Yasmin Mogahed – Salah serves as the oxygen for the hearts survival

Yasmin Mogahed
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the essential need for oxygen and the importance of keeping the body alive and healthy. They mention the importance of not drinking water and not eating foods that may make one hungry. The speaker also briefly discusses the origin of the Salah and how it keeps one alive.
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order for the body to stay alive and healthy. What is the most important need the body has?

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Okay, I usually ask this question and then I know if people are really hungry or thirsty because some people will say water and that probably means they're very thirsty. I'm sorry, I'm gonna put this away

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or hunt or they'll say food, maybe they need to have an eating lunch. But we can go a long time without food and water. What is the most essential need? Oxygen Thank you. We cannot go more than a few moments without oxygen few minutes. Yeah. What is the oxygen of the heart the heart also has spiritual oxygen that it cannot live without just like the body. What is the spiritual oxygen?

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It is the remembrance of Allah.

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And most important and most specific and most emphasized is the Salah. So here's the thing about salah, Salah is keeping you alive. Like I can't put it any other way. Salah is the oxygen of the spiritual heart

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