Ramadan 2023 Boost #22 – A Tiny Drop of Semen! But Look at You Now

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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim Al Hamdulillah he was the who was on Allah who was salam ala Milena ba ba who were an early he was here Jermaine, my beloved brothers and sisters. If we think of where we were, more than a year before we were born, we would realize that in Surah Yaseen, Allah Almighty makes mention of it in a way that brings about reality of where we came from. And Allah has mentioned it in such wording, that he asks us a question as to why pride overtakes us why sometimes, we become argumentative and we forget where we came from, and where we are heading. While a mural is

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now follow up on

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mobile, for either who has seen

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Moby does man not see that we created him from a droplet of semen, droplet of semen,

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every one of us as handsome as we think we are as pretty as you might think you may be as powerful as solid, as intelligent, as wealthy, as whatever else you think you are, Allah reminds you of how it started. And Allah Almighty says, Don't forget, this man not see inside this man not see

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that we created him from a droplet and then Allah says, And now suddenly you find man so argumentative, but the worst is not you and me arguing about anything worldly. But man argues about his Lord about Allah.

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People are in doubt as to where they came from the other day, I made mention of something interesting. And someone told me I never looked at it that way. But I was also one of those. I got sent a message. What did I say? If we came about? Coincidentally, the question is, why did that coincidence only happened once? That's it. It happened long time ago, once. If it was really coincidence, it would have happened coincidentally, a few times at least, but no Subhan Allah has not been Alameen soulful response, they don't have an answer. So it can't be something coincidental. Allah created us, he fashioned us he gave us our identities, I bring to your attention, something

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unique. From the beginning of the first of our species, to the end of the last of our species, every one of us is different.

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Identity is different.

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Your thumbprint is different. Every finger of yours is different. Your Iris is different. Your DNA is different.

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Not just humankind. But every single creature of Allah is unique. Subhanallah

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every animal, every bird is totally unique. It has its own unique identity. Think of that. It can never be mixed.

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Some of the scholars say that this uniqueness of identity is evidence

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that there is going to be a day of reckoning, and Allah will hold you to account. There won't be a mistake. It's you. It's you. You can't say maybe look alike. We are living in an age of artificial intelligence.

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Earlier today, someone sent me a clip

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with me speaking, but it was not me. I didn't ever say those words. I never ever had that conversation with this person. Never. And I promise you the voice was almost identical to mine.

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And we're living in an age where as much as you might say, wow.

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Or some might say subhanallah. In reality, it opens a very dangerous door. People can put into your mouth what you never ever said. But it's your voice. And it's your face and your lips are moving according to what you're saying. But you never said it. And it was never there and it didn't ever happen. Wallahi we're living in this age. Those of you who might know about AI and artificial intelligence, and that must be the bulk of us. It is very scary. As much as we're excited. It can be used in a good way.

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But the hottie

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Prophet peace be upon him comes to mind that one of the signs of the hour shall be that the truth will be considered false and the false will be considered true. Here we are. People will argue that this is the fact we saw with our eyes, but your eyes have deceived you. We heard with our ears, but your ears have deceived you Subhanallah my brothers and sisters, we are living in an age of technological advancement. And every day as we breathe, technology is advancing.

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We have to keep abreast because we've got to know what's going on. Because if we don't, the generations to come, what will happen, people will use the same technology we shied away from to turn them away from the dean. And you would not have had a mechanism in place to teach them the deen from those particular platforms.

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So if you have concern of the generations to come,

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you will try to look into what this technology is all about and how it is being used by our own children and endeavor to improve the way they are using it.

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This is why we say

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there are two schools of thought one tells you don't embrace this technology at all, throw it aside. Simple, perhaps it is a safer way.

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But impractical because translated on the ground. 99.9% of the people cannot do that face to face.

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The next school is to say every piece of technology that has come into existence and everything that is new that came into existence can be used just like a knife in a good way or a bad way. You can make things Halal with a knife, when in fact without that knife, you can't really make certain things.

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And the same knife is used by some to perpetrate crimes, they shall be held accountable.

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And that's why Allah says in the same Surah we read this evening so that you are seen

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that accountability is such that you cannot run away from it moments ago I said your identity is evidence that Allah is going to hold you responsible here in surah. Yaseen Allah says, Allah Yahweh manuf, Timor Miranda for him.

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You're standing in front of Allah,

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that may put you into the picture.

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Allah speaks to every one at one time, a unique, personalized discussion straight with you. And at that very moment, every creature of Allah can be spoken to by Allah subhanho wa taala. And you would think to yourself, I'm the only one being spoken to Subhan Allah when Allah speaks the furthest hears it as clearly as the near risks, that hola speaking, how the accounts will happen on the Day of Judgment. Remember, Allah doesn't need to do you one by one Subhan Allah,

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Allah is the Creator, it's you and I who cannot multitask for Allah, there is nothing impossible.

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the other day I was talking to someone about how Allah subhanahu wa taala will speak to everyone at one time uniquely,

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with a unique discussion. And I was saying you know what the multitasking that we have today

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is such that humankind

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cannot cope with more than two or three things. You are a big expert, perhaps three or four things.

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But you have so many windows open on your phone, so many things are happening all at once. May Allah Almighty make it easy for us. May Allah Almighty grant us ease on the day of Tiama here the surah trc. And Allah says on that day, if you don't want to own up as to what you've done, we have witnesses, who are the witnesses who are going to bear witness against you to start off with your own limbs and organs.

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Your own limbs and organs are going to bear witness against you look at your hand and tell yourself you know I've done really nasty things with this hand. May Allah forgive all of us.

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And my hands are going to speak what to can mimouna

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ad him what the shadow

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be makan wipsy moon on the day Allah says we will see you the mouse. You don't need to we don't speak don't speak your hands we'll start speaking how, in a way that Allah knows. Start speaking bearing witness against who I

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cuz you

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and your legs will start bearing witness the Quran says in Surah Yaseen, and we read those verses tonight. Your legs will bear witness about what you earned, where you went, what you did everything. But I tell you the good news is when you seek the forgiveness of Allah, not only do your limbs and your organs forget what happened, but even the angels forget what happened. That's the Mercy of Allah. So don't lose hope. As much as we remind you of how severe that day will be. We must remind you of the hope in the Mercy of Allah His most forgiving, Most Merciful turn to Allah walk on holy giorno de him, Lima Shahid to Molina on the day, the criminals will see, when their skins bear

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witness against them, they will address their skins and say, Hey, why did you bear witness against us against me? You know, it's us. My skin, isn't it? Not your skin, it belonged to Allah from the very beginning. Palu patana Allah who led the PATA Kula che, well who was

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love Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allah says that the skin will say, Allah gave us the ability to speak, the one who gives an who has given everything the ability to speak and he created you from the very beginning in the first place, Allah made you

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say, if you think your skin is yours,

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it's actually like a policeman. That's what it is.

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You think your mouth is yours? It will probably be reminding you within your deeper conscience to say, Please don't utter these words you're about to utter and you still come out with an F in Ramadan. May Allah forgive us. Allah forgive us. Those are words, young people and old. The F word is now part of language, how to change you. Make a promise to Allah. These are the most powerful nights of the entire year. You may never see them again. May Allah grant us the ability to see them but who knows? We hear of a death 21 year old Allah can't him Jana.

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I think in your own community if I'm not mistaken.

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Allah grant him Jana and make it easy for his family. No one would have expected that.

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But the unexpected is expected for a minute because Allah says when your time comes, nothing's going to change that. Prepare for it. Allah tells you oh man, don't become argumentative. Don't argue. You are told about your Lord who made you you are told to worship your makeup, the beginning of tonight's recitations. We started off by mentioning the man that's mentioned in the scene so that you're seeing what did he say? He came to His people? And he says, oh my people follow the messengers they asked of you know, well, no money, they are not even if you look at it, calling towards themselves, they are calling towards the maker. What is wrong in the message where someone

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comes to you and tells you worship your medica alone, say, Oh, my maker, you are the greatest, oh, my maker, you are the only one who is owed any act of worship, oh, my maker, I'm going to put my head on the ground for you, oh, my maker. I will never render any act of worship to anyone or anything besides you because you made me that's the meaning of la ilaha illa. Allah, there is none worthy of worship.

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Besides the one worshipped one who made you and I Allah, that's it.

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Would you ever imagine putting your head on the ground for anyone or anything else, no chance, as a believer as a movement, who grew up with a man or who tasted a man and faith or who turned towards the man and faith, no chance that we would ever render an act of worship, because that's the whole Kelemen as we say, the Shahada. I bear witness there is none worthy of worship, which means no act of worship is going to be rendered to anyone. Besides, can there be anything wrong in that? And indeed, We bear witness that Nabi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is the final messenger of Allah subhanho wa taala. So these are the reminders that Allah presents in the Quran. In this

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evening's verses we heard the names of all the prophets and Allah speaks about how he blessed them and protected them one by one, when the Jaina who

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can be loudly New and then he Salam. Allah says We saved him and his family

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from the tremendous punishment from the hardship that was tremendous

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We saved him who knew Hello he Salam Allah says, Allah.

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Allah Musa.

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Indeed we have favored Musa and Harun May peace be upon them. They were favorite. What was the favor? Number one, they were believers in Allah number two they were chosen by Allah to be prophets. Number three, no matter what the Pharaoh tried, they were saved Subhanallah number four no matter what the people said, because there are people were not easy going probably some of the most difficult people as mentioned in the Quran.

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And Allah save them.

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And at the end of the day, what happened?

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Even though they were prophets of Allah, they went through challenges but they thanked Allah, they were showing gratitude to Allah.

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Allah makes mention of Luth Allah in His salon, his people harassed him. From amongst his people, there was hardly anyone who had even listened to what he had to say and obeyed.

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But it was still

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a successful mission in the eyes of Allah. Because Allah planned it that way. The lesson is for us, we are seated here centuries later, ask yourself has Allah not favored you?

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I tell you who my brothers and sisters, when you worship Allah, you are only worshiping Allah by His permission.

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So thank you.

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Your heart has inclined towards coming to the masjid or towards doing the right thing. That's why you are doing it and who is the incline of the hearts Allah who may or Mocha liberal Kulu sub bit gloob Ana de Nick, a dua of the prophets, Allah Salam, O Allah, the world, the Turner of the hearts turn our hearts towards this deep.

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Oh Allah, the strengthening of the heart, strengthen our hearts upon this d. That was the dua of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So who's controlling the hearts? ask Allah for guidance, He will guide you search for the guidance, Allah will guide you. But if you're not serious about it, if you're not making an effort and you're not disciplined, and you're not trying and you're not looking in a proper sincere manner, how do you expect guidance? Nobody on Earth who has searched for guidance sincerely has been left astray by Allah. When Allah Medina Jahad Rufina, Lana de

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su moulana, those who have strived

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to come towards us or in our course.

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We will definitely guide them to our paths.

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So we need to be sincere, when you are seeking the forgiveness of Allah be sincere, if you have fallen in the same sin again, for as long as you are genuine, Allah will grant you the Tofik and the acceptance to repent a second time and the third time you are a human so am i We have human traits, we have human weaknesses, we have inclinations,

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inclinations towards what

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Allah tells you that shape and beautify certain things that are haram. All of those things. You can actually discipline yourself and open a halal door to do the bulk of it.

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For example,

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zooming in and in NASCI for Bucha Huwa T Meenan neasa e one Benny in our Penelope remove,

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BA and Allah continues.

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Allah says it has been made beautified to men shaper, and at the same time

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it's a tightrope because man is genuinely inclined towards the opposite sex. Allah says that's nature.

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And shape man comes in make you want to do it in the wrong way and beautifies it for you and says no, come, come. Let's go. And Allah says, take it with discipline, take it with honor, take it with respect. Do it properly, make sure you are disciplined and make sure it is regularized in a proper way. If you cannot regularize it, block it, stop it. Close it, we will reward you for abstaining, Allahu Akbar.

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You really want something you can't have because it belongs to someone else. Leave it don't steal, don't pinch. Don't rub. Don't commit adultery.

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When you held back, guess what Allah says, We watched you were rewarded.

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Which Lord is going to reward you for just stay? Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar. I just held myself back. Do you know in Ramadan when you're fasting every time you feel for food

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And you remember ALLAH, you reward is increased

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because not all the faster the same sometimes in the afternoons, you get a little bit thirsty you look at the water and for the sake of Allah you just smile and you say I'm fasting. Imagine, the Hadith tells you that even if someone comes about and tries to abuse you and instigate your anger or whatever it may be, you just answer them I'm fasting Allah rewards you for that, I abstained, in Nusa in prayer and fasting.

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If we are taught this and Allah rewards us

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for abstaining from sin, guess what Allah says to us through the blessings lips of Nabi Muhammad Sallallahu sallam.

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When you plan to do a sin, Allah doesn't write it against your name yet

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it's a plan,

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shape on temporary with you.

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You plan to do the same, if you did not do it and did not execute it because you were conscious of Allah. Allah says, We write for your reward.

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Depending on how strong that was, and how difficult it was for you to abstain, the reward is greater Subhanallah it was so easy for me to commit this sin. I was so tempted, it was really dangling in front of me. And guess what I just turned back and I said, Allahu Akbar, oh, Allah, protect me, walked away.

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Allah says, We grant you know, in this world, a light,

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a light that will only be noticed by others with a similar light.

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We grant you a nor on the Day of Judgment, why have you stayed away from something for us? For us? You could have done it. What was stopping you? Nothing besides Allah. There was a rule in place by Allah. You didn't question it. You didn't justify. But you just said, You know what? Allah said, No, it's a no.

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And on top of that, you may earn Jannah simply because

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you did something for the sake of Allah.

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And then if you fell into the sin, do you know that for a period of time still, it's not written, the pen is just being held by the angels, but they are instructed to hold perhaps my worshipper may seek forgiveness. If he does seek forgiveness quickly. Don't even write it.

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That's the Mercy of Allah.

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That's why the Quran says we're living in an era

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in Schatten

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that can live has doubled so I'm only going to beat him while mail field but

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what amuses?

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Those who have committed immorality transgressed against themselves, if they remember ALLAH and seek forgiveness and do not continue doing those bad things. Allah subhanahu wa taala says, Who will forgive their sins besides Allah? They remember the Allah sought forgiveness and stopped the bat Allah says those who Allah hula

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beam for those people

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is forgiveness from their Lord,

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and Paradise. For who? Those who committed wrong but quickly sought the forgiveness of Allah, those who made the mistake and said, Oh Allah when I made a blunder, I didn't do this. And I've been saying this route on my van because this is a powerful month. Oh Allah, I did not sin against you out of defiance. I acknowledge all your rules, all your regulations, and I know they are the truth. And I know that's the only way to salvation. And I know that's the only way to success but Oh Allah, I committed a sin out of human weakness. I'm not going to go around confessing my sin to another creature of yours. I'm telling you and I confess Ebola Kabinet Motyka Allah you will abou will be

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them be Oh ALLAH. I admit him I acknowledge your favor upon me. And I acknowledged my sin for virally for in the hole.

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So forgive me Oh ALLAH because there is nothing to forgive me besides you.

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Who is the Owner of forgiveness? Is it not Allah? How many times in the Quran does? Does Allah tell you I will forgive I'm the most forgiving the Most Merciful, different wordings.

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In one verse, Allah says, we're in Nila Foley Lima dabba wanna know Amina Saudi, honey.

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I'm definitely asked for giving you know the father is a quality of Allah, not just the fool, a fool, is a brilliant quality of the Mercy of Allah afar is a repetitive of the same. Repeat Allah says Again and again and again, for as long as you do good deeds and you turn back to Allah and you are rightly guided.

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But what is the problem? I started off with a verse and I want to end with the same verse.

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I started off with the verse reminding us of where we came from. The problem is Allah uses the word for either who has Zubin man was a droplet and now suddenly, he's arguing evil, you want to argue Subhanallah that is the problem. When you do not acknowledge the hokum and the law of Allah, it becomes different because when you know I'm supposed to be doing five Salah and you are weak in it, it does not take you out of the fold of being a submitter.

00:26:02--> 00:26:05

But when you are denying that this five you have a problem.

00:26:07--> 00:26:15

Halal is halal haram is haram. If it is as clear as daylight mentioned powerfully, and you know, it's part of your faith, just consider it that

00:26:17--> 00:26:24

you can't come and say, Well, you know, pork is haram. But you know, this book comes from where does it come from?

00:26:26--> 00:26:40

Where does it come from? Say, look, it's wrong, it's bad. Alcohol is alcohol. It's haram. It's haram, in toxicon, in toxic and haram, haram, be it weed or feed, it's all the same. Allah grant us ease, Allah He my beloved youngsters,

00:26:41--> 00:26:48

if you don't acknowledge that something is wrong, you're not going to change. When you acknowledge it wrong, you will change.

00:26:49--> 00:27:12

A person who's drinking and justifying the day we heard ALLAH is forgiving men later to cut that whole night I was awake, I didn't drink. What type of nonsense is that? You cannot justify something you can't say, Allah is Forgiving, therefore I'm going to do this. No, Allah is forgiving. Therefore I'm ashamed that I'm thinking of this. I'm not going to do it. Subhanallah

00:27:13--> 00:27:34

so a person who's consuming alcohol or doing something haram, gambling and the list is endless pornography, whatever it may be, don't justify, tell yourself this is wrong. It ought to stop. Oh, Allah, forgive me, strengthen me made me from among the true believers. But oh, Allah, I know that this is the rule I'm supposed to follow. And I submit,

00:27:35--> 00:27:38

even though I have wronged myself,

00:27:39--> 00:27:57

that is better than one who is a sin. One who comes up and argues No, why is it haram? How can it be haram? I had a brother the other day, a few months back, he tells me, you know, orange juice? I said, Yes. He said, You squeeze the orange and put it in the fridge? I said yes. He said the following day you test how much alcohol is in there.

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I said what are you trying to get at is this a little bit of alcohol in there? I said my brother, the Hadith tells you, whatever in whatever causes intoxication in large quantities, even a small quantity is haram. If you have

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this orange drink and you're drinking it, if you happen to drink a liter, two liters, and suddenly you start seeing stars, you must know that now then it's reached a stage where it's wrong. Even one drop of it was wrong. But if you left it overnight in the fridge and you drank the whole liter, nothing's going to happen.

00:28:34--> 00:28:50

Allah has not mandated you to come and take a little taste every time you you remove extract the juice because as soon as the juice is extracted, it probably starts fermenting, but very minut ly small, perhaps, but you still admit that intoxicants are haram. They are.

00:28:52--> 00:28:56

My brothers and sisters, when we start arguing to justify something,

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we're going to have a problem, especially that which is as clear as daylight five pillars of Islam. A person says, I haven't yet been for hydro say Why am young? Can you afford it? Yes. Are you able and capable? Yes, in that case, Allah has decided that you should go, you should apply you should try in the case of what we have become. Now you have to apply you have to try. Your name might not come through except after a year or two. Some people a little bit more sometimes. But you have to apply and try because if you were to pass away without the pillar of Islam, only Allah knows what's going to happen.

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So as I say that end on that verse, may Allah subhanahu wa to Allah grant us the ability to witness later to May Allah make us from those whose hearts soften towards him. May Allah make us from the lovers of the Quran. May Allah make us from the lovers of the Quran in a way that we love not only to listen to it, but to read it and not only to read it but to understand

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And it and not only to understand it, but to put into practice and not only to put into practice but to convey to others as well Allah is the Quran. May Allah make us through torchbearers and flagbearers. And may Allah grant us a goodness and the ability to respect one another. Learn to love one another. When you look at another person,

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how do you feel?

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That determines your condition and your connection with Allah?

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He look at someone else, different color, different race, perhaps different financial standing, perhaps different level of education, perhaps whatever else it may be, how's your heart? How's your heart? Does it feel a connection? Does it feel love? Does it feel some form of empathy? Does he feel some form of

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you know, relation?

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Do you care for the person? If something were to happen to them? What would you do? When the Hadith says that true believers are like one body, part of it is aching painting, the whole body is struggling. And the Hadith says we are like supposed to be like a wall. Each brick is holding the piano. Take out one brick in the wall becomes weak, a few bricks the world drops.

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In the soma, we need to understand our strength is in our togetherness. And the problem is we don't have it as much as we ought to today, small matters and we are looking for issues that defy us. That's not the way it should be. We should look for issues that bring us together, there will be differences there have been differences from the time of the Sahaba the Allahu Anhu my brothers and sisters, learn to love one another and respect one another ritual to it will change your life.

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May Allah Almighty grant us goodness, and may Allah Almighty bless us all. Indeed, as our beloved chef said a few moments ago

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I was in this Masjid exactly 20 years ago when I let the entire taraweeh including the Isha and the wisdom and deliver the talk the entire month. That was exactly 20 years ago. The first time I ever led tarawih was exactly 34 years back

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Subhanallah so it brings back a lot of memories to be in this community even though it's just for a day and mashallah I ask Allah Almighty to make this Masjid in this center, a beacon of light for the deen of Allah. And similarly all other centers, may Allah strengthen us. People are entering Islam on a daily basis.

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The difficulty is the Born Muslims do not appreciate the deen sometimes because they were born into it.

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Understand, Allah says in the Quran, he can replace you at any time. replace you with someone else. I told one person who refuse to do something that Allah had ordained that your refusal resulted directly in 10 Other people adopting it by the will and power of Allah. Because he says that will replace you don't think I'm gonna refuse Don't be assume don't start arguing about it. Just say you know what, I'm weak inshallah I'm gonna get there. And I love the fact that Allah has granted me this guidance. May Allah bless you all. Akula Kohli Harada SallAllahu wasallam Obara, Karla Nabina Muhammad Subhan Allah who become the Hispanic Allah on one hand, a shadow Allah, Allah in dance and

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stuff will come on