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Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Allah Allah He was happy at mine. In the case of Mr. Jerry Moran, the wife of a Milan, the grandmother of Jesus May peace be upon him from his mother's side, the mother of Madame la has Salah to Asana. When the child was born, it was a female, and people started scrambling to take care of her. So the Quran mentions that Quran speaks about how they drew lots in order to decide who is going to raise this child. It so happened that zecharia alaihe salam was the one who was chosen for that task. Allah subhanho wa Taala says, woman couldn't tell him if you put a column on a umiak follow Maria Omar conterra de himedia stasiun Allah is

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informing us through Muhammad wa sallam telling Mohammed Salah Salem that you were not there when they were drawing lots as to who should take care of Miriam and when they were arguing here we are telling it to you. Amazing. and thereafter. Zachary is a Santa he used to bring food for this girl child who was dedicated to this place of worship. And she used to sit in what was known as the mirror, you know, the place of worship. And Subhan Allah Subhana Allah amazingly, whenever used to go in with food sometimes used to find a plate of offseason fruit, fruit that was there that was not in season. And he used to ask her where did you get this from? In who brought you this food? Because

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it's not from our area. It's not even in season right now. What are you doing with this? So she would say, Allah has provided Subhan Allah the Quran makes mention of the sinner beautiful way, where it says that Zachary Allah is Salam asked her anila kihavah. Allah taught them in Indian law, he

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you know, this is from Allah in Allah is Romania will be ready hyssop Allah, Allah gives whomsoever He wishes, without limits, no limits, you know, no accounts, he can give you anything. There is nothing impossible for Allah. So when zecharia alehissalaam heard this, he actually was Mashallah I'm motivated to make a dua to Allah again, because he didn't have male offspring, and he wanted that offspring. So he says, oh, Allah hubballi mendonca return he better Allah grant me a pious child, you know, progeny, someone who's going to carry on my lineage and so on. So, when he saw that he felt like gave money Mia has sent him something that was offseason. I am a little bit old. Now

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perhaps my wife is old, I may not. We may not be from a human aspect thinking we can conceive. But we need to make dua to Allah because he can do anything. So he may do our to Allah and Allah says in the Quran, he's two hours answered. And yeah, he was born alayhis salam. And it was an amazing story. Anyway,