Akram Nadwi – The Real Reason for Islamic Disunity

Akram Nadwi
AI: Summary © The speakers emphasize the importance of unity among believers in the religion, particularly among groups like theOman and the Holloman, and the need for everyone to be aware of the differences and try to overcome them. They also emphasize the importance of practicing intentions and addressing issues related to deification, praying properly, and being kind to people. The speakers stress the need for guidance and clarification on one's own values to avoid confusion and misunderstandings, rewarding one's parents for their contributions to society, and consider the importance of learning and embracing one's own potential.
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de la vie alameen wa salatu salam ala rasulillah Muhammad Ali he was heard about all the villa him in my regime Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu Jinnah well incel Daria abou wa Taala in Ratan Tata for us the whole beinahe come, pardon me Yes, Allahu alayhi wa sallam, Allah Muslim, Muslim wakasa Allahu alayhi salam who knew about the law?

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So my dear brothers and sisters, inshallah, in this course I'm going to teach you

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the importance of the unity among the believers

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and and what is the difference that's allowed in this religion? And what are the main reasons and codify the differences in this in this oma and what is the right attitude and the minor and the other two was the disagreement when people disagree How should we behave? So inshallah this will come through the day. First thing really is in what is very painful for every believer is if there's this oma which is when oma, the Quran said in the Javi motto, motto, one nation, and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was so keen for this oma to be one nation. And you know, and we have so much in common, we worship the same Lord.

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We obey the same messenger, we believe in Him as seal of all the prophets. You know, we respect all the companions of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, we have the same at the villa, we have the same five times of prayer, same fasting of the month of Ramadan, you know, paying Zakat, and hygiene. And so many things like are being kind to the people being nice to the people, helping the people helping the poor people, helping the needy people, fear of the Day of Judgment, in all those things, they are the main religion, we are united is still, you know, there's so much disunity and disagreement, and not only that, some time in the fighting and a problem. And, you know, it happened

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in India actually,

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a lot even now going on anyway, that two Muslim groups will fight. You know, ours is more thing, like, you know, raising the hand, you know, what Sarah folia died in the prayer, or reading the father behind the Imam. And they find so much that they have to take their cases into British courts, the British judge had to decide really, who is more right and who's wrong, we could not actually, you know, sort out of our problems, that, you know, you recorded the history of you, there's so many cases like that in India, and even now is going on that how pill fighting. So it very, very sad really for any believer that you know, we have become divided to 73 sects. And not

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only that to every sector again, further in 73 steps, it never ends. To in every group actually has many, many groups. And that's going on, people are so happy and pleased. And when you ask them to unite, they don't think they basically they don't like this unity.

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Though among their one group, they love their unity, the foreigner Buddha, the Salafi, they're fighting each other. I said no, no, you are selfishly unite to they put think about that if they've been fighting each other. And you said no, you are Durban, Durban they should be knighted. And I know that in this country. There are many of my friends who are there one day and sometimes they said your Gandhi's are divided let's make effort to unite them to then come to my mother why you are so concerned about the unity of deobandis that one leave continue consider you can't you're not concerned about the beauty of the whole room. The Muslims as a whole this thing that concern for the

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UTF Salafi can satisfy the UTF Deobandi concern for the UTF barelvi but no concern for the UTF this woman if the prophets lrsm comes by will he be concerned about the beauty of deobandis and buraimi then selfie? No, this concern will be the Holloman the all the people that you know and try to understand what it is Julian what Allah what from you why how the Unity so so important.

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I remember the last year I was in, in East London Mosque and somebody says man he says Salaam to me and then he said I will share from another guy said yeah, I'm mama Carnegie. He said you know you are controversial. I said why? How can I be controversial? too? He said because you know selfies people think you are the one the and the one the people to get your selfie to I said I pray and but it will be most he said do you play really most and then he left me so these are things somebody said somebody selfie somebody though one day somebody but people don't understand really what the differences are, what they mean really and how to how to deal with them. People don't don't

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understand this thing. What is it tamada rulings in Islam was the command of Allah and His Messenger about this matter.

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The first thing that really should be painful. People should feel pain, that we are not united. And we're this

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I agree and it is hard. I mean, there's so much so much really, before we fight anybody else, we fight among ourselves. And most time and our energy goes in the fighting. And in India and it's more issues, you know, both gurus are writing so many books and going out for 200 years and nothing settled. He was telling me really what we're trying to achieve, if you can prove that our meaning behind the image should be loudly to argue to achieve and then other parties will the key is proving that no, it should be quiet

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what what a big difference about this matter is reading the father behind the Imam the key fighting as both gurus keep producing you know, a new book every month, that are happening in India all the time keep producing new work on the same issue, nothing new no new argument, but same keep keep repeating same thing again again,

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to this really no doubt very, very bad

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situation. And the scholar says Allah should actually make effort in order to understand the differences and to explain to the people and to make very clear that what is should be our attitude to our differences are 100 lie you are learning, you know, you inshallah you are in the future. And some of them are already are in many ways, we have to learn this minor adapt, you know, and properly and see really how our self and the sisters, you know, Sahaba and tallien. And after that I'm Abu hanifa Malik Shafi, I'm humble these people when they differ, how they used to behave and how they used to respect each other, how they tolerate the differences, that what we need to learn,

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inshallah, in more detail.

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So, the first thing I would like to emphasize is a you know, the problem really is not understanding that deal itself, that the problem is really what this deal actually easy. So, you know, you can see there are few words, which all the time or you know, unclear to our mind, one word what is D or D

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and the second word is a lemma or you can say, you know, in order we say masilela by beginning with the word Alma

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what the means, the means, the way Allah has made people to obey Him, simple matter, to Dini the deen Allah, Allah the deen the way he made people the way he explained to the people how you're going to obey Him, how to how to worship Him, that a Deen to DNA comes from Allah. And in one the tongue other messengers. DNA means the way Allah has chosen to the people and explained to the people how to worship him to do basically the worshipping of Allah and obeying Him, it has taught, because obedience of Allah can not be known from from the mind, mind only can tell you, you must obey Allah. Mind only can tell you You must have worship Allah your nature can tell you, you must

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worship Allah, but the nature cannot teach you how to worship.

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You know, mind can tell you, you must worship Allah but mind cannot teach you how to worship Allah is a killer to everybody. To try to understand what a mind does and what doesn't do mind one Li can teach you that obedience of Allah. And a worship of Allah is obligatory. People should worshiping your nature will tell you that since he is the one who made all the favor, you must find him, it will tell you, but your nature cannot teach you how to worship your Lord how to thank him, that he cannot do that what Allah Himself does, he reveals to the people how to worship Him, He teaches you how to thank him. He teaches you how to obey the details of obedience. And these things they come.

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You know, in through revelation are the messengers that when we correctly you know, proper deal to Deena must be in the light of the revelation from Allah to his messengers. The never caring for the mind it impossible people never can imitate the deen is a revelation. This is coming from Allah to his messengers. To that we keep in mind you can't make a dean whatever clever you are like people like Aristotle, in this oma we have clever people like in the Sina farabi. You know, in the RV, many, many people are very, very clever people, but they can't make a deal. They can't invent a deal. The name must be revelation that Allah said to the person awesome tell them in nama, you know,

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this is the one you highlight here is revelation to me. And the power said that it I have no right to change it. You know, if you want me to change, I cannot change to even a prophet and messenger cannot change a revelation of Allah hautala

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so this thing first we keep in mind that you know worshipping of Allah subhanaw taala. That is really what I did is I he told to His Messenger through the revelation.

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Then what happens is when this Dean comes to the messengers, and the teach people practice, to certainly, you know, in every time and every space, there'll be new questions keep arising. And then the P O scholars, they will answer those questions in the light of their knowledge. Sometimes they will write some time around but intention is pure, and they make full effort to as long as they make full effort and they intend

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Right, even if they are wrong, they get one reward. So, that vessel is called mother to mother hub is mother hub is, you know, the understanding of the automa of this deal that Mother, how they explain how they understand how they, you know, answer new questions that a mother, the mud hub always comes from the from the people are not profits, you know, all my scholars, but they have to do good quality. One is direct service to the know, in their knowledge. And the second thing they're pious they fear Allah to they don't give fatwa to police. Anybody don't give fatwa because they're angry. No, they deferred what because they want to please the Lord, to an island cannot be on him.

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If you want to police someone else. If he gets fatwa to police, the rulers are masters of his tribe of his people, then he's not an Ollie. And Ollie must be a fatwa to believe his Lord. And he must have knowledge, the knowledge and equalising his daughter his piety and fear of loss adalah heated when he does this thing, sometime he loses right or sometimes wrong, because he's human being he does not have revelation. When he's right, he gets the reward when he's wrong, he still gets, you know, one reward. To that we call what Mother Mother have is basically by the people, you know, by it not reveal motherhood is not a revelation.

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So there must be one, but mother can in many, many mothers dismiss opinion. Opinions can be many, many in this oma there have been so many mother opinions. I the Mineola people want to know for mother in law, honey find a Moloch and shafia

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but truth really easy. There are hundreds or the mother I'm Emma matzah used to be an authority site most a job, you know, Alabama and Nevada her mother Michelle A man has anniversary mahamadou Siri monzo Hurry, you know,

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many, many people let in aside you know people after that without you know, hundreds Adorama you know, people used to follow them and you are allowed to follow any of them anyway, because it is the mother hobby, just opinion of the scholars. Mother basically, if you want to trust their mother, it means opinion, simple matter. Mother hug means same thing, what you know, in Arabic either lie, or Yun and mother moon has same meaning, meaning it opinion of the people or opinion of the people never divine. It never can be divine. When you follow one opinion of another opinion, you don't get rewarded because you follow somebody whose opinion No, you got to get more reward than me. opiates

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are just opinions, they don't give any reward, the reward comes from somewhere else that we need to understand or firing of our hanifa does not make you better than me because I follow Malik No, it does not make any way better. If somebody's father Abu hanifa he never kind of become better than those who are humble or somebody follows him or Shafi he that followed that not making better than those who follow our hanifa Allah tala it is just opinions or laughter but equal and every and all of them they get reward in this matter that will hanifa and Malik and Shafi and humble. And I before I let in Assad and Jose, all those people who was really our beloved we love them. And when we love

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them we know that we get rewarded because we love them. So cut they are all here to lasala They spent their life to serve this religion and they get reward for that. We should not use their name two names to divide this room. You know all of them are beloved to lasala. To that understand the difference between the and the mother is okay to everybody. Second thing I wrap to emphasize to you also is a difference between por su iron foru. Though Deen actually is a very, very big thing, then is Dean is you know, we just have Allah fear of Allah subhanaw taala love of Allah subhanaw taala believe in the Day of Judgment, you know, honesty, kindness, being nice to the people. These are

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also Dean. But in the same Dean, also, five times of prayer. Fasting is a cat and height. And also in the same gene, you have got ODU on the hosel to where they stand, or the sequel, or there are some differences. Certainly there's some difference. There are some things are also Dean also Dean was dealing music fundamentals or the religion in the main thing for which religion has come, what these things are. Imani Billa love to believe that there's no one to worship. Allah subhanaw taala is Salaam surrender to Him for submission to him. Once they believe in him. We must obey Him. We must worship Him. We must surrender to Him. That's also a solo Dean. He must have been a belief in

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the last day that you know whatever you do in this world, the day of judgment, it is not that you do whatever like you one day you will be judged to this a man will do me a favor. He might be a Yama you know he might be Jen that one Nara in there of Paradise or hellfire. This will happen. You know to be to love Allah subhanaw taala with messengers, to be kind to the people. He made the people to be kind to them with their believers and unbelievers, kindness to everybody kindness to the people. You know, I'm being soft with the people being nice to the people. Love your parents obey them in nice

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These are the fundamental enabler of love your neighbors in love everybody these things are fundamental. So Dean, Avery messenger came to teach is chronically full of this teaching kindness to the people that nothing can be equal to that when you be dealing with the people, be kind to them, be nice to them. Then after that comes actually what he called for our Deen, Allah Cobra, the major branches of the Lia doe the branch in which Allah has made that you can't attain OSU without these branches. You never can attend near least one law unless you pray

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to prayer actually is a four hour barrage but it major bronchi you know if people want to like pick it up and let your soul rumbling Allah remembrance of Allah can not come without the prayer people need to pray to these four major fulgur like OSU like zakaah if you want to kind to the people kindness to the people who only can come towards the card and so the client charity you know if you want to learn patience, the only way for that actually train your second fasting and hygiene these to teach you Sabra you know this on top of all those two there are major branches to first year but also the OSU are the main thing for which religion has come. Remember is a fella here a fella Allah

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subhanaw taala sobre taqwa piety in all those things. Then after that are though the major branches the religion which have been taught to reveal to you can attain don't assume you know the prayer that you know there are no difference in this matter will soon have no difference in maharlika does not have also different from muric all the OSU in the Quran asuna and all the major furusato they are in the Quran asuna ugly in osuna Fuu you know they're not only don't different amount of Allah, that no difference among the prophets, all the prophets of same school say for Rocco, every Prophet Ibrahim by Salaam saying in his prayer you see in the Quran, Dr. Morocco is standing do rock one

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side the same prayer same Southern Africa, his son, his mother Islam said that you know unless Allah has commanded me to do prayer and to do Zakat, you know he made it very clear to salah and Sokka kindness the people in all those they always have been the same.

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Then we have got for over the

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A surah minor branches, minor branches basically are to make the major branches stronger to help them to minor branches like when you go further prayer used to you should do you know you should have Wasilla purity and all those things you know cleaning the many of these things that maybe they have been different than other prophets you know they're minor in this oh my god this is a more complete to Allah so Allah has given many many things which other people do not have. In the minor details.

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Most things are already in the Quran anyway. Or in the sooner there or something meditators would have noticed sooner, there have been left to the people, they can judge themselves if they're all a man that is close, they can do differences basically are in these small minor differences. Minor baranda not in the big one that no differences very very small thing you know, Vladimir, I expressed it so much but anyway I do it again.

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In a look really this whole can find the person you know the big circle, that also the that are big really it gives you once you follow this one you become inside the simple matter.

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The big one, then after that for all the major branches,

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the height and all those things. Then after that we have got all four of our super minor branches. In minor branches there are many which are already the poron Some are in the sooner and some are in Iijima and it's a very small circle in this one then chaos comes where the aroma have to think that they don't have anything to wear the first commentary is very, very small. Very very small thing that they tell me relate in so insignificant, not important anyway. In this village It is very very there were two people differ there were to disagree you know even if you disagree what is still going in so many circles Tell me really if you in this is more circle you go this way that is

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telling you are surrounded by so many circles enemy is still in the same religion. People say but why there's so many details in the difference the reason is made different system because people decide people don't obey Allah the messenger you know when you pray for for Raka if you pray either let the messenger tell you. We don't need to go to the honey, Fina Malik and shafia to remove t your prayer. Exactly in a fire. You don't need any any new question. All this karasuma the problem actually you go because you don't trip properly. You forget, you do mistakes. You do this, then you have to ask somebody or somebody had to find a solution for you, or in their solution that differ.

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People keep doing mistakes. If you don't pray properly. Certainly new promises will arise to many many details and the fifth is because people don't do things

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Not only don't do lightly a people consulted in the prayer they do for you, you know, they'll You know, they're not defensive that why the person either for a honeymoon or Lavina huffy Salatin harsh on those believers who do hoshina prayer, they are successful. Does Quran ever said those believers who pray like a cat or hanifa they are successful.

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Those who pray to my marriage are successful. Know, if you pray 100%, a Kiowa hanifa Hello tala, but you don't have a shoe, you are not successful.

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And if you don't know honey has a name. But you pray with her shoe, you're successful. There's no condition in this religion that people must know Abu hanifa name, that no condition. Actually, I'll tell you one thing, even if you oppose Abu hanifa is still you can go to Paradise.

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It couldn't possibly hate Abu hanifa hula is still you can go to Paradise. If your hatred is for some good reason. You know Abu hanifa Believe it or not parties reason people believe in him don't believe it doesn't make any difference is real. What matters? Is it ob Allah His Messenger, Abu hanifa, Allah is a pious person expert, obviously you will love him, and we will learn from him. But in our condition for alien, he should not be you his name should not be used to disunited the soma. He did not have other purple if he had no really, he would have really left all his opinions. If he had known that people are going to treat him the way they treated. He never would have accepted this

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condition. Never Never, he never taught this thing. in his lifetime, he actually allowed people to differ from him. You know, he's a students of Western Mohammed, they differ from him in 1/3 of the mother. And he never mind. He never taught them to just to follow him blindly. He never taught this thing. He never liked something like that. And actually, he said, if people don't know he and his his his struggle, you suppose if people don't know where I'm saying from what am i evidence that they are not allowed to follow me? Don't follow me unless you know what my argument is. If you understand if you are convinced it's fine if you can leave it.

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To this, you understand it? Basically, difference are very little. These things don't matter to us. What is more,

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you know, they're lacking one more skill near my house. It's a big mother's a very, very big mother, sir, you know, and all in a job. On the other hand, if you notice, and I have myself yesterday during that seminar, as far as partial limb and all those things, but in that area, there's no everybody's hanafy but you know very few people for our Mahajan, selfie very people are coming here. Or somebody one person came, and he was praying. And

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you have to say, I mean loudly, is sooner the disarming loudly to he said, Amen. I mean, loudly, after the salon, the director, the mothers and the mom, both came to this man has certain depth, never come to the mercy again, you want to create problem and distribute several mosques in order to come. You know, the thing really, this how we should do

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what he did, he just said army loudly. And now you are so much suggesting that you certainly you know, don't allow to come to the most. Don't you see really 19 more than 99% of what he does is simply that he believes same God. Does he obey same messenger? The same prayer safety, Willa, does he pray behind your email? Every single day do the same thing. Just he said, email me loudly to a smaller thing. And now you think he should be he should not have to your most everything else it doesn't matter to you? What matters this morning.

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In other tautomer where I studied because you know, Nevada you know, all the people from every month have any way to win the prayer hypers you know, Margarito Aisha our mini so loudly you think really nobody the Hanafi here because there's so many people from our mother and nobody they're catching Mantis anyway, I got a guest from my village to you know, in my in our village that no Shafi nobody else nobody said me loudly to this my guests him I never saw him in the mosque. So I said to him that you know you live with me in my room, but I don't see the prayer. He said no, no, I don't play here because it is so much disturbance in the most I said what disturbance we play fight no

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disturbance, how you feel disturbance, he say you know people say I mean so loudly it distracts me How can you disturb us acting really, it is just your mind like that? How can I mean loudly disturb you? And do you really think it constitutes so much in the prayer? You know, people when they start prayer 100 Yamanaka Shafi nobody consulted, you know just how our our ways and this just it basically just, you know, this, this, you know, must have an identity and, you know, consider a group and sectarianism that we are so sectarian, we don't like our mosque, any other opinion that what happens in any way to understand it this too I explain to you the difference between Dean and

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mother. Then I explained to you the difference between, you know, a solo deal between a football Cobra alpha sobre and they are based either in the Quran or Suna Aoyama appears to differentiate basically the very little and insignificant differences.

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Much in, in civic insignificant that if you'd vote for any opinion, you could tell me really what is he? Even if it's a mistake, you get reward should we fight for this? You know, the prophet said, you know this matter if you'd if you do mistake is still a good reward telling me then why we should fight if people is still a good reward, why are we fighting for what for what purpose not important anyway.

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before moving in some more detail, I'd like to also

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to explain to you the difference between two things

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for blind and what slide that also people should not have any

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farther and farther is a gem of Fabiola to in Arabic language for the island Mr virtues.

00:26:04 --> 00:26:12

an oversight means it means though the means which you use to attain these virtues,

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what is important the religion is virtues, people should attend certain virtues,

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but how to attend people very often cannot know. So, the prophets and messengers they also teach you how to attend silence will but Wassall are not a main thing that always understand that helpful to you in this matter that why this matter for example,

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you know, you have to attend the play in the mosque.

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So that actually for the attend attending the prayer in the mosque for the ILA, it a burst you you get so much reward really when you leave your house, you know, with overdue for every step that you make, Your sins are forgiven, and you get so much reward and you become near to lasala then when you come to the most until you until you are in the mosque, you know, they've adjusted they make dua for you, they pray for you to attending the prayer is the most universal if you like it really the big thing but when you go to your to the mosque, which way to go, maybe there are three ways for width. And also you can go by car, you can go walking, you can go by cycle doesn't really matter.

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The versa, they don't matter as long as your vasila does not delay you from the prayer then maternally you go by car, you go walking, you go by cycle, you can't say come by cycle to get more reward. No, you know that you know those who attend the prayer is because similar rewarding depends on their insincerity by going to the by bike oh you know why walking on the feet don't get a reward nothing like that if you go for the height that what matters you have to go for it. But whether you go you know by aeroplane whether you go by direct airline or you go through Egypt airways or Jordan and this country or that country up to you whatever kunya to UT up to you, but what you should do

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you should go for the simple matter in the month of Ramadan you have to fast that was very nice. But you know what he uses the whole dinner early, you know, meal whether you eat some cereal, so you know like you know Pakistani Indian people they have brought a and this and that very complicated food you know it's not helpful, but it does not harm you you fast anyway you get to save reward the widow right something like that. Similarly, when you time confer if you know it is soon not too high breakfast as soon as as soon as possible. That's fine. If you do that, you get rewarded by done no matter what you use, really whether you make a mock above samosa, this under up to you if you don't

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make up to you, you know, whatever it is that you make the llama samosa get more reward like you know, Indian or Pakistani houses and you know, what they do they spend the month of Shabbat to prepare for Ramadan, the prophet also you to prepare for Ramadan by fasting, but we prepare for Ramadan by making all these into food. The whole fridge is full of the kebab samosa we prepare welcome Ramadan Okay, do this thing we don't mind you know, as long as it doesn't harm your health, but it does not give you any reward. People who don't make any kebab they still the fastest same thing, dude who make the vasila you know, you need to have something that no that's a terrible sell

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the prophets have taught you to help you certainly do our door. More important, but real thing, the virtue.

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I'll tell you an example will help you to understand actually what how confusion has come in this world so much about what was

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the real thing in this world really is that people shouldn't be fair.

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When you deal with the people, he should be fair, people should be fair with their wives. Women should be fair with their husbands in a parish will be filled with the children. Children should be filled with their parents in a fresh will be filled with the friends and the society in general should be fair with everybody fairness, and just peace a kindness. These are the

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Main thing everybody should do, how to attend this fairness. They're kind of a different software really. But, you know, that is not itself a virtue. virtue is just a fear, to be fair to other people. Like, you know, people say that, you know, we are had some type of dispute and differences, we don't know how to solve the problem. And it leads to fighting to let's have, you know, voting system in a democratic way of deciding something to people who will vote, you know, if 51% vote for something, we follow that, that's fine, it is a means, by itself virtue, it is not that you follow the democratic procedure, you become near to Allah, democratic procedure, one Li is a mean, if you

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actually can help you to attain the virtue, that's fine. If by following the democratic democratic procedure, you become more fair, more adjusted, you get rewarded, when you follow that when you become more cheating, people know how to manipulate or how to cheat. Democracy is not a virtue, what is the virtue is virtue is fairness, to try to understand this, very often people don't understand the people think these means are important to people, some people will think that you know, there in the world, there should be democratic system democracy, there should be separate, there's no, we are happy to have King don't fight for this purpose, whether you have Kinga we have actually elected

00:31:17 --> 00:31:47

president, the same thing, at the end of the day does not make any difference. It just means really, what matters actually is that you know, how the government is, or the fear, do they treat people fairly or not, that order matters, whether it is combined by by democracy coming by kingship, by in any way of rule, it doesn't matter. What matters is that how you bring the fairness to the society is alarm actually interested in the virtues, for right for the leader and favilla comes from

00:31:48 --> 00:32:34

that to understand, for the law, virtue is something which only can come from the human heart, human mind, and human action. It cannot come from externally, it must be your judgment. Every at every single action, you have to decide what to do. There it is fairness, to find an apple every time when you want to be have a deal with your friends with your family, you should decide which one is a better day for maybe do mistake, but your effort of making effort to be fair to them hype fairness to them, that what actually is virtue, that word for Lila, is it that leave this to machine, you know a number, it's not a virtue, I don't decide anything a machine will decide a number would

00:32:34 --> 00:32:59

decide democracy in what he should do. What should we cook it this morning? I don't decide, you know, let's have voting. That's not a virtue, you should decide you should make effort, you should show your kindness that virtue comes in. Now let me think virtue comes from your decision your intention near you this human judgment? If it did something attend without human judgment, it never can be virtue.

00:33:00 --> 00:33:36

So all the democratic thing electoral voting system, it definitely you know, it is it is just a game of the people. It's not only virtue, virtue comes from somewhere else. People keep filling this matter, too. Similarly, when you think that you follow hanafy mother, is not a virtue, following 100 female is not a virtue that try to understand following a sharpie marker is not a virtue, even following me or somebody else is not a virtue. It is basically just to make it is it just means because you can't decide, you just put butter on somebody should serve for you. But somebody else's decision does not give you any virtue. Virtue will come How do you do them?

00:33:38 --> 00:34:11

To find that particular prayer for Abu hanifa is not a virtue. But when you pray, how much you consulted, how much you think but Allah how prayer can make you near to Lhasa hautala, that what virtue is by follow. Following Abu hanifa doesn't mean we're sila Hanafi massages Waseda Maliki Madhavi just vasila Shafi ma just vasila just means or the mother I said just let rose to the mosque. They are not the prayer, pray something else. And I know really there's so many 100 feet they don't pray. So what just by being 100 feet and he had told us

00:34:12 --> 00:34:33

No, in a to military if somebody had not been oh he's not hanafy and you know, in my grown up Hanafi is somebody Maliki but he's more kinda more kind and Hanafi I love that person. It does somebody humbly by spread much better than hanafy prayer I love that person because that actually what virtue is there to play nicely in the virtual or the mouse RC

00:34:35 --> 00:34:52

ima honey funnyman Malik and Mashallah number they don't make difference in virtually all of them they're so nice in the prayer night prayer day prayer they're so kind you know they're so just and so fear they are the same thing. Difference it just University is more thing difference in Naval Academy for the oil for the same

00:34:54 --> 00:34:59

you know Ivanova you know like in on the day after eat, it will fit before you go for the prayer.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:04

It is wise you have some people assume namaqua it was you to give

00:35:05 --> 00:35:17

you give something to know about it, it's a big burst you because you know your share, you know, your wealth with the poor people and also you give something to eat cake come like a foreign purity for your fasting.

00:35:18 --> 00:35:33

That will fart very fast. We do so many mistakes, too when you get fitter exactly does two things. One is in your kindness to the poor people helping them. And second thing is purification of your own fasting, making you a better leader. It does two things.

00:35:34 --> 00:35:34

Then automatic

00:35:36 --> 00:36:17

email how many people will say in South Dakota, you are only allowed to give What? Give the food? lacquer there's barley, wheat, and this and that. If our honey farmer says, No, it's sometimes it will not be convenient for the poor people. So the main thing is in a value in whatever value of the bar lease, if you want to give him the money, that's fine. If you want to give him the barley, that's fine. If you want to give debt, that's fine. If you want to give me the value, anything that same value, what Academy further, maybe money is more convenient than they can buy anything you can give this. There's a difference. so humbling. People say no, it must be food. hanafy will say no,

00:36:17 --> 00:36:49

it's not necessary. It could be anything criminal, that's fine. It is basically solving the same problem in two different ways. Both will get reward. Now in assisting or fighting on hanafy and humbly mother useless thing really, at the end of the day water matters to be kind to the poor people. At the end of the day, give them money, whether you barley or gift, here's the good money, good money, it doesn't matter really what matters is maybe something not so convenient for the poor people, even if not convenient, is still particularly happy. At least the gates have to you know, take a deficit. So 100 people who say Oh, no new debt in this time in our country is fine. Now can

00:36:49 --> 00:37:07

we buy this still not can we still you have to spend money given and they can sell it and buy something else is still they can do can manage to don't fight for this small thing. 100 fear molecule, real thing if the virtue the virtues card to the people, purify your fasting, that what people need

00:37:08 --> 00:37:20

is a category buddy. So one difference is the very important the differences between oil and oversize. Some people who don't understand this thing to what they think early equality that you know, I treat everybody equally.

00:37:21 --> 00:37:58

You know, it's not really this game. Again, Game of the number, you don't need to treat people equally, you need to treat people fairly, some time it will be equality, equality will help but sometimes God need to have equality. So like in our time it I have because feminism, you know, has become so much stronger to the word to treat men and women equally. And I think the big thing, the real thing is to read the fairly there are people need kindness helping people. It is not that, you know, get the woman said to wait a minute. You never can make equality anyway. Because you know, women are mothers. Men are not mothers, how can treat them equally in the job? You know, women

00:37:58 --> 00:38:35

needed more time for their children. You know, there's so many things women are connecting and men are not pregnant, how can I treat them equally? It never work. And the problem is in the workplace, a woman No, she's pregnant, she comes to the her boss and she says that, you know, I need a more you know, time because I pregnant I know. He said no I treat everybody equally, your pregnancy your problem, what to do with me. She can see that I've no i mother, I look after my children, you have to know it's up to you. You you solve your problem. It's not my problem. My you know, I pay everybody same wages, same holds for everybody. I treat everybody equally. That is not readily

00:38:35 --> 00:39:16

Islamic ways. no respite, people create the fairly mothers need more attention, mothers need more respected mothers, new mothers need more time, respect them treat the fair, equally, fair ness actually is important not not equality, but people don't understand equally it just means that equality can help you to attend fairness by equality, not the fairness to try to understand what's dot and missing between one side and the other is one of the major problems of modern time is you know the confusion between the means and end typically big big big problems really means have become ending you know, your food is for the energy and for the health, but you are fighting for the food

00:39:16 --> 00:39:53

that Indian food is the best food on the face of the earth you know I will not get any food unless it Indian medic in India, why fit for this purpose at the end of the day really just food actually Indian food because it has been so much enough people work on that it will become unhealthy because I love the ways that you know if you if the greater you basically harm yourself to Indian people have been exaggerated so much in making food it actually become it does not serve the purpose. It will become hard to if you people keep eating Indian food, they ruin their health they become fat, you know they will have derived diabetes so many problems and getting Indian food the best food I

00:39:53 --> 00:39:59

because all the problem to the people mainly to that main thing is understand the Father. Neither was I don't consider

00:40:00 --> 00:40:28

Think really this man is kind. He's my friend. He's kinda I should love him. We doesn't matter a few molecules Shafi Jamberry our they have now got new names ashari moto D, and Sophie, you know, to somebody that says What if he's kind that's fine if he nice to the people if you worship the Lord he does prayer five times a day he loves his Lord, he'll know He's my friend. I love him that okay, it should be also look in the father aisle look the main thing that how the people have been doing

00:40:29 --> 00:40:32

so this is one thing that you know, keep in mind the difference between

00:40:34 --> 00:40:38

or soon and and the difference between FBI and oversight

00:40:39 --> 00:40:45

now let me add when also two more things then I'll become really how the court is what caused the people to defer

00:40:47 --> 00:41:29

to some time difference will be personal medicine. It is my prayer I pray you know, I pray I you know, God Oh, honey, if I were you pick out Shafi but doesn't make any any, any tension between us, because he was not, not simply, you know, in any personal matter what difference comes he doesn't matter any, you don't affect anybody, you do your way I do my way towards the problem there is when it is personal, the artist usually be respect the other person. And you know, and I'm doing my way, that's fine. But the problem happens really is when something more something collective. Collective means, you know, we have to choose an email. And now that our congregation people are mixed Hanafi

00:41:29 --> 00:41:32

Maliki Shafi humbly who will read the prayer

00:41:33 --> 00:41:50

to when something like that, you know, this is a collective thing comes with new things together, you know, then the problem happens and like in the sighting the moon so no doubt you fast the Hanafi. Maliki, we don't make a difference. But the problem is when we go to start the month,

00:41:51 --> 00:42:07

you know, that is something collective Muslim Muslim has together. Ramadan is not hard to molecule, Shafi Ramadan is a month with everybody's to start very well to do either that collected in this matter, what should we do? So that actually is the data to solve the problem.

00:42:08 --> 00:42:46

One way of solving the problem really is lack politicians, the politicians people what they do, they, they always they make this politics, that you know, you have this opinion, and you have this opinion, to both after you come in the middle way, the solution, the middle way, the solution, that no middlemen is nothing like that, that basically you want to make a third way that are easy to the one where one way and the third way, the three ways you make it a third of this solution does not exist. That is really not a solution to when you ask people that know you live your way you live your way, unless I have a middle ground, the middle ground, not a solution. So don't follow the

00:42:46 --> 00:43:05

politician, politician with the word Islam is very, very clear, really, it is simple matter. But we don't need to don't want to learn Islamic ways, or those matters which belong to the community, there must be one leader, simple matter, one leader, and this leader should decide

00:43:07 --> 00:43:36

with full knowledge, fear of Allah and the interests of the community, that what he should do, whatever the interests of the dutiful, now, he should run daily, what what, what actually starting the month means what when the month is starting, and then he can do mistake, he can follow this formula. That's fine. He can follow any of them. Once he decide, let's unite behind him to salami Cuba, through the meal that in the house, in the house, there can be difference of opinion about though the motors which are collective.

00:43:37 --> 00:44:16

One person should be boss, he should consult everybody. But then he should decide what is there in the interest other people serve in the mosque there should be one in the same in the society, there should be one leader without that there is no solution. Islam has a mere solution very clearly. But we don't want to me if you want to make more than one email that you do this, you basically want to make clear, we don't want to solve the problem. The simple matter if you make it to moon committees, this simply means you don't want solve the problem. Discipline means that if you make too ambitious, it simply means you don't want to solve the problem. The sympathy lackey fell to the mosque. Half of

00:44:16 --> 00:44:23

the puppet people are hanafy and half Shafi. We make two emails, till at Jama with two emails, how can you follow two emails?

00:44:24 --> 00:44:41

You have to learn this thing you have to make one email, you've got to make two emails to simple matter. Two, these are things that people always make the difference between the personnel matter and between the collective matters this which are personal among the people and things which are collective. In both cases, Olam has got different solutions.

00:44:42 --> 00:44:59

Now we are coming before teaching you, you know, the minor of the self how to deal with the differences. Before that let's make very clear the difference. What difference that you hepatitis plan to you that no difference in those suits you

00:45:00 --> 00:45:02

Had no difference in the major branches

00:45:03 --> 00:45:35

and even the minor branches, those two which have come in the Quran, and image as soon as they are no difference for the minor barato in the ODU, washing the face, washing the hand wiping over the head and washing the feet has come in the Quran, everybody agreed, these four must be done. Everybody agrees, then details come, how much to wipe the hand head differs can happen, difference also can happen. We know how to what is the face, because for artists you wash the face, but the Quran tell you what face means

00:45:37 --> 00:46:18

karate kuratas you wash but does not tell you what washing means does not tell Quran tells you why over the head. But Rhonda naturally what he means he means a hit a hit means here, the Quran says I'm the nurse anything, what wiping means an opera swamps the Hebrew cecum what a bar means that the bar means the whole head, which means part of the head for under nursing, anything like that, for art says do you wash the feet, but what if I put on my socks in my feet? Do I should I take it out and then I wash my feet or I can wipe or the socks for under tell you something like that. So, the first we understand the nature of the differences to the minor branches, there is actually

00:46:18 --> 00:46:31

possibility of difference how the difference happened the minor branches is too, you know, too fast the difference really easy. It can happen. The text itself,

00:46:32 --> 00:47:14

it could be the text itself actually is a different more than one text in this matter more than one of the two texts, it emits a different symbol. Regardless of the messenger, you know, they have made many trips with the people. So it could be that two different texts, two different hobbies. In some matters, that people go can go for are all of them for that pool. There are some hobbies we say that in a car mean quietly. And somehow they make it loudly fun to have this to how can we fight? How can we sell to her this both want to be a messenger? Both groups were always this way I went over this way too easy. Not a big thing anyway, that one of my teacher monisha Ramallah used to say, in many

00:47:14 --> 00:47:34

of these matters, I prefer humble Muslim. He said Why? We asked him why? He said because in our humble opinion, if the Hadees differs, then you can follow any of them. Either way, we don't fight you know, maybe if you follow up on a photographer, you know to say amen quietly, you fire Mr. Shafi to you know, prefer to say loudly.

00:47:35 --> 00:48:07

Somebody said no, it doesn't matter, say quietly say louder, but then have the same prayer could be Anyway, when the text itself at least more than one way in defense will happen. You can because everybody wants to balance everybody wants to play as the preference taught by winning but basically meaning it takes itself actually is not in one way. There's more than one way and sometimes the Prophet himself or to teach people more than one way people can do more than more than way to further put after us a prayer can we do enough of prayer and people will say no after I said no enough

00:48:09 --> 00:48:52

but there are these the the prayers a lot of them after I said prayer, he did pray for record and his wife asked him that What are you doing? He said I miss my sooner. So I do know after us Okay, we got a proof for that to somebody want to follow this and that's fine. Somebody wants to follow that more general ruling. No prayer after us a prayer that's fine. You know, to understanding the same matter you know, we don't make a big problem that you know Khurana said when you come to wash your face, wash your hand wipe or airhead and wash your feet or are you the one wah wah Miss Island do this and do and do this and do this and do this in languages when you use and wow it means do all

00:48:52 --> 00:48:54

those things. Not in any order any order.

00:48:56 --> 00:48:58

Ziad Anambra came to me,

00:48:59 --> 00:49:46

it does not mean that came before ombre. I simply I want to give you information that both of them came, who came first? Not interested, both come together. I didn't guide not to tell that. If I have to tell that then I will say Jah zaidan farmerville Zed K, the number k if I'm interested to tell you that our K m little bit later I'll say john as a Jew, so Manu. I say like that. If I want to say both come together I will say john as a man but if I'm not interested I just as I don't know what it means Deke both came how they came. It is not important to wild Arabic language comes to limit Allah killjoy already. Jamal Mottola, uncondition two things hyper together without any condition with no

00:49:46 --> 00:49:59

order, no dis or nothing. It Anyway, the information is just basically that these two things happen. But in which order, it is not important. The Mahabharata says that when a Parana youth in the world wow

00:50:00 --> 00:50:05

Felt silly would you have come? Why? jaql amaravati one Sahaba Russa Come

00:50:06 --> 00:50:30

on a wild arguing with a mythical jungle to in a woowoo ordinary condition is somebody washes his feet before the hand and it does wipe the head over before the washing the face is fine. As long as he does all four things in any order, he will just fine. And before he goes for the prayer, he must have done all four things in which order it doesn't matter.

00:50:31 --> 00:51:02

It could be all the same time somebody pour the water on his on Him He will come in but at the same time is to find wrong order right order any order in our halifa said it doesn't matter really though he will say it is better to keep Quranic order because that how the Prophet is used to do it sooner was not very far did not make huazi at the sooner the sooner you got two more reward. If you follow Quranic order, if you do this order, you get more reward, because this is how the profits are you to do this sooner.

00:51:03 --> 00:51:18

Some people will say Mr. Shafi will say no, this order is actually obligatory because otherwise that no need really He will make argument there curar said fosu would you help them were idea cameras up then a porous one who will also come

00:51:20 --> 00:51:26

then wash your feet either no order they should come before

00:51:27 --> 00:51:35

because all the things which are washed they should be together and then a machete but while Cora had to put a mouse in between what the reason

00:51:36 --> 00:51:41

why could be you know if you say in wash your face and wash your hands,

00:51:42 --> 00:52:14

why for your head and wash your feet, washing that measure the future we mentioned before wiping the head? Why feet has been mentioned after the head. If there's no reason no reason if the order white LED to he makes his own reasoning. And he think this order is obligatory denial Shafi mother, if you wash it in the feet before the face is not acceptable. After that you have to wash his feet again. That's an opinion that's fine, too people kind of follow that opinion and they can do that.

00:52:17 --> 00:52:20

Or answer our must The moon is

00:52:22 --> 00:53:07

when people do Mola Masada women llama ulama so can you mean Arabic language touching each other man touches the women a woman touch the man touching llama ulama so also means to have a relation when men or women have sexual relation. Now this what what mutually two opinion imahara opinion is that llama Salama some Yun said Jama is geometry of relation in many women have a relation then after that they cannot pray unless they have bath. Mr. Shapiro said no it did not agree about bath but ODU what qualities and gender and a minute touching the if men or women, any of them touchy data, then it will be broken. You can see it in the coming from the texture to this setting actually keep

00:53:07 --> 00:53:51

happening, the nature of the text, nature of the human mind and all those things and this need to be understood properly. In this matter, one should not exaggerate what should not think that I have revelation. My understanding the most authentic one human mind has been weird. So differently. People who say Dharma means Jana to they're also convinced people who say lamassu musella Muslim touching, they also are can confuse people, you know, whatever people have their own opinion and that Congress in this matter, similarly, in the fraud of the other player, something everybody says let is standing in the prayer, Roku in the prayer sajida reading the Quran, because it is something

00:53:51 --> 00:53:56

which Quran our all the time keeping besides to the you know, Father,

00:53:57 --> 00:54:39

but in the Quran, you must read a particular surah Is it a father or not? in this matter they differ. The most jurists say, reading the father How is obligatory if you don't read Fatiha, your prayers invalid. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam has said the last salata lemon lamea para be father Kitab. Those who don't read part there are not valid to when you read the Quran. Most important is to read Fatiha and then after that you can read something else as well. But Fatiha must be read. And the prophets Allah Allah I mean all these prayers he ordered fatter, that never has been equated without the fat. So you know if people miss fat, they're probably not wedded imovel honey formulas

00:54:39 --> 00:54:59

think their process Takara. Mateus Rama Quran read what easy from the Quran? Yes sir the Astra does not miss anything from any part of the Quran. If people read therefore these done but since the prophets The last time I said that Allah salata, lemon Lamia, crabby Gita that no Salah for those who don't have

00:55:00 --> 00:55:42

Part Two are the parameters used or were used to have the Maharani fasted, reading the Fatiha behind the reading the father will be watching and upon reading the Quran to hear the difference between father and worship. You understand? If people don't read the Quran, then the prayer is not valid if they read any part of the Quran, but they did not refer to her. Do you know Hannah female, the prayer is valid, but the person needs to do sighs to subside the at the end and the prayer be complete? Do you consider it just difference of understanding of the of the same text? It is not that Abu hanifa to invent new Islam it is just simply his effort to understand the same thing. Same

00:55:42 --> 00:55:47

tested same Abu hanifa Malik shamima cv ma all these people

00:55:49 --> 00:55:57

this I needed to teach a little bit in more detail because this actually was the main problem is it was a difference

00:56:10 --> 00:56:12

with a different skill but the text

00:56:13 --> 00:56:17

one other difference in the text is which actually many

00:56:18 --> 00:56:49

so I'll come to this inshallah after the break because this is something people need to understand differently because people keep fighting. Somebody will come and say that you know hanafy people pray this prayer by two goes against Buhari the Hadees so they'll bring her this Rambo Hurry and 100 people don't follow that or this. Somebody will say that you you do this thing but it goes against the Koran. So that what we need to really do really deep Do people really oppose this, you know, don't understand really if somebody differs for you can differ for Abu hanifa Malik, can you differ from the previous a lot of setup?

00:56:50 --> 00:56:54

If your hanafy believes that you are allowed to differ from the Prophet, can he be Muslim?

00:56:56 --> 00:57:12

You just think really that you think you can disobeyed the Prophet can you use it to simple matter to hanafy that cannot defer to what happens is when a Shafi people say avani Hanafi people they you know differ from the Prophet there are a few people to bring the car Shafiq with the different family law

00:57:13 --> 00:57:38

cuz, you know, you bring a verse of the Quran, which Shafi don't follow, they have their own meaning to either this a team that you know, nobody differ from Allah, His Messenger, it a different understanding anyway, this we need to make very clear really, that what is the nature of the text, how and how they can understood differently, and what was actually intended by a learner's messenger? The Don't exaggerate, don't keep fighting and be flexible. So But before that, if you have any question, please ask.

00:57:46 --> 00:57:49

Salaam Alaikum shares, I was just wondering,

00:57:50 --> 00:58:03

when we have we seen that the mega hub is different means. And we if we have different opinions, and they are maybe in conflict, someone says sooner someone's says her arm or whatever.

00:58:04 --> 00:58:26

And we believe that all of them are valid. What do we do? How do we make a decision on what opinion to follow to respect everybody? So I'll come to that anyway, how to deal with this condition with so my definition, you know what to do. But the thing simple matter first, understand the difference is not, you know, in the virtues, differences in means

00:58:27 --> 00:59:00

to.is a great tool to make a big thing, don't think when you follow this appeal, you are more players. Some people give this impression. They think really that when they follow discipline, they're more religious, they're more players know by following etc. Please don't come more pious and more or less. Some people think that, you know, if you are more restrictive, you are more apt to sometimes being more strict is being actually signs and less piety that basically make everything narrow for the people, you know, opening to the other people making easier for the believes it's much more positive anyway, so this thing inshallah to first is to let me tell you how I'm going to

00:59:00 --> 00:59:18

do to first I swear to you the code that the difference is why the difference actually happened the soma, what happens, then I'll tell you, what are our responsibility to what the differences what are the responsible how to how to reach them, how to understand them, and then are then we shall learn what is the right manner in this matter?

00:59:19 --> 00:59:37

If there is a question, please ask it to what I've been teaching until now. If you have any question about that, you know, ask about that. You know, it is very important that you learn and together we hope inshallah you people learn this thing. And you teach people because the society really is fighting the sociality so much trouble you know, I live in Oxford.

00:59:38 --> 00:59:59

So first thing actually on Friday, you should have a prayer anyway. For a Juma prayer should not be many many because you must should be the whole city by anyway because so many people so much pollution mostly don't have but I will Juma because of the set because I have another group too. I have to Juma father purple in new Juma How can you get out early? You know, you can have him in another career because of

01:00:00 --> 01:00:39

Don't have any space, they don't understand. But you have another Juma because you don't have, if you don't love the door like these people, this is very, very done just like the most where I play temporary mosque very, very big mosque, and in art for There are also some Salafi brothers. They had their own Jamaat, sometimes they used to invite me for to give his foot by a girl, but that's fine because I consider it because, you know, most of them don't have enough space to people. But the problem now, those people have a split now, two groups, two, one is in that place and a one actually have hired room next to this big mosque, they have their own Juma, this thing I cannot understand it

01:00:39 --> 01:01:16

This basically this misunderstanding of this religion, this religion does not allow you this differences, unity or the believer, the virtue is not actually means the virtue far I mean, you refer your mother Have you heard the virtue, her the unity of the believers, that what many people keep missing identity, more piety, Dharma of piety, piety, to sacrifice your differences, for the sake of the virtue for sake of the Unity unity of the believers is much more important than anything else. So you know, that as a because you people learn inshallah and go to teach it to learn it properly. If you have any problem, anything you want to know more explanation, ask Michelle, and

01:01:16 --> 01:01:20

I'll make effort to solve it to help you just like Hello, Harsha.

01:01:21 --> 01:02:04

I'm really fond of this diagram that you show each time but what if people don't agree with that? What if people say no, that what if people differ on on that diagram? For example, what if they differ on the place of the sun? And there are some people who don't accept the sun? Or or the other circles how do we deal with those kinds of laughs certainly no doubt sometimes it could be possible. difference will be about certain sooner with So no, not but this can't be different about Arthur it was sooner itself you know, other people don't believe soon How can they Muslim? They must believe that we have to follow the sooner but the problem can happen with that is no not that's fine, that

01:02:04 --> 01:02:27

can happen but that is what I will let him that I'm going to discuss inshallah, there can happen. You know, everybody agrees that we must obey the father of the Quran. But there can be no difference, about understanding of the verse of the Quran, two different meanings, three meanings could be it possible, so that we have to understand what what is the meaning in there are something divine, and something human.

01:02:28 --> 01:02:30

Whatever divine,

01:02:31 --> 01:02:35

we should accept it, whatever is actually human, we should be flexible.

01:02:36 --> 01:02:51

So it's very we know something divine, something from Allah Subhana Allah and His Messenger, that there's no no place for a difference. You can't defer Pamela's messenger but when actually in a different setup, because our understanding of human involvement

01:02:52 --> 01:03:01

certainly then all the opinions are the same. You know, you got to make one Okay, no matter what he or the other except for by right argument, nothing else recording system that

01:03:02 --> 01:03:02

is a clear

01:03:04 --> 01:03:09

what I mean is there are there are Muslims who don't accept the divinity of the Sunnah. For example,

01:03:11 --> 01:03:14

more than just that, I believe that the professor or the

01:03:18 --> 01:03:54

messenger with not follow it is actually also kurata using almond flour to order soon, obedience other messenger is not a foo it because Muslim unless you obey the messenger, do somebody think that no need to obey messenger. So then it is very serious matter, then we need to treat the person that is more defensive. The big difference is no matter how we deal with that, because we don't want to bring so much promise in the society if you give the offer, you will exclude the people, excluding the people is also harmful anyway, however, the better is to include the people and then work on that a very athletic out of ignorance people don't understand really, why soon is so important to we

01:03:54 --> 01:04:29

have to teach them, but certainly it is very, very, it is not easy metal, it is one of the fundamental metal, where people think the sooner that important, but I will not be have like other people who will be further up the cofra and bike are the people and this and that and your marriage become invalid and create a more part of the society. I will say simply you notice it this person is you know that I will not say to him otherwise you can agree. But I'll in my heart, and then I'll deal with him like you know, you have to explain to him and make him nearer friendship with him somehow explain to him make him as near as possible that how you do but certainly it is a serious

01:04:29 --> 01:04:33

matter problem and not happening anymore. This these prompts that we are there.

01:04:35 --> 01:04:41

To when I explained to you how to understand this, I'll come to that really there are some time difference actually are in those slides. Well.

01:04:47 --> 01:04:59

Jeff, you might come on to this later. But why do you think we as a community find it so difficult to accept different opinions between different groups or different motherhood? Like why have we become so resistant

01:05:00 --> 01:05:01

To pluralism,

01:05:02 --> 01:05:05

you know you rightly because what happens is when people have got far away from the school,

01:05:06 --> 01:05:15

then it's more to make their identity and people fight for identity, they did not important really, you know, big thing to like, for example,

01:05:17 --> 01:05:52

you know, somebody abused the product of muscle Allison, in one of the industries of India, a Muslim was tea. So all the Muslims will have so angry in all those tests in a big, big problem. So, somebody asked the question, that, but in the same industry, people in certain law, they worship idols, they do all those things, you don't become angry. And when the Prophet Muhammad can because the what is the answer? The answer was because Allah will have to everybody, and Muhammad Ali Beloved, was it Mr. Secretary, that we meaning we are sectarian, it's our identity, you know, we are not looking in the proper priority. You know, Allah is more important than the Prophet, no doubt

01:05:52 --> 01:05:59

about that. We should look in this matter to you know, behave properly, but didn't happen properly. Somebody criticized

01:06:01 --> 01:06:02

you know,

01:06:03 --> 01:06:10

Abou hanifa Medical rhodamine. But if you could suffer sheharbano you'll become very angry. Dovolani.

01:06:12 --> 01:06:51

Oliver Zuma, we should be same same way. If somebody criticized for rapidly an RA from Durban to all who might be angry, but if you criticize somebody for a selfie Allah, they will not might do actually if Allah both are the same, because both are neera Tula, both are not friends, too, we have become sectarian. We have made these differences as they're our own identity, that the problem and people fight for the identity, not because we're religious, it is just identity we have made certain things or our other differences become our identity to this Hanafi musty in this mosque hanafy people so how can he lead the prayer? If you think no, the most beautiful house of Allah, not

01:06:51 --> 01:07:06

holifield Miracle Shafi. You know, anybody worship Allah, they can come and pray they can read the prayer, we don't mind. This, we don't feel like that we have of sectarian to when people when in the time of decline, people become more sectarian, the secular problem, we have become secretaries.

01:07:13 --> 01:07:19

Just like Kamala head on chef, you mentioned in the beginning, the difference between Dean and math hub.

01:07:20 --> 01:07:50

And you said the dean is what Allah has chosen. And the mother had been the rrr of the lemma or the opinion of the lemma scholars. Is that the case that for the vast majority of Muslims, the alumnus not the people of knowledge, because they don't have access to the original sources for for them. Wouldn't it be the case that the aura of the opinions of the scholars ie the mother, who is the dean for them?

01:07:52 --> 01:07:59

Are the people that Why are Manu t distinct differences? Romani to teach people that you know, among the things that we Muslims do

01:08:01 --> 01:08:36

something choppiness as a Waterman, don't treat them in the same way. God give them same word, either what we give the word father for the deal, you know, so this, I think we should be taught, if you don't teach them their thing about the same thing, to them really every step. For example, if you one of the most you don't, if pray, and you don't put on the topi to them, it actually is a big mistake, if possible, not praying at all, the same mistake, they don't make a difference between topia and between the prayer because both things are real to them. So this should be taught, if you keep your people even know that the crowd will rise, we have left them ignore that we should teach

01:08:36 --> 01:08:50

them they should learn it ignorance is not excuse the people think or ignore is not an excuse, people should learn this thing. And if you don't teach them, they will create a problem for you. So therefore, we need to carry on our Friday You know, when happening

01:08:52 --> 01:09:30

on a Friday the new moms like somebody was saying to me last night, he said he went to one of the mosque and he mom was reading from the from this book, so much mistakes and no message people came and nobody the manicurist that did not know anything. So you know this what we do really cool Friday Prayer has been well for this purpose, the people who are important to them to but sometimes they teach what is it is less important, fighting an argument, teach them the basic of the deal, what why what piety is what for Allah, they should know really, that that why is more important than these more things they should know really. rst is more important than kindness is more important than many

01:09:30 --> 01:09:49

other things. But at the moment really what we teach them is our own opinions in our own identity. So it is duty or the Imams and duty of this class or in general that they should teach people you know what a dean is what also is then they come near to Allah subhanaw taala because they don't know really they don't know what what are the priorities, priorities should be taught.

01:09:52 --> 01:10:00

Also chef you mentioned that you pray in a braid we must cheat and this is a topic on Audible stls if we know of a particular

01:10:00 --> 01:10:00


01:10:01 --> 01:10:09

that he believes in the messenger and his salon having him of the height being a highly moral high being hardened now there are

01:10:10 --> 01:10:51

lots of the scholar they say oh is it permissible to pray between behind a motor there, but if we know he does shake it can this be defined as shit? What is your advice and your opinion you know, no doubt really easy differences among the people and not all are the same level 13 no doubt some difference are more severe than others. But one thing to also keep in mind really is it though we know really that certain differences equally subtle differences in the dot have importance for certain differences they make without difficult like without uncertain differences, they become severe these are subtle differences could lead to shift to differences like that. But one thing is

01:10:51 --> 01:11:11

important. Unity is very very important. And when things like that happen when the problem like that really my way in this matter is that if people have certain Tavi seven preparation, so I don't I think really bother might I'll explain it really that what is the role of the Imam in the prayer.

01:11:13 --> 01:11:52

He says role really is to give you a reward of the jamala It is not that you know you get his reward, it could be possible that when he mom leaves the prayer, he does not get any reward. And if you have 100 degree reward, it could be possible in that as his reward if history is good, you're welcome good in that like they're ready to eat mom will leave their father unity pajama, without mommy quarterback Gemma that what he does really it could be possible that he himself as his play is not accepted. Unless rather than not like any many, many any reason. But other people because they got a jamaa they could reward for the purple, to military the function of the Imam is something

01:11:52 --> 01:12:27

different. It is more organizational, it is outlining the prayer. It is not really your your mother, your mother, your mother and your father. It is more organizing in that matter, though I don't like very different like that. But still for the sake of unity I will not ask this question and I will think rarely the best thing either if a mom has this belief letter, you know come nearer to him make friendships and make disease like do I really the the mom Where are we? I pray he did not believe in this to say it but anyway, there's some time could it could happen. Still I will not ask him question is try pray. And I think I will get reboot on my prayer. And he'll get reboot of his

01:12:27 --> 01:13:04

prayer. And we will all together get the rewards Yama because we bring it in the gym, I will put when you have in JAMA, you get reboot of Jama an individual rewards depends on your individual prayers. As you upgrade your sincerity your shoe heart matters. It not matter if you mark plays a shoe, you get his reward. No you get your reward. If somebody did not play the course you are a mama's boy shoe, a man get rewarded for shoe and the people behind him, they will not get a reward at the shoe. It is the one lead to make up a Jama that was really a mouse auction, nothing more than that. But certainly some some differences are much more severe. And I know really most barelvi

01:13:04 --> 01:13:10

people, you know if they believe that the Prophet knew why but if you ask them,

01:13:11 --> 01:13:54

they made a difference between to arrive. They said there's a vibe, a rabid thottie an element of it. That means, you know, like a lot I own attribute. You know, knowing everything is actually part of him. You can't have Allah without you know who he will not not know that it is basically like a man let it run power. Allah is Rama, Jia, so knowledge, it all the knowledge. But if he gives knowledge to someone, they can learn to their thing the prophets have been taught by Allah, those things which we don't know. And the thing about Ron was he had been taught everything. So this exaggeration, but they don't think that you know, his his knowledge is same as another knowledge. So

01:13:54 --> 01:14:14

we don't make this shit. Per satelli we set a severe mistake, no doubt No, because there's no proof that a proper muscle has to get all the knowledge. He certainly he knew merit is right for us. But not all the time. There's no proof for that. But they think that some of them believe like that. So the big big mistake most people mistake, but I still don't think they should

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