Guidebook to God #04 – We hear and we obey

Yahya Ibrahim


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AI: Summary © The importance of acceptance in Islam is emphasized, as it is crucial for everyone to practice acceptance and learn from the Prophet. The speaker also discusses the importance of obeying Allah's guidance and not hesitting to pursue opportunities and opportunities. The importance of acceptance is emphasized, as it is crucial for everyone to be successful and successful in their own life. The speaker emphasizes the need for people to consider their actions and address their fear, avoiding sinful behavior, and considering their actions.
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we hear the command of a law and we obey. That is the Constitution of a believer. Never be at odds with any statement of Allah. Never be at odds with any authentic revelation given to the prophets. I seldom never be at odds with a hokum I ruling and a judgment delivered to us through the purpose and the teaching of our profits will never be at odds with something that has been given to us by the one who knows us better than we know ourselves. Allah Allah woman, Hala Hua Hua Latif Al Habib, can anyone know his creation more than the one who created them? Can anyone be more acquainted of the needs of the creation that he has created then a law and he is the most intimate it is knowledge of

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them, the most subtle in his injunctions upon them? The prophets Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam Allah says to us, through him in the Quran, were maccarinelli meaning well meaning erotica de la hora, Sulu, ameron and yaku nella Herman hirato, he embraced him. It is not befitting any believing men, any believing woman, that when a law when his messenger has delivered a verdict has been given an injunction have been given a law have been given a ruling has been given a recommendation that in their heart there should be any variants any turning away any rejection any disregard to that which a law that which is messengers I sell them has given forward any akuna lahoma hero to me, embrace

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him that you have another higher opportunity that you say something is better than what Allah has sent what the Prophet taught what the Prophet did what the prophet recommended that you would choose something the Prophet prohibited, and you would say that this is better than what he legislated. And this becomes a crucial issue in the life of every single believing male, female, young and old believer in Allah subhanho wa Taala. The very premise of Islam is built on acceptance. When you look and find the very last verses of Surah Al Baqarah. That is where you hear this statement. We'll call it Lu semir. And what Alfa Navajo for Ana Karabiner, the Sahaba were encouraged to say we hear the

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commands of Allah we obey them, Oh Allah, forgive us for what we have not done in the best of capacity. And that becomes the ideal of a believer. Now I want you to know that you will never be able to achieve everything Allah and His messenger. I seldom said in complete measure. Don't beat yourself too much. Don't hold yourself down. Don't be too depressed. Don't lose your faith on account of you making a mistake or a sin. Don't ever assume that you will be unblemished and perfect and angelic in your action in your behavior. Know that you and I will always have a place between us and Allah that could be improved. We'll call you Sameer now Aparna. But your initial instinct is

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always to obey always to listen, always to learn. semia Anna I Lina we here means that we learned we were taught. We studied we developed your clean while foreigner we fulfilled it. We put it into practice. The prophets of Allah it was said to him he would make this dry he would say alohomora jolkona alemana. Allah bless us with a knowledge that is beneficial meaning a narrow melibea knowledge that we can put into practice knowledge where we heard something and we instituted it taught it and conveyed it unto others seminar now what are under that is the Constitution of the believer. And that is one of the most missing ingredients that we find in our Muslim oma today. It's

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one of the reasons of humiliation for the home of the prophets. I seldom remember the Allahu anhu he is famously quoted in saying, as an Allah who before an Allah gave us elevation and honor this one we practiced and received them practice the whole on the other you know there is a fee as Elena law, and whenever we turned away from the portal and and wanted to find our success and elevation and other than we were humbled and humiliated and brought down. And I want you to know that you will never be elevated in this life or in the next life in your choosing willfully to disregard the word of Allah subhanho wa Taala. There might be timely gains, there might be moments of success, there

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might be opportunities that you gain, there might be a business deal that goes through that was built on her arm, there might be the purchase or the selling or the or the relationship that you enter into that is sinful and that you know in your heart is a legitimate and is beyond the pale of Islam. beyond the pale in the teachings of the prophets, I sell them you might enjoy it for a time. You might benefit from it for an opportunity. You might find some personal benefit and gain in it and find some level of comfort, but in the long term

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In this life and in the next know that the prophets lie Selim Allah warned his oma through the Quran in Surah Taha for men out although and Vickery, the one who turns away the one who disregards the one who makes a deaf ear and blind eyes to my revelation for in Allahumma angkatan dunka. the totality of their life experience will be dung. Dunk means something that is, without the happiness that it could have had had they been submitting to a lot, that although you will attain happiness, there is a wretchedness in it. There is a detriment into pollution through it that although you may have that a legitimate relationship in that moment and spark and lustful leaning eventually brings

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ruin eventually brings destruction eventually brings sadness and sorrow. Eventually there's a moment of regret when the room Yeoman hustler warn them yeah Mohamed of the day of regret not just the Day of Judgment, but the day of regret the day where he when you chose to disobey Allah eventually comes home to that point where it has its effect in your life in my life. That brings us to a point of sour and ruin. semana Aparna we hear and we obey. I want you to consider how the earlier generations, the Sahaba and the Tabby 18 were quick in that. See, you know, sometimes we find it astounding. But I want you to hear how one verse revealed brought about a revolution within the

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Medina of the prophets. I said, For many years, they used to be allowed to drink alcohol allowed to drink wine and spirits, they were allowed to consume it because it was safer than the polluted water of the wells at the time. But eventually, near the end of the life of the prophets, I send them a lot revealed in NodeJS fetched any boo, it is an abomination turn away from it From now on, no one is to bring it to their mouth before they could drink it but not come to prayer while drunk. They could drink it but only in their homes. And then finally it says, Do not come near it, do not approach it, do not drink it Do not manufacturing the prophets I seldom forbade it's a it's a menu

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factor even to to have a vineyard for the purpose of making wine. The moment the Sahaba heard this injunction, and it was recited to them. It is said that the streets of Medina flowed with the wine that was dumped out of the homes semi Atlanta. That is the habit of the believer, one of the ways that you know that your heart is attached with a law, and that you know you have earned a standing with a law that you have around the law and that I was pleased with you and content with you what to do and that you're pleased with the law. One of the surest ways of making known is how quick you are willing to bend towards the rule of a law rather than away from it. How long does it take you to

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return back to a law? How long does it take you to make that choice to abstain and abandoned and turn back from that which you know, and I've heard, is sinful, disliked and to be disregarded. set me up now what a thought on that is the character, the Constitution, the habit of those who seek to surrender and submit as lemna Lillahi Rabbil aalameen May Allah make you and I from those who have the capacity to always return to Allah to make that which Allah has legislated better than what we seek in our own lustful desires and leanings that we are content with that which is halal. Even though seemingly less than that which is haram and greater in its pursuit. We ask Allah Subhana

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Allah Allahu makina be halal and haram in the ground the prophets I seldom Allah suffices with that which is halaal so that we turn away from that which is out on well suddenly lahoma was selling was it was baddeck Allah Javi now whenever you know Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam your brother your hair Brahim was Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh