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Okay, and I'm Lila horrible and I mean, I just wanted to make sure that we're all together and we're ready inshallah so if you're ready I'm ready but Allah He died

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so once again formally as salaam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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Alhamdulillah Hamza shaqiri in WA Salatu was Salam O Allah say you did more saline Sayyidina Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa Selim Sleeman kathira Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Sayidina Habibi now whenever you know Mohammed infill a wedding well somebody was selling was it was very sad now Habibi, now Mohammed even film Allah Allah Allah of hamara amin Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala rasulillah Rasulullah Naveed me you Allah, He will suck me He will send him to Sleeman kathira. First, I wish to begin by thanking my dear brothers, my dear sisters, in particular Dr. rafiqul. Joseph, we're lucky enough to have the well known,

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not not out of fame, but well known out of the hard work that is done in our Islamic community here in Australia, in different cities in different states for many, many years, my shot law, from grassroots level to professional engagements to conferences and seminars. And it's always been a privilege Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah to accept the invitation of my dear brothers and sisters of ipdc and the Muslim Multicultural Center in Melbourne does echo Milan affair for inviting me along for this event. And I pray that Allah Subhana Allah puts Baraka in it, a lot of Miami. So the topic in chat love that has been chosen, for me to discuss with you is about priorities and priorities in

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life, and that there should be a PowerPoint that you're able to access. And for those of you who are my students on the online Islamic summer school, you can follow along on our LMS learning management system in chat La Via via the web link. Yeah, Abraham comm forward slash live or through your dashboard in chat bot. So where you know, I decided to kind of tweak to change the title just a little bit, so that it's called prophetic priorities. So these are the things that the prophets I seldom would have taught us to make as priorities in our life. And when we say that these are things that the prophets I send him wants us to make priorities, that are things that he would have chosen

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for himself, things that he would have chosen for himself at his time, but they remain relevant in my time and your time, and that becomes a very important

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thing to consider insha Allah, what was a priority to Mohammed so I sent him was also the same priority to move to he said to Ibrahim, and he said to all of the prophets of Allah and all of the communities of those who are God fearing, loving people, loving the path of God Subhana whom with Adam him. So let's begin in sha Allah our discussion so if you go into the second screen, you will see or the second slide, you'll see that there's this image of a circle and really it's a circle of life from where you begin is where you end and the loss of Hannah with Allah tells us in sort of Paul hat minha kalapana home, Wolfie Henry to whom women handle Khadija home Talat and okra from the

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earth they were created to it, they will be returned. And from it, I will bring them out again. So you and I, we live in this process where as we began, a loss of Hannah with Allah says come and chat icon as you were brought into this world, some book Monaro moon for whom late afternoon, you were dumb, deaf and blind, unable to understand, mean, barfing illa quwata illa bar from weakness to strength to weakness and Subhanallah any one of us who martial law they grew and attained a level of strength and the level of financial independence and the level of physical endurance and martial law eventually, so panela you begin to decline and your body begins to fail and your wealth no longer

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matters. And somehow in the law, you become out of the room or in the extent of your life, you return to the way you were in the beginning of your life in need of other people, your sight becomes weak, your hearing becomes weak, your appetite becomes small. And in fact as your body was smaller and grew, it grows from strength and becomes diminished and begins to find within itself, the need and the assistance of others. So this balance in life, in my humble opinion with you for the next 30 minutes in sha Allah is something that you want to structure as prophetic priorities. You want to be able to look at these four themes

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And find balance in them, so that you can prioritize the things that will matter most in your life. So the first of them is your physical the body you've been given. Yeah, the law is an Amanda from Allah subhana wa Tada. And those of you know, who know me from years ago, of course, you can watch YouTube videos from four or five years ago, maybe five years ago, you will see that I was a lot heavier, that, you know, some kind of law, it was something that although in my heart, in my mind, I wanted to change, it was always something that required a little bit extra effort, a little bit extra knowledge, a little bit extra doing. And once you begin to understand, why do I need to take

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care of my body, it's an Amana, from a loss of Hannah want to add, without taking care of it, you're accountable to Allah azzawajal. So you begin to think about it that it's an activity bad, could you imagine it for myself, I in my mind, in my heart, it became an act of very bad to drop weight to increase muscle and cut out fat that becomes an important physical process. Number two, your professional life. And I want you to see that you know, your physicality in life is really important and looking after your image in your clothes. And the prophets I send me would say another feminine man, your outward appearance is a sign of your faith inwardly, he would also say and by that I mean

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an image meaning that being unkept that you're not too obsessive compulsive, every hair and every strand, that I'm looking at the mirror all the time, that's also a sign of a man that I'm not I don't get that self critical in that sense, that becomes important. So your physical image is important. But your professional conduct are important your professional relationships, your employment, your job that you find in your life, a pursuit for something that enriches your life and enriches the life of other that you are a contributor, a provider, someone who is seeking to acquire, and to give back to the community at hand. And when I talk about professional, I want you

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to understand that I'm speaking about work and your work environment. And the reason I didn't say you know, you want to balance your work is because you have to look at whatever you do from a professional capacity, you can be a professional streetsweeper you can be a professional Baker, you can be a professional athlete, and you can be a professional doctor, lawyer, and teacher. But whatever you do, you must look at it in how can I make myself distinguished the best of the best in whatever I do. Men who may be eminent the prophets, I tell him and say, anyone who wants to practice something, to do something, you can let him do it to the best of their ability, let them have a

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level of the sand, of deliberateness and you know, excellence in its achievement and its outlook of life. Number three, don't make it all about the money. Don't make it all about professionalism. Don't make it all about your job. Don't make it all about a bad that worship. Don't make it all about working out in your body. But there has to be things that you find pleasurable, what are the things you enjoy? What are the things you do to treat yourself? What are the things that matter to you and your family? What are the luxury items that you can afford that you can buy them you know, what are the what what are the themes that you can find hiring and I don't want you to think that

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the profits on a lot how do you sell them was a person who saw that having material success or having material possessions was a sign of deficiency in worship? That's actually a concept introduced into Islam by extremists. Even at the time of the Sahaba.

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app, the live guy bass was wearing this very fancy robe, very expensive Yemeni brocaded robe. It didn't have any silk in it didn't have any gold in it and it doesn't matter what it's worth is it's Hillel. And when they suddenly said back in Buckingham Palace these were the Hellenic these were the people who ran negated fought against the Euro the law no fight against the Sahaba with one ally ally and these are the people who killed the earth man if you're a fan

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they said oh look at you need a bass Mashallah law you must be making a lot of money and he said well law he needed a total solar law his les selama be BPM and acid I mean how I saw the prophets I seldom wearing clothing that was more expensive, more blessed more better than the one that I'm wearing. Don't ever think that finding pleasure in what you wear in what you eat in fine cuisine in a nice residential area. And having a nice mount or a nice car that you drive or you know, enjoying what you can afford without extravagance, whether data do Don't go too far, whether coonawarra will lead to salifu without a Seraph, where you put yourself at a burden to have something just for other

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people don't

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never buy something to please other people thinking about you for something you might not even enjoy. I'm gonna wear it or buy it or have it or leave it just because other people say it's a good thing that means I gotta have the same law. But a man stood up in the middle of the prophets. I said, when the Prophet spoke about arrogance, and he said, O Messenger of Allah, is it our clothing? in origin, you will enter Khun Fei who who has an

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warmoth IBO who has an one merkabah who has an A person likes to have nice clothes, a nice ride and nice fine cuisine. Do I have to eat dry bread? Do I have to wear clothing like everybody else if I can afford tailored bespoke clothing? The prophets I send them said lasica that No, of course not. Allah who jimmied your head boogyman. Allah is the source of beauty and beautification, and he loves you. And you're on Yeah, I thought I

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thought I met while everybody loves to see that you've used is nearmap displayed upon you. Right? Finding pleasure is important. The best of things, though, to find pleasure in is that which is pleasing to Allah. And that which gives you pleasure, and therefore that's where the prophets of Allah exceed us. The prophets I seldom would say to be louder, the Aloha annamaria Bella,

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Bella, bring us our pledge our pleasure and comfort. During that kurata I never saw that, my joy, the delight of my eye, is my prayer. So the Lord he was tell him, that was where he found his pleasure. Now, it doesn't mean all of us are going to find our pleasure there. But this is something for you to consider. Number four, mental toughness, mental ability to keep your mental health in check, and especially you know, Subhanallah this this year has been a very different here. Well, ah, it's not a difficult year, compared to other year it's a different year. It's a different experience, different Ramadan, different age, different schooling.

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But I want you to know that your mental toughness your resilience is a byproduct of you choosing to have balance in life, that you don't focus on one and then ignore the other. And whenever you need help with your thoughts, with your moments of depression, with moments of your sadness with something you've lost, or a job that you may not have, or you know your savings that are dwindling, or you've had to move from a larger home to a smaller whatever it is, or your mental toughness that you've been blessed and other people haven't you've been given what other people don't have and you wonder why me when I know in my life there's things that aren't good Why has a lot preferred me? Why

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has a lot taken from them, who I believe may be better than me What What have I done to and there's the sense of guilt.

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Mental Toughness becomes an important issue. We'll speak about that as we move on to spiritual law. You probably thought I would talk about a man and he has an early law. I'm speaking to you about real life. Spiritual pursuits is something very important for you and I we need to increase our Eman. Diallo, Nigel is sad new Eman, Anna Come let's sit for a minute and revive our faith. privatized lm said in the manner label Effie jiofi adequan gamma tabula Thea Eman in your heart becomes worn out remove the way your clothing becomes worn out for Southern law how you gently the man ask Allah to make a man restart renewed in your life in my life. We always ask Allah Subhana

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Allah to increase our Eman Leah's dadoo Eman and beginning of Soto. Tell em for those who hear the words of Allah obey it and learn the Quran and put it into practice. I'll call up Muna Salah establish the prayer that to me, man, increase your faith with that I'm going to slowly and limiting sinful deeds will speak about that having a healthy emotional balance. So Han Allah, Most people they conflate emotion and mental state as being one in the same they're not. You can feel something emotional and it doesn't mean that there's something wrong with your mental health. So I can be aggrieved I can be depressed emotionally but not clinically. And therefore there's a difference

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amongst clinical psychologists between somebody being depressed all of us have been depressed all and you would not be a normal human being without depression. It's why the prophets I send them teaches us a lot of mania over the weekend in Alhambra one has an all I asked you to remove my to remove depression and sorrow. Why are we coming alive z will cast Alaska to protect me from the feeling of inability where I don't want to get out of bed and to be lazy. Well over the weekend in a job well book and I asked you to protect me Oh Allah from being a coward and being unwilling to spend.

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Your emotional state is an important state for you and I to pay heed to Musashi is set up

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law tells us in the whole an

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lm l Josephine FC he he fit and Moosa got scared when he stood in front of fear around inside. Right. He can control his emotions the prophesize lm said, Lisa Shadi do the sauraha the one who has strength isn't the one who pushes people to the ground isn't the one who pins people under isn't the one who wrestles people. When they're keenness. chedid men 10 men lack NFC, who, in the hubbub, the one who has strength is the one who can control themselves at a moment of anger along with them in whom you're a bit I mean, material, have balance in your material, don't spend more than you have. Don't spend more than you earn. Don't spend more than you save, always have a budget for your saving

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for your soda for your happy, pleasurable expenses. For you're going out with your wife to a dinner while you leave your children with your parents or your friends, having you know having different material

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thoughts and and balanced budget and sad the amount of the past they would say, to be frugal with your wealth to learn how to economize your wealth, that you stretch it past where other people stretch for some people $100 goes a lot further than a person who has $1,000 a person destroys $1,000 and doesn't feel anything from it. Another person had $100, but they gained so much from it and that's a Buttercup from Allah, but it's also called a facade to have an economy of scale to understand what ways you can maximize your blessing between you and the higher that you have been blessed with with Allah Subhana whom with Adam.

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And that's something for you to consider in sha Allah. Finally, your social, the prophet is lm teaches us don't hate anyone to a point where you find it difficult to love them. And don't have both don't have both hate for anyone that you might have to love them whether to hate and don't love so deeply that you can't find fault. Love is blind. Either way, both of them are major ailments that the prophets I send them teaches us to be clear have to be careful with subtle Allahu Allah, He rather early, he was like he was a limiter, Sleeman kathira. If you move on to the next slide, I speak a little bit of a balance. But what I also want you to consider in sha Allah in that slide, I

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want you to consider at the bottom, it speaks about balance in life, there's an article a piece that I wrote, and it's called balance in life, it's on Muslim It's, you know, about 10 years old, maybe a little bit less. But I speak about this in great detail. So I do want it to be a reference piece, go back to see it, go back to read it. And I do you know, I do believe it will have great value for you in sha Allah. All right. I wanted to speak a little bit about the spiritual. And I wanted to speak about this as being something that would be a priority in the life of our Navy, Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, in the house of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam, of the

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things that would be of greatest concern and of the things that mattered the most. To him, some A lot of us sell them was our spiritual pursuits and the things that mattered. For our Nabhi is a little lower, it was settling with to lead people back to a law from error. And therefore I want it to be something that you know for yourself, something that you consider for yourself, in sha Allah, as you move forward in life, that you will never be beyond SR Subhan Allah, you will never be beyond the mistakes that you or other people make. Don't assume anyone in your life cannot hurt you cannot hurt you with a sin. Don't assume Subhana Allah, my wife, my husband, my father, my mother, my mom,

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my share. So Hannah law these are good people, they would never make a mistake, that nobody is beyond that level. And therefore Allah gives us examples of the Quran. It's one of the reasons Allah says to the prophets, I tell them who sinless Liang Pharaoh like Allah, because you must have that presumption that every human being is capable of doing something wrong, and the prophets of Allah or mousumi they're protected from sin the way you and I commit sins, but they are able to do something right in the wrong time. So they're doing something right. But it wasn't asked yet by Allah Subhana Allah that's a type of mistake of the Prophet of Allah. Our interview so I tell them was beyond

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that. And Allah says Leo ferulic Allahumma de cada min them may come at anything to come and anything in the past sobre la hora de recently

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and that becomes important the prophet SAW Selim says in an authentic hadith could look near Adam a haka. Every human being has the capacity to make sin. Well how you will suffer in a wound, and those

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Who are the best of you are those who make mistakes and return to a lot in tober. In the Hadith of the Muslim, the prophets I seldom said lolium to nibble if you didn't make mistakes leather have Allah who become Allah would remove you from this earth when he called me using the moon and bring in your place. Those who do make scenes were still around a lot, but they raised their hands to a lot ask Allah Subhana Allah for forgiveness, because in you repenting to Allah, it's a man. Yeah, you have levena Avenue to Illallah who is it that repents to a lot? It is the believers who repent to Allah Subhana and went to add? Yeah, you're hella Dina Amano. tubu They are the ones who repent

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to Allah azza wa jal. So keep that in mind. Number two, knowledge is relative, it's depend a lot, there are certain things you know, that will be difficult for you to practice don't deny them. So my dear sister, for example, there might be somebody that you love, who

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isn't wearing hijab, she knows hijab she knows it's worship. But in that same sense, although they know it, it may be relative to their place in life to their condition in life, and they have not yet developed that a man that is going to see them through So know that knowledge is relative and and lots of hands on with Allah, we pray that he gives us at men nafion knowledge that benefits us meaning knowledge that we're able to practice put into practice the way we want it to be understood by us and others along I mean,

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number three, pride. Be careful of you acting emotionally.

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You know, because of your arrogance, no, I will never apologize. You know, sometimes I'll hear a brother they'll say, Well, if you're angry mahakal I will never speak to this person again. Why? Because of pride in their heart. No, he has to apologize to me first, then I will speak to him even though the prophets like Selim said, the one who begins is better than the one who receives it. If I say to you, Assalamualaikum I'm better than the one who says while ecomo Salah our Deen is always about initiating the one who begin something good, significant Islam is not an Asana, they get the reward of the one who does it after them in whatever capacity. And therefore Don't let your pride

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stop you from doing good things in life. Don't let your pride hold you back from righteous things in life that will put make a detriment for myself and you from earning the reward with Allah subhanho wa Taala push forward and subdue your pride. Number four, there are levels of debt. All of us have different levels of ignorant things we're ignorant about some things we are ignorant about, but we don't know. I didn't know. Let him know in nesina, if I forget a partner, or I made a mistake, I didn't know yet Allah. But then there's those who know. But

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act may have lost 400. Those are different levels of debt. And each of these different types of people, you have to treat them differently as a priority in your life. The one who you see choosing a life of death, be distant, move back, step back. Take a moment. Think about the relationship you have with them. Somebody who knows halal and haram and Jews is consistent to understand that this is not something that's going to be good for you, for your family and for your home. Why? Because the next point, number five transgression, there are those who will transgress go beyond the line that Allah has said or those who will transgress against the creation. For you the Prophet sallallahu

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alayhi wa sallam he teaches as the student is very clear, for me to make a mistake between me and Allah. Moussa between me and Allah is easier for me on the Day of Judgment than to do a mile so yeah, that hurt another human being volume is the type of nasiha that hurts others. How could a bad the right of the creation of Allah will always be more important for Allah than the right you have with a loss of control and to either be careful with how you are with others. So if you had to throw your February arrival to lie alley, the great amount of the tablet in the student of the Sahaba he said that in Alka la hubby's every November for me to meet Allah with 70 mistakes is better than to

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meet a law with one mistake against another person. Between me and Allah 70 sins Allahu Allah foon Rahim al Rahman al Rahim and medical hoodoos But me and another human being, they may not forgive me, it will put me in peril.

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Finally, always when it comes to our faith, put your mind

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put your mind under the revelation that has descended? Is it act? Do I use my mind to qualify Islam? Or do I use what is revealed authentically? If my mind doesn't know

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understand something in the Koran do I say no, I'm gonna follow my mind or do I put the Quran first and try to understand, always put the neck always put the hole and always put what was conveyed, always put what was revealed, always put the suit in that first before you put your understanding after.

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Finally, live a life where you seek to develop your love between you and Allah subhanho wa Taala. And the way to discover your love with a law on the next screen is the whole and learn its interpretation. Learn its understanding but understand that what people teach you have the whole and may not always be the or, and and may not be the only message of the end. And the interpretation that people provide is not divine is not the word of Allah. The word of Allah is very simple. It's very basic in its meaning. And there's more than one interpretation at times. So hold on to the whole ad. Try to learn interpretations and translations, plural. But don't become fixated on one

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grammatical issue. Don't get fixated on one, scholarly interpretation. Number two, understand that there is a loss in translation don't get lost in the translation. Different people have translated the Koran in different ways for different reasons in different times according to their differing understandings and that the translation is not the Quran. It's an approximation as somebody understood the Quran to mean don't ever speak yourself myself on behalf of Allah. Don't speak in a last name. Don't speak in definitives This is halaal This is her arm this is a as if you are speaking in a place of Allah Subhana Allah even Mohammed's iclm Allah will always say to call say to

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them, don't let them be confused that you are saying Cole Cole, Cole Kalia un capital, it's not you know, I'm saying it. So don't speak on behalf of a lot but narrate the words of Allah subhanaw taala. For this reason, many of the Imams of Allah Suna, they rarely use the word how long and the madam admin, for example, had 3040 different ways of saying haraam without saying how long because in his understanding the word haraam it's not you know, don't let after Allah Allah he'll get it don't make a statement in front of Allah. That may not be truth. If it's not in the Quran, it's not in the Quran, not in the authentic, so non inauthentic sooner. Something you are understanding to be

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Haram. It's one thing, but don't make a definitive and therefore he would say Accra hadelich I hate somebody to do this. Are you foul? Do people actually do that all of these were ways he would say how wrong or trucco leave it? Letter file. Don't do it.

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Right. Are you tozawa is it can even be imagined.

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Mae Yeah. medallic who does these things? It's impossible. Somebody would do this and believe it's okay. Right? All these were ways of him saying how wrong but he would be careful to use that word. Number two, I want you to consider when we speak about the Hadith of the Prophet, I sell them there's a classification. Some had ether. Some had ether hasn't and some had the third life week and some Hadith our mo Lu lied and fabricated upon the Prophet Isaiah. And as a Muslim, I'm honored to be able to say there are things that people said the Prophet said that he never said there are stories that have been told even from the member that have no us no basis. May Allah protect us from

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this and therefore don't ever speak about Mohammed I said them without classification without understanding the coherence of the sooner that there's a difference between a hadith and Sunnah. Sunnah is all of the building blocks of Hades together to give you the complete picture, how deep is the individual bricks, the sooner is the whole building, right?

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What you understand from the Hadith may be different to what other people understand. Even at the time of the Sahaba you will see so much enough. Some people on some sort of understood one way or another understood another way. Both of them are rewarded by Allah subhana wa Tada. There are also moments where it's incoherent you don't understand the meaning of the the language is too difficult. The translation is obscure the So with those kinds of things, Pharaoh Pharaoh, Jared Illa, la come back to the people of knowledge. Right first Edward Ella Vickery in good two minutes and Yvonne asked those who are versed. Those who are memorizers remembers under standards, if you are unknowing

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yourself, and that's where filter becomes an important part. It's a priority. The prophets I said that made it a priority. How you how eurocon mentality among Quran Allah Allah the best of you, the one who learned the Quran and taught it meaning who had

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who had

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What is the meaning of learn the Quran and teach it is that you understood it. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said,

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about the one whom Allah loves. That is the one whom Allah Allah has given an understanding. May you read the law who be higher than the one whom Allah wishes for him good. And remember we said how eurocom the best of you, the one who was good of you, is the one who learns the Quran and teaches it Who is he in another Hadith editor Maria, both of them in Bukhari, the prophets I said, Lim says,

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may you read the law, the one whom Allah wishes to give him the good meaning the good of the Quran and teaching it you for COVID Dean gives them an understanding of film, there's a difference between their alien and alien and Van Halen and understanding a lot describes both Sulayman and that would enter his son Suleiman Ali masala both of them prophets of Allah kings, messengers of Allah, both of them powerful people in our faith, but Allah describes one of them as having an alien, and one of them has having an ailment and Allah says in the same area, could lead to in a hookman, where a man both of them I gave wisdom and knowledge. And then in the end of the day, Allah says warfare have

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now hassle a man. But in this case, Sulaiman I taught him It adds meaning it's understanding. This doesn't mean that that wood doesn't have understanding. It just means that in this instance, Suleiman exceeded it. And that's why even in Christian folklore, he is known as the wise Sulaiman King Solomon, the Wise One, right, Hakeem Hickman is to understand and that's where it

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becomes an important process. The study of the method and its structure gives you the, the way of understanding the Quran and the Sunnah, in a coherent, consistent, classified, theoretical understanding. And you understand it in a way that allows you to understand it, and to learn and benefit from it.

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The contemporary topics that weren't there we have the ancient principles that help us achieve it. And that's why the prophets I seldom made it a priority. And a lot made it a priority, that even when they went out to defend Islam with the sword and to defend the Medina, he would leave behind people in it, Leah taka houfy, Dean.

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Allah orders leave behind those who would sit yet loo read the Quran and understand yet Africa who get an understanding of it. An example of them say the Sabbath, the one who would later on after the death of the Prophet, I'd sell them by the order of the Sahaba gathered the Quran in one volume, the prophet forbade him to fight in the Battle of bed, forbade him to fight in the Battle of God, because you have a greater calling something more important. Finally, common sense is something that's very important and it's sadly not so common. And as a priority for us is to develop a common sense is to develop an understanding of the commonality we have here in Australia with other people

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and other places in the world. And the owner of the custom of a land is something that remains a part of our Shetty, as long as it does not contradict the underpinnings in the mocassin of the deen of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And that would be something that we refer to as part and parcel of the Sunnah. Allow me to conclude in sha Allah, by speaking about the power of forgiving and the power of finding an establishment within ourselves. Who are we trying to forgive ourselves? It's kind of law. Before you try to forgive others learn to forgive yourself, learn to forgive your family, learn to forgive your wife, your husband, your children, learn to forgive the one who wronged you.

00:33:53--> 00:34:10

And there's a battle plan to this. And I and this was one of the great priorities of the prophets. I said live his life. He forgave the people who brought the greatest hardship upon him. He forgave highly technical lead, worship God Allahu anhu de la sala de la

00:34:11--> 00:34:29

palabra de Allahu anhu. These were people who were, you know, miserable, wretched people early on in the early days of Islam. What's your battle plan my battle plan well first always know what is past this past you can never go back and change it it's kind of law.

00:34:30--> 00:34:41

Oh my god, Allah Akbar I always estimate of law Subhana Allah in high regard, and a laws knowledge of what has happened and what is to happen and what will happen is absolute. This is our belief in elkader.

00:34:43--> 00:35:00

So if something has happened in the past, it's in the past. Don't let it return into the future. Don't let it affect the future but know that there are things of the past that are now past. Number two, don't look at the pixel at the dot. But see the whole picture

00:35:01--> 00:35:48

If I was to hold up to you, you know, a picture, if I was, you know, to hold this up to you, and you were to focus on this dots right here where my finger is, and you were to fix on this spot, you would assume everything is black, everything is dark. But if you move back a little bit, and you see it all, then you see Hold on, there's other things that I may have missed. And in life, see the bigger picture. See and try to look into the future and have a high your estimation of Allah and other people in sha Allah. Don't look at the day, or the week or the month or the year that you've had difficulty. But look at the whole tapestry of the picture of your life. Before you sleep find

00:35:48--> 00:36:29

forgiveness in your heart for yourself and others. How do you forgive yourself? You make Toba? I still feel lost over the last several stealth, LA and stealth roll all the way to LA. ask Allah for his forgiveness. You missed the solar get up Mikado and repeat it make your you know catch it. Right. Make right what you have. So before you sleep, make it right with the world. Make it right in your heart. Make it right between somebody you have wronged or somebody who has wronged you and say Allah in the ESCO illega life or Allah I complained you have my weakness helped me where I where I can't help myself. New Alia salami would say

00:36:30--> 00:36:32

Allah His Salaam are up be

00:36:33--> 00:37:05

on Sony, give me support the Mac as a boon for the lies that they've said about me and about you and denying me Oh Allah, right. Find in your heart the ability to forgive and to ask Allah for support. Number four, understand before blaming, you know before speaking and being angry and being loud and taking people to understand first, don't always ask what happened. But always think about why things have happened. And those become priorities of mine life in your life.

00:37:07--> 00:37:27

Try to be like water, take the shape of the environment that you're in. The drip of a drop on a rock will eventually break through will hollow the rock out. But you can cascade water and put the same amount of water and it may just roll off it right so

00:37:29--> 00:38:07

look at what you can learn in the slow methodical deliberate effort of water number six be responsible for yourself before you expect people to be responsible to you, Yanni all of us we want our families to do what's right. But perhaps we're not doing what's right. And you think no I want this and this and that. Why didn't you pray one and hold on a second? Yes, maybe at a time delay you're praying but there's other things you're missing. Be responsible yourself. And you will find that a law will open hearts that have found it difficult on account of your love and the acceptance of your door.

00:38:08--> 00:38:46

One of my teachers he used to say to me Yeah, here when you this was when I was leading salado taraweeh as a teenager. He said yeah here is departmental move this departmental Eman the people who will pray behind you will have his department between them and a lot if you have is the karma with Allah Subhana Allah even here in my school, that when the students are a little bit distracted and they haven't aligned up and it took us a little bit of time to begin our prayer. It's because in my life in my heart, there was a little bit of a distraction between me and Allah. Right and your is still far affects other people as well.

00:38:48--> 00:39:39

Don't be vengeful, and hold resentment because it will lead you to imbalance you will make miscalculations you will be overly if offensive. You will be beyond the emotion that is necessary and you will resort to being unkind. And number eight, I want you to be kind not only right, you can be right. But be right and be kind while being great. Don't be a person who's right and unkind. May Allah subhanaw taala assist us in that era. Number nine, give give sadaqa give charity give to the masjid give to the community sponsor a man's you know Subhan Allah you see me mom who is generous with his time who is teaching and giving and some kind of like hamdulillah May Allah bless our

00:39:39--> 00:39:59

centers and our our bodies to be generous to our Imams, but I can tell you it's not always the case. And bring it Hello sudo Allah Mohammed and Imam is an honor don't ever feel that oh you know the Imams are all ticket lab will lie in some of the best people to give her the students of knowledge to

00:40:00--> 00:40:24

Allow them to feel encouraged. And it could be something that you give I don't mean necessarily wealth, but give an encouragement give a smile give a recommendation letter give a card Give, give a gift, a gift card no problem. But give be Oh be a person to have to have to give gifts your your love will grow with each other.

00:40:25--> 00:41:08

Don't hunt and search for people's mistakes. It's kind of law as a priority. prophets I send them segment that that bow he talked about law, our daughter, the one who's waiting to see somebody make a mistake. A law will make their mistakes known. Allah will follow their mistakes and expose them May Allah protect us era. Finally, discover forgiveness is the pathway of love to Mohammed Salim. No one will ever love the prophets I send them except they follow us sooner. Jani you can be a true lover of Rasulullah sitesell unless you follow it sooner, and his sooner is the sooner of forgiveness sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and with that words I bring to a close my session with you

00:41:08--> 00:41:25

my dear brothers and sisters, as these being prophetic priorities in our life with our Navy Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. akula Cody had our cell phone a lot of the money Welcome subhanak along with him decrescendo Illa. He led us up to Lake wa Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh