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A market a market

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should work

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shadow under nama

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should one know Mohamed?

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in Alhamdulillah muda who want to stay you know who want to sell fiddle when our villa Himanshu Rudy fusina woman say yeah Dr. Medina yeah he's a mobile Woman Yeah the law who will be law woman you played in Fela Hi Deanna why shadow Allah? Allah? Allahu Allahu la sharika Why should one know Mohammed Abdullah? He was sudo sallallahu alayhi wa, ala he will be he was sent into Sleeman Kathira Yeah, Johan levena taku la Hapa Ducati well at a mountain Illa and two Muslim moon. Yeah. Yohannes Taco Bell como la the Halacha Kooning Natsu

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wahala coming has

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Wahba thermen humare John and Kathy oh when he said

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what taco la Levitas una he one or Han in Allah Hagana Alikum rocky bar. Yeah, you are levena am an otaku? La how poodle Poland study that your

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woman you how Rasulullah who suffered salsa was an Alima that always we begin with the praise of Allah. We send our prayers a peace upon our Nebby Mohamed Salah Allahu Allah, you sell them.

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We testify that there is none that is worthy of worship of Allah. And that our Nebia sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is is worshipping slave and final messenger. I continue to remind myself in you of the Palazzo agenda, my pray that Allah subhanho wa Taala inherits and you and I, a greater love for him a fear of him and a hope at greater hope and His mercy in this life and into the next Allah. I mean,

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last week we began discussing Jesus Alayhis Salam as a prophet of Islam, and we spoke about his connection to Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam we explained

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The rationale why the message would transmit and transfer itself by the order of a lot from the children of Benny his heart. Benny Yaqoob, Benny saw him now to the lineage of Benny Ismail that there was an audaciousness. Amongst the many, in whenever a messenger came with something that their heart did not inclined to, some of them would order their execution, and others would deny them and deprive them and belie them. Allah subhanho wa Taala gave chance after chance with yeah to use Salam and then Zachary Alayhis Salam, both of them murdered because they stood up for the truth and rejected the change of their scripture.

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And the finality of that bloodline of Benny is my Benny yopu, the children of Israel, he was he sadly his Salam, born without a father, born to a mother as a miraculous sign from Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, that the power of Allah is in the Word and the order, come be fair Koon. And one of the subtleties of the language that we find in this instruction is that Allah subhana wa Taala already speaks of something having happened even though he has just ordered it for it to happen. He says, Your kulula who Allah says to it, meaning just with your order, and the machine of Allah, just with the willing of Allah for something to happen, it is already begun, even if it has not taken its

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form. You have full new level coding, and it has already become as is the order of Allah, say a coon and immediately thereafter, it becomes Jesus Alayhis Salam was a blessed child. His mother bore him as Allah describes for all of our mothers have made that to mobile, one another. Quran Whoa, boohoo core, it is difficult to carry the child give it difficult to give birth to the child. Now Allah describes that moment.

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The hammer lectrofan Tabitha de mccannon or sia Ajah Helma hog Isla de de nada NACA. I like yeah, late any mid to habla hada Welcome to NESEA men see ya. That when the pain of delivery Forster, to take refuge in shelter under the shade of a tree, a date palm young tree, one that has not yet fruited and grown to its full potential. As she sat under delivering this child, she speaks to herself, lamenting, I wish I had died before this day has arrived. And some people when you read it on the English, it gives a misunderstanding of the intent of Maria, it's not Maria Maria Salam saying I wish I would just die I wish I was dead. What it means is that I have always known

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stability with Allah, I've always been favored in my worship of Allah. I've always been one who has been connected to Allah and I fear the days to come whether I can maintain my same conviction, my same I'm my same dedication and my worship and my faithfulness. I wish I had died upon the truth, knowing that I would be guaranteed a place with Allah. But now as I give birth to this child, the challenges that are coming forth in life, what am I going to say to my people, will I be able to pass the tests that are yet to come? I wish I had died in good state with Allah rather than to face the Phaeton that may arrive into the future, and Subhanallah we are a prime example of how quick

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life can turn and how quick things can be made as decisions that impact us, even as you sit in front of me. As I enter into the hall wearing our masks. It's something that's uncomfortable and unknown to us here in Perth. But they've got the eye in the blink of an eye. An announcement is made by 6pm. You need to have this on and it's something that everybody conformed and what you had before of luxury is now no longer applicable. And that is the moment mme says, what, what I knew my life is now change. I now are not living just for myself and my worship of Allah. I'm not just leaving to learn about the Scripture. Now my job is something other than myself.

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And that is a natural transition for all of us as parents, we each come to that moment

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We look to that beautiful young child and Hamdulillah that we've been blessed with into the world. And if our heart is connected to Allah, there is not just hope and happiness, but there is also trepidation and fear will I do justice to that which I have been gifted by Allah will this child be able to carry on as I have been ordered by Allah to carry on and to teach will I be from those who are pulled up out of those who transmit the good generation to the next

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for now that having tactica Allah has a job buki tactic he said a year, the child called out to her and said don't be afraid. Don't be sad. Your Lord has erupted a spring of water she's in the desert, that now you can bathe and cleanse yourself with that you can drink from and heal yourself from.

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For coolie what shall be well, who's the Reiki VG the inocula.

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Shake the tree that is above you. And it will rain down dates that you can eat to give you strength. One of the important lessons we take from here is that even though Allah has made something miraculous happened, she carries a child without the intervention of a man. She gives birth and the baby speaks to her. She is in the company of the angels and under the care of Allah. In that moment, the ground beneath her erupt in a small wall of water that is a miraculous occurrence yet

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shake the tree yourself. I mean will bring date upon

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nothing from a law is ever without effort and work. Nothing from Allah should ever be guaranteed just because you make dua nothing that is between you and Allah should be I'm just gonna wait for what Allah will do. Allah will change this circumstance, Allah will open for me a door Allah will help me find relief, it is upon you to shake the tree

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and make the impossible possible. And such as the lesson that even in the moment of difficulty, even after having given birth to a child on her own, even in the pain that she has endured. The job is never left up for others. It is centrally upon you to help yourself and that's the meaning of Allah subhanho wa Taala saying in Allah Allah you can afford Epson in LA with Allah does not put on you more than you can do. Allah did not choose you or I Allah did not choose Miriam's mother or money him sister to carry Jesus, Allah chose money, because Marian is the one who can shape the tree while others cannot. And Allah subhanho wa Taala gives faith and the tests the requisite to that faith, to

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whom he wills, as he gives copper and fortune, an illness and prosperity and poverty to whom he wills as He wills in the reasons that are beyond our understanding and knowledge.

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Her question,

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what will I say to my people?

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Allah subhana wa Taala says that it was said to her, they met on my end, I mean, especially I hadn't fully mean to the rock many Salma. Anybody who comes and confronts you and accuses you of sinful behavior to bring a child into the world as an unmarried young woman. Do not respond to them, but indicate that you are fasting for Allah and one of the fasting that our Christian cousins of faith have done is that they take a vow of silence until now there are nuns who take a vow of not speaking for a day or three or a month or 40 or years.

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And this becomes a very important lesson for all of us. One of the lessons that we find in the Sunnah is that the prophets I send them at Tata Sahaba men summit and Nyjah. The one who is able to be quiet will always be surviving will always make it out. Lawyers, they tell you this as well. You have the right to remain silent. You have the right to just be quiet, and not talk about yourself or about others, especially when you've done nothing wrong. And usually people when they know they're innocent, they're much more talkative than they need to be. And usually people when they see mistakes and others that they don't see in themselves, they're much more talkative about others,

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forgetting the things that

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others see in them as well. And that lesson is given in the Quran not too much, but those who are ever in a circumstance where something is accused for you that you are innocent of. So be quiet. I showed you Allah who and how a Baja, the great wife of the prophets, I seldom the beloved of Rasulullah, the daughter of Abu Bakr was severe. learn that lesson from Maria Alayhis Salam that even when our W Mohammed Faisal and came and asked her about the sinful, hypocritical rumors that were whispered about her, and the puppet said, Did you hear anything like this? And I Isha says radi, Allahu La kulula illa. Allah.

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I will not say to you all Messenger of Allah, I'm not going to say I'm innocent or guilty. I'm not going to respond. What I will say is that I will say what the father of use have said in a school that he wants me Lola, I raised my complaint to Allah and I'm going to maintain my dignity from answering your question that need not be answered. And of course the revelation defends our inshallah Yamaha Moana, as is medium defended by Allah allowing ISA to speak.

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One of the most beautiful sections of Surah Maryam is the change in the rhythm of the surah. For most people who study the surah you will recognize that there is a Yeah, and if at the end of every area. So every idea it ends with a particular sound. Yeah, Zachary, in nanaboshi, Luca Bula, mismo Yahia la noche Allah hoomin Pablo semiya. But in this section when there is

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begins to speak, and after defending his mother, he says I am the servant of Allah. It is almost as if Allah is putting a neon sign for all of the people of Arabia. Pay attention to this section. This is the most important part of the sewer. And all of a sudden they are Elif at the end of the area is changed in sound that he got a sub no Marianna cola a levy, he come Karun,

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maca Unadilla he I Duffy the me wallet, super Hannah, either

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a moron in nama Jaco Luna who come via Cooley, the rest of this section where Allah now speaks of the maintained fraud that was spoken about Allah that he had begotten Son, that He had chosen for himself one that was more special than others, that for him that there was the one that was included with him and others were not that million total. This is from their own forgery, from their own words, from their own statement, Matt candelilla. He

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never is it befitting the majesty the mind, the supremacy, the completeness, the absoluteness, of the Creator of all that he would have a son, the word son in the language of Semitic languages, Arabic and Hebrew array MC the languages of that time of that era of that region, they use the word son to indicate one who serves the Father. And just as I have sons, I say, you know, my son and I are one, when I say my son and I are one, meaning that what I've sent him to do, give him if you owe me money, and he says, I can't come to you, but my son will come, oh, no, no, I need to give it to you know, my son and I we are one, we are wanting the sense that he is acting in my way.

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Within the Bible, you find that there are many sons claimed for God, the children of Israel, in fact considered themselves No, now Allahu Allah says they used to call yourself the children of God. In fact, when a person goes to a priest today, as they will go later on for mass and other things in the evening, when a person sees raw priests, they will say, My Holy Father.

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He doesn't believe he's actually that's his father. He knows that priest has not been married doesn't have children. It's not his biological father. It's meant as a sense of deference. The word Rabbi comes from the word rabbi is the one who is a teacher, the one who gives you what you do not have yourself and therefore Isa was unto his people arrived by the teacher and Allah Who was the one who gave him

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The knowledge to dispense

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as Muslims and from a logical stance, it's very simple for us to understand our idea of hate. Allah summarizes it in four verses and who Allah who

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he is one he's not wide, it's had, he is the one who there is no one like him. Because if you have a son, the son is from the Father and the Father can then be inherited by the son. Because if you have a father and then a son, the son eventually cycles up forward to take what the Father maintained and built and that is a natural course of humaneness not befitting to the greatness and the infiniteness of Allah, I will see that he is not why Allah is not one in the sense that there is one and another one and another one so you can make more he is

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he is the one who there is none like that one, Allahu Samad he is the one that everybody must rely upon for their needs. And he has none who can offer him anything as he has no need Subhana wa Tada. Let me get it. He was not brought into creation. And this of course, is a very beautiful understanding that we have as Muslims, that outside creation, there is the one who was not created. And that is a very important discussion that we should have on a more philosophical level that its purpose is not in our time in jumaan, but even from a logistic from a logical perspective, something outside the other can exist not from that which is within it. And Allah subhanahu wa taala is not

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bound by the process of creation and procreation. As he is baddie or semi watch he was the initiator of all of the names of Allah is He is?

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he is the one who had no beginning and he is the one who has no enemy. He is a war hero. What about him Batten, the one who is manifest, you know, but the one who is hidden from all SubhanaHu wa Tada. Jesus carried that message on to his people,

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and numerous of those who heard the message from him, entered into faith. But there always remain that tension with those who do boom Casia whose hearts were dark and hardened against the truth, who had a love for the material. And in sections of the gospel, you will find that Jesus battled against those who weren't seeking taxes, even in the even in the synagogues and temples in the mosques of those paths. He would upturn the places of profit and seeking wealth from that which they did not deserve. And of course that put him at odds with the elite in society. One of the great lessons that we can take from the story of reciting Islam is the importance of speaking the truth. Even though

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one knows that they will not be of those who survived with their own conscience. He learns this forum Yahia How do you set up? Yeah is happy to live the life of the next life, even though it means that this life is cut short, on account of standing up from the truth after Jim Solis Raha will speak about the ascension of ARIS Ali Salaam and his eventual return Akuto Cody how that was started Allah and Ali Mehdi when

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Al hamdu lillah

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wa Salatu was Salam ala Amanda and Abby Avada. Rama Devi Abdullah Ali here on total sada to sleep.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala says in two simple verses,

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one Oukitel they were unable to end his life. One master level, they could not even place him on the cross. Well, I can should be headed home, but it was made to appear to them as such. One of the things that's important is back in the times of when we are speaking of these events 2000 plus years ago, people in a distance in the dark in the night resembled each other people dressed in the same way

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looked in the same way styled themselves in the same way. And eSATA is Salam knowing that he was a marked man, neck Kela, Neff settle in our books of narration in the narration that you find in the Gospel of Barnabas and others. Jesus began to take precautions. He hid in one of the gardens, he began to teach his people that there will be one who will seek to betray me, one who will see to this, let them know who I am from amongst you. And in the rewire of Abdullah he does, it is not a statement of the prophets I send them but from the Sahabas interpretation that Jesus said tonight they will seek to harm me. Men Men come yet who do shabby. You will call Aisha back while you can

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while your level mechanic way Akuna malefic. Jana, who of you wants to dress in my clothing to appear as if need to try to fool them? When they come in? And they say, Well Is Jesus because these are Roman soldiers who don't know Isa? It wasn't the Jewish people and the clergy who came to arrest him. They ordered people from the Roman Empire to arrest the men. And they said there's somebody in the room who is going to betray him. So he says says, Who of you wishes to dress as me pretender me and to be taken to what will be their death?

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But they will find themselves in Jenna with me in the next slide, so Oh, Matt has a lot of them. The least of them in age the youngest you stood up, he said Allaha Festus wha hoo. It's almost as if Jesus you know, took pity on me so young.

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Nobody else volunteered. Botania was done. It was a first and second time. Nobody else just this young man, a man of purpose. A man of dedication said it is me I can do it.

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For Tanaka, what a Sherpa. He himself and the other one dressed as him. And when they came, they said, This is him. And they took this young man, and he was placed on the cross in the place of Isa Aliya set up. And it's at that moment

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that we have this separation in our RP that between us and Christians, in the most part, everything else after we kind of agreed to it. We believe that Jesus ascended into the heavens, we believe that people saw him going up into the heavens. We believe that people were surprised after this man was executed to see Jesus. And he said, No, it's me. I'm the one that wasn't me. That's not him. And Allah will return me and I've given you knew that there is a messenger you should seek out there is a message that you should spread, and the faith of God will never come to an end. And at that moment, Isa ascends into the heavens with the promise to be returned once again, in authentic

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hadith. And there are dozens of Hadith that are mutawatir. The word meltwater in our scholarly language means that they are heard by so many different Sahaba in the same time from the prophets like Selim, and the Sahaba, went in different parts of the world, taught students in other localities, the exact same Adid not meeting each other. So the students will be Masaru who are in Iraq, and the students of mine give me general who are in Yemen, and the students are a mecca of Azerbaijan and Abdullah hipness, obey, they are all hearing the same rewire, and the people in each of those regions never met each other. But they claim and say the same words. The prophets Allah

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Allah, why do you send them describe the return of Jesus? This is described in the biblical references as well. Our belief is that he did not have to die for him to return. Rather he was saved by Allah as a test of humanity. Will you maintain faith in the One True God? Or will you dwindle your faith away, believing in Hellenistic false Greek mythological beliefs that entered and corrupted your tradition?

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The prophets I seldom said to vallei you should man Mercia how beautiful will life be after difficulty how good life will return when Jesus returns.

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In one rewire he says young zero fee can I use up no Maria? Jesus near the end of time will descend amongst my community my own angle Mannoroth invaluable I shall fear the mesh near the white minaret, the White Tower in the shadow in the eastern cup in the eastern quarter of Damascus.

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Many people refer to that as the white Minotaur of the Omega legend that still remains there that used to be a church and was bought by the Khalifa for the service of Islam.

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The prophets Allah why don't you send them even describes the clothing of Jesus NZ Louie Khomeini a sub no Marina Bay Nemo masala team, you will be wearing two cloaks. Mascara means it's not white, but it's not saffron. It is a cream color.

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Well, then, yeah, that was a junior hatin mother ICA, he will have his hands rested on the wings of angels for either a short or like what I thought a lot so when he sees you and indicates I can see you as you greet him and say I said I'm wanting to come and he bows his head, water will drop from his hair, getting a biggie Bella, you will think his hair was washed with water, or it was slicked with water. But in fact, it will be jewels from Jenna,

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by NZ to vehicle.

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And he will ask about the job.

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That the job is the opposite of Risa. That job is a human being who will be a person who has power over people's livelihood, food and drink and ease of function and life, he will be able to control some of the climatic features that we see happening today. Sometimes when people read the rewire of the prophets, I send them they immediately look at it as the supernatural. In fact, it's just illusion. The prophets I send them says that John will be able to order the sky to rain. Today, there are technologies of cloud seeding, and are placing rain in localities where it normally doesn't rain.

00:31:56--> 00:32:43

These are technologies that are emerging, that the child will be able to influence the growth of crops and restricted from others, that the child will be able to move as a puppet I send them says, with the fluidity in the air that the clouds move. During the time of the Prophet, I tell them, how can you talk to people about human beings traveling in the area. So he says he will it's as if he's on a cloud moving from land to land. Now, of course, all of these are things today that are not beyond the realm of our scientific discoveries. What it means is that this person will have an agenda and a strength that people will not be able to resist and will fall into his order of

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obedience in fulfilling what he has asked Him. Those who resist will be those whose hearts have faith in Allah, and who push back against the fraud and the deception of the job. It is they who will receive Jesus Alayhis Salam, who will bring an end to the tyranny of the John at the gateway of loot, which in fact, today there was moved International Airport in the occupied territories in Palestine. It's almost as if you could you know, loot wasn't a word that also had a new day. It wasn't a city that was known. It was a small section of an area near Jerusalem. But today it's a major hub for tele Tel Aviv's Ben Gurion International Airport. These are the words of the prophets

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I send them that's around the birth and the arrival of Lisa Ali Salam. He concludes in one way why Yeah, and there are many where he says that Jesus will live amongst you for seven some people interpreted as seven months or years or seven Hajj cycles, they have gem bait, he will make Hajj or Umrah and he will marry from the owner of the prophets, Allah, Allah, US alum and he will have a child and upon the final people with him will be the final days of humanity. We ask Allah subhana wa Taala to give us strength and comfort to make us from those who establish our belief in that which is known from our forehand to reject that which has been altered in the scriptures of others and to

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make us from those who are balanced in all of our approach Allahumma Amin or Sunday now whom our Sunday Majid barik ala Sayidina Muhammad, Allah Allah is Al Islam al Muslimeen was the other the Allah who met in our theme Yamawaki mean along the creek our show Creek our house near evatik Allah Hamas on the other end every you know Mohamed in our in our serene personally wa sallim wa barik ala Sayidina Muhammad in Philomela Illa Allah Mohammed Rafi name how there was some dragon Habibi, Mohammed, optimise Salah

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Tada, so

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hungry yourselves to Allah azza wa jal SHA Wolfie sola sola sola Tamaya

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at the bottom of the football

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hamdulillah Hello Beloved me oh my name rocky me Maddie kiya will make Dini

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then I'll share up

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be here oh my hot mineral on

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I bulky more so you

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show up easily all

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gone up in this all the time I

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don't know he

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kita Bella Gianna Nina be well John let me move on how can I

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need this

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wow Shani this sadati will my doom two

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be a leader to

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me job

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shopping was

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I wanted

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VP tow MCE Makka Leela he ie talking to them you

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so they

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either although I'm wrong in

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semi Allah Mooney man Hamidah

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Allah Allahu Akbar.

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Alhamdulillah Allah al Amin, amen manual e me Molokhia will make Dini he cannot he cannot Stanny Dino sera Mustafi Masirah

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Are you ready no.

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One of Da Mylene?

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In the home Allah who had Allahu Samad lemmya late mula wala Mia po

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Allahu Akbar.

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Semi en lo holy man Hamidah

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Allahumma and to sit down

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set up

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for attending with us and hundreds will be opened into every fighting sound light around the same time from 1230 Onwards and lava gates will remain open until 230. We have nobody in the offices today. Obviously our school is not in operation during the holiday season until mid January.

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For uniform shops and things like that. I know some of you are parents, and they're after cha cha as you do come in. Please do keep updated with some of the regulations with regards to mask wearing and certainly do your scan wa app if you haven't already done so. As you were coming upstairs what to

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look forward to seeing you again next week.

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With Santa Monica Mora