The Perfect Day 16

Wisam Sharieff


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All right, so the daily log, I'm not sure how deep you'd like to go into it. So let me know.

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From in your own way, however, you can communicate it to me. Do you want to hear more about this? Because this is something I did in 2017. I left myself voicemails for audio messages. I never limited, I would just take a walk and say, Hey, this is what happened today. And

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I can go into it. Now it is I'm astonished how quickly I was able to go from this is what happened today, to full out talking to some, you need to be grateful. I know you might listen to this later. So whatever is going on in the future, and it's like, oh, that sounds so weird. And guess what? It's 2019 and I'm listening to those. Those mp3 is

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as, as a time machine. So this was my extra word on the daily log.