The Perfect Day 11

Wisam Sharieff


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Now I know that sounds like what how do you do that and there's learn a new language vlog, do an Instagram post, speak to the staff, the AQL staff, what maybe work on improving student experiences, these are all things that I would love to do. If it's on a perfect day, I would just work a wake up and just do 20 minutes or 10 minutes of work, put a little bit more attention towards the mentorship and producing some more articles.

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And on a perfect date after all of this was done, I would record Goron my personal grind, I want to start recording the whole Grog. What's the point friends

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I'm not going to do all these things in one day, but they are all activities that I would love to see myself doing. And in a future these would be the natural things that I would be doing. So let's look at that perfect day together. Envision big