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AI: Summary © The importance of remembering to use the word "sallama" in Islam is discussed, along with the need to avoid caught in the act of disgust. The speakers emphasize the importance of learning from mistakes and past experiences to build one's capacity for fear and desire. They also touch on hesitation and hesitation as a means to achieve a quote of victory, along with the importance of faith and acceptance in love and a new beginning. The transcript concludes with a mention of a lawyer and a meal for the brothers.
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In Alhamdulillah, Hina do who understand you know who want to stop fiddle.

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When I will be learning sruti and fusina women say you are Melina Mahinda hufa movie Nana. Woman you little fella hottie Allah wash Chateau

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Isla de la ma.

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Cherie cada

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y Chateau under Mohammed Abdullah he was Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salim tasneem and kathira Yeah, are you a holla Dina? I'm an otaku la haka to party while at the moon Illa and to Muslim moon. Yeah, a yohannes Yeah, yohannes otaku de como la de la Takumi nephew phewa wahala coming has Pooja Weber Fleming humare Jalan Cathy wrong manisa de la la de

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Luna b1 or ham in Omaha Cana. alikoum rocky Eva. Yeah yo ha Latina man otaku la ha kulu Colin sadita UCF, la ku ku, KU ku de la hora Sula, Who the hell's and all the mom and my dad. Always in forever We begin with the praise of Allah. We send our prayers and benedictions upon now whenever you Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we justify with firmness and conviction that none is worthy of worship but Allah and that our nebia sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is his worshiping slave and final messenger. I always remind myself and you have Taqwa la Zilla. Gentlemen, I pray that Allah subhanho wa Taala either increases us in our love for him, our fear of him, and our hope in his mercy in our

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private capacity, more than we seek to show each other publicly, a lot of them I mean,

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a fresh start.

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The discussion that I wish to have with you with the next few minutes is about turning a new page, having a new beginning, opening a new chapter, putting an end to something of the past so that you can have opportunity and gain into the future. And this is one of the most integral lessons that you find this stablished in each of the classes, the stories and narratives of the end. If you were to look at each and every story of each and every prophet and messenger that Allah has retold to us, their life story, you will find the one unique common factor amongst all of them is that they had to transition from one place to another, to leave off one activity for something else, to remove

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themselves from one place one circumstance one incident one regret, one moment of sorrow so that they can prosper into the future. So you see Moosa alayhis salam brings into the life of a man

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and he has to flee from his home and his land and his people. You see Ibrahim alayhis salam is cast out by his own family, his own tribe, his own father, his own mother, letting them tell Rita Hello Jamin was junie Mallya, Malia Ibrahim his father says if you do not stop,

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I will stone you to death.

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So leave and let me see you no more. Carla Salam O Allah. He leaves and he departs. I will never be Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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He turned on that fateful night of his era. That Islamic new calendar begins with that moment. And as he turns he faces the Mecca and the people of Mecca and the cabin mocha Rama and he looks back and he says one la he Nikki la have been out of the LA I swear by my Lord, that there is no more favorable love the land in my heart than you Oh city of Mecca. Whenever la hora junie, Maharaj and I had I not being driven out, had not oppression caused injustice to brew against hostility to my companions. Had I not been ordered to leave for my own preservation. I would not depart you.

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And with every day there is a new turn. With every event in my life, there's a new beginning. And as we begin today on January, the first 2021

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a fresh start should be on each and every person's mind. Where can I maximize advantage? Where can I start an opportunity that can grow and cause prosperity for myself for my home for my family, for my school, for my community, for my children, grandchildren, great grandchildren who have not yet entered into the world, such as the far sightedness of the prophets of Allah. Such was the lesson that we seek to take from the whole and I wish inshallah to focus on two important lessons that I briefly described. One moment of committing injustice, and how to fix it, and the other where injustice is done to you and how to resist it. We begin with the story of Musa alayhis salaam. He

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pushes a man for work as an open handed strike for hava LA, he brought him into his life. Carla had I mean, Emily shavon. Inside himself, he said, this is an act of wickedness. And I want you to understand that the concept of shavonne is not just in the ritualistic concept that you and I may at times associate Moosa at this moment is not a prophet or a messenger of Allah hasn't been given what he has not been given detail about who is the gene who is the shape on who is Iblees. But he knows right from wrong and good from bad, he knows a wicked decision that is done with impulse, without thought. One that is done maybe without premeditation, but in its effect in total sum, is an error

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that he recognizes is from himself, but from something beyond as well.

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of the greatest concerns for you and I the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he teaches us

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is that we have been given an avowed enemy. know Allah subhanho wa Taala, he says to us, in the end,

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it definitely do who I do well, the show on that unseen, evil force, treat him as an enemy unto you, That unseen force lives at times within us, and compels within us to make choices that we know are not correct. And therefore the first lesson that I want to take with you, in sha Allah as we seek a new beginning and a fresh start, is to build within ourselves, ourselves in our homes, the capacity of thought, to do what's right, because it's right not because there are those to condemn us or restrict us, and to abstain from what is wrong, because it's wrong not because there are those who will reward us for being distant from it. And that whenever we cross over, whenever we enter into

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VR, into voon, whenever we go beyond where we should, whenever we cross a line that we are knowing that we should not pass over, that we come to our senses and recognize Paula has I made a shape on the difference between a believer and one who is more distant away from a law. The litmus test the way you and I test our nearness to a law is in how quick we return to him after error and insult how quick we return to a law after we recognize mistake, how willing we are to self examine and self confront and take stock and accountability of ourselves. And Allah subhanho wa Taala he says to us, lm ad la comida bunny Adam, Allah taboo shaitan deny all order you instruct your mankind that you

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don't worship shavon you can ask 100 1000s millions of people do you worship the devil? mentor, of course is no, I worship something else. For some, what it means is that the excess in their life becomes an aspect of love and worship that is beyond what should be given it and should only be reserved to a law. You hate buena hunkapi law when Latina men who should bend the law to commit in love to something to such a degree that causes you to commit injustice, sinfulness, vulgarity, to put forward desire and habit and wanting and taking over what is decent and moral and ethical is an act of the worship of other than Allah and the worship of the chiffon. And therefore you find even

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in Australian vernacular and language, there are those who worship the almighty dollar. They're willing to do whatever it takes to get that dollar from another

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There are those who are willing to bring in justice to their own families, their own parents, for $1 for an inheritance for something that is fleeting and lost. And therefore the story of Moosa color had them in Amalie shape on recognize when wrong has been committed, and do your best to come back from it. The second story quickly is that of Ibrahim, a young child who injustice and disfavor is done to him by his own family, and his father, one who was an idol maker and worshiper and the chief priest of his land. It is told to us in the books of Tafseer, he took his son out, and he said to him, son, I want you to grab this rock, I'm going to make carbon idol from it. I'm going to make it

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into something we worship. And Ibrahim is a young child. He says to his father, my father, why did you choose this rock and not that rock? They're from the same mountain? Why is this one more ready, more capable, more holy to be a god for us to worship than this one? So as founders smacked him and said, pick up the rock, don't ask those questions. He comes to his mother and he says, mom, who do I have to listen to? She said me. Like every mother, Mashallah.

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He says, well, who do you listen to? She says, your father. This is how society is. Well, who does father listen to the king? Who does the king listen to? hits him across the head? Boy, you're going to get us and yourself in trouble. It's not time for those questions. You're thinking too much.

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What can daddy can moody Ibrahima mallacoota sumati will Allah Allah shows to the heart to the thoughts to the mind of Ibrahim, the dominions that has passed this earth? And Allah subhanho wa Taala says, a fella young guru, Don't they look up to the heavens in a sama,

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Whalen, Japan to the mountains that have been established while all Don't they look to what is around them to take signs and evidence of their relationship with me, the Almighty Allah subhana wa Tada. So Ibrahim begins to ask his father questions that makes his father take a stance that you're going to ruin my place in society, my prestige, my attempt at gaining favor with the king. It's either you leave this or you leave us. And it's at that point that we learn a very powerful lesson as a Muslim and I want you to understand this in the context of what is happening globally at times to Muslims, when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, our own man whom metamer Houma it is

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an oma that the mercy of God has been given to it. Most people assume that the mercy of God means ease and comfort and happiness. Know, the mercy of Allah is that the facility that leads us at times to paradise, even through trial, and difficulty, and death and pestilence and oppression is more favorable to us to be wronged than to wrong others. And therefore, anytime you see a Muslim wronging others they're practicing something other than Islam that was sent by our nebia Salalah. Why don't you send them with anytime you see a person commit an act that is beyond what our teachings what our ethics what our morality as Muslims was set to establish. Then the problem is not the faith they

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claim but the practice that they have done in its name falsely. So Ibrahim says parlous and munari says my father Peace be to you, I would rather leave and make dua for you. Even though you wish my death. You ordered my murder. I would rather for the life that you will live until your death. ask Allah for your forgiveness than to live in rebellion amongst you. Did you know The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam He said,

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If any man leads a community, we're home left who carry whom, if an Imam comes to pray, and the people behind him don't want him to lead them in prayer than he is sinful, Han Allah, look at the balance because the hearts of people are important, even if they're wrong, even if they are unjust. Allah subhanho wa Taala establishes for us as an via whom and NASA bill fish to establish justice. So we have this principle that as Muslims, sometimes we forget, it is better for you, my dear brother to be wrong than to wrong others. It is better for you to be harmed, then you harm others. It is better for you to stand before a law and say Oh Allah, this happened to me than somebody

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stands in front of a lawn says he did this to me.

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I end with the words of Sofia and authority. He said let in Allah, it is more pleasurable, more blessing for me to meet a law be Submariner than with 70 excessive sins that I committed between myself and Allah. I did wrong 70 times between me and a lot didn't involve anyone else. Then for me an alpha law happy then they were hitting our government in the moment that I've wronged another person just once. I would rather meet a rough man or Rahim with 70 sins, then have one person have one thing to claim against me in the court of Allah Almighty subhanho wa Taala a fresh start and a new beginning. after June Sato Lister Aha, I will speak about a three step system to achieve it

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akuto comb the hair that was still through lol all the money when

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Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Nevada Mohammed Abdullah, Allah.

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Allah Subhana Allah says one main yet Athena yet Gian lahoma.

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The one who possesses and demonstrates taqwa notice the translation that I'm using. It's not the one who has taqwa, the one who possesses it in their heart, and shows it in their practice. Allah opens for them away from old difficulties to Panama. See that word taqwa? We hear it often in the urn. Allah subhanho wa Taala warns us to hear it. And to find ourselves opposite to it. were either clean and

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too lazy to be iffy. Some people when they're involved in wrong and you try to counter and say you're actually talking. You actually be soft, you actually fear Allah. It makes them rebel greater. What makes you think I don't feel a lot what makes you think I don't have pain What makes you think what it takes them further than the error of recognizing their place with a lot in the Herman topwell kulu. Allah tells us in Surah Al Hajj taqwa is found within the hearts that whenever we offer a bad that whenever we offer a sacrifice whenever we do something, it's not the material that we've done. It's not the wealth you've given in the car that's important to unlock. It could be $1

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or 100. But with a lot, they're the same what makes it different Tuckwell Kuru, the intent of the heart. A taco has been defined as three important steps

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as you open a new page as you begin a new beer as we seek a fresh start, as we hope to see a year that has passed with opportunity into the future. beginnings with taqwa taqwa Allah tells us that the one who possesses it, they are given Hickman the ability to discern the right place to put objects and things in decisions. It allows you to see with the light of Allah with a heart that perceives that eyes do not perceive with fat in the hand, absorb. Well I can tell Kubernetes Allah says it's not the how eyes are blind. It's not that the eyes do not see. But it's that their hearts are unable to rationalize understand realities. And sometimes you could see danger before it

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arrives, not because you are smarter or more perceptive than others. But because your heart is more connected to a law. The first step of tough law is fear. And most of us we understand or sadly we've been taught to just fear Allah pray, why because you're going to if you don't do Allah will punish you. But that concept of fear on its own is destructive and needs to extremism.

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where a person becomes so cluster phobic in their life, everything they perceive is hot or unattainable and do what I'm doing everything wrong. So alarming is the opposite to it. Hope of Raja and Allah subhanho wa Taala put the fear of a law that the other opposite side of it has to be hope in the mercy of Allah. Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah says, in noroc Mati whsc, Aquila shine at the mercy of Allah comprehensively is more exhaustive than all things. And any one of our sins is a thing. It's a creation, it's an action, the mercy of Allah is greater than it if you turn to him with love, and fear and hope in your heart. And third, and finally is to love a lot the height of

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your state

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La ilaha illAllah Nan is worthy of worship Allah. The greatest way to worship Allah is an Magda. It begins with the learning about faith, and then certainty that this is the truth. And then acceptance of kabu that your heart says, I'm going to commit, and I'm going to accept even if I'm finding it difficult, and then an inquiry ad submission, I will push myself further and further and find that you attain a truthfulness with a lot that leads you to a class where you become sincere. Well, hello, Alice Neff. Secondly, that everything you leave off for the hope and fear and love for a lot, the final stage, the height that is achieved, that you and I see is to arrive after sincerity at an

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hebda to be one who is loved and be loving to Allah and such as the great title of our interview. Yes, Allahu Allah, you are sending them Habib Ullah sallallahu ala nabina Muhammad, ask Allah subhana wa Taala to send prosperity and light and guidance into all of our hearts to open for us and exit from all every difficulty to increase in us our love for him our hope for him and mercy and love and commitment to his way and his path in the way of our nimbyism. Mr. hodda yourself. I pray that Allah subhanho wa Taala sends healing to the world and allows us a new beginning and a fresh start in this coming year upon us. I pray that Allah subhana wa Taala increases you and I in that

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which is good that others are unaware of and hides from others the shame that we have known between us and the law and I pray the loss of kind of wood to Allah allows our young people to stand where I stand today to lead our oma into the future a lot. I mean, a lot of marriages in Islam are mostly mean was the other other adeem Allahu Medina were walking in along the creek or shoe Creek, Eva de la ina in and

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he couldn't tell me nobody Mean while

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he was on Linda who was sending him was it was dark and sad no Habib, you know whenever you know Mohammed, I never he'll only you Allah. He was actually he was suddenly into Sleeman kathira

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So tarrazu

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atomo sofa Kumara tellico

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gather together I know that come to now we've had a great turnout. Having dinner today please make room for your brothers who may be near the staircase.

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If there are sisters who need room there's also chairs and facilities downstairs that are open in chat law.

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If shafia sana tickle Humble yourselves to Allah subhana wa tada also do Salam salata Madea consider this be could be a last prayer.

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Allahu Akbar

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I was

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born in

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Sweden I have a Walkman.

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Alhamdulillah Europe bellami our Walkman man I'm walking Maliki a woman de Cana Buddha he cannot stand

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is Dino sera

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sera por la Vina and Nan de la him while you're in LA him on me.

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Why are you bad rough man in Levine I am Shona lol Oh the hoonah wekiva for Koba humulene jahi Luna pod who said one levy Nairobi to nearly beat him sujeto appa Yama, one levina up una banasura fan

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Arma, one levena either

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miyapur to work anabaena De Luca Kawashima onelogin Allah de Luna ma Allah He Isla Han for wala po to Luna Salah t ha Rama Allahu Allah bill half the wild is

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why many of

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you go

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to the loo diffi mohana illa

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Amina amylose

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de la voz de

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EMA woman

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Camila Swati.

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Now who

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to buoy llama Hema

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one Latina Ceduna, surah EDA ama Ruby love women who kiralama one levena either looky loo lamb

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one Lavina either

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tear up be him lamea Kuru la household

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omiana la la Vina aku Nora

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as word Gina or I'm gonna have Elena mean as well Gina

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Tina Porter, Yoon, WA Jana Lily mustafina e mama

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una Lu Fattah de mal Sabo. Why you love own Effie? Hata

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Holly de nafi Ha, ha Suna Mustafa.

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to first kuno knees

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Allahu Akbar

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semi en la holy man hamidah

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Allahu Akbar

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Allahu Akbar.

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Allahu Akbar.

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Alhamdulillah Allah Allah me Bellamy Rothman Rohini Maliki ami Dini. kana boo, canister. de nos Europol. mustafi Shira Paula Vina Nam Da Li him lawyer do lie him while on board all Lee

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on our being

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me Charlene was fun.

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And lovey was sweet Sufi. So do

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me, Nalgene.

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T one