Hatem al-Haj – Manazil as-Sa’ireen #17 – Chapter on Sympathetic Concern

Hatem al-Haj
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the concept of "fit and fear" in the context of health and safety, emphasizing the importance of love and concern. They also touch on "we" and "we" concepts, including "we" and "we've." The speakers stress the importance of protecting oneself and others from negative consequences of "naught sum dynamic" behavior, avoiding conflict, and being a serious person to avoid it.
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah on early or safavi or Manuela some.

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So, today inshallah we will be talking about babyliss fap or the chapter on sympathetic concern, and we will also in the session effect, talk about it as an only upon the chapter on them and the power

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law says here in the beginning of Baba strap for the chapter on pity, pity or sympathetic concern.

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He says Allah azza wa jal Paolo in Cappadocia, Leona Muscatine, Pardo in public Goofy, and Lena must appear in sort of the tour this describes this is a statement that believers would say, and they are after, they will say in Cabo Lupita, Lena, Muscatine, Fernando la Valena

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that Allah

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grant, this is grace and protected us from the tournament of Hellfire, the smoky fire of the hill.

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So in acuna, Pablo, they will say in a couple of Yelena, Muscatine, we used to be

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the translation here it says, we were previously among our people fearful fear, and Nina among our people, must have been fearful. And then certainly, we just covered the chapter on how for the chapter on fear, and Fs is fear, and how is fear then we will be basically repeating ourselves. But there is a little bit of difference here. Remember when we talked about and found,

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or the chapter on fear and we said that fear comes in degrees. And we said that the first level of fear is just the ordinary fear that's a condition or a prerequisite of a man, if you don't fear Allah, you don't have a man or California in control more money and fear me if you have a man if you have faith.

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So, then we said that this is the fear of the believers, then basically, introductory fear, this is like the basic fear and then the fear of the knowledgeable because of

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the fear of the knowledgeable as a first year and we said that the first year is fear that that is greater in magnitude, it's greater than South Kashmir is greater of, because she has the fear of the knowledgeable so they know how to protect themselves and they cover themselves, you know, or they basically seek to protect themselves, they shield themselves from other dangers they perceive or they fear from, and they know so they, they can readily do that. They started out the journey and an armored vehicle, like I said last time, and the they don't venture away from this armored vehicle, the vehicle of thought and you know,

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abstention from Massey and so on and so forth, they are very close to this, they once they see danger, they just

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seek protection inside their vehicle, and they shield themselves from that

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evil. And then we said that this is so helpful serenity help with composure, powerful, knowledgeable, greater magnitude, but it is not associated with fright, like the how for that is for the basic

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level or for the beginners on the path. And then the last level of health we talked about, we said that this is a quote that is

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COVID mocha Praveen how those chosen to be close to Allah subhanaw taala or those who are brought closer to Allah subhanaw taala and that is the health of inhaber the whole village analysis of

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divine reverence of the art from divine reverence.

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And then

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when you have this whole view and haphazard when you have code if you have hazard

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Well, we're coming to expect now because it's fact is based on how the foundation of as far as health health is the foundation of Israel, but it's fact comes after code. Because it's not you know, you will have to have have health and you will have to have develop hazard because when you fear from something Do you watch it? Like if you fear from some danger coming

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From that door, you will be watching that door all the time.

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And if you fear from, like a predator, for instance, you will be watching that beast all the time. So you have this hyper vigilance, you will have this hover or vigilance all the time. But then,

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you know, South Africa can sometimes be translated as mercy, right? In South Africa could be translated as compassion, and mercy. So it is this hazard that is mixed with compassion. It is how there is concern that's mixed mixed with empathy. So I am concerned for my safety, for my enough's for the safety of my naps, and your safety, and everyone's safety and concern for the safety of humanity.

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But it is a concern that's mixed with empathy. So that is the difference between

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basically the

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preaching from the high horse and you know, being concerned for the safety of your audience, or

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those to whom you're preaching the preacher, the successful preacher. And then good preacher, that Allah subhanaw taala

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granted with wisdom, and granted with understanding is a preacher that is showing empathy all the time. I am concerned for your safety. Because I love you because I that's the bottom line. Why should you be concerned for people's safety if you don't love them? And the default for humanity is that they are the children of your your father, Adam and your mother her work. So you do have this love by default? Yes, you do develop dislike of people and their actions when they commit wronged and when they transgress themselves,

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but the default, the underlying

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sentiment is one of love and concern.

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And that's so, me, ma'am, and Harvey akima law here says epidermal hazard McCrone and Tara home. Well rsls eva Raja strap is the constant concern that well mill hazard. hazard is that concern and vigilance you know, to be to be watching the source of danger risk.

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So, it is the constant concern combined with empathy, McCrone and Tara home well as far as either a jet and it is three levels. So, you will have to have you know the station of Rama and the station of health and from the combination of the two stations, you have the station of is for people who do not have health from Allah, who do not have concern about the hereafter they are not concerned

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about the punishment of allowing the hereafter for themselves and for others and people who at the same time Do Not Have mercy, they will not be able to reach this the station of stock it's it's it's a combination of the two, the foundation of this you know, it is the two prongs it has one leg in the station of mercy praqma and one leg in the station of how

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So, the three levels of a spark he said the first level of data to the Buddha is not enough see and Tajima ha era in * Jammu can generally it's basically to drift away to deviate to transgress to trespass to step over or the lines the bounds so that is Jammu is fat is not enough cn does not highlight this fact for will And should we translate this back every time it's sympathetic concern about you know, the hardware and the Tara home it's about being you know, concern for people to love. People can be in concern for yourself and people for your love. So we will just use the word as fact right from here on as well.

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Okay, so a spark for one soul from transgressing into defiance that is a sparkling aliveness and touch Mahela line as far as fat for one soul. I am being concerned for my soul.

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From from transgressing into defiance

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of Jamal elaina, then the soul is like this all the time, you will have to treat your soul like you treat an untamed beast. It is treat your soul like an untamed beast. If

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at beast, that is why that has the tendency of basically snapping at anytime, if you develop security if you act like this beast has been permanently tamed, this is exactly like someone, you know, the people who will tame lions and tigers and so on. And all the sudden the they snap, they just remember who they are. They're the lion, the tiger, whatever.

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They just all the sudden remember who they are, and the snap. snapping is not unexpected, it is your fault if you feel felt too safe around them. If you feel too safe, no matter how, you know, long you've been

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taming them, or you have been in control of them, or you have been their master or their trainer, their coach, or whatever.

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You should not feel too safe around them. Because if they snap? Can, will you be able to you know, get someone to actually. So like someone is if someone heard about a lion or a tiger snapping? Will they be surprised will be will they be shocked? No, they will not be shocked. That's that's how they are. The they are wild beasts. And if you thought otherwise, it is your fault. It's the same thing applies to your naps. The same thing applies here. It is a wild beast. Once you feel that you that you have a comfortable ride and that you are in complete control. It basically can

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destroy you and overtake you sees you.

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So it's back on our nuptse and plasma Heil and I know for a fact for one soul from transgressing into defiance and defiance is basically to rebel against the requirements of all bodia keep in mind that the laughs Jammu hennops is endless, the transgression of the lapse is endless. So it is not only that some you know that the beginning of two more handicaps is laziness. You know, it will tell you, you know, I just can't do this, the luck is too much. I, you know, you have overburdened me with so much and that is the beginning. And then you may find an excuse for her and you may say yes, you're tired, you're those hear that. But then epsa does not stop there. That's just the beginning.

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The end of the day, the nafs wants to be

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the vine. That's the end of it, as the father of obey to nazzer a lot of use of LTE for Robo Bay, that is the end for any neffs that it wants to compete with a love for Robo beja for large

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and has different manifestations. That does not mean that every one would say on on a book woman out there like for having said I am your Lord Most High,

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but it will act like this. And it will offer item and

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Have you not seen the one who took for for

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his Lord, his his desires for a god

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or a deity, two worship. So that's the end of it. She wants or

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she wants to dictate to you what you need to do and what you need to abstain from.

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And she wants to be in full control.

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Now, so it's back for one soul from transgressing into defiance means that you will always treat her as an untamed beast and you will always be careful around her and you will always be watchful of her and her transgressions and her tendencies to trespass the bounds. Then he said why * Alabama the Sierra Club they are strapped for the deeds from being wasted Falcon holla llama la Sierra. So you have concern fair enough. You have concern for your needs also strapped for the leads from being wasted. You work hard and then you get tired because you're working hard that this is

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For someone who is actually working hard, who has good deeds, but they are still extremely concerned that their deeds may be all wasted.

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Imagine lost Coronavirus. It's written for cuando Padma Elana, Amina Muhammad and for Johanna who

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may have come to the deeds that they have done, and we've made them into scattered thus, you know, when you've just made them into scattered bus, the needs that they have the very possible that you do this to yourself,

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industry founded this to himself

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there are two things that will destroy your leads, one of them comes after, you know, even if you were perfect, you know the deed all the way until you finished it. And then it becomes into your heart or conceitedness like the into proud of your, the having too much confidence in yourself or being too proud of your the conceitedness So, these are two things that will destroy your the one before and one after. The before is productive intentions. If you have corrupted intentions, that destroys your deed before you even embark on it, or why during the action, it could destroy it becomes a habit of thought scattered thus.

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And then there is something that may destroy it after which is conceitedness

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a water fountain.

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Everything transgresses

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husbands, they never transgress.

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So valid, then the person who has a stroke is always concerned for his deeds, because you do like you're the you you do invest a lot of efforts, time and so on and your deeds. And if you're not really careful, you may end up with nothing you may end up having invested so much and no return because the investment was improper for improper purpose or and has been destroyed afterwards by this old or conceitedness Soria before. But as corrupted intentions, algebra after its conceitedness these are two things that will destroy your deed.

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And then he says what is Falcon Island failure Katamari Fatimah z here is fat for the people 34 means creations. It means here the people who start Granada Talia calamari Fatima z has fat for the people out of knowledge of their excuses. Stop. This is very This is very intricate. This is very delicate concept. He says that you have concern for the people Big B because you know they're executed.

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At the same time the executions are not executing them in the sight of Allah subhanaw taala otherwise you would not be concerned for them because of their excuses were valid in the sight of a law Why should you be concerned for them? They have valid excuses. But even though their excuses are not valid in the sight of Allah subhanaw taala you're still

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you know you have this key you have this compassionate concern for them. You're still concerned for them and you have this compassionate concern and you still feel bad for them. Like they're they are hurting themselves. It's like your son, your young son who was diagnosed with diabetes and every time he reaches for dessert, you have this shot his family you have this sort of sympathetic concern for for him or her.

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It's your daughter.

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Because they are they are hurting themselves. But you know at the same time that these are kids and you know they get tempted by sweets.

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So you feel for them you feel for their pain you but you are aware you're knowledgeable of the consequences of their you

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No actions. And that is why you are more concerned for them than they are concerned for themselves. Which makes you in a difficult position you don't need like you feel for their anguish and their their, you know, trouble. But at the same time, you're really concerned for their safety and you want them to stop and you do not want them to eat those sweets.

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Now, given this example it's not it's it is just an example. But it is not a perfect example. Because it is extremely important for you that you do not think you know that Allah subhanaw taala would treat us unjustly in any way, shape or form. It is extremely important for the well being of your faith and the well being of your Eman that you trust in our laws, justice

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and fairness. So what when Allah subhanaw taala

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threatens us of his punishment when Allah subhanaw taala you know, created the Hellfire, and just means that this is still within the scope of his just justice. And if you can't wrap your head around that, the for the whole thing to Allah subhanaw taala he just can't wrap your head around it. He can't really comprehend it. defer to Allah, but the further to Allah, believing in His justice, believing in his fairness, and believe in can his promises and threats. So don't basically dismiss the threats of Allah subhanaw taala believe in the promises and the threats of Allah, believe in the justice of Allah and defer the whole matter to him. You're not the one who will be judging people on

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the Day of Judgment. what your role here is, your job here that you must do is basically to protect yourself and anyone, everyone you can protect from that outcome, you know, from being deserving of the punishment of Allah subhanaw taala and deserving of the hellfire.

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Is that clear. So even though the you know, the excuses are invalid, and the excuses will not avail them from the punishment of Allah subhanaw taala you still feel for them?

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Let's say it's not a child that had the diabetes, let's say it's a grown man. But that grown man, they know very well, you know, eat this, you.

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You suffer some consequences. You don't take your medicine, you and you eat sweets all the time. You suffer from consequences, and it's a grown man, not a child. Do you still have empathy for them? Yes, I mean, it's not like you're gonna say, well, they deserve it, they know better, what? Yes.

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deserve it from this from from from a loss perspective? Yes, you will say that they if they get punished by Allah, they will only get punished by Allah, because they deserve it. Because Allah is fair and just.

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But from your perspective, that is not your business to say they deserve it, they know better and to act this way, and to preach from, you know, on top of your high horse, but your business is to be empathy, like sympathetically concern, and to show that empathy and that concern at the same time, the empathy is not preventing you from giving mercy to people. And the empathy will not prevent you if you're the parent from actually hiding the sweets or from actually holding your son or daughter from their hand and trying to distract them and sort of pulling them away from

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harming themselves.

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But at the same time, you will do it with empathy. Can you imagine like you're not gonna just like

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basically jerk their hand the way from know you're going to hold their hand you're going to give them a hug, you're going to walk them away from that desert or from the whatever they are doing. And that is how you should be

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acting in with with other people because

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it is

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so Abracadabra, Radha Swan paddock here, you know, there is the the the,

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the strength of resolve. The defense is a swaddled powder there they call them the fences of the fences of predestination. So no matter like no matter how high the result

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You may not still be you will not be able to trespass those fences to overcome the fences of a feather. Because the fences of a feather are just completely formidable they are not and he cannot penetrate them, there is no way to penetrate them.

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That is not finding execuse and other

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than just understanding the larger picture without finding excuse in those fences of color that are

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over comfortable. That's a word

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clarify something that is this regarding, like, transgressive Muslims or just people in general like that, you know,

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or transgressing

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everybody. The idea here is you're gonna do be doing this with everybody. They have a staffer, he says that honeypot Kanika, the people you know. And in general, that's what the alumni from the pony fandom lay on the moon where the Muslim when the Prophet said, or ALLAH forgive my people, because they do not they don't know where they Muslim. These were the cofounders of Christ, not any profile. These were this believers of Christ, who were torturing the believers and fighting the Prophet persecuting him, despite the fact that they saw the signs and despite the fact that he grew up in their midst, and despite the fact that you know, if you see the Prophet, like have the love in the

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salon, you will just believe in Him by seeing him. This is a man who grew up in their midst, and they still this believed in Him, they still persecuted him, they still tortured his followers, they still fought against them. And he still at then set the alarm for the academy family.

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Doesn't get any like, you know, it doesn't get any clearer than this. But at the end of the day, you would not that would not stop you from stopping transgression. The Prophet did fight against the co founder of Quran

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and other Kufa, the prophets of Salaam did send his people out to basically

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fight against the lies of the Romans, when they started the transgression. They started the Transfiguration, by the way, and he and the Sahaba. Afterwards, they removed to the tyrannical regimes that would have otherwise prevented people from worshipping the Lord and enjoying the freedom of worship in their true Lord. That was within the context of mercy, not outside of it. And like I said, there is a complete huge difference between more than sparring with, you know, troops outside of the cities in an open an open battlefield, then whoever wins the war gets to control dynasties where, you know, the geopolitical map of the world was changing, like mercury all the

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time, dynasties were expanding and shrinking and expanding and shrinking. And if you will gain control over a country like Egypt with 5000 troops, knocking down the Roman troops in Egypt, then you could basically ruled Egypt was justice, fairness, and, you know, allow the people deliberately to worship the Lord. Does that make sense? The overall cost of the war is basically the believers sacrificing their souls in confronting tyrannical

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armies that outnumber them by far as to liberate the people and to provide them the chance to have worshiping the Lord and having

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just regimes and so on.

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All within the context of mercy all within the context context of his fat, you know, sympathetic concern.

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But this is the driving sentiment is shafa.

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Then he said what that is, is that he is peperonata locked Ania Chabot with a farrokh. The second level is back for the time from being blemished by dispersion and we did. We did talk about this concept several times so I'm not going to talk you know much about it. It is basically that any work any time that is wasted not being in Gemini, yet will be out of line.

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Not being together with a law not being in this state of togetherness without law, because that is the state of wholeness.

00:30:09 --> 00:30:13

You will not be home unless you are with a law. It's the map.

00:30:15 --> 00:30:21

So, you will not be hold soul body and my intellect mind. Unless

00:30:22 --> 00:31:11

this is this the glue of all of this is basically your togetherness with Allah. Once you are detached from Allah subhanaw taala, you yourself will have dispersion, you will yourself will be torn apart. So you know mind and and body that you will be torn apart, your heart will not be you know in agreement with your intellect and your intellect will not be in agreement with your heart, your desires will be pulling you in one direction and your intellect is trying to pull you in another direction and then he has emotions and sentiments will putting you in a different direction all of you will not be together will be completely torn apart. So this is a strapping rock the onion

00:31:11 --> 00:31:35

shoe both the federal pyspark for the time being blemished by this person, anytime that is wasted away from a law nothing together in this with a law is a time of the for the spiritual and it is a time wasted, then you should really feel bad for this time you should have a funeral for every day. Hero because that's part of you have every day is part of you.

00:31:37 --> 00:31:40

So that is a waste and you should have a funeral for the day.

00:31:42 --> 00:31:48

And then what else can be it was a Hema Juarez and for the heart from being obstructed by

00:31:49 --> 00:32:02

any impediments are added is obstruction impediment barrier hindrance, something that, you know, stops you slows you something that comes in your way.

00:32:03 --> 00:32:12

AutoCAD via user hammerheart them for an hour from being obstructed by impediment. These impediments come, they come in three different forms

00:32:13 --> 00:32:26

as of no payment and Allah says unadapted they come in the form of photron, Sha one Sha factura Sha one, Sha fatra means what? lassitude lethargy

00:32:28 --> 00:32:35

factor means time, but a period of time but fat right here means, you know, a period of lassitude, lethargy

00:32:36 --> 00:32:45

shanwa which is, you know, desires, vain desires, and Cheb. misconceptions.

00:32:47 --> 00:32:48


00:32:49 --> 00:32:53

So, these are the three different things that will basically either

00:32:55 --> 00:33:13

distract you or push you away from the straight path, or keep you behind, slow you down faster, I will slow you down. It doesn't necessarily push you away. You know, you are on the path, but you just can't become slower. And then

00:33:16 --> 00:33:27

shadow and Sherpa are the two hour read that will push you away from the path. shanwa is you know, desires

00:33:29 --> 00:33:57

not necessarily just lustful desires, but desires in general the shallow format, the greed for men. Usually it is used in the sense of lustful desire, but shanwa means desire in general. So basically, the greed and so on is also a shocker. So these will push you away misconceptions and desires or push you away fakra, which is basically lethargy, lassitude will not necessarily push you away, but it will slow you down.

00:33:58 --> 00:34:13

So our convenienza Hey, Mahara lottery, Athenian Yoda who Sabbath and for one certainty from being undermined by beholding any cause for your reaction, your certainty by

00:34:14 --> 00:34:24

peel your you have concern for your certainty from being undermined by the causes. And you know, at the end of the day, that is where

00:34:26 --> 00:35:00

that's the problem of people who have no faith. That's the problem people like, you know, atheists, for instance, everything for them has an explanation and material explanation, whether it is whether whether they're right or wrong, whether it makes sense or not, but they want to give a material explanation for everything, even is fact itself, even you know, these objective morals that human beings have, which they should be looking for their source, the fact that we have come

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Passion as a species, they should be looking for a source for this. And biology does not really provide a source. But they will tell you that compassion is basically a reciprocal altruism. And it is advantageous for the species, because we survive together. And we have learned that if I show you compassion, you show me compassion, then we both survive. And it's not a zero sum game. It's a nonzero sum dynamic between us within the species. But But then, even if you tell them, what about compassion for hero that we may show to creatures outside of our species, donkeys, for instance, what about showing compassion to donkeys, they'll tell you that, at the end of the day, we have

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learned to expand that compassion from family to species. And then you could continue to basically expand that, because it will eventually be advantageous, you'll learn that it is advantageous to be compassionate. So you keep expanding the circle. And, you know,

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whether any of the objective morality that we have, this is one of the one of the clear science, the presence of a God that is not just like a like a superior, local, or like a supreme intellect. No, God that is also merciful, a God that does have those qualities. Because if the if the creator does not have those qualities, the creator cannot grant us those qualities, right. So a God that is compassionate, will give us compassion will make us compassionate, anyway. But the problem was with people who have no faith is that they want to look for a material cause a material reason so that they are not basically looking for God or trying to find God because everything for them can be

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explained within the material world that we live in.

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Isn't that clear here and for certainty from being undermined, by beholding any cause? Now, certainly, you know, the moment how do we as the development of Ramallah points out, he has this over emphasis on the concept of annihilation for now, which may be commendable within certain context, you know, annihilation in perception, you're not you're only watching a lie you're watching of the people is not obstructing your vision from beholding Allah, the annulation of eroded which is an elevation of willpower, or desires, like your desires have become in conformity with those of a loss of Chanukah, Allah as the Prophet said, Leonardo compacter equinor What about limited to be,

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you will have no face until your desires are in conformity with that which I have brought for you or brought forth to you. And, and all of this is good, but in our recent times, it has this over emphasis on annihilation, and sometimes he undermines the concept of es, es Bab We hope that this is what he means, whether this is what he meant or not, may Allah reward him for his if he had forgive him for any mistake, but we hope that this is what he meant, that beholding the causes, he we hope that he did not mean that we deny the causes, because this belief is a cause for go into the Hellfire belief is a cause for going to paradise. Montana or is to Mojave McClintock time around

00:38:50 --> 00:39:45

here is paradise you have been granted it because of what you have done because of what he used to do. So belief is a cause for admission into paradise. We have to this has to be clear to us. These ASVAB Allah subhana wa tada is the one who said those ASVAB to be s Bab and means to the ends that are loss of Hanna tada designated for them. So a lot of this belief leads to paradise. A lot of us this belief leads to the hellfire. So these ASVAB we must believe in that in in the ASVAB. But believing in the ASVAB should never undermine our certainty in the causer in the Musab bit, how are certainty in his ultimate control our certainty that those ASVAB are not effectors in and of

00:39:45 --> 00:39:59

themselves, they do not bring about their effect by their mere nature, which is extremely important. You have to understand that the * that fire does not burn

00:40:00 --> 00:40:19

By its mere nature, but by the permission of Allah, if it was not given permission, it does not burn, it did not burn Ebrahim, right, the same of the knife, the knife did not cut is my neck, even though a sharp knife

00:40:20 --> 00:41:14

should cut, but it did not come. Because by their mere nature, they will not bring about the ends, except with the permission of Allah, these ends were basically tied to those ASVAB but the ASVAB we're not given inherent power to bring about those ends, you understand, that's bad or not given inherent power to bring about the ends that were tied to the this all the work of Allah law tie those ends to those as bad, but those as bad in and of themselves do not have inherent power to bring about those ends, by the leave and permission of a lot by the power of Allah subhanaw taala but we, we should be watchful of those as bad. We should be careful to not fall into this belief or

00:41:14 --> 00:41:16

masa because these are as valid to

00:41:17 --> 00:41:26

basically entering the hellfire. And you know on the other side, belief is a sub for entry into paradise.

00:41:28 --> 00:42:18

Anyway, we believe in those as bad we watch them but we do not believe in their inherent power. We believe that Allah is an ultimate control and Allah is the only factor and those will only work by the permission of Allah Subhana Allah And then he said what data to study sir. Now how do we like him Allah azza wa jal Sarita is Falcone also Messiah whom In other words, the spark that protects his work from conceitedness as fancy as all Masaya, whom in other words as fat that will protect his work from conceitedness. And as we said, two things the react and archpriest before the action during the action and a heartbeat after the action, and odd destroys that the just like the react,

00:42:18 --> 00:42:27

destroyed the deed before it came, you know to existence or destroys. After the action is fulfilled.

00:42:28 --> 00:42:35

Or during the action, you could the algebra can get into your heart while you're doing the action or after you do the action.

00:42:38 --> 00:42:58

Then he said we are Khufu Sahaba Juan Maha summit and felt and protects him from conflict with the people protects him from conflict, you have concern for yourself, you have been working on your hearts for so long, to basically we take the weeds out of your heart weeded out and

00:42:59 --> 00:43:51

improve the soil and fertilizer and make the environment you know suitable for the growth of good vegetations and good plants and you've been working so hard. Now you get into an argument with someone this could be your spouse, this could be your parent, your child, dear coworker, you just someone in the street, what you just get into an argument with somebody and then you suffer a severe setback. Just by by virtue of being in this field with someone by virtue of this conflict you suffer from a great setback unless you are this conflict is to begin with for a loss of Connaughton for the sake of Allah sort of Allah, you have no have run offs in this whatsoever. There is nothing self

00:43:51 --> 00:43:57

serving, there is no has or basically egotistic

00:43:58 --> 00:44:38

feelings that are controlling you. And in this argument, your ego is outside of the equation, it's all for Allah, then yes, this conflict may bring you closer to Allah, not farther away from a last monitor, but once has enough to get into the picture. And who will be able to get him to iterate himself of how the next app is extremely hard. So unless you're truly sure that this conflict is for a loss of data, you're doing it the exact you know the exact way the law prescribed in the exact manner that a law would love and for the purpose and you're extremely,

00:44:39 --> 00:44:40

you know,

00:44:41 --> 00:44:59

confident that this is for the sake of a lot and avoid conflict because conflict ruins corrupts your manners and destroys the well being of your heart. So all of a sudden now you will have feelings of competitiveness feelings of envy, feelings of

00:45:00 --> 00:45:26

You know, basically hatred, feelings of this, all the sudden, your heart will be flooded. Once you get into an argument, you get into arguments with somebody, and then you wish for them evil. I mean, maybe you know, if you if you're like art and maybe you're not your spouse or your child, but you know what some are some people can even do this with their spouse as well.

00:45:28 --> 00:45:41

But he likes someone that is that is not close to you, you get into an argument with someone that is not close to you. And then every bad, all the predatorial is Serbia will start to basically

00:45:43 --> 00:45:56

you know, sure, in your heart, several a predatorial qualities, a lot with caliber, you know transgression and so on. And then as far to say funny, even envy,

00:45:57 --> 00:46:42

that they will they will also creep on to your heart. And so he says that someone who is intelligent, someone who is most part and upset so someone who has concern for himself will avoid any argument, who is the people who have concern for himself, have concern for his heart? No, I'm not going to get into this conflict, I'm not going to get into this trouble, you know, like a business dispute or this this or that dispute. I am not going there because I am concerned for my heart, I do not want to my my heart to be corrupted, or my manners to be blemished by this conflict, my manners.

00:46:46 --> 00:47:12

Who would be able to keep his manners and in times of conflict, very few extremely few people. And that is one we should just avoid conflict to begin with, even as I'm on debate and failover the gentleman Tara camera, Omaha, I am the guarantor of a house in the outskirts of outskirts of Paradise to one who, you know, avoids argumentation or

00:47:14 --> 00:47:21

even if he was right, or even if he had the right to argue.

00:47:23 --> 00:47:30

The last one he says, you know Marie Dada has been way way better Marie Donna has enjoyed

00:47:31 --> 00:48:22

quite a bit of Marina Dora has that had depends, you know, some manuscripts will have had the dip and some manuscripts have had have that had way more read and keeps the seeker the seeker of the on this path of purification. Welcome Mina Morita, Allah has observed and keeps the seeker have the object would be basically seriously committed seriousness, did the seriousness, have the agendas to maintain your seriousness mean to stay seriously committed, that is what it means to stay seriously committed and not have the sparkler and do not have anything that distracts you and so on. Basically, the permanency. All of the above all of what we said above, you need a strap to maintain

00:48:22 --> 00:48:27

all of this constantly, and to be seriously committed.

00:48:29 --> 00:49:11

Constantly. If you say that this hasn't had, it means protecting the bounds are watching the balance, you know that during your journey, you're always watchful of the balance, I think have the dip is better, which is basically staying seriously committed, because we have been talking about heads that had you know, before we've talked about that had before. Now it is time to say that you're watching permanently, constantly, you're staying seriously committed to this watchfulness and that would be that would be the end of this brings us to the end of

00:49:13 --> 00:49:26

the chapter on his facts, empathetic concern. And basically concern mixed with drama or concern mixed with mercy for oneself. And for all people. protocol. You have a staff

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