Yahya Ibrahim – Courage revives a Dying Heart

Yahya Ibrahim
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of having courage to handle difficult situations and represent oneself with one's identity and work. They stress the need for faith in oneself and the ability to act as a good Muslim. Prayer, standing up, and being a mother to lead are emphasized. The importance of the heart in shaping one's life is emphasized, as it is used to control the body and control the body. The segment also touches on a famous politician's desire to bring people back to their past and the importance of the heart in shaping one's life and controlling the body.
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Santa Monica more often

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and handily now also northward said Mr. masucci. That some a lot

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more than that, first, let me say how awesome it is to be standing amongst so many young people.

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And this is honestly a great pleasure. Mashallah. So a big, much love to the Somali brothers and sisters mash up like you did well, Mama Bear, mama bear. If we were clapping kind of people, I'd say Give yourselves a clap. But we're just gonna say my shot lunch.

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I'm going to talk a little bit differently today, just because I see a lot of young people.

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So I'm going to steer clear of like, the whole clause in that lecture, so I'm just going to give it to you. Right? You ready for real talk? No, no, no, who's ready for real talk?

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And I don't hear you. And so No, no hands down. I want to hear it says this in the back.

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Not sure. I didn't hear the sisters in the back rather than the front.

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Let's try the sisters in the back again.

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What was that?

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No, no, no, I didn't hear that. We're gonna go away back all the way in the corner there, even the old sisters.

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So I'm only going to talk about one cause of heart problems.

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And the topic that was chosen for me was causes of

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things that can kill your heart, put your heart to sleep. So Pamela, our dear brother, Martha's having a lot. He spoke with so many verses of before and so many statements of our lobbyists on the law he was sending them that you and I can go back and reference for you and I can go Google you and I can go see what are the things that need to be done for us to correct ourselves, right. But I want to talk about courage.

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I want to talk about courage as being one of the things that when it's missing from your life,

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you end up a loser in the dunya.

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And in peril of jahannam in the hospital.

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Because today, we live in a world where everybody can fake it. Sorry, the microphone keeps cutting out.

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Everybody in the world can kind of fake something about themselves. Hi, everybody can make it seem that they know or that they are genuine, or that they appeal. Everybody has an opportunity to present something about themselves that's only in a positive light and control from others. What is.

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But I want to talk about courage, especially in the times when you're unseen by all but seen by the one who matters to all.

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Do you have courage?

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And see, when I asked you that question, I want you to sit there right now young and old, male and female. And I want you to think to yourself, where have I shown the courage? And what are the themes that are necessary for me to be courageous enough today to be successful? Some kind of law for some of you it was a mission for your parents to bring you here today. It took courage for you to get up, put on your your your job, come to the hall, get ready to hear something you could be playing COD or fortnight or something else, right to Sunday night. school holidays.

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Your parents said no, no, no, no, we have something more important takes a lot of courage for them to do what they did and to bring you and organize you for this.

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It takes a lot of courage.

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I'm just gonna Freebase. Do you hear me well on

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the back? No systems at the back.

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Alright, let's try again. Sorry, just annoying when it comes out like that.

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Do you have courage to be successful?

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Do you have courage to do what other people who don't attain success are unwilling to do? Do you have courage to stay up later than others to finish an assignment? Do you have courage to represent yourself with your identity, your a job, your Islam? Do you have the courage to represent yourself with the means and the tools of what it will take in

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To the future for somebody to assess you as being distinct, but not different. There's a difference.

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So you and I, we're not different to other people outside our home today, we're not different to people outside our message. We want to be a go to bat, we want to be distinct, that there's a mark, there's something that when that person sees you, he sees you not as different, but as distinct.

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You know, they talk about University, you know, you can get a credit.

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You know, you've got a marriage certificate, and then you've got

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distinction. See, being a step above the rest of Islam.

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You're not the one that follows You're the one that is follow. It takes courage for you to walk out when people are running in.

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It takes courage for you to leave those who are heading down the wrong road. It takes courage for you to end a relationship. It takes courage for you to block and delete somebody who's dming you. It takes courage for you to delete a tick tock account.

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It takes courage for you to be honest with your parents, when you've made a mistake, and they caught you then to lie.

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It takes courage for you as a young man, to treat a young Muslim sister with respect when other people teach you that you can do and say whatever you want. And that's what's cool.

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It takes courage

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for you to live on the outside as what you're taught at home, on the inside. To Pamela growing up in Canada, it was almost schizophrenic because I went to a public school I we didn't have Islamic schools and

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when I was younger, we you know we different

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was very different. And it was almost like you were leaving to live. right at home. I woke up for fat. I had some food four o'clock, went back to sleep, woke up and went to school, and then it was different.

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It was supposed to be

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some autoboca Matsumoto daughter, that doesn't change because that's what makes you distinct. That's what the prophets I send them says, Allah has to levy Bane and obey normal so that the thing that separates between us and them is prayer, the one who leaves it is acting in no other way than the way that people of disbelief. Do you have the courage to maintain that when you're asking when you're not asked? Do you have the courage to stand up and be a mom and lead others because you know this one out? You know your will do? You've done it right? That you will take the responsibility of those who pray behind you, because you're going to stand before Allah with a clean slate, a clean

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Do you have the courage

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to be successful?

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See, as a Muslim, there's a difference between being a Muslim

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and being a good Muslim.

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Then there's a big job, there's a big jump from being on Muslim to being a good one. There's a big jump from being a good Muslim, to being a great Muslim,

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to being one who follows habits, lights, and one who reads up around and wants to know it's me.

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Do you have the courage to learn a new language? Do you have the courage to say I want to know when a lot says this signal? And I want to know 10% of the words 20% of the words.

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Do you have the courage to step forward and say I'm not just going to dress as a Muslim, but I'm going to act as a Muslim?

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Do you have the courage to say I'm not just going to eat kalon but I'm going to live kalon

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do you have the courage to push back against the Muslim friend thing activated Mohammed Khadija because they're corrupt in their heart may be worse than a kid named Chris and Paul.

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Do you have the courage not to lie?

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To those who have given you trust

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whether it's your teachers or your parents, or

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do you have the courage to apologize to Pamela

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I was giving an online lecture yesterday about nine nine things you must do for your apology to be accepted.

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To make it apply is so it's so difficult to like legit to to say I'm sorry to own up.

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And your job as young people I'm speaking to the young people, too.

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Again, your job as a young person is to make mistakes and for us to help you fix them and not repeat. That's it. So what's your job? I make mistakes. I know your dad's gonna be like, What? Don't listen to the chef. No, no, your job is to learn by making mistakes, smaller mistakes, smaller mistakes, and not to repeat them.

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Without making mistakes, you lose your

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what made the messengers of Allah so special was they were sent to help us correct our mistakes to transition or wait for me to know how to fix them, and not repeat them.

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So why do I speak about courage? And what does it have to do with the heart?

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The most courageous human being? Was Mohammed allowed is

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that was the vibe. That's what you would get when you would sit with him. People would sit with him, they couldn't look him in the eye. Like people who knew him his whole life, before Islam and after Islam, they would sit with him and say, Can you describe what he looked like? And say, I'm not going to ask for the argument. He knew the Prophet i said before Simon after Islam is a no, I don't know I can't describe. He had this haber. He had this all

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that if you look you have to turn away. Hassan admitad it his first poem, his famous poem about the prophets, I send them his lemma absorbed when I saw him for the first time. And wha hoo hoo Soto is like, the radiance of them, the fierceness of them. Almost blinded me I put my hand above my eyes to shield myself. So Allah Hardy was

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while they were in Medina, early on after the hedgerow they were waiting for the attack of the people have courage at any time.

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And in the middle of the night, on one of these nights, there was a huge rumbling out in the desert coming from the direction of

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this huge rumbling

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all the Sahaba they got up, they got their armor, they got their sword, they got their shield, they got their bows, their arrows, their sandals, they put it on the horse, they tie it down, they sit on it and then they start riding they start going out by the time all that took to go out the province I send them was already returning some a lot of money

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he went out without a shirt with his sword hanging on his neck.

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Naturally Don't Don't worry, don't worry. Don't worry, it was nothing so the love it was I think if many of you thought it you know what I'm not speaking about a normal guy. See some of you have been given the name ID or the a lot more when you don't know his name. You don't know what it means.

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A lot more I knew who was a warrior

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he was a man who pulled a gate of a palace in the Battle of favor with his hands one guy you know when you see those movies and they're using battering rams no I like walks up come down.

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I do a lot more I can go is the one who has I was pulled out. He was hit and it's I fell out and he continued in the jihad in the path of Allah defending the prophets. I send them in Islam. And he came back carrying his eye in his hand. The Prophet took it from him and took his saliva and put it back in his face and Allah it was send them with your loved one and it became normal like normal eyes better than anybody ever.

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Alia with your loved one, I know that same guy. The Prophet said to him, I want you to go to Yemen

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to collect some of this account he went on walking Alia with a lot more anger from at his job. After the prophets I send him from Mecca to Medina on foot

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no horse no camel nothing

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it's a 14 day trip on horse he walked it

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Alia with the Allah and he was the one who was on his way in the desert one of the tribes assigned and a lot on you know, a given

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a covenant with the people of police station who said this early in the day alone. Let's capture Let's get him. If we get them we can sell them to the people of courage they will keep us is waiting goal for Mohammed This is his son in law says

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he will rent some time for an equal amount. The big mistake.

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They said how many men they said said 200 for one guy on foot in the desert.

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Alia and your loved one who saw them coming. He climbed up the mountain and he said Hello baby move out of the way I don't want to hurt you.

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Well lucky, said you know, listen, I don't want any trouble move out of the way

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at this current

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This is this thing in himself. going to tell you what that means. His heart had no fear. Move on to the way. They said no. You said, well come get me. 100 went up, no one returned.

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The 100 down. They said, If we leave it like this, people are gonna write poetry about us. They're gonna immortalize us in shame. What are we gonna say? Go get

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100 Why not?

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He took 20 characters.

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With your loved one. That's a man. That guy brought me a lot of wine, he says, came out low at the moment will hobby when the battle was fierce.

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And we were scared. If that nephew also,

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we hid behind the Prophet sighs.

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What is that courage of heart?

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What does it mean to live fearlessly? What does it mean that in your heart, you know that you're a person who in the dunya, or athlete or is favored by the law? What does that mean? It means that the love that you live a clean life,

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that you have courage in everything you do in everything you say that it's by what the Lord wants, not by what society may dictate in that which is

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that you're able to push back, when it's necessary. You're able to come forward and assist when it's needed. You're able to elevate others who others overlook and push away, you're able to have this there is this power and this mic by a law that allows you to wake up when others are asleep. So you can worship a law that allows you to recite the Quran as much as you seek to study your math and chemistry because you know that that is great in success. As much as your future studies are going to give you

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I leave you with a final

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statement from the Prophet Mohammed Salah, love it. Listen. And this is a heavy to Panama that I was just spoke about with a prophet I sent him said that in the body, there's a place there's a morsel of flesh, that this can when it's healthy. Everything is healthy. The heart for us as Muslims is where we see from, where we feel from

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where we hear from, where we govern our affairs, right? As a Muslim, you need to understand that there are three parts to you. There's a physical, there is a mental, and then there's a heart as spirit. The heart is supposed to control your mind the word in our in our be the word after after now means to tie something up. The only purpose of your mind is to stop you from doing dumb things from making dumb mistakes. Today in the news, there was you know a famous politician today or yesterday this week, had to resign a position of high authority

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on account of what

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incorrect incredibly smart, incredibly determined person, some of the smartest people in the world when that when the heart is not there to govern the output to stop you from doing dumb mistakes. Some of the smartest people in the world do some of the dumbest things. Because the mind on its own doesn't govern the body. Well.

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When you see yourself

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doing something, then everybody around you says don't do it. This isn't right. You yourself, your body, you feel this is not the right thing to do, and you continue in it. It's because you lack the courage

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to pull yourself back, hold yourself to a higher account. I pray that Allah Subhana Allah want to

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give you an eye, a heart that is sending the prophets of Allah, how do you ascend up. He invites us through this heavy to make our heart strong. You know, if you want to make your cardiovascular system strong, you need to exercise you need to stress your heart and make it beat and get into 140 160 beats a minute, for 10 minutes, you know, 20 minutes in your exercise. It unclogs It makes you gives you a healthy heart.

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No pain, no gain.

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If your heart doesn't feel the pain of having to give up something for a lot, you're not going to gain as a believer. If your heart doesn't feel the pain of breaking away from one who's leading you away from a lot, you're not going to gain as a believer. If your heart is not willing to feel the sorrow that you gave up when others

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People are enjoying but you did it for a lot. You will not gaining and move forward as a believer and it's only in that way that you can then develop the strength of those we spoke of evaluate Navy father and his master Penman, some level I think he was seven. Man what purify our hearts our souls. May Allah give us courage

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as we live in this life as you might young people live in this world that you're able to stand up for the truth to sing the truth in a moment of difficulty. And that awesome panel with Abba sustains you and your families in all that is good. May Allah send this light into our heart to our homes. And may Allah raise you up men and women to be imams who are our communities into the future leaders for us in all types of industry and in religious and spiritual endeavor. Well, somebody who simply wants to go abetik and sad now have you been having some luck while he was sending said everyone

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does that everyone

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