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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh my brothers my Sisters in Islam I am here with my dear little friend I will let him introduce introduce himself Mohammed What's your complete name Hamid

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masala Mohammed is with me here and Tao Vitaly in the Philippines. And he told me Don't touch this because this will create a sound you just leave it here with T shirts alright Muhammad was teaching me one of the longest word and that is the fear of

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or the fear of long word what is it called?

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For me

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I have no clue what is it I will search it on Google and come back to you guys. But it is the search the fear of a long word. Now he told me that there is another word but you don't know what it means. It's also one of the longest words is that correct? Yes, I want you to look in the green light there and tell us that long word and then spell it okay

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anima nama automaker's copy

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owe us

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don't see.

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You. You

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no problem. You make mistake no problem.

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Am I C?

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O Can you say it again?

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How did you how did you memorize this word? How did you remember who told you this?

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Or how old are you now?

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And who taught you this? Like Oh Who taught you this word?

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Did you check it?

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Is it your mom or your dad? Don't Don't touch me. Your mom or your dad taught you this? yourself? So you just went to into a book? Don't touch the mic. You just went to a book and you find this word. So

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so how did you find that word? Where did you find this word

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since since they said you have a song titled Muhammad what is the song we're gonna see? Is it machine Yeah, but don't touch the mic okay

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yeah man so

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yeah man should

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be a male

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if you don't say my sha Allah Tabata Kola

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you know what I'm gonna do to masala see someone equal?