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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah everyone and welcome. We are here a sense of Salaam and Peace upon you around you and Salaam and everything that you're doing. We are making our small vlog clips on every portion. And this happens in the portion 40 days out on our way to the house of Allah subhanaw taala to visit or to go for Umrah to go to the small pilgrimage. If you're interested in joining me Wa alaykum wa Salam wa Rahmatullah. If you're interested in joining me, it's Ioh K And right now, let's go ahead and jump into our lesson for today. I wanted to work on recognizing the letters so it's going to be our first goal. I don't know anything about the Arabic language I want

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to learn what are the letters so here's the first letter it's pronounced at the bottom of your throat real clear, look straight up.

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Apples, a leaf at

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Elif Elif is the first letter. The second letter is pronounced by touching your lips one boy at the bottom of the boat. Baba Baba. Take the tip of the tongue behind the top teeth. tip of the tongue behind the top teeth touched here and say behind the top teeth that two boys now bring the tip of the tongue to the edge of the top teeth right here at the edge and below. Simple, simple tip of the tongue at the end of the top teeth three boys. A leaf boy two three. But

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I want you to think of strength. I want you to think of jujitsu Zhang, Jia Jia Jia Jie Jeem the name of the letter Jeem the next letter these three look the same jug. Hallo to spicy. Hallo happy. Hallo happy, spicy. Ha. And here's your scratching sound Hall Hall Hall jug Hello, scratch. Now that's not a D sound but it's behind the top teeth. Just like that the Dadda Dadda Dadda Dadda Dadda like Pac Man eating the dots that that that take the tip of the tongue and bring it to the end of the top teeth like you did for simple look with the list symbol. I want you to bring that tongue in vibrate zipper. Zipper zipper. A leaf boy two three jar ha ha does that. Bring the tongue out we don't have

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this sound in English but close enough jajaja ha ha that that now say with your jaw like you're wrong like you're roaring like a lion rah rah top and bottom teeth together Zara Zara ra Zara I have seen look into the binoculars scene. And I made a triangle but if you've seen three little boys you say show

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ra za ser share us the pump slot slot slot slot. Now that's a full week's worth of letters. So don't worry about it. Just get a line at a time.

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Baba Baba, that

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Theia jajaja HA HA HA HA spicy or Hoffa awesome that another Dada but that the zipper the rah rah rah rah rah zag like Buzz, salsa salsa Shusha Shasha saw saw saw slaw. There you have it. It will take I thought we'd take about three or four minutes a day. Keep going with us. But I do imagine that there's going to be one person who follows along 40 days learns to read Scripture before he reaches the Kaaba, or she reaches and be able to read the Quran when they go and come on Omar on me. i Okay. looking forward to see everyone thanks for these five minutes. I'll see you soon. We've got postures of prayer, nourishment and Sunnah supplements. They're developing, let them come.

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But if you can't read come learn to read with me if you can already