Hasan Ali – Ramadhan 2019 – Reminder 8 – Stay productive

Hasan Ali
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of staying awake throughout the night to maximize one's reward throughout the day. They suggest ways to wake oneself up, including changing one's sleep schedule, getting into a habit of doing things that are enjoyable, and building up to be awake throughout the day. The goal is to connect one's mind to a larger region and make it stronger to allow origin.
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Now another reminder I want to give you is that as Ramadan is, is continuing,

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please think that you want the second 10 days to be better than your first 10 days, and you want the last 10 days to be awesome.

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Okay, last thing is to be awesome. One great thing we've got about this Ramadan, okay is that the nights are short. So you can do so early, right? So you want to make your timetable where you sleep probably after fudger you know, sleep fudger as soon as father comes into sleep, I pray Father and then go to sleep, right. And then you've got asleep throughout the night, maybe you get about four or five hours in the night. And then when you come back from work or something, just get two hours, then I'll get an hour then. So you make up for your sleep. But you want to try and stay awake throughout the night of Ramadan is beautiful, just fill it up with as much as you can, in terms of

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your a bother. If you're feeling a bit you know, tired whatever, do something that wakes you up to some that wakes you up, there's a number of things you can do to wake yourself up. You can you can change between you're a bother to keep yourself up. Right? So you do bureaucrat, then you get a salad salad because you have to stand up you're a bit away. But if you're feeling tired, then do something different. Okay, so what do you do, you basically just just you know, unless it's the nighttime of Ramadan, just just go downstairs you know, find something to do in terms of even having a slight drink or something, get some sugar in the body, get yourself up again, some different if

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you're still feeling tired, then you basically want to open the open the door, open the windows, stick your head out.

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If you're still feeling tired, then get some cold water wash your face, open the window and let it dry in the cold air.

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It'll wake you up. Honestly, this will bring you a lot of goodness Why? Because you want to you want these nights to be the best. We know how much reward we're getting La la la la we could never imagine and we want to we want to maximise on our reward throughout this but what we want is we want to get whatever we can do in the first 10 days. But the seven days 10 days need to be better. And the third 10 days needs to be the best because one of these nights is going to be blended together. And we've got to build ourselves up towards that. So what you do is

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we want to have whatever a bar that we can in the first day can 10 nights every single night. But we'll build on after the second second 10 days 10 nights and the third one has to be as much as we can do. Now you can get into a habit of being awake. The main thing is I want to be awake for the last 10 nights Ramadan if you can get into a place for air to cough even better, get the intimacy to do ethika if you're not in there to do ettercap you should have your habit already building up to be awake in the last 10 nights because one of these nights in the last 10 nights is going to be a better than 1000 months of anything you do better better than 1000 months which means that any a bad

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night is like doing the same a bother for at three years and four months. We're not going to probably even live that long. We need this reward my friends okay it's only a few nights Allah says in the Holy Quran it says here in number 184 so the bucket ISIS I yeah man I do that. Limited days. He says just a few days I have a model that means just a few days, just for these few days we could get so close in terms of the art and I just because we kept ourselves awake and we were engaging in a bother now if you

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are in a bother and you're doing very bad What do you want to do is you want to try and make yourself feel that I want to free my mind from everything else. And then do the do the by the one thing I'm going to tell you to do is do a bit of Vicar where you connect the mind to a larger region then start you to

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do better as a kid were you were you. You know get engaged. Allah Allah, Allah Allah Allah Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah then open up for an hour when your mind is off, is not thinking nothing about a lot of

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the stuff again, to the mother, the mother could get your mind connected again. And then do you a bother you find that you will connect a lot stronger to allows origin because you're the vicar supposed to make you cut off from everything else. And then make your mind connect again and then you do your job better. It is a lot better to do that and keep changing keep changing below, below, below savasana personal awesome

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Follow Salah, then maybe read something, maybe listen to a little bit of a lecture or something like that. Then you do Quran then you do a lot then you again, then you do something else. each one's was changed again and again I feel your Knights with that

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