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20 August 2020


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hamdulillah Hamza shaker in WA Salatu was Salam. O Allah say you did more saline. So you do not want to be you know Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa seldom at the Sleeman kathira a lot more Salli ala Sayyidina Muhammad you fill out welline wa salatu wa sallam as it were Vedic Allah say you didn't know whenever you know Mohammed in a serene Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Sayidina Muhammad Imperium Allah Illallah Muhammad Rahim Allah ma lindam agenda Manila for an alim with a kidnapping whom and we've seen that

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Allah homogenic madman Allah say you We ask Allah Subhana Allah to always join us in good and to protect you and to assist you and to

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provide for all of us in sha Allah from the good that we see can to protect us from any harm. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to make our a bad that something that endears us and brings us closer to our main cursor with Allah in this dunya so that we can grow closer to a loss of kernaghan went up and up in the asset of Allah whom I mean, it's wonderful of hamdulillah that we have an opportunity in Chatelet together once again together. And I hope in sha Allah that this is something that we can continue in chat a lot, even after the summer school

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you know, comes to an end in sha Allah.

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All right.

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So for those of you who are online, you can go back towards they Brahim the live stream and just restarted in chat law, it should be able to work with you there I was able to get it

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started, I know some of you had sent in a question saying that you weren't able to access it, it should be working for you now in sha Allah.

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We've just reset it so that the q&a as well as the group chat is available once again, the C box. And hopefully it's something that we can make use of light in a productive way is the naheem data. All right.

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So a couple of questions that come to love come in and now there's a few from the earlier session this morning. And I thought I'd just begin with them in chat law and make notes of the ones that I didn't get a chance to answer just so that I don't miss any of your questions. Now quick reminder and chat a lot tomorrow. Tomorrow inshallah we will be together the evening the hint Allah for this special event for the week. So every week we do a special event, special lecture, not a grill being a mom. And instead of it being on Saturday, it's going to be tomorrow. So you get kind of back this back stage access to one of my public talks in Perth. There haven't been many public talks due to

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COVID-19. I don't think any really

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not many. Anyway. So this is at the University of Western Australia. But this is a program that is a joint initiative by the University of Western Australia and Curtin University. There's no seats available. So if you're watching and you say, Oh, I'm just going to make it down, there's no seats available. There's only 180 190 seats. And those were booked out, I think the same day or the second day after it was advertised. So what we're going to do exclusively in chat law on Yahoo and exclusively for the online Islamic summer school is we'll have a live feed for you and you'll also be able on my on my

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on my website to be able to follow along with the PowerPoint so that you can kind of follow along the theme and the story that it is that we're sharing in Sharma. All right. So hopefully that's a benefit to you in the light Allah that's going to be at 6:15pm Perth time. So we're gonna pray some automotive we're gonna get everybody seated. Everybody ready, and we'll get started in chat a lot. Today, we're gonna have a special day. So those of you who are listening online on my Facebook page, I'll take some of your questions as well. And Chatelet I know a lot of you have messaged me and said, I'll show please can we be able to ask some questions? So if you're on my Facebook page, yes,

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you can ask some questions in chat law.

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Let's begin with some of the ones

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that were from earlier today. After the or before the budget session that I didn't get a chance to answer. All right.

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Chef, will you do a lecture series on the gene and paranormal activity? So okay, actually, that's a very interesting question. So what's the next installment so at the moment for the online summer school you've been doing? Me Myself and a lot and the next part of it is me. You and a lot which is

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How our toe hate is meant to influence other people and how we can relate to other people as a part of our belief in a lot. And part three is going to be a law and all of us, which is about society, not just family and friends and Muslims and our oma, but everybody, what is our view as Muslims of our interaction between us and the loss of Hannah with Adam? So that's, that's going to be one, one session. We're going to have another series called did the Prophet really say that sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And the aim of that is to study some of the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and be able to discuss them and understand are certain things that were claimed about the

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prophets. I seldom actually his words, and how do we know what are his words? You know? What is the ahaadeeth that is Slahi? And how do we differentiate it between the two that is life a week heavy, right? So we will discuss that

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in sha Allah. The third

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component is

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a Muslims guide to puberty or a young Muslims guide to puberty and I wanted to do something that was a little bit more upmarket, I wanted it to be something that, you know, was like the one stop shop that answered all the questions for both gentlemen as well as ladies, I wanted it to be something that had 50 issues in it, social issues in it, drugs, rock and roll and in it, you know, so I want I want that I want to record that in the coming month inshallah. And then one that's a little bit more controversial, which is this sexual ethics in Islam? And how do we view view? How should we as young muslims for yourselves,

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view things like

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premarital sex? What are the issues that relate to masturbation, all you know, all those kinds of things are really controversial, but important to be spoken about, and things that I believe, are necessary. So those are some of the things that we have coming up in my

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coming along and charma All right. And one of those sessions finally is about our belief in the angels in the gym, and the unseen world and that that becomes an important issue because

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we are we get our outfeed for not from not what other people might think about what we believe but what we believe because a lot reveal that in the end, and that becomes a very important foundation and process for us in sha Allah.

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All right, so let's speak a little bit about the jinn and Paranormal Activity Kala Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam whenever we speak about the unseen Principle number one is you don't speak from it yourself. You say the Prophet said a law said. So why not also lie? It's a lie, or you are seldom, as genuine tell us that there are three types of jinn, one type are the type that are higher to one keylab that they take on the form and exist in the form of particular types of animals. Another type is a certain phone, you'll see you'll notice a map, they have the ability to float and move around in the heavens. And the third, yeah, no, no, I know there is a third type that

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come and go and they want to visit and want to you know, interact with human beings. And of course, each of these types of jinn. Some of them can be believers and others can be unbelievers. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, as a law mentions in Surah telegin, a chapter in the Quran called Elgin. He heard that the gene had heard him read the Quran and teach you the whole and so they wanted to ask him questions, put it all here. And now stem Anna phenomenology nifa kalu in NASA Mariner, on an agenda, yeah, the LaRouche till the end of the surah that say unto your companions, that whole Mohammed that, you know, there were a group of students who heard and they wanted to ask

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you questions, and this is a famous hadith of Abdullah Massoud where he said that the prophets I send them we couldn't find him all night and all of us feared that we had lost them more than we feared our own death. Until a little bit before dawn, we saw the prophets like Selim, we said Where were you? And he said, I was speaking giving Dawa and answering the questions of the jinn and the gym have a different filk and different regulations to us and them so what is halaal for them is haram for us, and and so on and so forth. So we believe that there is a parallel

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A world that exists on this world, a parallel dimensional world, where they have their own laws that relate to particular laws of matter. And that isn't something problematic from a scientific perspective. From a science perspective, it is very plausible

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that there are different types of energies. And that there is a parallel kind of existence you can mathematically calculate, that intertwines within hours. And you know, you can watch science programs about the 11th dimension, or parallel universes or string theory or M theory. All of those are physics, type of programs and type of things that you can watch that kind of speak about that. And we ask Allah Subhana Allah to give us strength of faith, not because of what science is going to dictate, but because we believe in the Word of Allah subhanho wa Tada. So we believe that there are other beings that are extraterrestrial. So we believe that there are being called the jinn, we

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believe in beings called them and that the angels who are not human, not functional as humans do not live on this earth as we do and need air to breathe and water to remain hydrated and alive.

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And their recreation separate from a lot. Most people that when they speak of a legitimate paranormal, they speak about it from a fear perspective. They say, Oh, my God, Jeff, so the gene can fly, I say, Yes, so do mosquitoes write not because they have that power, that that makes them you know, entirely different or that that that makes them you know, something much greater. So don't be fearful in that sense. With regards to how we view

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you know, the unseen world, this isn't how we view the world. So the gene re creation of Allah subhanho wa Taala, in comparison to the strength that you and I have, through our faith in Allah. So you simply saying, how are we going to shake on our regime pushes them away, you saying Bismillah, when you enter your home, kicks out whatever unseen, unwanted forces there you reading is of courtesy in your home, purchase your home have that for the night, you reading it before you sleep protects you throughout the night in your sleep. So we have this belief as Muslims that we are not weak, ladies, Allahu Allah comes upon

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level eons of time that the shaytaan doesn't have a power over us, and doesn't have the ability to subdue us and make us do things. Now, it is something really important, I want to make a clarification that what you see in Hollywood, and even what you see on silly YouTube videos of people claiming that, you know, the gene is inside them and somebody reading Quran and they start speaking in different voices, I can tell you that there isn't anything in the sooner of the profits, or I sell them to say, in any point in time, during the life of the prophets, I sell them or any of the Sahaba. And I can stand to be corrected. But this is as far as

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my research and many others were that a gene used the human beings tongue to speak, that they took control of a person's vocal cords and spoke on their behalf. And you find within our laws as Muslims that we delete the possibility that someone for example, could say I didn't divorce my wife, it was the gym, you know, he spoke, right? We don't have that. There is no acceptance to that it wasn't me, I didn't do it, there was a gene inside me that you know, killed that person. That is not a defense within our legal tradition, as Muslims, and maybe a mental health, defense, but it's not one of a supernatural defense. And that's something important for you to consider. So leave the Hollywood

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stuff and leave that kind of nonsense stuff where people try to prey on weaker Muslims who are in a moment of difficulty or may have mental health issues that would rather and make it easier for them to believe that the straight Dawn is in me, that's why I'm having such a difficult time. That's why my thoughts are in this way rather than for them to deal with what they believe is a self stigmatization that I have a mental health issue because within our community as Muslims, Muslims don't like to hear that word, mental health and it's a sad sad reality and inshallah I will have a presentation on that you can read some of my written work on on that issue on Muslim

00:14:38--> 00:14:45 excuse me, Muslim matters. org and just google your Hebron, mental health.

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And you'll see different pieces that I've written on that. All right.

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So that's a little bit you know, there's so much more to be said.

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What is the evil eye? Okay, so I guess that's kind of related.

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The prophets like Selim said, and I in how the evil lie, the way you were jealous I have another person is a reality. But there's also a deed that many people kind of forget where they assume you know that you realize other people are jealous of me. But the prophets I send him also said that the majority of aligning and marcolin fc is a person for themselves that they didn't say Mashallah they didn't say Bismillah, they didn't acknowledge the power of a law as being the reason for their fortune, for their goodness in life, they assume that it's, you know, somebody else, you know, that did it or is doing it. And that's something that's, that's, that's unacceptable.

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So that the evil eye, a lot of it is from our own self, because we're not careful, we're not thankful to a lot we don't say, having to do that, for the things that we have for the good that we've been blessed with, for the kindness that Allah has given us a ramen Rahim. So hello there, either. So we estimate ourselves and put us in a place that were undeserving, I did this for myself, I'm smart. I'm the one who studied hard. And that's why I, you know, I got this. And we forget that there are processes that lead us to that success. Number two, is that jealousy is of different levels. And the eyes have different levels. There's one level of jealousy that is permitted, where

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you see somebody who's been blessed with something that they have used in the path of a lot, wealth that they are generous with, and they assist others with, or knowledge of the deen knowledge of the Quran that they recite, practice and teach on to others. So there's look, but there's this sense of I wish I could have the whole and that knowledge of the whole and that I could teach it to others conveyed to others and practice it the way other people practice it and learn it. Number two, there's a level of of envy, that is macro, where you look towards what someone is, and you make them an inspiration to you. But at the same time, you don't look to those lesser than you and feel of

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handleless still content with what you have. You're not jealous in the sense that I want that person to lose what they have, but you want to achieve it. So you want to work hard. I want to be like that person. But it's not for the reason that is pleasing to Allah, I want to be like that person because I want that Lamborghini, you know, I want to have that I want to drive that I want to enjoy that. Right? So that's something disliked It's not wrong. Then there's another type of envy and you know, and jealousy and an AI that looks towards others, where you want to have what is haram in other people's lives, or you want to have what is halal in other people's lives, but you want them to lose

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what they have. So in your heart, there's this callousness, jealousy and rancor and wrath and discontent with what Allah is giving you. You look down on what you have, and you're like, Man, I wish I want that white. Well, I work harder than them. Why do they have what I don't have?

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Well, even if I don't go, I wish they lose. I wish I you know, I don't want them to enjoy it. It might not be something you say. But it might be an attitude in your heart might be something that you feel in your heart. And that of course is sinful and Haram. And Allah says to us, it's sort of a slot in a seminar. Well, bussola word for ad kulula, acana and houmous Allah, the hearing, the sight, and the intentions, the evil intentions of the heart, all of it will because you know, by the way, jealousy

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is the only act of the heart sinful act of the heart that your question about in that sense, Milla soprano to Allah protect us from having jealous hearts. May Allah protect us from those who are jealous of us by Allah giving them what it is that they see by a lot opening to them the doors of what they crave, so that their attention is distracted from us and a law protects us era May Allah subhanho wa Taala increase us all in good in love and fidelity

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for each other, a lot of them I mean, all right.

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let's get to some of the questions Mashallah that are piling up.

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Can you identify a gene when it is in the form of a human animal? The answer is no, not even the so habit code, nobody can see something and say that is a gene that is an angel that is something paranormal. That's an impossibility after the life of the prophets of Allah. It was seldom people can guess, but that's not how you verify. So I will hooray rhodiola one who met what was referred to by the prophet later as a shape on and Gene of the shape on that it come in a different form and I will get long winded

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He's so heavy and elite of the Sahaba he didn't know. Right? So keep that in mind that isn't something that is known. It isn't something that any human being will know. Notice as well that the prophets of Allah don't know who the angels are until the angels let them know. So Ibrahim alayhis salam he sees, you know, the three angels who he doesn't know where angels you breed. Mika Ilana safilo came in the form of men. And he sat with him wanted to feed them Palomar ID en la silla when their hands didn't reach for the food. He got he said, oh, maybe you are. And they said in our salon, where the angels from your Lord. Same with the Wu Dali Salaam two men climbed into his inner

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prayer places as a sort of clod and they had a dialogue with him, right? Abu Bakr Omar was the last one who narrates the famous hadith of gibreel, where we take our office either from a manger howdy if we're around the long run, I knew he says we were sitting with a promise I said lemon, all of us know this handyman and really white clothing came in, sat down, and he didn't look like he traveled but his clothing was so white, but no one none of us knew him. We don't know who he is. So he asked the prophets I send them questions. Who's your Lord? What's your religion? What is Islam? What is he man? What is it? The Prophet answered? And then he said, When is the day of judgment? I don't know.

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The one who's asking doesn't know more than the one being asked and, and the Prophet when the man leaves, the Prophet says at that, do you know who that was? And they say no, no message of Allah Who was it? Is somebody strange, we don't know who it is. He said no. gibreel attacked a Lima container. That was Gabriel. And he said that he came to teach you your religion. So kinda lots of the Sahaba didn't know about Omar on the line didn't know. So any human being today who says Hey, I know how to speak to an angel. I know how to converse with an angel I that that thing where that person is, is paranormal, that is a falsehood immediately know that they are upon misguidance it's not true. And

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it could be something else that is bothering them a lot protect us from that a lot. My mean so that's a good question. A good follow up question.

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So that that that's an important kind of clarification. Just like hello head. Alright. Let's

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get some more

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questions in sha Allah that are coming in.

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All right on the telegram

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Do you support the Toronto Raptors Toronto Raptors? Yes. Mashallah. For those who know, yet? Well, I'm born and raised, you know, just outside Toronto. I was raised in Toronto. So definitely, I am a Raptors fan. And there's another poll question is Chef Ibrahim your brother or from your family? He is my brother in Islam, but we are not related, even though he's from Egyptian origin. Our last names are very similar.

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But we are not related in that sentence. Are there any special acts of worship for the month of Muharram? Just like hello head? That's a really good question. Yes, there are special acts of worship in the month of Muharram. The first act is to fast and you can fast as many of the early parts of the month is possible in particular, to fast the ninth day and the 10th day. So

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that's why I shoot on the ninth of Muharram and the 10th of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam.

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He noticed that Venice, la isla were getting ready to

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to celebrate their day, which is the day of being saved from fifth round. And he said what do you do and they said we fast on that day. The Prophet said well, we are more worthy of Moosa. You know, we are closer to Moosa, and we will not follow you just in the fasting of that day rather, we will fast highly foo Benny, a slightly different to them. And the prophets I send them always taught us It should be a principle in your life. Never do what other people do, because they might take it as something that is blasphemous. And why are you following us and why are you doing that? You know, you're trying to usurp our culture or our faith? No. So we have our own activity bad and anything

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done by the prophets, I set limits for us to do anything done by others is for others to do. We don't do. We don't follow the religious tradition of other people. So in the month of Muharram, we fast the ninth and the 10th and that's a confirmed son of the prophets. I sell them

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It earns us a massive forgiveness. Another thing that we consider is that in the in the month of Muharram, that this is the month that Allah saved by the Assad eel, which is in a moment a more an enormous commemoration. How do we think a lot we think and through an act of worship, of recognizing that it's through our worship, through our belief that salvation comes. So it become a general habit that the weak are, you know, in some of the, you know, the times where

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Islam was in dominance, the hula fad, they would free the slaves during the month of Muharram, as they would in the month of Ramadan, and the month of Muharram is one of the sacred month so to sin in this month is not like singing in other months, may Allah subhanaw taala protect us from that the commemoration of the month of Muharram is so significant is because it is also the time of the Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

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and the age of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is one that is full of blessing and wisdom and stories. And inshallah hopefully, we can do a session on it as one of our special sessions, but even in LA he to Island.

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So, there's also the main contention of one of the sects within the large tradition of Islam, who refer to themselves as the Shia, or the group of Valley. Now, earlier, the last one, who was not the person who initiated this group, he didn't ask for it to be done. It wasn't done in his time. These are people who made this claim about him, and about him and his ideals that he is better. He's free free. He never said that. But one of the things that they commemorate is that in the month of Muharram,

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is the day of that was the murder and the assassination and false killing sinful killing of the grand son of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salim Al Hussein, Anil Hussain, him nearly yo the Allahu Allahu Allah is

00:27:21--> 00:27:45

one of the great companions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, but he's also a person who is dearly loved by the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and there are authentic Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam were in his life in his life. Salalah and he said, and while he was still alive,

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gibreel brought to him a piece of land, after the Prophet requested it. So the Prophet was informed that his grandson would be martyred would become a Shaheed. And this made them feel very sad that he wouldn't be young and he would be killed. And the prophets I said, I'm very, very sad about this, and he said, Show me to bleed Where will he die? And jabril said, it's not in the city, it's not in Medina. So the Prophet asked to see the land, he will die and gibreel went to Iraq and brought back a handful of it's clay of its dust, and it was a ready dust, a red clay that was shown to the prophets of Allah to sell him this authentic hadith in our Sunni tradition, as Muslims.

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But we do not commemorate the martyrdom of Al Hussein, by doing some of the acts that are bid and heresy and away from the tradition of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, rather we tried to be centered and careful in our relationship with Allah, fulfilling our deeds as best as we can. We pray that Allah Subhana Allah says, senses mercy upon all of the debate of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that alone makes us of those who love them in a way of moderation and over respect and of Suna and makes us from those who are fulfilling of their tradition, through our practice of prayer and devotion and worship. May Allah allow you and I to fast in the month of

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Muharram in the ninth and the 10th day, a lot of them I mean, this is where we bring our 30 minute session to an end subhanak along Moga, Hendrik shadow Allah, Allah He and as the photograph to Hoylake was Silvana Kumara to lie here.