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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah

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in Alhamdulillah.

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Now medu who own a story you know who own a stone Shiro who know me know v anata on

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one hour who do billahi min shuru de fusina amin sangye

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mania de la

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Well, Shadow Mohammedan Abu basura

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de Nene how

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h y luzira who

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luzira Juan de coeur de wallow karianne the even if there's karate

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a shadow en la ilaha illallah wa shadow Mohammedan Abdu who were a sudo

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this member is Hamed of Allah. This must it is Hamed of Allah, this four walls is Hamed of Allah, but nothing is greater than the praise of a law literally on Friday, then you

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because Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us in the sound Hadith, that on the day of Friday ingen Allah subhanaw taala will call the people of Jenna and people ask how will Allah subhanho wa Taala address the people the prophets or lawani what Selim explained Juma here is going to be like Juma where, in Ghana, Allah will speak to us and we will honor Allah and today we do not see Allah but in Alhambra, Lila, no matter who indeed are praise and thanks are due to Allah because we praise Allah we think Allah we acknowledge Allah but it's not not enough. Then we tie a loss to Allah's laws to this dunya and that's what we call trust you trust Allah when our two Billahi min,

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sruti and fusina but Allah all of these things are great, I believe in you, I pray Juma today,

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but last night wasn't so Juma. Like you know what I mean? Last night wasn't like now But didn't you believe in Allah.

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And Allah subhanho wa Taala extended mercy to then then to so today's Friday is not like a Sunday sermon where you say, Allah forgive me for all the bad things that I'm going to do again this week. Not the things that I did last week. Well Allah you know, I have those habits. As Juma is about saying, look, Allah was done is done. Friday's to move forward. In Alhamdulillah. Muhammad who want to start a new one is still futile who wanted me to be here. Why not our Kalahari? So we said this and I pray that this is enough of an introduction for you all know what I said already. This is what we call hospital hygiene. It's a quick reminder who is Allah? What I would like to do and remind

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myself are the words of Allah subhanho wa Taala that you didn't hear once, but we packaged in a series of hood buzz from last April to when I didn't feel so well.

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And between that time in nine quick buzz we covered three major things. We wanted to know Allah subhanho wa Taala I can see most fazer like yeah, I think I remember those good buzz. All those good buzz comprise three words beneficial knowledge of a complete Muslim. While Oh Katie Hill mushy Kuhn we know who the machinic is but man Muslim who is the Muslim? Allah subhanho wa Taala explains throughout the Quran and if you haven't caught season one yet this is the recap beneficial knowledge spirituality that doesn't judge anyone if I have knowledge but then I tell about your shirt is Red Hot Tamale. What is that? That's not your spirituality. That's me putting my my enough Sanju Hopper,

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But the third and the most active was where we left off was activism. We had to have the alien beneficial knowledge we had to be connected to a lot through the soul. But what was the last thing that we all left with? And that was around the Irvine 11th time that was active.

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So, but we never completed this topic we did nine clip buzz the 10th asks us how do we complete the topic of activism, but that's not today's football. All of those entire hood of 10 nine of them together could be summarized in one idea of the Quran. With Imam Malik Rahim Allah and Imam Shafi both have a blog about this statement, that if surah while asked just while asked, in an insane Allah, he has low lamb unizin mineral qurani if there was nothing revealed in the Quran, Siva, except this, it would be enough for all of mankind. So today listen to one ayah and then leave with that ayah and in the second clip, I will open up something refreshing, something new, something that

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would compel you to say maybe I should watch all the things that the mustard puts out for us. So when you hear a loss of Hanwha to Allah say in his glorious book in

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Santa Luffy hose, you realize we are at a loss but there are four exit signs. There's I think it's what is it called worse than Jeffrey Then sand Canyon. There are four points on the 405 to Jenna and that is illa levena Manu and what was Iman, Iman was alien spirituality and activism. We finished that last season. The new thing that we want to approach now is a man who

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saw the heart, not fearless saw the heart. Does that make sense? amahl is something that I have an intention to do, and that is to become a complete believer. But again, we keep hearing this buzzword complete believer. So let's take it and ask Allah subhanho wa Taala what is the next we all have a man we all pray Juma? What could we do more beneficially on

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Slovene will help to encourage the people towards good and I'm going to put a period there. So sob sob for sovereign Jamil subber takes a long time, and I couldn't give a Hooda about it. Because that would be an oxymoron. To give you a good everyone. Let's practice patience now.

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So wonderful test. We can it takes time we learn it.

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So as we step into this new, clearer section of what we want from ourselves, we say to a law, a young Cana Buddha young canister sorry, we finished the recap. And we say a law from a bada. And it's Tiana from worship, and asking for consistent help. I can worship a love but I can't worship a human being. But I need your help to do something. So how do we interact? This is the second season of what we want from a complete human being. And that is the Islamic personality. I pray and ask that you will hear this word from me as we continue to speak. Because we spoke about the big picture in April. Now we're going to start talking about smaller things, the human relationship between us

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and Allah and the human relationship between myself and my friend, and soufiane and Isa and Omar, how do I interact with amo? How does when amo says you don't come into my seat with shorts? He's right, bro. It's place of worship. But you're like, oh, tell them you know what I went and told them sometime in June. They weren't happy with what I said. So young people, maybe throw me a bone. Maybe we need to interact with them a little bit differently. Maybe? Or maybe I'll keep begging obnoxious and seeing who breaks first.

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Youth maybe we need to change our ways the self reflection. So we take two step backs and now we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala from the self, what is it that we can improve? And the first thing that Allah subhanho wa Taala said to us in the third revelation to all of mankind. The revelation starts with Bismillah beaker Lady haluk Yeah, you hadn't Muslim mill mudassar. And then most of the narrations tell us no.

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immediately Allah subhanho wa Taala. This is for revelations. The first revelation was read, use your intellect use your brain. The fourth revelation was and he's swearing but why the pen, not by what I just made up yesterday, or what you heard in one lecture. It's about what Islam has been from not Mohammed rasulillah. But self reflection leads us to the last footbed that I gave you. And that was surah number 42. I and number 13. You're all with me. And we remembered that self reflection wasn't about Mohammed rasulillah

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, because even a loss of Hiawatha Allah when he said you're going to have a relationship with me now boo, but esteana is going to be with human beings. And I'm going to say I'm what do you think about this?

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Well, I don't think this is good. And I'm going to take because the fruit hangs above. So you see, this self reflection is a constant balance, but we take it a step further now. What is it that Allah subhanho wa Taala encouraged us throughout the Quran? And this is the only part I want you to remember of the Hooda what is it that Allah subhanho wa Taala and this is literally one of the last things I said and it disturbed the elder. So I'll say it again with some wisdom, the whole Koran 632 pages, it doesn't have a lot of laws. You know what it has a lot of stories, it has a lot of Allah subhanaw taala telling us, those guys messed up odd and smooth and those people who kill the cow and

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man those, remember we did it in the journey. Allah said I could forgive them too. Why don't we come to what Allah wanted forgiveness is Tiana. Forgive, and your relationship will be made. So I am going to open up a deeper part of the Quran that was shown to me from my teachers. We did the overview last year. during Ramadan, we did a more IRB II here I would like to start sharing one point. Have you noticed in the Quran, as you read cover to cover not one section, Allah subhanaw taala keeps telling you many, many different stories, but he gives you the extreme example of all of those stories. If you get in a fight with your wife and you get divorced, if the people have odd and

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when this happened, they killed. So Allah is giving us what subhana wa Taala the extreme case.

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You know, when we fight with each other, what do we quote the most? Koran? When did my relationship with you become that extreme? That I have to tell you, those guys want to help Watch out you might too

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good and didn't ask for that. So again, I only ask us to approach ourselves. When you hear a lecture and you're like that *. He said this he looked Yes, that she can't help the way he looks. Sometimes we get sick. Sometimes we don't sometimes we're excited.

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But I asked you to leave here knowing this section of follow on.

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This is Surah Nisa, I am number 26. We did this once in a while but together but I'm asking you to revisit it. And then we'll end the first code bar on self reflection. How can I become the complete, knowledgeable spiritual, active person? How can I do this? And Allah subhanaw taala ties all of this together? And he says, What do you read? Oh, holy Huni obey

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Allah Yuri do a Rubina he wants things to be bacon. Well, yeah.

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So Nana levena.

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And he wants you to be guided like not just the aroma of this prophet, min Polycom, everybody from New Ibrahim or musawah Isa, so I'm asking us to do a self reflection and on that, ask Allah subhanaw taala to give you forgiveness and be isn't allow we will open and ask Allah subhanaw taala to make the second clip, an opportunity for us to reflect on the relationship between our parents and our relationship between our spouses make dua between the sittings of the Hooda for Allah subhanho wa Taala has given us a moment on Friday, where the DA is not rejected. Young people are busted on you today. ask Allah maybe this time round to maybe he has the right thing going ask yourself and I look

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only at you guys because I don't have my glasses on. So it's just in a random direction towards wherever the young people are. They usually sit in the back so my salams to them between the clip bus make the dua to Allah to make us complete believers Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah here on Pilla mean

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to masala mala on Sunni when we look at while he was

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in no war how Amala

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lunala Navy? Yeah.

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He was sunny muitas Nima.

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As you see the durutti if you choose to say it loudly that's your opinion. But when you

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Say it Allahumma suddenly was sending ala nabina say he didn't think about what you were saying where are you sending these salams? Ibrahima is Sam Come on for later. And the same way that Mohammed Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his family came down. I'd like you to think about these things. Because everything I said from the first is in a perfect example. And that is Muhammad Rasulullah. So it wasn't so long. Why do salons dress alone? It was something specific that we I have lost. And that was his relationship with human beings. For so many of us measure each other. Oh, you've got a kid. You must be a an eye size you are based on what I see. I don't ask what we

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said in the Juma member they

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have Shu Salam. First ask How are you? And if someone looks sick or looks hungry, he's like, Hey, bro, did you eat I didn't lie.

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And then if that person has a problem, shake their hand say Allah will make it better. And stand that night and pray for that person. Then tomorrow when you come and say, I have this problem then I can say here I have an advice for you. I made the Wofford on a day. I love you. So that's why I did see now it makes sense. But if I say brother my problem is you know what Allah says in the Quran. But the Quran is d the nth degree I'm trying to figure out like here right now. Like

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give people hope in Allah. This is self reflection. For maybe my words may have taken your hope in Allah way I asked for your forgiveness. But know that Allah subhana wa Taala has given us these very beautiful gems. And when we say the words Oh Allah make us amongst the aroma of Mohammed rasulillah now with me in the law, how am Allah Nikita who you saw Luna and nabee? Yeah, you Hello, Vina Manu Swati Lu Ali, he was suddenly moved the schema Allahu solidly Allah Mohammed. Mohammed Gamal saw later Allah evil Hema, Ebola Hema in Jaime de Majeed Allahumma vatika Mohammed Mohammed Tama Raka Radha Ebola Ibrahima. Voila early Ibrahima in hamidah Majeed, we add to the durood as the Prophet

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Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, say ye Dini. So sometimes when I say varrick, Allah, Muhammad, I should actually be saying, say, Ed, now Mohammed, I want you to find a comfortable groove. Maybe it doesn't work in Arabic, but the way you carry yourself around women is the way Mohammed Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam did, he carried himself a certain way? Yes, he interacted had business transactions. And yes, I am. Yes, you know, it's in Bukhari, but we don't like to talk about it. So I'm asking you, why don't we act like a pseudo law? And I will sit on the words of Allah radi Allahu taala. And these are the words of Allah not mine. Who cares what we have

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to say? earlier? The Allahu tanauan came on the member and I'm asking you a question in your brain. When was the first time he ever ascended the member of Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam to give a quick buck, it was the day or the week who had just passed away, you know, right. So this is the greatest fitna in all of history after the death of Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam. Many of the orlimar many scholars say the death of a man or the loved one was the greatest catastrophe to the Ummah and who steps up to the plate.

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I'm not going to make any references, but when the star is not there, who steps up to the plate, only the true intention person, you can make a next reference if you'd like to. So you can think about this someone then steps up to the plate and says I'm going to take care of this earlier the Allahu dadan as the greatest person at that time to take care of the oma passed away. Earlier the alarm came up to hear on the member and he said literally he just sprinted up. Strong ready to go. He walked up to the member looked out and said, You all need us doing man? Not a speaking man. For if we were going to speak

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then I would win. Because I'm speaking here, right? You guys are not allowed to talk. It's in the physical books. I could say whatever I want. But Allah subhanho wa Taala said

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in Allah Maru Bella oddly when ehsani eata evil corba Indeed, Allah has enjoined a law has solidified his karma has firm made firm for

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Even us who try justice. So was Ali rhodiola. One standing up there as Ali rhodiola one

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or was he standing behind the shield of Islam?

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I don't know.

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I know in my heart but I'll let you answer. You know why he was there? Not from up here. But what can I do for my religion? What can I How can I walk? How can I talk? How can I reflect? Because the reason for an Don't worry I put everything online.

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Now let's become good people. Quran is for the best people and for the best person. Let us now use this as a self reminding reflector. I asked you to go back to two reflections last week's could from shake mostly for Han beautiful. I don't think it's up yet but I spent some time with him. And January 27 Khalid Sheikh Jamal deewan beautiful beautiful hood bump. You will see a connection between last week's the 27th and what I said today, Allah subhanho wa Taala wasn't asking us to judge the people. He was asking us to judge the self. And when Mohammed Rizzuto LOD took care of the self for 25 years.

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And then he married a woman and he's still chair treasured her radi Allahu taala on her. Then Allah subhanho wa Taala gifted him something when he was 40 Why not look here to work 40 young people and those who are above 40 look and know that we look at you so that we can know what is the correct example of how to love How to Have mercy while at the court of law. He Akobo in the La Jolla movie largely what he said anyway, he is a little corba when I needed fascia when moon curry Waldo and Allah subhanho wa Taala What did he do? Allah subhanho wa Taala he encouraged us to be just and he for for Bade perverseness fascia please look up this word. It's not just dirty things on TV. It's a

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lot more than that. disrespecting your parents like looking at your parents dead in the eye and saying

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that fascia who feel malata neuroma, but I have supposed to give a whole football about that. Allah said at once, I don't need to say it again. So

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justice injustice is is fascia, the dirt that we see around, try to cover yourself up from that try if you get hurt, keep cleaning the dust off, keep cleaning it off. The second thing that he gave us was a son, his son is destroyed by what fascia Mancha so you know that Allah can see us right now. Right, fair, you feel that Allah subhanaw taala has accepted Juma. I mean, now he's accepted this Juma? You know he sees you now so why can't he see you outside the $2 movie theater.

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All I'm saying is when you make the selection, keep in mind,

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right? It feels uncomfortable, but it's self reflection. I can't tell you what to do what's right and wrong. But Allah subhanaw taala said, just make sure I'm there all the time. And when you're doing bad things, I'm still there. But the last and most important, one ether is little corba will be zero corba spending on your family members. The opposite to spending on your family members is oppression while bowling.

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So if you haven't said Salaam to a family member because something went awry in April. It's not April anymore. Find them. Give them your hand. say if she said I'm a settimane come on when a decree law a law

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yeah you ever

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wondered if

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we ask Allah to give us the opportunity as I leave the member make dua to Allah until the prayer begins. ask Allah for forgiveness. ask Allah for mercy. And as we say the words on hamdulillah here on beenleigh mean remember a lot