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Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the use of goddamn words in argumentation and how they can be used to assert one's actions. The speaker explains that goddamn words can be used to prove one's actions and give people the chance to say yes or no. The speaker also mentions a final judgment coming up and how goddamn words can be used to assert one's actions.
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Allah Subhana Allah says, Look, even if we sent down to them an angel recall this was one of their phony demands. One of their excuses, oh, we don't want a prophet, we want you to send us an angel. Allah says even if we sent them an angel, or even if we allow the dead to speak to them, or if we gathered everything for them, they wouldn't believe except if Allah subhanaw taala willed, no rather, most of them are ignorant. What could Alika Anna Nikolina be and I do want to say Athena linseed oil gin in this way. Okay, I lost pounds I was about to account for the existence of something he says we have placed for every prophet enemies enemies among the shayateen NCLD and mean

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human devils and devils from among the jinn. They help each other and they speak to each other and they dilute each other. So if Allah Allah hoorah with beautified literally golden words, golden deluded words, while I was shut out of bootcamp, Martha Alou And if Allah subhanaw taala had wanted, he wouldn't have allowed it to happen yet. And Hakeem the all wise Allah as a gel decided that this would happen that this type of confusion would happen this type of argumentation, you've got some people doing the devil's work, right has been shaytaan people, or Westworld is the suggestions that you find within your own soul. And the reason that he has allowed it to happen is to demonstrate

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what's on your insides. Because if you have on your inside sincerity, if you have on your inside faith, the virtue, then yes, you will make mistakes, but more times than not, you're going to follow the guidance that Allah Spano, Tala sends, and you're going to resist the whispers, you're going to resist the bad influences, you're going to resist the delusions, or the justifications or the rationalizations that the demons give you. But for people who have the sickness in their heart already, this is what they've been waiting for. They want to hear the West West, they want to hear the suggestions, they want to hear the delusions, they want to be provided the rationalization, so

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then once it comes along, they can latch on to it and say, Ah, yes, See, I knew what I was doing was okay. I knew that I could live my life without faith, I knew that I could live my life without thinking about being accountable to anyone, or to anything. This is how misguidance works. And if Allah subhanaw taala had willed it, he wouldn't have let it happen. Yet. He allowed it to happen to demonstrate what he already knew. Because when it comes to your heart, and my heart and everybody's heart and what they would decide how they would react a lot already knows. He didn't have to do it for his own benefit, so that he knew something he wasn't already aware of. But he makes the hidden

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manifest to prove it to everybody else, so that we get on the day of judgment and we stand before our last panel to audit and he gives us our final judgment. He shows us our deeds. That's it off. He makes us confess you did this, we have to say yes, we don't have an argument we can't say well, but if you had only given me this different situation,

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Allah subhanaw taala gave us the situation gave us every opportunity and we're going to get what we deserve.

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