabitants of your true homes, who have arrived in your destinations, and to massage their food you have reached your destination, when not no and we are Lucha funa become in sha Allah, we are soon to reach our true home our final abode, ness and Allah lenna Welcome olatuja I pray to Allah that He gives you and us for ourselves and you allow for your protection, and goodness and safety from our errors and our mistakes. This is a confirm Do I have the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the prophet also when he would be in the grave, he would sit close to the grave to the ground, especially after burial. And he would say is

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Stella funeral the vehicle? Make is still a cell federal law the May Allah forgive this person, may Allah grant them forgiveness, may Allah expel their sins from their record, may Allah and continue to make do I in that sense, it is not known that the Prophet recited the Quran in the graveyard itself. But we do know that he would remind people with its verses to remind them about their mortality and the return to Allah with regards to the next question, which is, are we allowed to put And should we put is it recommended to put vegetation or green flowers or something in the grave whenever we visit? And the answer to that is, and you shared the idea that it is a known Hadees it's

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a Muslim, that the Prophet was passing by to graveyards. And he said, if you could hear what I hear and know what I know, you would hear the punishment of the grave of these, these individuals. And the Prophet took a palm leaf and he put it on each one of the graves. And he said, I pray that Allah will protect them from punishment until these palm leaves until they become dry. This is not proof that every time we go to the grave, but they we do that most of the odema hold that this Hadeeth with a speciality for the profits, I sell them for them. There was no harm to take, you know, potted plants and plant plants on the grid. For us, the grave is something that can be made into a garden.

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There's nothing wrong with having vegetation grow on it, but there is no specific recommendation. It's not something considered as sooner to put date palms or flowers or things of that nature, but it is permitted if somebody would like to do that. We have another caller on the line and shot loss and I'm Anakin. Caller

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Yes, Mr.

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Yes, sister, how can I help you

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the citation of the Quran is permitted without will do as long as one is not in major state of impurity. So if a person is just that they minor impurity, they just need their will do person that they are and may be recited but it is highly preferred to recite the Quran while in the state of withdrawal. But it is not sinful and it is not something that you would hold yourself and say I will not read the Quran until I make although it is highly recommended. But if you are for example, making your app for yourself or you have you know in a state you got scared of something and you wanted to read a coup to see there is nothing wrong with reciting it without will do although the

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preference is to have will do in sha Allah. We have another caller on the line in Sharla

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Santa Monica caller

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yes it is sister How can I help you? If

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you have gone down a long hole in long journey shorten the prayers. And lastly, what about the soul because the soul

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to four Lastly, sorry for for last

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shot and damage. Does that come okay for your question since you the question is can we continue to pray Our suiting up prayers while we are in a state of travel, although we are shortening and George are joining our prayers together and I think I need some William and Bahati and in other narrations

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Prophets I send them it was reported kennela you said that he would not make extra prayers. He would not make his extra prayers while in a journey except for the toorak I before fetcher, and his to head Jude prayers and with to the after Isha. But as for the prayers of go and ask, and melanin, he would not make the sooner prayers during them sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he would not make his voluntary prayers in them, he would just simply pray the photo to end the hour the logic prayers on its own, except referred, and Asia, including the Torah, we add, the night prayers and the width of prayers and we're never left by the prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, whether in

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sickness or in health, whether traveling or at home, he always maintained the two loci before 5g and the width of prayers with the 200 in the evening hours in sha Allah. If you have time to pray while traveling, even in the state of travel, you are permitted to pray extra prayers, but to confirm this and of the prophets I seldom don't pray the sooner of both. And in that state, in that example, you get I pray that Allah Subhana Allah accept from us. I hope you have a wonderful stay with us come back after the break and we will rejoin with part two in sha Allah was sent Mr. Equal more amatola here volcat

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Can you hear me? I can hear you sister. Yes.

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So like I said Mr. amatola. Yes, sister.