Wisam Sharieff – View From The Top – Hajj 2018 Vlog Day 7

Wisam Sharieff
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the challenges faced by the group in their upcoming tour in Mina, New York. They discuss the importance of complete health and technology in achieving their goals, and the need for people to be present in their own cities. They also mention the importance of creating a "sliver" in their city to accommodate people.
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with our final day in Manhattan mocha Rama The hours were fleeting away like a melting ice on a hot day. We had to strike a balance between longing to see the Kaaba and being happy and contented satisfied with the worship that we have done. Let's head on to Mina

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who said they're ready to go. Day seven. A Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah Peace be upon you around you and make peace emanate throughout everything that you do last day in Makkah, getting ready to enter, and head out for Mina.

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Initially, it's very discouraging to come out of your hotel, it feels really overwhelming, you're like, Oh, I'm just gonna pray in the masala or I'm going to pray in my room. Let me tell you, as soon as you get out of your hotel, whether it's the clock tower or the Conrad, or whether you're staying in the Hilton, once you're out through this density here, just the the initial white marble once you get through here, you can make it to the roof, you can make it to the Mullick Abdullah extension. And you know what, if you're diligent enough, you can make it deep into the dough off. So it's, it's the I know exactly how you feel. I don't want to go through this.

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Right, these guys are cleaning right here, feet get wet. But once you get through this, you understand where your 1000 Plus though OB is coming or whatever narration of 100,000 it affects you. So make the effort get out of the hotel, if you need to watch this, hopefully it'll get you up and out, moving on your way.

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so they're unable to get it off the ground, why not take the time to discuss our technology. Here we are looking at the Kaaba and marveling at the fact that there's something inside of it. That's from paradise. But if we take the moment to include ourselves here in the city of Mecca, and say, that piece that stone that came from heaven, definitely is something out of this universe or out of this dimension. But within each and every one of us, is something from out of this dimension. Within each and every one of us is complete health is a soul that met Allah subhanaw taala. So really, if you want to ask yourself a question, ask yourself, have you ever met Allah subhanaw taala? Natural

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answer no. Because your body didn't. And no, my brain didn't. But your soul did. A part of you that exists. That's real, a part of you. That's complete. That's miraculous, and that originally had complete health. Today's word, complete health. Today's technology, recognizing that it's within you begin asking your Lord for complete health. Allahumma Baddeck Lana, fie. A smart wearables. ladina welcome Kulu Bina was wodgina was the RIA Tina what tuba Elena in NACA and Tata Wabo Rahim

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and rare to get footage someone's going to be flying a drone in the harem. So here's a little bit of the put together. Can we imagine one day that we get to this level and shot law clearance? I think we can.

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You guys go ahead and give me some of that. Give me some of that dua that we can get to this level and get permission

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saw like on day seven people

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because you deserve it. And we just started that beautiful

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and we made it Allahumma Fillmore. Um, here we are on the roof of the gamba and of the Haram rather roof of the harem, get a little little peek of what it's like up here. Mullica Hill extension on that side. And right behind us. You can see the clock tower Allahumma foodwatch Hemanta Harar

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And before you know it, we had to leave for a minute. Just

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like our molk Shangri La love bake along whom I love. Love bake.

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Bake in Alhambra when your mother like our

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love bake along. love bacon

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and welcome to Mina, the largest tent city in the world. What are we here doing now we're completing the rites of hudge. Hang on.

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Behind me is where the gem rock or stone, you'll get a better explanation where we throw stones to celebrate Abraham getting past Satan to talk about it. But for now, guys, it's there's a lot involved in getting 75 people packed up moved, detached from their worldly things, and then being able to survive in one rolly or a small carry on. Takes a lot to do that. So right now we are in the middle of the very first day getting everyone settled in. It is a different state of mind. And that

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single tent is the home for approximately a lot of people. So I'll see you guys see if I can catch you give you some footage on the inside. And I will see you tomorrow. Thank you again. Let's get Mina the rituals of Hutch and take them to another level. I hope you enjoyed please subscribe and hang on for the rest of the journey with coming up in days. Nine and 10

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Here we are inside our tents. You'll see more tomorrow. But for now, they're doing the best to keep everyone Yeah, you see that? Keep everyone nice and cool. They're doing their best once you get a quick walkthrough

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