Allah loves those who fight in His cause in unity

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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh today inshallah we are continuing to cover actions deeds that Allah subhanaw taala love, as we titled The month of Ramadan this month of Ramadan, the month of the love of Allah, I and you were going to try struggle to do things that to please Allah subhanho wa Taala not only pleased him, but he loves these actions specifically, and I am doing it so he loves me. So we covered six of them, good doers, those who repent to Allah subhanaw taala those who are Allah conscious, those who are patients, those who are just and those who rely on him. Interestingly today, and this is the last verse in the Quran, meaning the last time in the Quran

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that Allah subhanaw taala used the term, worldly or indeed Allah loves in Allaha your head, this is the last one. And it says in Surah, two, soft, narrow all the six we learned is about individual criteria, meaning individually as a Muslim, I need to practice that virtue or that character on constant basis and Allah who will love me the last one today. In Allah your head will love you know your Artie Luna visa VD soften can Johan Bonilla and on morsels worldly Allah loves those who fight for his sake,

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soften urgh can carrying the home as if they are Mooney and one more source structure firmly, firmly or or a building or are all structured firmly

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are all structured firmly. So this criteria is not about one person. This criteria about us, Muslims, community, family, immediate family, extended family, small community, big community and the whole nation. What Allah love, love for us as Muslims, when we are in this is the worst one, they are fighting for the sake of Allah, He wants to see them all in a row as if they are one structure, no one in the front, no one in the back, as if they are the same.

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And the best way to imagine this is look at a wall in a building. And in some parts of the world, they build homes with bricks, and they put one break next to the other, join them firmly, firmly. So the wall is strong. The building is stable, and tough and strong. And that's what Allah loves from you and me, as a community, as a family. He wants us all to act like we are one unit, one unit structured firmly and the more source that word Allah used in this verse actually also used for the teeth. When the teeth are so firmly and nicely aligned.

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As if they are one, they call them more salsa, aligned nicely and formally. So how do I practice this? Well, we are not going out as a army to fight. But we are struggling in our daily life for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala and this is where we need to practice. Let's take the family when there is more than one decision more than one opinion. And I audio are the people who will make the final decision. The thing I'm going to put two things I'll put in my mind when I am going to decide. Number one, is it pleasing to Allah? So let's assume it's pleasing to Allah but still there is more than one opinion which one will bring them together? Which one will bring everyone together? How can

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I bring everyone together and be exactly one row one euro because we'll be stronger when we are one building people cannot out there outside people be very tough to go through us to divide us to make us pieces while if you were separate or far away and not exactly close, easy people very easily people come and divide us. So for example today for f bar

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and and the member of the family each one wants one thing and I cannot do it all for whatever the reason my decision will be which one decision will bring everybody together how can I convince this person and that person to come together and when we are all agree on one. We are stronger as a family. This

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means also for me to practice it, I have to sacrifice. I cannot do everything I like because we are different people. So sometimes I may have to sacrifice something pleasing to Allah and I like to something still pleasing to Allah. But I don't like to bring people together. So always let's look at what to bring people together. And let's do it and put it in my mind. The reason I am doing this, because Allah loves us to be as if we are one, unity, the unity is amazing, even in the way I speak, or the way I act, anything that will bring people together, even when we preach, bring people together. Let's look at what brings us together rather than what divides us. Unless the that what

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divide us is disobedience to Allah, then that's a different story. Because the verse teaches us, when does he want us to be? Or when does he love seeing us as a one building when we are doing something that pleases Him? You'll call it Luna feasability fighting for his sake, not fighting for themselves for his sake. So let's look today for three things that I as an individual made a decision or did it not because I liked it only or Allah loves it only but basically, because it's brought the community, my family, any group of people brought them together, and no division and then Allah will love me and love us even more May Allah subhanaw taala keep us all together and the

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unity now we are seeing it. There is no other unity other than the more than 1 billion Muslims are all fasting, what Unity Now let's bring it even more to our homes in every action. May Allah accept from all of us, and may Allah subhanaw taala help us to practice what we are learning Saramonic Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh