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Thanks for joining us. Virtually here today, Chef How you doing? While he was salam rahmatullah wa barakato and hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Thank you for having me. I'm very well of having to do that. May Allah subhanaw taala accept from us all along. I

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mean, I think Chef, you know, we've just heard from Iqbal Nazim, that our connection with Allah subhanaw taala is crucial and that we must understand every single thing that we say in the Salah. Now, of course, we are in the holy month of hedger, I want to ask, what is the connection between faraway such and bow have? And why is it different than just our normal five daily prayers Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam, ala Rasulillah Salam, Allahu alayhi wa sallam were about all of them are acts of worship. And I think it's more important than rather beginning with what differentiates them is what makes them similar to each other. All of them are prices that there is a physical

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exertion that is expected, the bowing and the sujood and the standing in prayer of Korea. I'm Andrew Cooper, and we're Sujatha and not alive are all aspects that humble our physicality to our maker, Allah subhanho wa taala. You know, for example, as a teacher or as an educator, there is this long lost forgotten art of students standing at attention for their teacher as they enter into the room or as they leave the room that was done as something to celebrate what it is that has is going to occur in terms of learning, or that has dissipated and anything that has something of significance, human beings in general, stand up and they give it an ovation, they give it some recognition. The

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Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa said them, in fact, he stood up at the janazah of a soul that had been departed and unbeliever who is on his way to be buried in the Sahaba were astounded that the prophets eyes and lips stood. And the Prophet said, Elisa, TNF, is it not a soul, so anything that has significance, anything that reminds us of our maker of our Creator, anything that requires requires for us to have humility and humbleness before the majesty of the Almighty has the sense of physicality in it has a sense of mental exertion in it, and has a sense of a spiritual connection to it, because those are the three makeups of what makes us human beings, a physical, but then an

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intellectual Aklan rationale, and a rule, an S, an x and a soul. So the Tola is something that kind of combines all of those kinds of things in it same as sujood ruku. And standing at attention before Allah subhanaw taala the prophet Isaiah, he says, Allah taso funa Do you not line up in your prayer, the way the angels rank in front of their Lord, and the way that we will be displayed on the Day of Judgment. So think of the tawaf as these concentric circles that we are making, are recognizing that where we begin is where we will ultimately end minha cannot come from the earth, you were created, what he had, no women had no need to come and do it, you will be in tuned in return. Women had no

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footage or couldn't tell, but an awful lot. So that circle of life, that circle of continuance, that unending pursuit of the Mercy of Allah, that unending pursuit of seeking protection from the inequities that if we have visited upon others, all of it is meant to remind us of this enslavement, humility before Allah Subhana Allah, Allah is the only one who can command us to go round and round. Allah is the only one who is worthy of us bowing and prostrating before, and therefore we're forbidding to make a record sujood and tawaf to anything and anything other than what has been legislated and demonstrated by the prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, I pray that Allah

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Subhana Allah to Allah allows you and I are to laugh once again the evening lucky to Allah and those who have not been honored with that presence before the pleasant Cabot that may Allah carry them there with his mercy allotment, I mean,

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I mean, you know, we were just looking at the live images from Mecca, and it's absolutely incredible

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history, in fact, with just Hajj in general and those places there where the pilgrims are performing their Hajj and are about to perform in hygiene in just a couple of days. What are the rituals are there are they going to be taking part of when they do that? How, what are they actually doing now?

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So how does this wonderful compilation of everything that we as Muslims honor and find sacred is

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It is where we are encouraged by Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to be generous and charitable spirit, devout and inward intent. It's where we are meant to understand the paradox of this worldly life that we chase so very much that in essence ventually we will only leave it with two rock sheets around us as we are in tuned in our grade. And in these two days that are preceding the official beginning of the day of Hajj, the people are now beginning to congregate in Medina and on their way to Mecca. Some people will begin their journey in the medina the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam recreating the Hajj of the prophets I seldom where he made his haram from Doodle for later today

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referred to as a be our ally. And then he proceeded over an eight or nine day journey. It took that long on Camelback to arrive to Mecca Mercado Rama and from there they will begin the actual rituals of Hajj. So I like to kind of make it easy for you to remember. So if you hold up your right hand, you can think of the five days of Hajj as your five fingers. So day number eight in the eighth day of the Hijjah is the day of total via the word totally a means watering and irrigation. So this is where they would get their livestock, livestock fed, they were irrigate themselves, they would move from Mecca towards Mena, and they would find themselves at a place of rest setting up the camp that

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they're going to be in and even until today, many of the projects will do that. So as they are arriving into Mecca today, people are going to be performing different types of how to do or three main hjem I'm sure we'll talk about that later on today. But the most common is had a tablet door where you are doing ermera, ending your camera removing your forearm and then making a new f rom on the eighth day and going to Mina which is that some so the eighth day which is the day before we begin fasting that will be Thursday for you for us in sha Allah. This is the day of preparation of watering the ninth day, which is the key day of hedges your index finger your shahada finger and

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that's why I like to dramatize it with this you know finger of law either law, the day of out of as a prophesy Selim said and head you're out of it. So the eighth day, the ninth day the day of out of that it is the day of dua, it is a day of recognizing our inequity before Allah today of repentance and today for all of us around the world, who are not in homage to mark with fasting, where our sins of the previous year and the upcoming year are forgiven by Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, if our intention and Amel are correct. The next day, which is the next finger or the long finger is the longest day of hudge. It's where you're going to try to accomplish so many things Subhan Allah, and

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in that day, in that middle day, the middle day of Hajj, we're going to move from out of it in the evening towards most Delita at night, and you're going to then at dawn, head towards the jumbo jemalloc you're going to throw your first stone at jumbo tilaka. At the very end, you're going to pass bypass to stoning areas. And you're going to throw seven stones at the pillar that represents the area that people are hitting cast the stones against the Trayvon. And from there, you are going to make the cloth you're going to offer the heads that the slaughter will be done in your name. And you are going to cut your hair and do the sigh and remove yourself from that greater State of Iran.

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So it is the most significant action packed day. The next day, the number four is a similar day but now you're throwing the stones at the three pillars 777 And the next day 777. And that kind of fulfills the five days of hygiene the three days

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of the days of tertiary our days that we will mark our first day and the day of forbearance the day you're very upset. We will celebrate it with our families we will be joyous and making your art for the judge to have their and accepted allotment Amin May Allah make it a Haji mob rule for all of those who are blessed to stand on the plains of the otter. And we pray that Allah subhanaw taala allows one of them to remember us in their Sonic, Allah. I mean,

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I mean, and it's, you know, you mentioned some very practical tips of understanding the different types of hydrogen is always useful to understand right now how much how long in advance are the judge actually preparing for how

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Imagine, and what kind of support should one look at before embarking on Hajer? Can they do it by themselves? Or is it much more recommended to get maybe like a support network to help you perform patch

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Subhanallah for many, it's a great opportunity to be able to get to

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be mentored along their journey. And subhanAllah this year has been a little bit of a strange year for a lot of our British Canadian American Australian for judge. And now Subhanallah with the blessing of social media and with the blessing of you know, websites, I think I've been answering something like 100 questions a day from people at hedge, through a wonderful service, hedge online.com and so on, many of us have come together to try to make a support package for many of us. You know, our first hedge was for ourselves, and every consecutive hedge thereafter was the service of a judge, whether it's, you know, buying shoes for someone who can't find their shoes and, you

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know, making sure that people are hydrated and out of the sun and all of those kinds of logistical things that really do matter. But it is the color of Allah subhanho wa Taala that we are not on the plains of Africa in this coming year. May Allah return us in the coming years Allah needs but people will be preparing for years, you know, literally for years for performing the hajj, terms of savings in terms of paying off debts in terms of making peace with others, in terms of reading up on the fifth and the necessities of Hajj in terms of kind of taking time off work building leave, making sure their family will be catered for at their departure, and just nurturing their spirituality. But

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as they approach to Mecca, you know, it kind of increases in that crescendo where they get to a place where I'm here, and now it's real, it matters, you know, the one who performs Hajj and that is my Brewer, it is consecrated and accepted by Allah where they haven't done anything that ruins their heritage intentionally. They return home as if they are forgiven, as if they were just born to their mother. Reborn is an incredible kind of opportunity, and nobody wants to miss out on that. So the Hoja you're preparing in so many ways, asking many questions, making sure that they are preparing their draft list and, and making sure that they have the state of mind the state of heart and the

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physical endurance to prepare. And there is the three dimensions. So there's a spiritual preparation, there's a mental preparation, and then there's a physical preparation. So making sure you have your extra haraam and making sure you're doing all the right things in the right places, but also having the right media and mindset is an essential,

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essential and when we come back from the break, let's discuss what type of Hajj the Prophet Muhammad

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performed, and how we can get our children to learn about these amazing 10 days. Join us again after the break until then salaam aleikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh we see

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plenty of comfy

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so the break is for two or three minutes, my brother

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for those of you who are watching online I'm doing a special program Islam am for Islam channel and Hamdulillah hodzic Am it's a beautiful series where each and every day they are following the journey of the Hajaj. I pray that Allah subhanaw taala carries us to Hajj in the coming years. May Allah subhanaw taala accepted for all of us Allah. I mean, I thought it would be nice to kind of share with you there's a number of different initiatives that I'm doing each and every day. But I thought this one was worthy of sharing publicly with you in sha Allah, may Allah accept it from all of us a lot. I mean, make sure that we are blessed with Hajj in the coming years and that Allah

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subhanaw taala returns to a separate judge who have departed us in safety and in peace and comfort a lot from me. Also, if there are any questions that you want me to address, I could see some of the comments that you could put you are welcome to share those comments in sha Allah and I will look through them

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to do it and try to add some commentary on them we have a three minute five minute break I think on the satellite TV service do let me know if there are any questions I'm very happy to take them in the meantime the evening led me to either

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a lot of medical handle and data your seminar it will up

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all right, we have a comment coming in a comment I'll just paraphrase it. If somebody knows to Pamela that their positive is that they may never be able to afford the hedge or afford to Humala, what are some of the things that they can do seeking the pleasure of Allah, this is something that was asked of the Prophet salAllahu alayhi wasallam by the sahaba. So they said as narrativity Buhari jewelry afternoon,

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the horrible jewel, the people who have lots of savings and lots of wealth, they have taken all of the good deeds on Messenger of Allah they pray as we pray, they fast as we fast and they make hajj when they were able were not able to do it. And when it's time to give charity they can give we can give what what can we do. The prophets only Senator makes it very easy says after every sada Say Subhan Allah 33 times and Hamdulillah 33 times a quarter, 33 times or 34 times. And he said that this will earn you the reward of what they are performing. So this is something that's important for us to consider that a cup of Allah ut human Yasha, the same Sahaba the poor Sahaba they came back to

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the Prophet a month or so later and they said O Messenger of Allah, You gave us these ways of earning reward, but the wealthy so habit they heard about this vehicle that you taught us and now they're doing it. Now they're ahead of us again, what can we do, and prophets I send them smiled, and he said, that is the blessing of Allah, He gives it whom He wills, perhaps there will be others who would exceed us in material wealth, and there is nothing wrong to have in our heart a sense of yearning for what they have to do better in good deeds with it. The prophets. I said that he said that there is no jealousy there isn't a type of jealousy that is punishable by Allah for a person to

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wish to have the wealth of a rich Muslim, so that they can give it in charity and share it with the poor, hoping for a reward from Allah azza wa jal and I pray that Allah subhana went to Allah enriches us Allah has

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a fanatic haidakhan Hello Amick will Nina be common swag Oh Allah enriches with what is halal and separates us from what is what is Hello hola suffices within the halal and protect us from the Haram Yakama ye mean Yeah, well, you must have I feel, I pray that Allah Subhana Allah Allah grant, your Hiram Baraka was only left mausoleum was it to America? Let's eat dinner whenever you know Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa salam so there any other questions please do share them in chat while do my best to address them as they come along. Be in the LA hater Island

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All right.

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Okay, so we have a few more questions

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my question is picking one of the ismat will Krishna and doing victory with a set number of victory for example, everyday doing authentic Roby allottee for Javadekar Yeah, we'll do pretend 30 days is this permissible to do this also Lasar iclm Do this. When I hear someone says And who says that deliver this they only read for some books written by an old chef.

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These kinds of things are things that are referred to as a job or things that have benefited somebody who was in need and they you were you know returned to Allah in one particular way. Yeah, how you react to you um, the prophets are excellent taught us the things that we should say. But for an individual to prescribe it as being something that is is the Sunnah of the Prophet or SLM is wrong, this is not correct. So can a person say yeah, how you we have a human bureaucratic as the V? Yes, the prophets lie. Selim taught us this. He said it a certain number of times. He did not ask us to say it 100 times there are certain things the prophets is to say 100 times we'll live with that.

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We'll go back to our live feed now in chat la just second allotted for your live questions

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loving Sunday identity in Amman

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Salam aleikum Welcome back to Hajj I am we will be continuing our discussion with Imam young to get your Brahim but just before we do that, take a look at another clip from equalness same as transform your prayer series

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All right, mashallah, we'll take a couple more questions of the evening. Lovely to Anna

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Alok medical hands, how many days are there in minute, please explain. So we have another question. For those asking all my social media streams, how many days are there in MENA. So the days in may not are the eight day which is the day before Alta and then we head off to alpha on the ninth day was deliver in the evening and we come back to me now. So there are four days that you spend in MENA. For those who are able to spend them you are able to leave Mina early, if there is a need if there is a need of somebody who is unable to spend the nights there. They have a medical emergency and you can offer a sacrifice in place of staying in MENA in that regard, but saying it means is one

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of the essentials of a valid hedge in three of the four mega hit the mental health over Imam Malik was shot everyone imagine what life would the island and so three, four days would be the norm for most people in Shukla

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All right, let's see if there any other questions on other sets of social media in sha Allah

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Alright, if you do have any more questions, do send them in and chat love, we'll do our best to answer them. But if they let

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Allah when

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does that come along?

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We have another question that's come in.

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If somebody gets ill on our offer, and they have to leave early is their hedge accepted the prophets I said that said I'll hit you out of that a person should be in her journey. And sometimes there are ambulances that are brought into the area of hedge where people who were sick they keep the big punch up until Salatin melted in sha Allah. And that is something that is accepted. The evening like the IRA seminar, never hold that if you have visited out of after salatu buveur. Even if you depart a little bit early, it is counted as a hedge for you in sha Allah, we have a question. I think the question is, what if you do not have a math problem?

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If you do not have a Muslim for a young for assister, if you have the guaranteed travel through a group, some of the odema have accepted it.

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This year Subhanallah, with a little bit of the upheaval that has been happening, I don't think it would be appropriate to have gone without that guarantee of safety. So it goes back, you know, to hydrates and very, it can be a very, very difficult journey. There is a great essential need for people to help you and assist you along the way men and women. But in particular, for sisters, there's just so much that is needed in terms of assistance from people who are reliable around you. So I would say especially if you're leaving from America, Canada and others until things kind of get sorted out, I would hold off on it and wait for the metronome be in the learning to Anna

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describing we'll go back to our live feed now in sha Allah is the one that takes care of cultivate

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from one stage to the next. And Allah does that in the context of everything is basically everything that exists outside of him.

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All right. If there are any other questions that do come up, do send them through if I don't answer them straight away, it'll be after the live feed with Islam channel below.

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Like your medic vehicle

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there's a short video in the commercial break about salah we'll just listen to the end of it before we continue with our q&a with Islam channel in sha Allah

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makes you realize what

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will make you realize?

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Oh my that definitely was absolutely

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will uncle yo

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that's the day without salt had power in relation to any other salt Oh controller for Nova relate to anyone else? Well Mo

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and all matters on that day best with

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your day when we are basically on our on our waiting for judgment.

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And that should remind us about what we're in right now. So we are described as different elements of our Lord,

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our love,

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fulfillment, faithfulness, all of these different bits come together. And then we say,

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well, I love pizza. Very powerful friends. Right? Firstly, it's interesting to

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see what comes first. We're not they're saying we serve, we worship you. But we're really emphasizing upon you and you are not you and no other

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than to actually learn the art

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of just how different

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elements of that one phrase or that one verse are. When you say tell somebody, anybody, for example, I'm really committed, I believe, I believe

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that's a different emotion. When you tell the same person, I really need to, I need your help, please help me a different emotion, right. So again, be aware about the fact that you're there any other questions, you can send them forward? chatlog will answer them. As we continue with the break in the left.

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We're going to return to the live feed with this lamb channel shortly in sha Allah and to continue along with the interview and the question and answers we give them that they're either

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ask you to actually feel a little bit lost. By that you need a direction that you might be when you're traveling around. For example, if you really look to the article, direction, and the more important, the more desperate you feel what you feel it's urgency, and that will reflect your turn off the birds, fate Robin Medina Ananda they

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go to the Andrew anger for those who have gone astray. And broadly speaking about his favorite, others combined knowledge and action. Those who earns anger are those who have knowledge, but they don't act according to their knowledge upon a string are the ones who act, but they do so without knowledge.

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One really easy and useful way to understand this last part, saying

00:28:16--> 00:28:25

Love was asking him to help us act in a way that aligns to our knowledge, human knowledge that will help us and when we say army, maybe so

00:28:26--> 00:28:28

realize what is going on here. When you say hello.

00:28:29--> 00:28:36

Again, it's a rattle through the brain running through the budget with too much thought. But you can see that each part of it

00:28:37--> 00:28:39

feeling emotion.

00:28:40--> 00:28:43

Give yourself the time to express each frame for the

00:28:46--> 00:28:54

next one, and that makes it a really meaningful request ultimately for guidance. Allah spawn

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Next, we have a look at how allowed response dot save the very best.

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And also

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additional recitation

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All right, as always some great reminders that will make boldness seems transform your prayer series and really the importance of highlighted devil seeking knowledge and really understanding what is commanded upon us from our Lord Allah subhanho wa Taala share. I would like to continue the conversation we were having just previously on how can one educate themselves about the virtues of Hajj just before they embark on the journey of Hajj and having done so this is a really good question. You know, we're in the days of Hajj this year we do recognize consciously that we will not be able to be with those who are in touch. We are not invited in this journey this year and we pray

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that Allah Subhana Allah to Allah grants us His mercy for the coming year along with a meeting. So the first is to kind of set one's intention. Make sure

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They begin with an active savings plan, making sure that the savings they're putting away is from that which is halal and halal and also the best of their wealth, make sure that they prioritize it before other holidays and other things that they might have coming up in mind that they kind of set their mind as this is one of the great objectives that I need to get to sooner rather than later, when this is something in shot law. We pray that Allah subhana wa, tada makes it a reality and a blessing for all of us along I mean, so having the mindset and the focus and the desire of the NEA starts now, even though this had just not come to an end our aim and our hope is to be in the

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upcoming hedge. The second is to kind of get into a place where we begin investigating, what are some of the activities that we will do an homage and beginning to kind of prepare for it, one of the things that every year that I used to do is that I would buy my hunch slippers. So you know, I would find the perfect kind of slipper that I needed, you know, something that was waterproof, something that was comfortable, and I would purchase it and I wouldn't wear it except for that purpose of heading with it to hedge. So kind of putting things in place, putting perspectives in place to make that journey effective. Also getting a little bit of literature and maybe doing an online seminar or

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asking those who have gone to Hajj about their experiences and what it is that they can look forward to in the coming year in sha Allah, demonstrate your Tawakkol upon Allah with an intended intent, certainty of your actions in the real and the material world that you live in Java.

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In Java, and I mean, if it's a person's first time doing Hi, Joe, what do you recommend is the type of habit that they should do and what type of how did our own prophet Muhammad sallallaahu Salam performed at the time. So that's really a kind of a tricky question that had you that you intend to perform is going to be

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had a tomato where you're doing Room Rock, and then you take a little bit of a break, you remove your crop. And so it's you do the mini hedge, first, you take a break, and then you begin your journey of hedge. Now, of course, the reason we have more than one Hodges because Islam is very adaptable for the needs of men for the needs of the elderly, for the needs of those who are delayed in their travel for the needs of women who may experience their menstrual cycle that doesn't allow them to perform the law for their salah, and they need to do those rituals in the augmented ways. So one of the main questions that have been entering in the last, you know, couple of days were sisters

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whose menstrual cycle kind of crept up on them, and now they're in a state where they're going to be entering into hajj and they were intended to put on your forearm in Medina. Well, what do I do? So I said, Well look, the the most proper thing for you to do is to do Hajj Tehran, which is to join the euro, Umrah and Hajj as one, you're going to make just one toe off and when sigh You one running one cycle set of cycle between our software and marijuana. And by bringing the two together then you don't need to do that anymore. Upon entering mica, you're just going to leave Medina in your f rom and we'll stay in a crop until you become ready to make the throw off once your menstrual cycle 678

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days has come to an end down the road because a woman in her menstrual cycle is able to do all of the rituals of Hajj that everybody else does, except for Leah, you know, doing the namaz and the prayer and not the wife and the site. So other than that, the stony and staying in MENA all of those are things that are accepted and valid. It's just the Ottawa that they need to hold back on which happened to the wife of our interview Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam at Isha Radi Allahu wa ala. So the different types of Hajj have different reasons for the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam may His Hajj was Quran, and he joined his Hajj together and that was, you know, something

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that kind of showed the display of the patience of the prophesy seller to stay in such a consecrated state of if Rob There's no raising your voice. There's no argumentation. There's no you know, debate. You know, there's this higher level of obligation to Allah and to others. So that's something that you know, in the state of a crime it's not something that you want to risk ruining your hedge by finding yourself in a moment where you lose your temper and so on. So the prophets I excel recommended to do hedge amateur, begin your hedge by doing the mini ombre get out of a frog. Go back

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To kind of normal life, enjoy the company of your spouse and so on, and then get back into a crop as we head out on the eighth day. But if somebody's come late or their flights were canceled, that they're arriving on the sevens in the evening, it doesn't make sense to run and try to do a rubra and take off their forearm and two hours later put it on again, it just doesn't make sense. So, the adaptability of the different types of hajj are there for that purpose. May Allah subhanaw taala accept the Hadoop that will judge remove any hardships and obligations and difficulties in their path and carry the lightly towards an alpha with ease and comfort whether it is accepted for

00:35:43--> 00:35:44

themselves and others a lot.

00:35:47--> 00:36:06

You know, you mentioned the adaptability of the hatch and how easy it was to kind of tied it makes it for us. Where does the term hedge actually originates from because we know that a lot of pilgrims are traveling so if you can explain to kind of the linguistic term behind

00:36:07--> 00:36:50

so the word hedge it means to arrive at a place and to come to a place that is you're going to celebrate in a particular way or to do a set of rituals or a set of circumstances. So Ibrahim Ali has said Allah subhana wa Tada says in Surah Al Hajj in the chapter called Al Hajj, wherever in fitness he will Hajj as you're standing there in Mecca as you're standing there. And as you're standing there at the Plains of alpha, fitness call summon humanity yet to courage and they will come walking, carried on Beasts carried on other things, get tuned up and couldn't defend me from all of the different valleys and extents of the earth leash human after I left they will witness the

00:36:50--> 00:37:28

blessings that is and the benefits that they will get from fulfilling this particular journey. There was so much higher of Baraka that occurs in hajj, there is change of lifestyles, change of attitudes, change your behaviors upon a person who has been honored by Allah to perform that journey. Now, of course, it's not the same for each and every person, everybody sees it and views it and experiences it in a different way. For some people it's so meaningful in in its spirituality. For others, it's a physical manifestation of their newness to Allah. For others, it's something that they kind of set their intellectual presence with Allah subhanaw taala, and people get different

00:37:28--> 00:38:12

emotions and different things out of the Hajj. But the Hajj is a commemoration of a yam Allah, the days of ALLAH SubhanA, Allah to Allah. So really, the story of Otto, one of the great Imams of the past, one of the durations that describes it, is that this is the day that Adam and Hawa recognize one another, now that they're on earth, having had been separated from each other, Adam and his wife, they were separated and Adam was looking for his wife Hawa Eve throughout the land. And on the fateful day, he climbed up a little bit before salons augmented it. And he noticed her walking through the valley of out of the plains of out of the out of Africa, he recognized her so the word

00:38:12--> 00:38:57

out of it means recognition, the recognition of our sin before Allah, the recognition of the initial sin of eating from the tree and breaking the bow that Allah subhanaw taala ordered us not to the recognition of our need for each other as husband and wife and its families and societies and communities. And the recognition that Allah is the Forgiving, the one who is willing to accept us after we've done the criminality of our behavior are better for them net and Fusa weightlifter Phil Lana waterhemp recorded mental health care and that is the job of Adam and Hawa. Oh Allah we've wronged ourselves if you don't forgive us a choice Your mercy we will ever be distinct as losers for

00:38:57--> 00:39:41

you Oh Allah, and they walk through out of that night they slept in the valley of Mustafa, and from was Delhi for the next morning. They headed through Mina until they arrived at the Valley of weeps of weeping the Valley of Becca the Valley of Mecca and recover woman. The word Mecca and Becca are one in the same the land where people weep for their sins. And Allah says in surah Al Quran in their own debate, they will their ally nurse the lady be back at a noble rock and the first consecrated house of worship. The first message that was built for the dedicated worship of Allah is the one in the valley of Becca where Adam and I were yearned for Allah's mercy, wept and chit tears for him

00:39:41--> 00:39:59

supplied only to Ana, and that's what makes the campus significant. It marks the place of the first message it established for human beings to make their bow weak sujood and ROCOR to Allah subhanho wa Taala and therefore, the story you've had is the story of our humanity.

00:40:00--> 00:40:20

It is the story of returning to Allah from our trespasses and our errors. It's the story of recognizing that there is redemption, always knowing that there is hope around the corner. And it doesn't matter how far you have strayed from the path. It's just one step and you're back with the Almighty Allah azza wa jal.

00:40:22--> 00:41:04

And Jeff, you mentioned the plane of art further, what can those who have not managed to embark on the journey of Hajj this year do to benefit from such immense reward that we know isn't late to the day? So the day of alpha is the day you drive the property? The seller said the acro Mudra, you're one of the most honored the most accepted is on the day robber for those in alpha and outside all of that. Number two, the prophets I tell them said man, so I'm a young man. I've heard the one who fasts the day of the sins of the previous year in the scenes of the upcoming year forgiven, because the day of alpha is going to be on Friday, you should fast the day before it. The Prophet has shown

00:41:04--> 00:41:45

us this light for fasting Fridays in general on its own. He said if you're going to fast Friday, fast the day before or the day after with it. And because the day after ACL will read that it must be the day before if you are too weak and unable to fast Thursday and Friday or for grading convenience. Friday on its own is acceptable although it is not the sunnah to be done on its own in sha Allah but it is valid, it is valid but it is not gaining the reward of the Sunnah as well. And third, and finally, a lot of people they say, you know, I haven't been able to go to hajj what can I do? I you know, I don't have the wealth that's going to get me there. And the prophets I sent him

00:41:45--> 00:42:28

heard the same concerns from Sahaba, who lived with him in his time. And the prophets. I seldom gave this beautiful Hadith in the Sunnah. Remember, Timothy, he said to myself, you and I, you and I right now in the coming morning, we can earn the reward of how we can earn the reward of our sins being forgiven, and it's as if you are new or newly born, we can earn the reward of a place in Jannah. As promised by the prophets. I sent him how he said to live it was Mansell photography. Gemma is the one who prays a lot on February in congregation in the masjid or with their family, they pray as a community. They pray with others not on their own solfeggio teacher Mara, so jealous

00:42:28--> 00:42:59

and then remain seated. Yeah, the Corolla, making the vicar of Allah not on their phone, not watching the news not having a cup of tea or coffee. They sat in the place that they prayed they're fed up until the sun rose 3014 minutes after footage, making nothing but the group Allah Subhan Allah what hamdulillah whether you don't love Allah Who Akbar and then after the sunrise if they pray two rakaat for sure roof the two raka of the sunrise. After the sun has written they pray just two more raka

00:43:00--> 00:43:08

cootie Bella who their reward will be routed Haji where Omar on tap math completely completely

00:43:12--> 00:43:12

out of time.

00:43:14--> 00:43:25

Thank you so much all these reminders. We run out of time, unfortunately. But in short, we can all be amongst those great people who will fast on the young of our

00:43:26--> 00:43:32

Thursday or Friday in sha Allah Salam. Why alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh please join us

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tomorrow. Same time for

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the big

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