Better Me Ramadan 2019 #21 – April is not a fool

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam O Allah Rasool Allah, He sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Today's episode titled April is not a fool. Of course, you got what I'm trying to say here it goes on April, people love to lie and deceive each other.

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In the name of jokes and fun. So the code stays lies, have no colors, and they're not good on a particular month, either. So don't fall into that trap of

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lying during the month of April's panela. And then saying that this is April the fool we are allowed to do that. In Islam lies or lies only three conditions. We mentioned this plenty of times, but it's worth repeating. Again, you are allowed to lie or you're allowed to use your wisdom to mislead others or not to mislead is the wrong word or to to say the wrong information on only specific occasions three of them not a fourth is allowed. The first one is to

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mislead the enemies if you are under threat, if you if somebody is threatening your life and you may die because of this, you may say wrong information. If you know if somebody wanted you to convert to Christianity, or to convert to any religion, and he's putting a gun under your head, you may say okay, in your head. Yeah, I'm a Christian, you're allowed to say that if you want to. Number two, if you want to reconcile between two people who are quarreling or fighting, you may say a few nice words here and here, so that he can, you know, reconcile between these two brothers. The third is exchanging sweet words between spouses. You know, the professor Sam said, saying few good words to

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your wife is not a lie, meaning like if you exaggerate a little bit and say you're the most beautiful woman ever, I've never seen like you and so if you praise her with that intention of making her feel better. That's not a lie. According to the Prophet Muhammad SAW Selim, other than these three cases, whether in April or Ramadan, or December, any other time of the year. lies are lies that deceptive. They are haram prohibited in Islam. Stay away from lying. Be careful, they lead to hellfire. May Allah protect us, all me