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The speakers discuss the loss of power and muscle, confusion over a woman named Sarah, and the use of sharia in religion. They also touch on the misunderstandings surrounding Islam and the importance of learning to correct mistakes. The speakers emphasize patient behavior and staying with someone who is a wife or husband or friend. They also discuss the political and cultural dynamics of marriage, including the need for legal authority and control over children. The speakers mention a book and a video about AI technology.

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last week we talked about the pain of a loss of power to either

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continue or muscle and not burn out. I mean we're heading further early narrow but can you imagine being in broccoli? How is it how phumi our Odyssey how over Sunday how color to step deluna? Do I deniability higher habito Misra, nella Kumasi alto de La Villa to a mascara Toba ob another Nina la 30 cabana can work for una de La

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La Liga now so Kamiya to do

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is II general talks about the attitude of the Jews, which is them being the most ungrateful patient to Allah subhanho wa Taala because they will punish by Allah because of their own evil manners and attitude. And still Allah subhanaw taala is showering them with blessings net, and from him. They were in a state of tea, which is a confusion that last month because of them, they couldn't recognize their own houses. They couldn't go back home for 40 years. And musalla his alarm was with them as a comfort source of comfort for them. And the last month has given them a man who was silver in the masala Sarah died during the period of tea. That's why this color set is might be the reason

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why he asked last Maha Horta Allah to take his soul when death arrives to the place which is near the beta Marcus. It says when the Angel of Death talk to him about death. It says

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Remember, the herd is right when he came the first time and musalla his alarm did not accept him. And the last one to send him for the first time. Most recognizes him. And then he says as a director of dick, so he understand that this is the time for him to die. So the angel told him Allah subhanaw taala asked me to tell you, if you don't want to die, all that you have to do is to go and look for a cow and put your hand on it. And whatsoever is covered by your hand. A lot smarter will grind through for every hair one year, you know, you know the hair of the cow is very small. So imagine you put your hand on it, how many are you going to cover? So that's mean he's going to live a very

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long period of time. Okay, so when the Angel of Death told him this, Moses said, what next after this? He said that he said I wanted now

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they know what they're going to receive from Allah smart Allah he says I wanted

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so he says yeah Allah, when you take my soul, I want it to be taken next to the beta mark this

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he says Rami attend the Hydra should be between the place where I will die and the battle market is around me.

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It means the distance in which when you throw a stone, it will reach the monitors. So some scholars said Why didn't he say bye to mark this aloha Island, the answer given by them is that they are still in that period of confusion. They are not allowed to get into a better market this you know, a lot smarter banned them from entering that for 14 years.

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So you can see how much I lost my hotel loves them, but unfortunately they don't love themselves.

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So they have been given the food, but they ask a lot smarter to replace it with the lowest one. They want to go and do the farming. They grow food by themselves. They want onion, beans, they want food they want this and that heaven and the choice of the foods is the one day choosing.

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Allah says a tap says tap the Luna lady who didn't have a high so the same wherever last month to grant you good and even make use of that good as he's going to mention in the future. You will be tested with the usage of the opposite and that will put you in a state of humiliation if you're not careful. As well losses are blurry but I am available for a mascara talk about obrigado Allah because Allah says a little mistranslated, melaku Mazel Tov.

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So get into any of the cities, you will definitely get what that what you're looking for.

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losses will do it on a Moodle net or on a scanner to about

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up to date. Whoever amongst them does not follow a loss to Allah, this humiliation. Again, it's humiliation will remain in him not being respected by anyone. And you know those names sometimes if you give a person that title is a curse. Nobody likes it

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because we know who they are

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You see how they dealt with the commands of Allah subhanho wa Taala and that also applies on anyone who is not using the Sharia of Allah smarter in his life.

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How do we know that it is not only for them is over for us also. Because Quran is not just about them. The scholar said whenever his story is given to you by Allah, all that you have to do is to miners to remove the name of that entity and place your name in case you do the same thing he is doing, you also receive the same result.

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As the reason why the purpose that Allahu selama said, while duty but Zulu was

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what you're in a Zulu, wash was lm and halifa Emily Alas, Mahabharata, Allah please. This respect and humiliation and being in a low level

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upon somebody who goes against my commands, whoever goes against Rasulullah sallallahu senemo never be respected in this life, but never be at his

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duty but Allah Human Village will have mascara to about another woman a lot that it can be unknown Colonel Yuk furuno the ayah Tila we have been elevated. Then you can also come here to do some of the attitude is not just to disbelieve in Allah, but they are so arrogant. Last week I told you that arrogance is definers but totally happy or humbleness. arrogance is but totally happy with us. Reject rejection of the truth and disrespecting others. The companion says yours will love you talk about the arrogance in the hands of that

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person that bad woman who claims

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but one of us usually likes to see his clothes. Neat. Wearing nice shoes.

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Is it arrogance? The problem is that a lot harder instead of I said no. In the larger mirror.

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The most beautiful one, the most perfect and excellent is a lot and he loves beauty.

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Then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi Salaam I said I'll keep battling hacktivism to NASS arrogance, which is rejected by Allah subhanho wa Taala is the one that is based on total happy rejection of the truth. forgotten us

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and disrespected others, you know the truth but you don't want to follow. We have some people like that these are real arrogant people. So whenever the truth appears to you, regardless of its bearer, you're supposed to take it this is Omar, Mohammed salah and how Kabbalah let me

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and now agenda

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wisdom. The truth is the missing property of a believer wherever he gets it takes

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a good Muslim She didn't say the truth is coming from so and so.

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I will never take it because it comes from him.

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I got somebody who might tuned in to Allah he says I don't want it. He will lie said

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we are debating upon an issue which is a controversial issue among the scholars.

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And he fails in that also. But you can see the evil attitude I told him

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this is talking in wrong way telling me that he can I know what

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I told him Yeah, when somebody tells you tuck in law class take the words that go with it even if you don't like it. It says no I don't want it from you. I want to take you from so associate. So if that chef did not tell him he tequila he will never listen a lot. What kind of Islam is this? shape on top? Abu huraira read it cracy right. When you go to bed shaytan says read as you can see, from the beginning until the end, for in the last minute La Jolla Lake half eaten have tried to spell it said you will remain under the protection of a lot allowance and an angel to protect you until you wake up in the morning.

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The professor last summer knows that this has shaped on who was advised in the mobile era to say this.

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But did he say just leave that * out? Do not listen to what he says he will not because what he said is the truth. The professor last summer said sada pocket or who

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has spoken the truth, but you have to know that he is a liar by nature. But in this regard, he has speaking he has spoken the truth What does that mean? Use that which he said up to date when we go to sleep What do we do? We do the same thing. I was advising him and the prophet SAW somebody don't say anything

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that they knew your must a Muslim brother who shares the same Akita with you. But then just because he does agree with him in some matters sometimes when he advises you to want to listen to that. This is

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What is called arrogance. You are a lecturer and you are a teacher, you get reminded by one of your students that this is wrong. And then you come at gamma to

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this is arrogance that we do have this, sometimes some of our scholars, and it's so humbling when they are reminded comet gamma two.

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Does that mean that she knows everything No,

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actually is an honor to have somebody in your presence who reminds you when you make a mistake, or law is an honor to have somebody amongst your students who remind you, you are safe when you have this, you know, it's very dangerous to be in the presence of some people. In a way nobody reminds you, although they know you're wrong, but they don't remind you. That's very dangerous.

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But you should thank Allah subhanaw taala you have among those people who attend your medalists, somebody who can remind you when you're on your own.

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Nobody can claim knowledge

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that he doesn't he knows everything. Allah says Coca Cola de la Musa alayhis salam when he was asked by one of his disciples, do you think there is somebody who knows better than you? He made a mistake. He said No, nobody. That's insane. Right? Most I was asked, because he was thinking, Mashallah. And then somebody asked him, do you think that somebody who knows better than you?

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Musa said no, what is the correct answer? Yes. Because at least if you don't know somebody from human beings,

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there is a lot smarter always the one who knows everything, and better than anybody who's ever forgot that. He wasn't doing that out of arrogance, but he forgot.

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And this is inappropriate for a profit. That's why the blame comes immediately Angelo came to him and says to him, Bella,

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yes, there is a look at a great lesson. He was talking about last Mahabharata, Allah says I've done

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the management of

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our slave hidden. Smaller Judah knew his day and measurement Buhari was I didn't even know him. And believe it or not, in the Omar Mohamed Salah sama, there are some who are like that, that's why they said, Do not belittle or disrespect the person just because you don't know him. Those people might be better than you.

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One of the great scholars was speaking. And then a person gets jacobina Ibrahim, I forgot the name of that righteous Salah Salah, he came Nutella fame, he wore the turbans again he closed his face and his only his eyes could be seen.

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You know, and he comes next to the chef on the same chair.

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She's been annoyed. This is killing.

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They were in the budget element. This person nobody knows him. What is he supposed to be sitting in front? He comes and sit next to a

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machine what or not?

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So he made a mistake, which he himself says I will never be liquid somebody throughout my life. Isn't no he was

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asking me so what's wrong with you?

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Since you put yourself in this position, let us test T

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is it talks about talk about

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the copying on the we used to suck the bad blood? Is it talk about that?

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He says for camarasaurus urjit. Would you look at the person's to the noun the seriousness comes. He sat down and he put the knees to the ground.

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He talks about what is the name of the thing

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he talks about

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starting from day one, from Adam Elisa.

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All of the narrations of hijama he brought them by as a need and then he comes to the controversial scholars This was that

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that scholar that she was like hanging around. Why did I put myself into this position?

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So he says from that day, I just made a conclusion that I shouldn't belittle anyone just because I don't know who this person might be. Allah says Allah and yaku hieromonk so Moosa when he says that Allah says Bala Abdullah measurement Buhari, our slave is there in the measurement Buhari and Moosa out of this excellent attitude of looking for the best he never said to himself, I am the most knowledgeable one. Nowadays if you teach your students after a few days they become what Move tool cutter of the classes and they will remain like that. The most instances This is what is the prime minister from a proven NASA. You think you've already reached your knowledge now and this is wrong.

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Look at checklist Simon Samia, those students who are surrounding him who they are

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April came in please. They said great scholars in Islam but they still consider themselves students Sara around him Tamia and of course he learned a lot

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about how much you reach when you reach him then you will feel that you are zero.

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Again, we do have scholars like that that's why I do not deprive yourself from knowledge just because you think you reach them position. And do not ever think that no IRA certain level non talent, I have everything. No, it doesn't work like that. The more you will learn if you're sincere, the more you discover your ignorance, this is knowledge. The more you read, the more you discover, how can I even come up and teach people I did not know anything? It is always like that. So Mozart is a lot smarter taught us lesson also through him. What did he say? When a lot smarter says we have our slave in the ballet. He is better than you and knowledge is more knowledgeable than you.

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Moses is Keisha Sevilla. Hello. How can I reach you? Allah subhanaw taala says, Take Hoot Samak again it and put it in the plastic, the one that is supposed to be a food and go according to the story that we have already know.

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Allah says to Musashi Salaam vitam have

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a sum up for some of phonology. Allah says whenever I mean, the moment you lose, he lost this fish does mean in the place you lost the fish does mean the man is that because Moosa doesn't know either. So he says, Yeah, how can I recognize him? Is it take a fish when you lost the fish go back wherever you find in the place where you lost it. That's the man. So Moses lost the fish, because the fish went out of the plastic and ran away to the sea. It was cooked this miracle so you shall be known who became the Prophet after him. He saw the movement of the fish when he was coming out.

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Yet it you know there are a few other one definitely would never narrate the story. And he saw it moving and he watched. And then after it goes, he's left back in the morning when they move. They were tired. Most ask him about food and he narrated the story to him was I said, Okay, that's it. We should go back to the place. They went back to the place. They found an old man in the place. masa knows that this is the one that was intended. He said a Solomonic.

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The man was so surprised

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and amazed. Salah in this place. This is one of the biggest seller in this place. Hello. I reserve an easy Masonic Santa

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Monica. Hello, who are you? He said Moosa. So most of our money sorry. He knows me. He knows about him because this is the greatest person on earth in those days.

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In terms of ranking, nobody's like him. But in terms of knowledge, somebody might be more than him. That's probably why he was.

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So he says Musa from Malaysia, I say yes. Okay, how can I help you? He said, I'm here to learn from that which a lot smarter. Granted, you have knowledge. Had a lot. Look at the great lesson a lot smarter. Trotsky admitted to the Kindle told him you can.

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What does that mean? Is like you haven't finished the primary school you apply for the university.

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Tell me you're not qualified.

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So once I told him, You can't

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get it, and then he gave me a principle that we also need to apply in our daily life. He says, We're cave artists Bureau, Allah Muslim to have the hobo. He said, How's it possible for you to be patient? on something that you don't know, you don't have any knowledge about it, it's called a set. The more you know about something, the more you become patient with that.

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That's why they say one of the best keys to maintain a long

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lasting stay with somebody with a is the word, she's a wife or husband or friend, his family at

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other budget, our model to understand this person properly, then you will be able to live with him. I mean, for very long periods of time.

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He says you can't be patient. So as you can see, I don't want to go through a story. Very interesting story. Even the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam says, I wish most I was patient.

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I really was interested to see what what exactly are they going to do in the end? But somehow, Allah Moosa couldn't be patient. You have seen things that never come across his

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knowledge which has no How does it get it is from Allah smart Allah. He just go and drill and cut some part of the boats and people will not sink.

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Moses shouted at him you're trying to destroy everyone says no. We have made an agreement. And for you to follow me, you can ask any question. You say I'm sorry.

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Bro said last time I said vocality oola Mimosa and this year and for sure he forgot this. The first one was based on forget forgetfulness. But the second one was not was I was annoyed. Because unless that one, you can say, okay, people can save and save themselves. But what can you say concerning the boy

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just find a newborn, I mean young boy and twisted his head and cut

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some narration put him down and slow to the boy.

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For sure, because according to his chariot, this is wrong. So he couldn't keep quiet. He forgot that he says, and even if he remembers, going according to the syndrome, the person so he remembers, but he couldn't keep quiet.

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That's why after he says this noun, he just wants anything that can cause him to leave, is that that's why he told him that if I asked you again, just need to go. He wants to be expelled, but in a very good way. So that's why when it comes to the third one, he asked me if he lost, but then when the explanation was given to him, he understood everything.

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Get it? So arrogance is rejected in Islam and just because you know, something doesn't mean among the audience, there is nobody who knows better than you.

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That's wrong. That's why no matter how much great you are, he should always be humble.

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My brothers sisters, you will never be like Mohamed Salah. Never

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get it. I don't know how to call it

00:21:33--> 00:21:37

dn guru somebody to think that he can reach the position of Mohammed Salah Zilla?

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Never. And you will never be like Mohammed Salas. Somebody describes him saying that since last March, I revealed to him Yeah, you have a deaf ear. He never rest in his life. You know, last mile retailer prepared his life in a way even the Prime Minister last summer, his sleeves are not instead a form of rest for him. That's why he says we the profit

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the saloon

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our eyes sleep,

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the eyes asleep.

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But that doesn't sleep.

00:22:15--> 00:22:19

The best example I always mentioned that in this leaves those who are not

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left by the Sharia. He came back from some of the vision he just get inside the house. Just lie down to rest. And then jabril came to him and told him Yeah, Mohammed

00:22:33--> 00:22:37

the person last just came back and then he left

00:22:38--> 00:22:40

because the last mountain invited noreste

00:22:41--> 00:22:47

and what was the command to go to the graveyard Bucky next to him and make down for the dead ones.

00:22:48--> 00:22:51

He went in it and he comes back home.

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In the morning, the professor last summer is leading the press throughout the day. Teaching people educating everyone male and female. Getting the sisters went to the prophets Allah cinema. Those are the Sisters of those days right? Very serious. Not saying the one is today and I see this but if

00:23:11--> 00:23:18

you look at the time of the prophets a lot, so many different issue from both male and female, but they say Dr. Su La Habana article

00:23:20--> 00:23:56

here so I live it looks like the brothers are taking you completely we don't have any time for you. Please do give us a day which we'll come and meet you. It teaches about religion. And the professor someone gave them give them that. So he teach everyone but at the same time, he is the one who organized for the Jihad that the defense and whatever you get it go and meet this and meet that he has his own personal affairs. But it will put them all together at the same time the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam I still have a time to me the young ones and make jokes with

00:23:59--> 00:24:02

children with the professor last summer he made jokes

00:24:03--> 00:24:10

and they understand that and as was sent by the professor last summer for admission, he said I will not go

00:24:12--> 00:24:19

get it. Imagine a person telling somebody he will not go above the eldest is gamma is is is deep.

00:24:21--> 00:24:22

But this one he said

00:24:23--> 00:24:30

he said it is my intention to go and then I took permission I left I found children playing on the way and I stopped

00:24:31--> 00:24:40

when the them I kept on watching the progress of law cinema was waiting for me. It was tired of waiting he follows up. He found me watching the games of the children.

00:24:42--> 00:24:57

Who was you know that Chow will mix the Judean in the game place right smack him from behind. But the prophets Allah Allah, Allah Allah says, I heard his voice calling me Yeah. Oh nice. how long you've been making jokes with the name?

00:24:58--> 00:24:59

Did you go to a bar

00:25:00--> 00:25:00

I sent you

00:25:02--> 00:25:03

an essay is

00:25:04--> 00:25:05

I will go insha

00:25:07--> 00:25:15

Allah, you can imagine how much softer and lenient was Mohammed sama sama to the children. He said I will go inshallah

00:25:16--> 00:25:20

did not even say for sure I will go, I will go in Java,

00:25:21--> 00:25:28

which means you might you should have an expectation of me coming back to you with your mission without going because he says inshallah

00:25:30--> 00:25:39

I like the instruction of one of the scholars of Tobia and he says, if you look at this, how do you solve the problems a lot, somebody struck a good lesson, we punish our children, right?

00:25:40--> 00:25:43

Why did they lie? Because they are punished.

00:25:45--> 00:26:11

If you have a child, for those of you who have one, stop punishing the child physically reduce the amount of the punishment or less if it is necessary, believe it or not, they will stop lying to you. Because a child when he gets can't, he lied, to get out of this problem. But if he knows that, if he speaks the truth, he is not going to be punished. He will never lie.

00:26:12--> 00:26:32

So good trivia we learned from the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam or to be adopted when we deal with our own children. So Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, I have a time for the kids, right? They said sometimes they're free slave will come a young slave will come and hold the hand of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and tell him you have to come to my house. And he will.

00:26:35--> 00:27:06

His daughter zeyneb. She said to him, he also loved my son is about to die. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was busy. He said, Please, go back and tell her he should she should be patient. Whatsoever is taken by Allah is his was always given by Allah is his and everything has his own term that will not exceed that moment. Ask her to exercise patience. What does that mean? I'm quite busy now. This is the decree of Allah subhanaw taala. When the person's told her this, she said go back to him.

00:27:08--> 00:27:17

This is his daughter. And he is rasoolillah you can see the difference in the levels right? He said go back to him. And tell him I swear by Allah, he has to come

00:27:19--> 00:27:25

to LA when the council told him this, the prophecy last summer left everything because his daughter invited him.

00:27:26--> 00:27:34

He left the place immediately. They said he was even dragging the garment on the earth. He reached the place and he saw the boy in a very critical moment.

00:27:35--> 00:27:47

So this is the school lots and lots of what I'm trying to say is you becoming a scholar, you becoming a Mufti, you become and so on. So whatever you can, it doesn't mean you are in the level to show arrogance to everyone knows that.

00:27:48--> 00:27:54

The Prophet sallallahu Sallam I said in the law, and to other heptane I have had

00:27:55--> 00:28:17

a lot smarter has revealed to me that everyone should be humble so that nobody will show arrogance to another person. This is how life is supposed to be. And if you understand who you are, you will never be arrogant. Like if you understand who you are, you will never be arrogant. What is supposed to be arrogant among the creation of Allah subhanaw taala mountains

00:28:18--> 00:28:28

know if there is some question who was supposed to be arrogant issued in the mountains, but they're not. So in the last month of talks about the arrogance, Gary he says what?

00:28:30--> 00:28:42

Well, atoms you fill out demand in nickel and nickel autoland Tableau ajibola Tula No matter how much you raise, have you have you seen those arrogant people, they don't see people there on the underneath, raise of the head.

00:28:44--> 00:28:46

Allah says you will never reach the height of a mountain.

00:28:48--> 00:28:54

Get it? So why arrogance. Mountains are not arrogant. Allah says we're in the middle of them. I mean,

00:28:56--> 00:29:05

some of them are so soft, so gentle in a way they will fall down sometimes out of the fear of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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so Muslim, shouldn't be arrogant to be humble. Then Allah subhanaw taala will raise you up. Take this principle, always be humble. Then a last mounter will take you out when you go up last month they will bring you down get it if you're arrogant. You see people so small they see smaller than that

00:29:27--> 00:29:34

you're on top of a mountain How do you see on this? Very tiny but how do they see sometimes they can't even see you

00:29:35--> 00:29:44

that's why those elegance people when the position is gone. Who are they in the society? Useless? Nobody pays attention

00:29:45--> 00:29:59

to the last mahoto goddess of truth to Allah smarter says that it can be now so we're kinda yeah to do so they killed the profits of a lot smarter out of Covenant arrogance. That's where a lot smaller telecasts on them. Avila to one must kind of took over or becoming middleman

00:30:02--> 00:30:21

That's what today is just I inshallah I will just take some part of it in light other than we close the session. Allah subhanaw taala says in the levena Armin, when Molina had one nesara was the intimate arm and a belay while yo mill, while millesime hand fellow assuming there have been one hold on Allah him.

00:30:24--> 00:30:59

Allah subhanho wa Taala, as we said, after he talks about the Jews, and those who goes against the last Mahalo to Allah halaby him in a nipmuc, whatever. And that was the last one to cast on them of the punishment. Again, it's a punishment and the tragedy of the calamity that was sent by law smarter to them because of their own evil attitude. Now, Allah subhanaw taala is telling you that people are not the same. They're not all the same. He says even about the Jews and the Christian ladies who Salah they are not the same. You have mean Alcatel we call it

00:31:00--> 00:31:19

an allele of MSG. Do you have some of the oma amongst the children of Israel? Those of you who are really, I mean believers truly the believers in Allah subhanho wa Taala. So here last mahavir tell us is in the Latina among those who believe in Allah subhanho wa Taala

00:31:20--> 00:31:23

one Latina and those people

00:31:24--> 00:31:29

who are guided or that you

00:31:30--> 00:31:35

can it's because they said these people they are called the Jews.

00:31:36--> 00:31:51

Not because their religion is called judaizing I mean, there is no religion that allows for hotel ascend to humankind, which is called Judaism never exist. There is no religion from a lot smarter called Christianity.

00:31:52--> 00:31:55

You get it the religion that allows martyrs sent is always Islam.

00:31:57--> 00:31:58

Get it so that's why the scholar said

00:32:00--> 00:32:07

they are called in hewed because they say to Allah subhanho wa Taala in Medina, like a tuba

00:32:09--> 00:32:20

getting sorted off inshallah we'll see that if we live longer. I don't know when and how. But if we live to see that moment, you will see the place where I lost my hotel, talk about them. They said in the hula

00:32:22--> 00:32:29

hula ilikai tonight like that's the reason why some scholars said they will call you hoodoo because of this word in now whodunit.

00:32:31--> 00:32:35

wakita. Some scholars said that they will call your whole demeanor and how they are even more.

00:32:37--> 00:32:39

The word How are they they said he'll mod that love.

00:32:41--> 00:32:42

I would have with you We're here

00:32:43--> 00:32:49

to help how would the one that is defined as Toba? So, either they are called.

00:32:50--> 00:33:04

Because of this, they call you who because of this, or they call you who because of that, or the statement of some scholars who says they are calling you hood because they are linked to the elders, son of iacobelli, Salah, Yehuda or yahuda

00:33:06--> 00:33:12

to get an idea, so many differences, but whatever the case might be, Allah smarter call them, you know.

00:33:13--> 00:33:27

His name is not the name of religion, but his name of the people. Whoever says he is following Musa alayhis salam. And he follows nobody. He get it. He is using that a Torah. If he is from that nature, we call him.

00:33:29--> 00:33:30


00:33:31--> 00:33:38

the good news about them is they don't believe that other people qualifies to be humankind's.

00:33:39--> 00:33:45

Get it in some of the writings. He said the only human beings created by the last 100 Allah is them.

00:33:47--> 00:33:52

How about the rest? They said any other person is just pigs and monkeys.

00:33:53--> 00:34:00

And that's what they mentioned. Some of the statements. They're just given that these pigs are monkeys.

00:34:01--> 00:34:09

But somebody might ask them Come on, how is it possible that you see people they share the same nature the same feature with you, but you call them monkeys? And

00:34:10--> 00:34:16

it's a Yeah, they are designed like us because we can be with monkeys.

00:34:17--> 00:34:24

So they don't believe that you qualify. Your blood is like this. That's why you don't have them inviting others to their religion.

00:34:26--> 00:34:33

That's why I say Alhamdulillah they restricted the religion to themselves. And they believe they are not in the right way.

00:34:34--> 00:34:56

Believe it or not, they believe they're not in the right way. This call us amongst them are listening to a conversation with one of those rabbis from the Jews. It looks like he is somebody No, you see an old man with white beard, get it and the cap of the Jews. The major shows that somebody who reads a Torah who talks on behalf of the Jews.

00:34:57--> 00:34:59

He was saying that Islam because he

00:35:00--> 00:35:02

statements on how the

00:35:03--> 00:35:13

blind he says Islam is the most ancient religion that ever existed on Earth, dated back to the time of Noah, or even earlier.

00:35:15--> 00:35:26

The oldest religion on earth is Islam because it dated back to the time of No, there's no anessa or even earlier than that. Did he speak the truth? Yes.

00:35:27--> 00:35:29

Because Islam was the religion of Adam alayhis salam,

00:35:31--> 00:36:20

get it. And he says, we share the same thing as Islam. He says, this common faith that Muslim has, we also have it, which says that every single entity that is created on earth is coming with the common faith. This is the failure of the prophecy, loss of nation, nobody will come to this world except in the state of fitrah, the natural inclination towards the acceptance of the truth and rejection of the false hood. Every human being is like that, who made the change the parents and the environment. But if a person is to be left alone, teaching him the language without introducing any part of the religion to him, that person will end up having the same belief as Islam, except in the

00:36:20--> 00:36:55

name. And that's what they see default to be the cultural practices of those people who never receive a civilized person. They have the same thing as Islam except the name not accepted images do not agree that they are here with nothing, I mean, for nothing, and nobody bring them into existence, because this is against the common sense. So Allah subhanaw taala says in the levena, Armin, one levena had, and the Jews right, oneness are and the Christian, the Christian, these are the followers of

00:36:56--> 00:37:10

a Saudi Salah those people who follow Elisa, a Salah the religion, as I said, is not necessarily here. But the religion is Islam. Get it? The name is given to those people who follow Isa La Silla

00:37:12--> 00:37:14

also is a controversial issue.

00:37:15--> 00:37:17

Who I mean, why do we call them and

00:37:19--> 00:37:53

they get it Is it because of the scene of resolving Salam Ansari in a lot, Connell herrada, unilateral onsala from the word and saw, some scholars said that some of them said no, it is because of because they are coming from a land which is called an Asana or something like that. But whatever the case may be, what consensus here is Allah to call them what NASA and who is NASA? Somebody who claimed to be following a sir and he set up? We call both of them are Nikita, question Do they exist now?

00:37:56--> 00:37:57

Or they don't exist?

00:37:58--> 00:38:38

They do exist. But how would you reply? Somebody who says the nasarah of today, they commit a lot of shake. They are not like the nasarah of the people of the past? Because Allah subhanaw taala says, What are more lilina or to GitHub? Maybe? What are you complaining now? He talks about their food to be permissive voice that means if they slaughter an animal I can eat as long as they don't mean they don't mention the name of other than Allah subhanho wa Taala that's mean they do not slot it in the name of Jesus Christ in the slaughter In the name of Allah. I will eat because it is from a Jew and a Christian and allows Muhammad Allah says as

00:38:39--> 00:38:40

we are allowed also to marry from

00:38:42--> 00:38:49

their sisters and their daughters right. So some people say is this is in the past

00:38:51--> 00:38:52

How would you reply them

00:38:57--> 00:38:58

Why are you so quiet

00:39:04--> 00:39:04


00:39:06--> 00:39:09

so that's mean he believes that NASA still exists.

00:39:15--> 00:39:17

So anyway do they exist?

00:39:22--> 00:39:24

But he looked at them as Alcatel

00:39:25--> 00:39:30

although they have this is even a loss power. Which book is.

00:39:42--> 00:39:43

You think oh, you believe

00:39:48--> 00:39:49

you see already exactly what the

00:39:52--> 00:39:59

but I'm looking for somebody who is from the past. Who can Who can tell me. They used to do the same thing. Also, like

00:40:02--> 00:40:04

Anyway, he was right.

00:40:05--> 00:40:34

This argument is is gone to say that these people who are claiming to be the Salah, they are not handled Kitab of today this is wrong. allocatable remain because the nurses talk about them to be in existence until the day of judgment. That's what and if you say we don't call them archetype because they commit schilke and they do this and that Come on, in the same suit, our last mantra says you can eat their food and you can marry from the sisters in the same surah they says what they say.

00:40:35--> 00:40:44

Allah smarter has a child, the same school actually didn't go too far the same page, the last one to talk about their marriage, he talks about them saying that our last monitor is 32 felony.

00:40:46--> 00:41:24

So if you want to stop marrying from their their people, you have to look for another evidence not this, they remain as Alcatel. But when it comes to the master have the authority might starve it if there is a high in debt. That's why during the time of Irma de la Ron who he wasn't making something hot up which is made by la hot, but must have granted him that permission to stop you from doing this. This is the good side as CSR will call it as a shadow. In some of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam if a person drinks wine, how many times they beat him 40 times.

00:41:25--> 00:41:32

In all of the mentioned, as far as I know, they beat you only 40 times. He said not one minute by

00:41:33--> 00:42:03

somehow around 40 lashes. They beat the man like that. During time of Abubakar 14 during the first two years of the life of Irma and his leadership, they also beat somebody who drinks wine 40 times 40 lashes. But then when people kept on drinking wine, more than the way they used to do and tell the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam aroma gathered the companions. It is it looks like people are going beyond the limit.

00:42:04--> 00:42:09

And then he asked the companions What do you think we should do in this matter?

00:42:11--> 00:42:32

they propose that the one who drinks one should be beaten at times. That's the reason why some scholars said the punishment for wine is not had because had cannot be altered or changed by anyone. If Omar brings the companions to come and sit down and make a decision, that means it is not had

00:42:33--> 00:42:39

and that's the closest opinion to be the truth. But he can see that the the method of leading people

00:42:40--> 00:42:49

I mean guided Omar to introduce something which he believes can stop people from going against the laws of law. The same goes to the case of the talaq

00:42:50--> 00:42:57

if a person says to his wife, love, forbid, if he says to his wife, you are planning your divorce

00:42:58--> 00:43:00

three times at once.

00:43:01--> 00:43:06

How much is that 301. In the time of the Prophet Salah is one

00:43:07--> 00:43:54

because to divorce your wife at once three times is against the religion of Allah subhanaw taala is against the Quran. Because Allah says Allah tala Kumar Ratan that means marva baggage, you have to divorce first, according to the sun, according to the last motel I mentioned. And then you wait for her first to get out of that. And then universe if you wish before you approach. So if a person comes and breaks all the robot one, you break it at once you're going against the law. So since the divorce already occurred, then the Sharia will take it as one divorce in the time of the Prophet Allah. In the time of Abu Bakr also won in the first two years of the life of Burma also one but

00:43:54--> 00:44:03

then people kept on divorcing their wives in the way they weren't playing with the laws of Allah subhanaw taala somebody went to have the line our boss he says, Yeah, the law.

00:44:05--> 00:44:09

Even our boss, he says I divorced my wife 100 times

00:44:11--> 00:44:12

of the line our boss says,

00:44:13--> 00:44:16

Take it easy relax. We need to legally

00:44:18--> 00:44:44

keep 97 and is avoiding future reference. You might need it but we need to literally because he supported Mr. de la who are normal says are under NASA katagiri Tisha incarnate NaVi Anna follow on Dana Ronnie. He said it looks like people are hesitant towards cutting off something that allows them to take it gradually. Kumar says let us hold them accountable that which they ended to.

00:44:45--> 00:44:59

Aroma did not make it illegal ruling to go like that. But politically out of the way legal authority given to him by law smarter he does have a right to do something to stop people from going against the loss of a law

00:45:00--> 00:45:24

So he said he did not say a lot of flat js. But he says he is the one who says to his wife, you are divorced three times at once he cuts all the three loops at once. So that's what he wanted for himself, almost said we're gonna hold him accountable of that. We will never let him we hold him accountable what his words will never let him go back to his wife until she marries another person, then he can marry her

00:45:26--> 00:45:42

afterwards. That's the reason why you have the vast majority of the scholars. And in fact the inverted motherhood blah, blah. Most of the scholars can say 99 point something percent. They believe in this opinion of Roma.

00:45:43--> 00:46:14

And almost the other opinion is somehow deserted and as applied in a very narrow situation. But I just want to tell you that sometimes the CSR by the authority can force them not to modify the law the last mile Rotella but to please other barriers that will stop people from going against the law for law. That's what I even visited. Okay, Ronnie, the author of rissalah, he says, Do alternatively, Nancy aquileia to the Kadima had a formula for you.

00:46:15--> 00:46:20

It says, new judgment could possibly be invented for people be

00:46:22--> 00:47:05

mean according to the level of the invented since nuisance they brought. Then we invent new rules also for them, based on the news, of course, is not based on our own discretion, but based on the news, of course. So the same thing goes to the case of Marian from Alcatel, Irma de la man who stopped it from his time during his time. Does that mean it is harder? No, it is not harder. But still, it is part of the authority of the leaders if they see it to be an evil. And I'm telling you, in most instances it is how many times we hear about people who marry from them. At the end of the day, they couldn't control their children, you see your child in front of your eyes go into the

00:47:05--> 00:47:06

church, and you can say anything.

00:47:09--> 00:47:28

And imagine how can you convince me that you love a lot of our time has his messenger, he loves us so much, and you like to heat but you're living in your house with somebody who is saying, Allah has a partner and you know that you are in the one corner of the house saying what Allah is one, and she's in another part of the house saying Allah is three.

00:47:30--> 00:48:09

you tolerate that. So since the last quarter makes it hard, we live in a way it is but we go with what some of the contemporary scholars mentioned, that it is either disliked, or is even impermissible for a person to go for that. Looking at the conditions nowadays, whereby everyone has a right. But if you're living in an environment where Islam is taking the lead, and you can have a right to control your children, and your wife cannot snatch them from you just like that, then it will be okay because at the end of the day, you can have the control over your children. But you live in a place in their own place where you can say nothing. Your own children also you cannot say

00:48:09--> 00:48:21

anything. You cannot say anything about their tarbiyah who came from you and your wife who was Muslim in those environments. What do you think of the children that came from a woman who is not a Muslim?

00:48:22--> 00:48:33

And also at the end of the day, I always look at it as as an insult our own sisters because men do not say this to anyone married to him because he told me somebody did that recently.

00:48:35--> 00:48:42

Married from them to be I just look at it. From the Muslim sisters. You don't have anyone that is beautiful. Anyone that is qualified.

00:48:45--> 00:48:49

Citizen Do we have this? This answer in the Muslim community?

00:48:51--> 00:49:08

anonymous, they call it a loser means a woman that I mean the state of going beyond the age of marriage. Is any age for marriage? Yes. What is the age for marriage? For the brothers. It is unfair that the brothers they don't have limits.

00:49:09--> 00:49:12

You can see an older man marrying a very young system.

00:49:13--> 00:49:17

If she agrees is okay but if she doesn't agree, that's wrong.

00:49:18--> 00:49:26

can be very wrong any wrong. If she doesn't agree that's impermissible. islamically. And it is actually wrong for him even if she agrees for him to go for that.

00:49:27--> 00:49:29

You are the age of 17

00:49:30--> 00:49:32

and she's only 14

00:49:33--> 00:49:35

that's your great great grandchildren.

00:49:38--> 00:49:42

COVID says well I think you can encounter shaken fatigue at

00:49:43--> 00:49:51

the HP there are Elijah out of the beard. He said do not marry if you are chef. Chef here doesn't means as called.

00:49:53--> 00:50:00

Chef he means an older man is a do not marry a young one. He says because you

00:50:00--> 00:50:08

cannot satisfy it, how do you get it and what should happen, she is going to look for some other alternative whether you like it or you don't.

00:50:09--> 00:50:14

Or at the same time you will agree to see evil things taking place in your life.

00:50:15--> 00:50:18

That's why it's policies, you're not advised to go for that

00:50:20--> 00:50:55

as a reason why in some other places as well, I think you have witnessed before pick a route but when you marry you marry somebody who is according to your level. One of the scholars was given us a lesson in the budget of the purpose of cinema. He said, If you see the last one to say soon and the best of luck move on to leave us alone. You will understand that a lot smarter talks about Kapha in this regard, he says Your wife is your Libous what is the best garment cloth and you also Europe like that for her? Do we wear our wife or the warehouse?

00:50:56--> 00:51:12

It never happened right? Except in there according to the interpretation of that ignorant person. They said he was making the seed of the Quran without having the language again without having the knowledge right. So he was reading the statement of last month I will leave the link in the Homura hymnology

00:51:13--> 00:51:18

and they should cast their homework what is como crema, does the

00:51:20--> 00:51:30

the kamesh the garments the woman cover herself. He read it as well he had driven up the helmet in the energy what is human donkeys?

00:51:32--> 00:51:36

But how to apply the AI Allah says they should put the donkeys on their backs.

00:51:37--> 00:51:40

So what did he say? He says you know the Sisters

00:51:41--> 00:51:43

of before they used to be very strong.

00:51:44--> 00:51:47

That's why they were all in sometimes they carry the donkeys.

00:51:50--> 00:51:59

Allah subhanaw taala guide us to the to the truth. Radical he comes along Madame de casa de la isla elantas tech regard to be late.