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Al-Maidah 94-108 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 100


AI: Summary © The conversation discusses the concept of hobbies and their impact on various situations. It emphasizes the importance of identifying and embracing one's own hobbies, as well as avoiding overwhelmingly over-impacted by hobbies and their negative consequences. The speakers stress the need for people to develop their own abilities to differentiate between hobbies and physical health, as well as the importance of researching and avoiding loss of cool.
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All say meaning sale profits on about a salon. The latest will hobbies are

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not equal or the evil and the good. Yesterday isn't the roofers seen? Well, yeah. And what is SQL, when two things become equal become even. So they're not even, they're not equal, what the impure, the hobbies and the, the pure,

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what is hobbies and what is playing

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hobbies is that which is impure, how, according to what standard in the deen and for you is that which is clean that which is good that which is pure, where in the So basically, in the context, it is referring to spiritual impurity, and spiritual purity. It's not referring to physical.

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But in the general sense just to understand this concept, we can also see that something that is physically clean is not equal to that which is physically unclean. A piece of cloth, a shirt that is clean, is not equal to the shirt that is dirty, that has stains on it that is smelling bad, it's not the same. They're completely different. So layer seven hobbies, what are you

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and remember the hobbies and this applies to everything. So for example, a person who has hobbies is not equal to a person who is like you,

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who has hobbies person, who is an impure person, unclean person, spiritually impure, let's say who has an effect in him some model of the heart in him

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or he has covered in him, he does shake his luck is horrible. What does that make a person impure, even a physically is very clean.

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And he was the one who has been

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the one who was

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the one who has good luck.

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So a person who is bad and a person who is good, they're not the same.

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Similarly, an action that is dirty, that is bad, and an action that is good. They're not the same. yelling at someone and speaking to someone nicely. It's not the same as hitting someone, slapping someone and hugging someone. It's not the same.

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giving someone a dirty look, and giving someone a good look. Not the same.

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Doing something nicely, and doing something in a very horrible fashion, not the same.

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Doing something in time, not doing something in time. Not the same.

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listening to someone, and disobeying someone. It's not the same.

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Is it the same, it's not the same.

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So it applies to people. It applies to actions. It also applies to words, words, that the crolla remembering Allah subhanaw taala during the course of Allah, reciting the Quran, praying the Salah, it's not equal to Riba. backbiting someone, it's not equal to lying,

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reciting the Quran, and reciting such words that arouse a person's sexual desire, and make some think of that, which is how long, they're not the same. Not at all.

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Similarly, this also applies to things, different objects, for instance, food.

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So food, that is hobbies is that which is how long and food that is, is that we just had that.

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So les estherville hobbies are what the Yep, the impure and the pure are not the same of everything. And every person, whether it is a word, or an action, a food item, a person, a quality or characteristic. It's not the same, they're completely different.

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When our Java and even if it pleases you, even if it amazes you, even if it impresses you, what impresses you, the throttle hobbies, the abundance of the impure?

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Sometimes what happens when you see a lot of impure around you, for example, everybody's saying a particular bad word. What do you think? It's good to say it? It's okay to say it.

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Similarly, if everybody's consuming that which is hard on what do you think it must be good, which is why everybody's doing it.

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Somebody similar to you see, so many different types of alcohol, different names, different flavors, different ages, different whatever, different colors, different tastes, different effects. So when you see such a variety, what happens? You can impress but you like, you know, it must be good. There must be some goodness in it. What does Allah say? That even if you find a lot of hobbies, the variety impresses you the

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Abundance impresses you even then hobbies is not good. Even then you're not going to opt for the hobbies.

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No matter how popular it is, no matter how famous it is, no matter how common it is, you're not going to offer the hobbies. Why? Because hobbies and things are not the same.

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For the hola severe Allah yet within a lab, or people of internet law, Allah come to flee home so that you may be successful. What do we learn from this ayah

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that they have, and hobbies are not the same in the sight of Allah. And in the sight of those people who have aka, those people who have a sound intellect, good and bad are not the same.

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And when a person realizes that good and bad are not the same, only then he will be able to distinguish between them. Only then you'll be able to distinguish between them. If you think everything is okay, whether I shout at someone or speak nicely to someone, it's okay, it doesn't make a difference, are you going to be able to differentiate between the two? Are you going to be able to do one and leave the other? No, only when you realize that Hobbes is different, and for you is different, then you will be able to make distinction between the two and opt for the claim and not the hobbies. So, we must develop in ourselves the ability to differentiate between piab and

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hubbies to recognize something as hobbies and recognize something as play.

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Secondly, we learned from this ayah that because the human hobbies are not the same, a person should like the diet and a person should dislike the cubbies. Why is the loss of planetary attentiveness is over here. So that we like the player, we are for the player and we dislike the hobbies and we leave the hobbies even if it is offered to us. This is why I lost interest in selling us

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generally, what do we like what do we follow? What do we choose for ourselves, whatever that is popular,

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whatever that is famous, whatever that is in even if it goes against the dean, even if it is something that is hobbies, we were that which is common, which is very famous, which is in even if it does not fulfill the requirements of hire, even if it does not fulfill the requirements of the correct hijab. For a woman, for instance, even if it doesn't cover the outer sill, what will we do? Sometimes we will do that which is common. When it comes to fashion. When it comes to food. When it comes to doing certain things. When it comes to saying certain things. What do we say? What do we do? What do we wear? What do we eat? That which is common? What is Allah subhanaw taala saying? Even

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if the hobbies is very common, even if everybody's doing it, still, you're not going to like it? What are you going to like that for you? That is what you're supposed to like?

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It is that what is level, and enough malerkotla worker Cairo mimma kassala, what Allah

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what is level and enough is better than that, which is a lot and makes a person heedless of a loss.

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So if you have a little bit, and if it fulfills your need, it is sufficient, it is enough for you, it's better for you compared to that, which may be a lot, but it makes you negligent of a loss.

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So because they even hobbies are not the same. What do we have to ask for? What should our focus be on? on the plane?

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So basically, what we're being taught over here is that our focus should not be on the quantity, but rather the quality.

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When you do something, when you select something, what should you go for the quality, not the quantity.

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Like for example, if you go to the grocery store, and you see that there is a rack, and the food items over there are less than $1 each. And you see that the bananas, they're rotting. Or you see that there's strawberries, and they have fungus growing on them. And you say, Oh, it's only 50 cents a whole box. Are you going to get it? No. Why? Even if it's a lot, you're not going to get it because it is not? It is hobbyists. So why is it that when it comes to the thing, we say, oh, because everybody's doing it, I have to do it as well. They're doing it, I have to do it as well. It's so common wherever you go, this is what you find. No, you're not going to go over the quantity,

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you're going to go for the quality.

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That has why we see that even if a person gives one date in South Africa, which is from holiday earning. It will grow into how much amounted

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another person

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gives a mountain of how long would it benefit him, it will not benefit him.

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So people that are hobbies are not the same things that are hobbies and they have not the same

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even when it comes to worship, just because everybody's practicing a bit. That doesn't make it right. If everybody's doing something wrong, it doesn't make it right. What makes it right. What makes a great the shinier the dino Allah soprano tada

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Allah subhanaw taala says, unnatural and levena amanu amilo solly hottie como Sabina fill up a natural motto clinical for job? Or should we treat those who believe in do righteous deeds like corrupters in the land? Or should we treat those who fear Allah like the wicked? No. Why? Because the human hobbies are not the same. Those who are righteous will go to Jenna, and those who are wicked, where they're going hellfire.

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I believe in Mubarak, he said, saving myself from using one doubtful data. saving myself from using one doubtful debt home is better than giving 100 in charity,

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that if I have the opportunity to get one dinner, which I know is not lawful for me, I'm not sure if it's lawful, I would leave it I would give preference to leaving it then giving 100 items in charity.

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We also learn from this is that the abundance of hobbies, the variety of hobbies, it is also a test.

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The variety of the hobbies and the abundance of the hobbies that is also a test. It doesn't suit a person to be impressed by it.

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Sometimes what happens, we see them everywhere. And we become desensitized to it and we think it's okay. Everybody watches TV. sees them. You mentioned something about the TV. Everybody watches TV. Everybody watches TV, they want to watch TV. And if they watch news, I want to watch my favorite program. If they watch a documentary, I'm going to watch a movie, for instance. So we become so desensitized to things that are going around us. And we because it's so abundant because there's so much variety, we think that it's okay.

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So remember that the variety and the abundance of hobbies. What is it? It's a test? Once the test that you become desensitized to it and think it's okay, just because everyone is doing it, even if Allah subhanaw taala declares it How long? What's the test over here? May or half who believe who is going to fear Allah Indian see that, although it's open to you, it's available, too. There's so much variety, but are you going to go for it or not?

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Remember that there were many animals within the range of the Sahaba. But what did they do? They didn't catch even one. So sometimes we go to the grocery store, so many options over there. And I don't read the ingredients. Sometimes you want to tell yourself, don't read the ingredients. Don't look at it. Just buy it. Just eat it. Don't ask, just take it. But what is the last Pantone is it? Even if it's a lot, still you're going to go for the time.

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We also learned from this ayah about the obligation of fearing the loss of penalty with regards to what is in the heart with regards to what is in the heart.

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Where do we learn that from?

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Because Allah Subhana Allah says, Willow our job Akaka certain hobbies. Where is your job in the heart

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for the loss of fear Allah yet within a babbler Welcome to flee home. So we must fear a loss of penalty with regards to what is in the heart. A person cannot save himself from evil, until and unless he dislikes it.

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If you like something, you will take it you will do it. And if you dislike something, you will not do it you will not take it. You will naturally be averse to it.

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So what is it sure that we have to be careful about what is in our hearts even that you are like the cutter of hobbies do I like the variety of the hobbies that there's so much out there? Am I very impressed by it? That I go to the grocery store I go through the ultimate go Wow, look at all that poor me I can't have it. So we are also protect the state of our hearts.

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We also learn from this idea that the taqwa of Allah subhanaw taala, necessitates that a person not be impressed by hobbies, even if it's a lot. That if a person has the quote, it means that you cannot be impressed by hobbies. You cannot like the hobbies even if everybody's doing it. Even if everybody's eating it. Don't even look at it with wow expression. Don't be impressed by it even for a moment. If you

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for me,

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Jolla, Alba, if you have intellect, then you will differentiate between the YouTube and hobbies. And if you have the fear of Allah, then you will stay away from the hobbies, and you will opt for the time, even if the time is a minority. And when you will do that, then you will be successful. That fortaco law her stay away from the hobbies and our prototype Why? So that you can be successful. So, what leads to success, what leads to success that the cover last panel

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and you see over here to turquoise mentioned over here, some things are clearly Hello. Other things, they're clearly Hello. And there are other things that are in the gray area. Either we need to do research, or we don't know about it, or it's a new phenomenon, or because we don't find anything about it in the Hadees or the statements of the scholars. So that is a gray area.

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If you find some evidence from either side, head outside or one side and that evidence satisfies you go for that. But it's possible that there is something that is completely new, and you cannot understand it at all. So what's better in that situation? But the cola Better safe than sorry, stay away from it.

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If you learn about something and it gives you a shot, sort of like you're confident that he has his hand on or you're confident that no this is wrong, then follow that. And if you're still confused, you're still doubtful. I for example, there is a particular ingredient somebody told you, you know, this is a doubtful ingredient. I don't know what it is and something new. You're like Oh, nevermind, forget it. Have the koala at that time.

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So what if you want to have that particular cookie? What's the big deal? It's not a big deal. Get something else that's completely valid. And until then do some suburb do some research find out and once you know for sure, then take it or leave it.

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Very good example that she's mentioning what how she was discussing with somebody but wearing the Avaya. And they were saying that how can you work there by when you know I have so many clothes and I like to wear them I like to show them. So you know how is it possible that you wear your clothes and you put in a buy on top and you hide your clothes and you go into the mall or going outside and your clothes are not showing? Well, the cost of the hubby's even should not impress you.

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I remember once when I got married, I was going somewhere going to visit somebody. And so I went to put their bio on there like you can wear this. And I'm like, Yes. You're like dressed up. Yes, exactly. That's why I'm gonna wear it.

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Sometimes, you know, when you go to get your hair cut, and you put your hijab on after that, and they're like, you're gonna put your hijab on? Yes. Even if it's very impressive, even if it's very beautiful, but because it would be hubby's in this situation, to expose my hair to non Muslim or to expose my clothes to non Muslim. Therefore, I will cover it.

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When everybody is doing something wrong, then we think it's okay for us to do it. And we say Oh, look, everybody's doing it. But that doesn't make it right.