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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of honoring those who have been blessed with something, including the need for both hardship and ease in life to achieve the joy of worship. They emphasize the importance of remembering that Islam is with them and the need to adjust behavior and be prepared to follow the Prophet Muhammad's teachings. The segment also touches on the importance of learning from experiences and sharing them with others.
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hamdulillah Hamza *reen Salatu was Salam O Allah say is in mousseline se Ed now habibie Now whenever you know, Medina Salalah or early he was, he was held in the Sleeman kathira Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Sayyidina Habibi. Now in the beginning embedding Villa valine. Also, he was unlimited whoever regardless easy now when I'm reading

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a lot more salli wa sallim wa barik ala Sayidina Muhammad

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amin Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah we are blessed Alhamdulillah to have been of those who were fortunate enough to experience the blessing 10 days of the hedger, we pray the loss of pineapple with Allah who has brought us the joy of the day of the autofair and the day of nothing of the day you read, that Allah Subhana Allah gives us many more years of happiness with our families, with our communities and our loved ones in high spirits, and in love and in communion with each other, seeking the almighty pleasure of Allah in Patna with that, I pray that Allah Subhana Allah protect you and I you know, all of the endeavors that we seek in life, that Allah Subhana Allah

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assists us in all that which is good in the dunya and good in the Africa, that a lot protect you and I from the punishment of jahannam Allahumma I mean, it's a pleasure and honor hamdulillah to congregate with you, although virtually, with my dear brothers and sisters in the United Kingdom and across the world, through the wonderful facility of Islam channel, my praying the last time I went to and it makes the time that we spend together over the next hour, a time of comfort and knowledge and one where we seek to acquaint ourselves with the details of what Allah has obligated upon us as Muslims, through the tradition in the Sunnah of our Navy, Mohammed, Salah Allahu Allah, you ascend

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in sha Allah, as you know that this is a live coding session for Islamic q&a. This is a regular meeting and hamdulillah that I have with you now that we've come out of our a deaf festivities and holidays and the Blissett days with the picture, and we'll be meeting live together every Wednesday in sha Allah, at this time, 12pm London time and 7pm in Perth 7am in New York City and I pray that Allah Subhana Allah continues to gather us, make us from those who are pleased and honored. With this setting many many more time, I wanted to speak about how to end our days of EAD and to anticipate and look forward to the new one. Now, one of the things that special about the days of

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EAD is that they are commemorations of worship, commemorations of love and commemorations of commitment to a lunch with panda with that, you will notice that our days of aid are days that join us in worship together as a community in a ritual that allows us to think of that which will happen into the coming days, years and future endeavors that we seek together. The purpose of course of us coming together in the rituals of had the rituals of Roma, blonde and fasting, and in the rituals of the day of aid is that as we come together, worshiping together gathering together in our large numbers in all different parts of the world, in all of our cities and in all of our communities.

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What that does is that it makes us feel as one and therefore one of the ultimate messages of their youth. One of the ultimate messages of the spirit of our celebration in the worship of Allah is that we understand what you need to have IE omega, omega wahida, when heavy or metal or metal wire, this oma of yours, or Rasulullah, or owner of Islam is one nation, and what I know compared to Dune, and I am your Lord, so worship Me alone, Allah man to panda with that. And therefore when we come together, we facilitate for me or in bar, that spirit of togetherness, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says in the authentic elite, that our Ummah is an oma that is martoma and Alma that has

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the mercy of Allah upon it, which doesn't necessarily mean that we're given an easy path in life. Rather, the right amount of Allah usually must follow the difficulties that make us worthy of earning it. And I thought I would speak about hardship that follows ease and comfort that follows difficulty. So Pamela, the life of the prophets I sell them is a great indication of what you and I should aspire to and what you and I should see as a methodology of life as a way of dealing with our problems as a way of being comforted and one of the great tools given to the Prophet I sell them is sort of a baja when lady there said yeah, man with that color. You know, by the daybreak Oh Mohammed

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and the repealing of the of the darkness and seeing the old ultimately

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As human beings, we need both the light and the darkness to survive. You need both that hardship as well as the ease to be a functional human being. You were not created to not ever be tested, you were not put upon this place, and this earth and given this life and opportunity of worship, to be given an easy pass. In fact, you will only appreciate the ease and the comfort when you have toiled through some of the adversities and difficulty. And in fact, the only way some of your character and the trueness of your purpose in life, that it can ever be uncovered and made known to yourself and others, is only known through the hardship. Where else would you demonstrate courage? How else can

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you demonstrate patience? Where else will you demonstrate that enduring subject and being able to go further than the next and do what other people back away from because you seek the pleasure of a love and safety and protection for others, and therefore some of the greatest characteristics that we honor as human beings are only ever established and made known in moments of dire moments of difficulty, moments of hardship and moments of strain, and that which may lead to tragedy and sorrow. And therefore we celebrate those who have given their life for a better cause and a better purpose that has outlived them. We still celebrate the likes of heavens on the Allahu Allah, we

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celebrate Mossad, the remainder of your loved one animal, the first martyr of Islam, so Miyagi Allah, and those who gave their life so that you and I would be able to hear, understand and accept, and then state and teach the others let either in the last hamburger Rasulullah, through the virtue of the message of the Prophet eminence is imminent, and therefore it should not astonish you that the life of it also lost, it seldom was very tumultuous. There were days of daylight and Daybreak and happiness and the birds were singing. And there were days of sorrow, and days of sadness. And, in fact, a year of posing a year of sorrow in the year of his blessing wife of Eagle, Cobra, or your

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loved one passing away, I like it a little further with them with the slim, all of that kind of takes us to our greater purpose in life, our greater rates in life is that we come together to know that Allah Subhana Allah is the one who gives us the good, and the difficulty, the bitter with the sweet and they are alternating together, like a Buddha will lay like the alteration of the night and day. But what is the constant between all of this upheaval in my life in yours? Allah says, Man with that I have a book a woman, your Lord will never leave you. Your Lord does not depart from you. Your Lord will never forsake you. Your Lord does not stay away from you. And your Lord will never give

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you up, that you will be forgotten to Pamela. This is a promise given to our prophets, I send them but also given to all of us in likewise. And therefore what is a constant test in your life is not the good and the bad, but how you respond to it. And the aim, of course for you and I as believers that whenever we experience the elation of happiness, or the somberness of sorrow, that in both conditions, our heart finds leveled balanced, equitable tranquility with Allah subhana wa tada that we remain content with Allah, or lead to be led European, wabi Islamic Dena Wahby Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam or Tula. We are content with a lot as our Lord, Islam as our path in

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life, and the way and the example and the messenger ship of Mohammed, Salah Allah and he will sell them as our greatest representation, and the ideals that we see, to mold and model ourselves. After that becomes the rising sun of our life. That is what removes the darkness from our life. It's not whether we will have happiness or sorrow as a as a footnote in our life, but it's what we did with our life and how we responded to the good days and the bad days to the days of joy and the days of difficulty. All of them are from Allah, all of them are in the power of Allah, and all of them are making us accountable to him in our reaction response and behavior. I pray the loss of pattern with

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the island continues to favor you and I to be from the best of believers, distinguishing ourselves with the best of ethics character and manners with him to behind him with that, in that regard, you see them a lot continues in the

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Tulum and this surah is really important for us to remember, after our days of celebration after our days of after our days of happiness and family and togetherness, that we continue to remember that Allah is always with us. Whether we were happy and happy or we are facing moments of strife and difficulty, and Tapan Allah, Allah is with us in many magical mattea of Allah, the witness of Allah is a very powerful testament that Muslims testify you and accept as a part of our belief in our greater subconto with that, so what's the secret of success? What Allah continues to brought to the Prophet I sell them the Emelia team of Allah.

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Let not you who used to be an orphan Mohammed, ignore the ones who are orphans today. Let not you the one who is in need, and was strengthened by me forget to fulfill, to honor to assist in the needs of others. Let not you who has been blessed with so many things, in a moment of hardship and tragedy, forget to reclaim the phrase of the blessings that I've bestowed upon you. What am Melia tema fella, what a mess said in the last 10 whatever may be near me you have had those three important invites are very important for you and I very important for our families and our community.

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In fact, you know, the general principle that we have as Muslims that we take from the character, the ethics, the modality and the sooner of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is that if you have received that gift, if you have been blessed, then share, if you have been honored, then lift others up. If you have been favored, then look for those who you can pull along with you. The way of the profits I sell them was not to celebrate in an individualistic capacity at the exclusion of and when I say celebrate, whether it's worship, whether it's appreciate whether it's think of a loss of kind, I want to add incumbent upon all of us to be of those who are not inward at the at the

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peril of those who are around us that we ignore their needs of us. To Pamela, the prophets, I send them as reminded and then we did a demon our didn't I find you an orphan Yama, Penman, and I was the one who predicted you. Meaning it wasn't your uncles that were there. It wasn't your family that took shelter. It wasn't your mother and Halima say the and all of those sort of your bawana Sahaba wasn't those people who assisted you In fact, it is a loss of kind of data. I'm the one that put in place, everything that you would need, and therefore become like those who I sent in your service become like that in the service of others. And therefore the golden rule that we have as Muslims,

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the golden rule is that if you receive, give, and if you've been blessed, share, and if you've been honored, elevate along with you, others train and prepare a teacher. And if you will have been given knowledge, do not hold on to it. But in fact, spread it and share it and teach it with those who are near and those who are far. That is the way of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam. If we were to summarize, sort of the Buddha as a constitution of life as a habit for you and I to model our behavior around as a way for you and I to appreciate what it is that Allah seeks from us in life, you can see that this surah was meant to be the guiding light in the dark, and therefore carries

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that name. You know, the word Buddha means daybreak. It's not Badgett, it's not, you know, sunrise, because sunrise, it's still dark, and it's beautiful, but it's not, you know, brilliantly lit. It's not clear. Doha is where the sun is out apart in the sky, that has not made it too high off that it's too hot. It's not too low that it's still the beginning of the day, and everybody's still lethargic. It's at a time where everybody's awake. Even those who have slept in are awake by the time of so hot. It's a time where everyone is just about to get busy. It's also the time where the world takes on its splendor. The shops open, everybody's ready to do something and it's at that

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moment. Allah says that goodness of that day, the blessing of that is in that same way, is the example of Mohammed in your life. sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Mohammed is our federally he is the dawn of new faith.

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Is the dawn of reminding men kind of their obligation to Allah. He is the one Allah use your political minute to dramatically Lenore to help us escape the darkness is into the singular light of belief in the one true God as well. And then I had to Hannah with the Adam, and therefore in the life of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam are incredible example of how you and I are to adjust our behavior meeting's agenda.

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It's important and hamdulillah that we continue in our journey of seeking acquaintance with and to be prepared to follow in the example of the prophets I sell them in the good that he received, but also to be as patient as he was in the hardship. And this sutra was given to the prophets. And then in a moment where the world seemed too dark and around. And the law was as if promising him I swear to you by the rising sun, I swear to you, I will admit that that the light is coming, it will remove the darkness that you are in the surah will arrive after Petra, after a period of time. Someone would say six months with the oil Add in pattern stopped descending upon the prophets I send them

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and Allah ordered that you Breen would not descend upon the property and sell them for a day, a week, a month, 2346 months and without notice. And the prophets I seldom it at that moment that the people of Christ he or you know, one of them was on the journey, the wife of Abu lahab, who Allah condemned the boat in

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Tibet, a lot have been with them. And you know, and one or two who both of them are condemned in the end, she would say to the Prophet, Allah, your Lord has given up on you. Your Lord has disgraced you, your Lord won't, does not. Not only are we the ones who reject you and repel you, but even the one that you are calling us who is giving you up in forsaken. And Allah says ma what that your Lord has never made with that. You know what that means to say goodbye to bid farewell. I've never bid you farewell young men, and I would never forsake you or Oh my messenger, yes, all Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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And they showed us that at times we will be tested where we have to maintain our faith, maintain the rigor of our practice, maintain our belief in Allah, even though we may seem to have disconnected from a lot. Even though we have missed one or a year or two. We've been negligent in our sleep. We haven't given our chair with your exact path. We haven't been as best as we could to some of our family members. There's arguments, there's divorce, there's the tension. I've rebelled, I've made a mistake and my parents don't know whatever it is, whatever circumstance now with that, your Lord will never give up on you. Your Lord will never be would leave you. You know your Lord will never

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push you away, somehow know what to add. Allah is always inviting us back to him for funeral ilala return hurriedly flee back to Allah. Where are you going at a boon. And therefore what you see in the prophets I send them is in the darkest moment when it everybody is ridiculing him as to have are being abused. And then Allah has ordered that communication not being continued with him as a test with a profit I tell them, what remains balance is his love, fear, hope and worship of Allah. You worship the love when he was being spoken to as much as he worship Allah when he was being tested with this moment of silence and quiet in his life, in his relationships with Allah Subhana. What to

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as we're ending in sha Allah, our discussion before we take our break, and I know that there are some of you who are on the phone lines and chuchmah look forward to engaging with you after our short, five or six minute break. I just want to leave you with two actionable points, two things that you can do to capitalize in a moment of sorrow in a moment of sadness and in a moment of difficulty to capitalize and rebuild your relationship with Allah, that it blooms even stronger than having gone into the difficulty. One is to focus on the good things that remain to have Allah sometimes we get tunnel vision that we look into the difficulty that and it seems that that's the

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only thing we'll take one color before we

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take our break Santa Monica Kohler, how can I help?

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At the beginning, we're talking about

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can do it

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this time.

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Is it okay in the morning?

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So salata, Doha is the falafel. Doha is a halfway point between Bovary time and pendulous sunrise. So when the sun has risen and it is up in the sky about half of the time between then and salado. So just say it's eight o'clock over there and over a prayer is at 12. You can pray from nine o'clock 10 o'clock in that range, would it be okay for you to praise below?

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Okay, and that's a confirm, I agree. The prophet SAW the level and

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so the

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almost Shabbat excepted inshallah, that's the most optimal time in sha Allah, according to some of the scholars, will la junta Ida Allah, may Allah accept your previous prayers and those into the future.

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hamdulillah. So we'll end with the last two, two points that are actionable. First is continue to appreciate and show gratitude for the things that you have existing in your life that maybe your difficulty has blinded you to. So perhaps you you know, there's a loss of income or a loss of job, but to kind of love look towards your family, look, you weren't your, maybe your spouse, maybe your children look towards the health of your parents. Allah has continued to favor you in something that's so near you that at times you don't see it because it's so close. You're looking past it. And the second thing in sha Allah is to continue maintaining your prayer, whether you feel that you are

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worthy of an answer from Allah or not, never give up hope in your Splenda. May Allah kind of accept from all of us. We'll take a quick break and we'll return to NAFTA is the law he died was salamati Allah He Obama can your brother yeah