Mohamad Baajour – Names of Allah #66 Al Barie

Mohamad Baajour
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah who are gonna get

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smaller hamdulillah salatu salam ala Rasulillah is recording

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I just thought

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you too

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learn hamdulillah salatu salam ala Rasulillah Olam, aluminum and fauna and finally my lymphoma was ignited manjar hammerlock. I mean, yes, Allah azza wa jal teachers would benefit us benefit us from what you told us and increase us knowledge as Allah subhanaw taala to bless this gathering, and make us at the end of the gathering from the people who will be told Kumu McFerrin Lakhan Cabo de la sejati compassionate all our sins inshallah Tada will be transformed into good deeds. If you can tell the brothers outside to move Please move. If you want to talk somewhere talk somewhere else. If you'd like to come it's much better inshallah Tada.

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Another name,

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an attribute of Allah azza wa jal

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that we will be discussing today, begging him and asking him to make us from the people who listen and apply in sha Allah is

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the name of Allah Albury

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al Barry.

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Albury as

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literally mentioned as Albury is only mentioned once in the Surah that we all know who Allah Who alcoholic who? El Barrio El Moussa.

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the word

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is mentioned the verb is mentioned again, or another place twice in the same area.

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Who knows of surah?

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no. So Tasha has Hello Hola. Hola. Hi Eikenberry will Musa well, but there's another form of alphabet not L barefoot Alif Lam just barely

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mentioned in two times in one area

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give you a hint Bacara

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for two Boo

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in a very calm

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Tubu in Iberia come twice in the same area. So here if you count those two and Eldoret it will be mentioned three times in the Quran. But actually the name Albury is only mentioned once in Surah Al harsher in the last in the last as linguistically linguistically scholars mentioned that the root letters of Albury is

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that RA and ah Hamza

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and what does it mean? It means free from or distant from something and also

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it is

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the one who

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let me let me put it a different way. When alhaja canonbury Anonymous Soward come together. It is very close to meaning. All of them mean he created something from nothing. One of them is a harlot creator, and they'll bury like for example, one of the few said alcoholic is the one who created from nothing all creatures that exist. Albury is the one who made man from Al Bara, which is clay and the MUSAWAH is the one who creates various forms and shapes and another meaning Albury and the difference between alcoholic and Albury is the father is the one who has the plan for the creation. And Albury is the one who brought this plan to existence.

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So they are very close to each other. But when they are together, it means Halak he created. He had the plan to create something and I'll bet it is the one who put that plan into existence.

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but they are separate. They both mean creator and father is the Creator. And Allah is the Creator. And also

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the word bara, the verb means also to, if someone is sick, and they say, but he is cured, he's cured.

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Psalm one, one,

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meaning also felt buried, which related to the cure is that Allah subhanho wa Taala have created us in a way

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that we can cure ourselves by ourselves.

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Like if I were ever created this,

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if I break it, it cannot be fixed by itself. Right? But Subhanallah last week, I can't even see it anymore. I cut my hand with a knife. I was trying to open a coconut. And the guy told me it's very easy shell just slap it on the floor that opens boom did not open so I started working with it, all of a sudden, I see the knife boom and start shooting blood Subhanallah it was only like a week ago. It's gone. It healed by itself. This is one of the one of the meanings of alphabet, He created us in a way that we can Allah subhanaw taala we can heal ourselves by by ourselves. So another meaning is the curing or, or healing.

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Allah Subhana Allah Allah

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is the creator of the inventor, the fashioner to whom belong the Best of knees loud smell awesome. Now, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada being Albury is another another attribute of Asbury is that he created one thing and created from that thing,

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millions or

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billions of the same creation, but they're all different. This is also Albarran. And the best example is human being a human being, if you count the number of people created from Adam Alayhis Salam, all the way to the Day of Judgment, they are all human beings, two eyes, two ears, you know everything is the same, but not one human being even what we call identical twins. Still there is something different from one person to another, but at the end of the day, they are all called human being creation, same creation, but different phones This is another similarly fish similarly and small insects all are the same, but Allah subhanaw taala created them this is a Albury now,

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since the time of the show is late now, I decided to make the lectures are very, very short. So we could go back home and spend some time with with your with your family and child. How can we put this name into action?

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When we said that

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Albury is the one who created everything and perfected everything. Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he told us in hola yo hibel either amila how to

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unmute kina

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Allah subhanho wa Taala he loves when a Muslim. When a person does something to perfect it.

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We can from that name, I'll bet it

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whatever your job is my brother, my sister. Always try to perfect what you're doing. This is the characteristic of the true Muslim. Whatever job he is, be he has been given or she has been given. They try to perfect it to the best of their ability. Not like you know what, I'm gonna get paid anyway, let me just be there. No, this is not how Muslims supposed to think we are supposed to master and try to do the best we can in any job that that we are given. Another way, you know, Sal Berry is the one who started something from nothing.

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There is a way that we can apply that name every single day in our life.

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And that is through listen carefully because it's very important through four things, four things on a daily basis. And Mushara al Maha Sabha al Manitoba al moussaka.

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Okay, now let's try to translate

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al Mushara when they first wake up in the morning

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and please try to apply the salah it will change our life in Sharma

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When I first wake up, I would say to myself today, I'm going to do this, this, this, this and that I'm going to give this much money in charity. I'm going to pray this month this many Salawat in the masjid, I'm going to make this much stuff far. I'm going to read this much of the Quran, whatever, just some plan for the day.

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And then at the end of the day, I have before I sleep Maha Sabha, what did I achieve from the goals that I made in the morning?

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Do something Yeah, one, please do something that is achievable. Do not say I'm going to finish the Quran today. I'm going to memorize the show. So today, I'm gonna give a million dollar do something that is achievable, doable. And at the end of the day, that list that you made check.

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Did you read that much Quran? Did you do that many times Allahumma Salli, ala Muhammad, did you do this? Did you do that? If done Allahu Akbar next day, same more whatever you can handle.

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Then comes Alma Atiba.

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If you feel you did,

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three out of the five, four out of the 10 you start making whatever, what does matter mean? You start telling yourself, how did you do that didn't you will make a promise in the morning that you will achieve this, this and that, you start blaming yourself

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and putting yourself down because of the failure of what you have achieved. That is illimitable then comes the serious part. Because I was not able which is remarkable. Because I was not able to do this, this and that. I was supposed to go with my friends out today. I'm not going out this is a punishment.

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I was supposed to do this, this and that. And that was something that will bring me pleasure, I will punish myself because you did not achieve what you made a promise in the morning, this is

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your punishment, you cannot go there you cannot do that you cannot buy this. You cannot see that you cannot talk to this and we could do this also with our children

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mashallah Maha Sabha

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monitor markaba You put the conditions in the morning and you check at night if you did them or not. And then you blame yourself and you you know, you warn yourself and then you punish yourself without a punishment. This will not work you have to punish yourself in a way that will make you not repeat that next day. Subhanallah you will feel yourself you know what, you know, this is not working. I have to make sure I fulfill what I promised. And you feel like naturally you're improving Subhanallah so please memorize that and try to apply it to the best of your ability. Rasul Allah I sent him he said

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another way we could apply that

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know that everything besides

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is just a creation.

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Anything besides Allah azza wa jal is a creation whatever that thing is, and know that Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, there is no obedience to the creation in the disobedience of the Creator.

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There is no obedience to any creation, while this obeying the Creator.

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Latifah tollemache, Luke, Marcia, alcoholic.

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And you can apply that to anything. Your boss asked you to some to do something that is not right. You were asked by your family sometimes to bring something to the house that is not right. To go somewhere or vacation in a place that is not right.

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All of that is going against what the Harlock said by pressing the backlog no matter who's that backlog is. You try first, gently and kindly especially if it's your family, to convince them that we cannot afford to disobey Allah azza wa jal Wallahi we cannot afford it. We cannot afford this obey Allah for a fraction of a second. We can't. Every time you close your eyes and you look at the at the blessings, the worst person amongst us right now the one that will suffering the most. He is still better than millions of people, millions of people.

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the man that ALLAH blessed us with are beyond our our calculation, and we cannot afford to disobey Him not even for a fraction of a second.

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This associate yourself from the bed.

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Stay away from anything

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that is corrupted.

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It all might cause you to do something haram.

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distance yourself from the bad first, then start ordering good and forbidding evil,

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admirable maruf when he anil munkar, ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala and bed it said, welcome mean Come on Martin, you had your own hail hail Maroondah Bill Murphy, when how national monka

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homerun muffler, let be amongst you, people who are ordering good and forbidding evil, you know, when

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the first in sort of a Tober Bora

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Bora atone mean Allah He, but surely

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Allah subhanho wa Taala is telling us that we should be

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that Allah and His Prophet are very from all kinds of the animal that the moon africaine are doing.

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He is far from

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approving the man the actions that the moon Africa and the hypocrites are, are doing. So, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada is Albury and alcohol Huckleberry al-musawi, I was going to do the MUSAWAH also today because they are very close in meaning MUSAWAH is the one who has fashioned he has who will lead you so water come will love you. So we'll configure Jaime, Allah subhanaw taala is the one who gave us the image that we are in right now. Whether you like your image or not.

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The image that we have right now is the best image that we could ever be in.

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Allah Allah subhana wa Tada agree keep in mind when you make fun of someone

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of someone looks, you are making fun of Allah's creation.

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Okay, so we will end with this in sha Allah Tada that Albury is the one who has created many different forms of the same creation, He is the one who has

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made our cells and our bodies he created something that can cure itself by itself. And Allah subhana wa Tada like Matthias said, Al Halakhot taqdeer well, who attend field where eyebrows market Dara who work Aurora, who in Illinois June

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which is what we said before Alhadeff is the one who had the plan for the creation and Halle Berry is the one who brought it to existence. So inshallah Tada because of the timing, I wanted to make it very short. So you can always keep attending, and at the same time the kids are out of school, please, you know, make sure you do something with your with your children, please do not make the spring break or any break that they have is just similar to any other weekday.

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You know, of course, you let them study a little bit, do some Quran, maybe, but at the same time, make sure you've have a plan, that you're taking them out somewhere, somewhere to have fun to enjoy themselves. Allah when any.

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They see others and neighbors and cousins and maybe other you know, they're going out and enjoying themselves and they are one kid came to me He broke my heart today, what are you doing? He said nothing for between four, four walls all day long, for the whole week. You know, hamdulillah Bellamy and you know, bring them to the gym, spend some time with them play, we have a great facility, we spent so much time and money on it, use it and enjoy it in sha Allah Allah, but please, you have to spend some time with them. Spend some time quality time, please I beg you, when you sit down with your children, please take this shaitan and put it somewhere that they does not interrupt you.

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Because this is not sitting with your child.

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No, this is not sitting with your children. And this is Subhanallah you're showing him that there is something more important than you know just put it aside for a half an hour and listen to them, let them open up to you and talk to you and and this is an take advantage of hamdulillah by me I saw many, many brothers that came yesterday and said goodbye to me they're going to tomra hamdulillah and that's a beautiful, you know plan for the for the spring break. And any kind of break you can spend some time or go visit families. Just make sure that you spend some time with the with the children and some quality time. And please listen, listen, just sit down and listen. To talk to me.

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Tell me what do you what do you feel what's going on? Just listen. And do not get mad at them open up and speak we are Subhanallah

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we are spending so much money and time to make big

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In bodies and small o'clock

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we are spending so much time to give them a lot of money and take away all their dean. There's no Dean we spend so much money on their luxuries. And when it comes to the dean, we are so cheap. Sit down and explain to them Subhan Allah and do not, do not keep using the excuse. I am very busy. I'm very busy. I'm very busy. This does not work if I'm busy doing what? Allah subhana wa Tada the one who made you're busy, he said, what more solid he was stubborn. I'll let you learn us and look at his car. No not

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all. Do your family command your family to pray and be patient. We do not ask you for any risk for provision I could provide for you. So that that that

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excuses Lane very lame. I'm very busy. Allah is telling you take care of your children. I'll take care of your risk. Allahu Akbar, take care of your children teach them the deen and and opened the doors of risk for you. Sort of thought last stage Subhanallah so take advantage of this time please. And spend a lot of quality time with your children. And finally I want to say that may Allah gives you fat. There's a sister that watches us from all the time and she's She just finished her operation sister Robbia May Allah give her she fat alarm with Fiona Sheffy last year, she fell she found now you're either a soccer alumnus from Atlanta or more than Muslim in LA must be Madonna one

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of them Muslimeen what Hamilton autonomously mean was online and Amina Mohammed Ali. He was like be here as you mean

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