Yahya Ibrahim – Guidebook to God #22 – Establishing the best in character

Yahya Ibrahim
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The importance of ethics. Another word for that is Aflac. Usually it's wrongly translated as good manners, a HELOC, having holyoake. Having a demeanor that is pleasing to Allah subhanho wa Taala is a very important concept. And the importance of our ethics as Muslims is one that is unrivaled in our main cup with any of the other nations and traditions that are found on the earth today, you and I must be exemplary because we are the followers of the one who Allah described when he neck Allah Allah who Luca, Navin yeah Mohammed II destined for you, I created you to be the one who is on the exalted, unreachable, unblemished, highest standard of ethics, morality and character sallallahu

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alayhi wa sallam, I wish to explain to you the word holyoake a flock. So the word Hulk is your physical being right. And mahalo, I am created by Allah subhanaw taala my physical standing is the Hulk and the hilker that Allah created me on but my whole look is how I use my physical being. My huddle is the demeanor of the habit of my physical existence. And therefore if you change heart law, to who to that to a dogma holyoake therefore you see that it's the same three letter words that define your physical presence, and your demeanor or spiritual existence, and your way of life. So notice that how you are created is beyond your control. You can be created by a lot tall or short,

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dark or light, male or female. You are not accountable to Allah, on account of the Hulk that you have. And therefore the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said, in Allah, Allah Jambo Ella sorry, kumala Allah and Sammy come when I can, young little Ella, Hulu Bahama. Malcolm, Allah does not make note of your physical stature. He doesn't make note of how you were created in your physicality, what he does make note of what he holds you accountable to is what is in your heart, and the actions that are performed congruent of it. What comes out of you and your behavior out of the Hulk is what is important, not how you look, not the shape or color or shade of your skin. And

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therefore the prophets I send them says, could look only Adam, all of you are from Adam, why Adam into Robin Adam Woods from dusk to Allah, it is insignificant in the material, what your physical standing is, what the color of your skin is, whether you're male or female, what is important is what you've used your creation in. And that's where the word holo is, therefore the prophets I said Lim Lu doesn't make mention of our physical standing, but he makes mention of the importance of our character. So the prophets I said, LEM speaks of our ethics by saying inap I person like you, Derek will be hosting a hold up, that a person on account of their high standard of ethics, their mighty

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standard of morality, can reach the level of a person who fasts all day, prays all night, I'll saw him we'll call him a person who fasted every day of their life, prayed every night, all night of their life, who can attain that nobody can attain that even the prophets of Allah, they would pray part of the night and sleep part of the night, they were fast some of the days and break some of the days, the best of fasting with the fasting of the Buddha is salam, where you would fast one day and break it one day. So how can you reach a level even higher than the prophets of Allah? He said, on account of good ethics, good morality. Therefore, it's important for you and I to pay attention to

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this. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was the highest example of character, and therefore his sooner becomes the reflection that you and I seek to establish the best of character in his name, Sal, Allahu Allahu Allah, Allah wa sahbihi wa sallam. When we speak of ethics, when we speak of character, what do we mean? Do we mean it just to be pleasant? And to say, Thank you, and please, and forgive me? And I'm sorry, when it's necessary? What does it mean to be on a high standard of morality of character? Well, it's first to understand that your greatest accountability isn't to the creation and to others, but it is to Allah subhana wa to honor that whether there are

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people to see you there or not that your accountability is with a law, whether there are cameras trained on you or not, your ethics are maintained that you do what is right because it's right and you abstain from what is wrong, because it's wrong. You don't do what is right because others observe you doing what is right and you expect acknowledgement from them. You don't abstain from what is wrong because other people are there to tell you stop or will hold you accountable. You stay you abstain from error, because

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Allah is always material in your life in your presence, that he is always there observing you, you're always aware of your place and your dealings with him. So that gives you a higher standard of a class of character of ethics of morality, in dealing within yourself and with others. The greatest of importance in your hotel is established in this beautiful Hadith of the Prophet Isaiah, it's a draft of the prophet SAW Selim, whenever the Prophet would see his image in a mirror, or in a reflection in water or something, he would say, Allah who is in who knew he cannot accidentally, Allah beautify my ethics, my morality, my character, as you have made perfect and ethical, and made

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perfect my finger and my physicality, as you appreciate the strength and the symmetry of your body, the prevalence of your physical existence, the happiness, you enjoy the sensations you experience, it is also important to make dua to Allah to increase our prosperity of the soul and our ethics in dealing with each other. The signs of good character is that it is a byproduct of your tau hedon submission to Allah. And therefore a very important standard is to heed belief in a law knowing a law is the one true God that we worship that we hold our devotion to. The only one that we turn to asking for help and seeking assistance from having that as a belief increases our ethics and

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morality in our character makes us accountable to our families and our friends and our neighbors and our enemies, makes us from those who seek to be pleasing to Allah, so that he will allow us to be pleased in this life and the next hurstville holyoake is the greatest of acts of worship that is most neglected by humanity and human beings. And therefore, when a person understands that they can reach the level of the one who fasts and prays every day and every night, but they don't attain that level, because they are incapable of establishing a higher standard of character, although it is something that can be achieved. Therefore, it is in upon myself in you to seek a path to achieving

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that character. So three important incremental steps one that will build upon the other How do I know what is a good character and ethics I have to learn the Shetty and the teachings of our Deen the teachings of our nebbia the Sunnah of our ethics, I have to learn what is halal and what is haram? What is so now what is beta? What is recommended from what is disliked, what is ethical from what is immoral, I have to learn the filter of this Deen and therefore the prophets I said Lim said maturity let him be higher on you for COVID-19, the one whom Allah wishes for them good in this life, which is for them to attain the heights of jedna in the next life, then Allah allows them the

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process and a path to learn the fifth, the understanding the wisdom, the jurisprudence of the intricacies of this Deen. No one will worship Allah in any better way than through knowledge. When you know what is expected of you and know how to achieve the success as you seek from Allah, you elevate your ibadah and elevate your prosperity. So the first step is to learn to become acquainted to study and to take serious our methodology as Muslims in what is right and what is wrong. Number two is to disband from those who we know how bad ethics and it doesn't matter how much you try to become a truthful person, how much you try to become honest in your dealings, how much you try to

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become ethical in your behavior, if you have surrounded your friend yourself with friends, with individuals who are dishonest, who do not have a care and a concern for the alcohol, whose whole life is about the here and now if your whole life is built on a structure of, you know, get it while it's while you can. You know you only live once you bet you might as well enjoy life before it's too late. If that is the type of structured environment that you have around you, and those are the type of people who have that lower sense of morality, where they believe that this life is a scarcity and there's nothing after it, that you just become fertilizer after you you have ended this life, then

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know that you will never achieve that higher, Exalted standard of character. Number three, and finally, the best place to practice your ethics and character are with those who it's most difficult to practice it with which is family. You know, Subhanallah they're always in your face. It's your brother, it's your sister, it's your, you know, your children, your wife, your husband, your mother, your father, it's the people who you have to work hard to to and that's why Allah subhana wa tada put to such a high standard of character that those who obey Allah or those who are also good to their parents. It's a next step law to Allah you know over the last little while he deign to be good

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to your within your relationship with a law shows in your relationship with your parents, because it's so tough to have good character with those who we take for granted. My dad will always forgive me. My mom will always love me, my brother

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There will always be in my life I can never get rid of them. So we take them for liberty and for granted. And that's why having the best of character begins, shows itself in its truest nature with those who you live amongst who are in your face at all times. It's not with people you meet Incidentally, once or twice a week, it's with the one who you see every morning and every night all throughout your day and life that you can't be separable from. May Allah subhanaw taala increase our ethics, our morality, our character, may Allah bless us with personal hudak May Allah make a personal Hello Can the reason of our ship out on the day of judgment from our Navy Mohammad Sai

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Selim, may Allah bless us with doing better with our family than we seek to do with other people. And may Allah Subhana Allah repair whatever rifts are there, and whatever in consistencies are there in our character, nobody wants to have cognitive dissonance, that what way they have in their heart is different to what they show in other people. And the worst of characteristics that we can have and the lowest of morality and ethics is to be hypocritical, that we appear in one way that we know is inconsistent in our life. Begin inward and let it shine outward was suddenly lahoma wa Sallim wa barik ala Sayidina Nabina Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam your brother your hair Brahim was

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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