Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P25 257B Tafsir Al-Dukhan 1-18

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The history and meaning of Islam is discussed, including the fall of the first Ashura and the return of"has been revealed" meaning "has been revealed". The rainbow of the creator is revealed, and worshipping the Prophet's words and actions is crucial to avoiding distraction and confusion. The removal of drought in Makpaid and the upcoming return of the God-criptions are also discussed, along with the importance of not believing in Him and not giving up on one's promises. The importance of graduation and avoiding mistakes is emphasized, and the need for graduates to avoid mistakes is emphasized.
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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim Surah two Han is a murky surah and it is of the Hawa meme. So the surah begins with the hood of Makkah thought having the solar has only 59 short verses Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim ha Meem. While kita will move in her meme by the book that is clear meaning by the Quran that is clear, in and of itself, it is evident in its meaning. It is clear in its message, it's not ambiguous. Rather its message is very eloquent, it is clear and also unapologetic, and mobian it is also clarifying, meaning it also clarifies what is necessary for people to know in Anza now who indeed We have sent it down, meaning we have sent the Quran we have revealed it fee Laila tin mobile

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raka tin in a night that is blessed it in Kona Moon zerene. And why is it that we have revealed the Quran? Because indeed we couldn't now we were meeting definitely we were one Vereen wants to warn one ZTE employee last Wednesday. And you will notice over here plural is being used for Allah soprano data for the purpose of royalty to show greatness to shore is and might. So in the 18th meeting, we were definitely going to warn mankind and this is the reason why we sent the Quran in this ayah What do we see the revelation of the Quran is mentioned. And Allah subhanaw taala says that we revealed it in Leila T Mobile Raka. In the blessing that night. And this blessing at night

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is in the blessing month, the mobilock month of Ramadan. And the book is Mubarak the book itself is blessing. And from the mobile command, the mobilock Night was chosen for the revelation of the Quran. We see that all of the books that Allah subhanaw taala revealed they were revealed in the month of Ramadan. In a hadith we learned the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. He said that the serve of Ibrahim the scrolls that were given to Ibrahim Ali salaam, they were revealed in the first night of Ramadan.

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The torah was revealed on the sixth.

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The injeel was revealed after 13 days of Ramadan had passed, the ball was revealed on the 29th and the Quran was revealed after the 24 days had passed, and this is why based on this hadith, some have said that the Leila to Qatar is either the 25th or the 27th or the 29th. It is towards the last part of the odd nights of the last Ashura of the month of Ramadan. And there's a hadith which is in a sutra to Saha, authentic hadith. So fie Laila 10, mobile raka 10, in the blessed month, and in particular in the blessed night and what is this blessed at night? It is Leila to other as we learn in the Quran, that in the Anza Allahu fi Laila till God, indeed we have revealed it in the Night of

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Power Laila to other and with regards to the revelation of the Quran, what does it mean by this that we have revealed it in Laila, Timo Baraka two meanings? Firstly, what this means is that the entire Quran was revealed on this night, the entire Quran was revealed on the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. No, we see that the Quran was revealed gradually, isn't it so? So the entire Quran was revealed as in from Lo. Halima falls, due to a certain place in the skies, from where Gibreel brought the Quran to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, there is a Hadith in which we learned that even our best Phil de la Martin who said that the Quran was sent down all at once and Laila to

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Then Allah sent it down to the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, how piecemeal, one part after the other. So from the low hun Marvel's to the beta Riza. And from there Gibreel brought it to the Prophet salallahu already he was. Secondly, what this means is that in that ends allow meaning we began its revelation, meaning the first revelation that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam received was when on Leila Takata. And where was he at that time in the cave of Hera. Why else is this night bless it. Fie hat in it, meaning in Leila to other in Lena toma Baraka, what happens you Franco is separated, you've Rocco fell rock off FIRK to separate in a separated what is

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separated, Omran, every command or every matter, every decree. What does it mean by this that every decree is separated, meaning separated from the rest, as in, clearly laid out? Clearly decreed.

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Every matter is decreed on this night. And this matter Allah says it is Hakeem. It is Hakeem. Hakeem has two meanings. The first meaning of Hakeem, the well known meaning is one that is wise, meaning the decrees that are given on this night, they are based on Allah's wisdom. They are not void of wisdom rather they are based on divine wisdom. Secondly, Hakeem also gives a meaning of Markham, that which has been decided upon firmly fixed, because you see, Hakeem is from Erica and Erica has to solidify something, strengthen it, to perfect it to perfect it. So hockey means decided upon fixed, meaning not to be changed. Fee her youth Roku Kullu Amarin Hakim another important thing we

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learned about Leila Takada from this idea is that on this night, decrees are given by Allah subhanahu Adarna.

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And these decrees are given to whom to the angels, so that the angels may carry them out. As we learn in Surah, through cutter, that Denizen will Mullah equal to a row who fee her be is nearer be him, men coolly.

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That the angels, they descend on the earth on this night, with what could lead every command every decree that Allah has given. And this is a reason why this night is very special. These commands are these decrees, Allah says I'm one meaning every matter is Minar in Dena from us, meaning Allah subhanaw taala is the one who decrees and issues, these matters, these commands in Kuna, Mursaleen. Indeed, we were to send mursaleen again, as plural, plural is being used over here over and over to show royalty, we are going to send meaning a messenger such as Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, or we're going to send the angels to carry out and execute all of these commands. We see in these

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verses. Leila Tambo Baraka, the blessing night is being highlighted. And this night is blessing. Why, because of the fact that the Quran was revealed in it. And also, because of the fact that the decrees are given in this night. Now, isn't it that everything is decreed and decided from before? Don't we learn in Hadees? That everything was written 50,000 years even before creation was created? Right? Isn't that so? So what does it mean unless a little color decrees are given, we see that called the decree, remember that it has levels, we see that the first level of powder is

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a literal, meaning the knowledge of Allah, that means that everything there is an everything that there ever will be, is known by who, by Allah subhanaw taala, from when from the beginning. Right. The second is, the second level after him is kitab.

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Writing, meaning what Allah knows, he has also recorded it, and we learn Hadees that the first thing that Allah created was the pen, and he ordered the pen to write, isn't it? Now when it comes to the knowledge of Allah or the decrees of Allah, that are written, then remember that they're written in different places, and we will just come to that,

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after Kitab is under Allah's command, that when he decides that something should occur, or something should happen, then he issues that command, and then after that comes Hulk, the creation, meaning the creation is created. All right. Now when it comes to the writing of the decrees, then remember that the first place where all decrees are written is which place, the low Houma falls, the Preserved Tablet, where everything was recorded 50,000 years before the creation was created. Secondly, we see another place where decrees are recorded is what is known as Kitab or Moriya. Or duck deed or moody, what does it really mean with regards to one's or more meaning, life or H

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All right. And this is what is written with the angel. When a person is in the womb of his mother.

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There's a detailed Hadith that tells us, but how, when a human being is created in the womb of the mother, then there comes a stage where the angel is sent to write the decree. And of course, the angel doesn't write it out of his own well, he is instructed All right. So, that is also a place where the decree is recorded.

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Another time or place, you could say is the deed howling here or center we center we HOWLEY, what does it mean yearly, yearly decrease. And these are given on the night of the Night of Power, the angels are given that the clear of the servants for what for the following year,

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for the following year, that from this Ramadan, until next Ramadan, this is what has to happen in this person's life, they will fall ill

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right or it's such and such will happen to them, or they will die.

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This is given when on Laila to cottage and the fourth is duck the yummy, yummy as in daily, meaning what the angels record of our actions as we perform them. That is also written that is also recorded. Alright, so I'm going to meander in Deena inner corner Mursaleen.

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Every matter proceeding from us meaning decreed and issued by Allah, and the Quran has been revealed on this night because this is a very important night, all of the decrees for the following year are being issued. Right? And the angels are descending with those commands, and we see that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that the night of power is the 27th or the 29th night. All right, and another Hadees we see indications again, but there is no definite date. All right, he said that it is either the 27th or the 29th. And in this night, there are more angels on earth than the number of pebbles. Just imagine the number of pebbles on Earth, how many are they uncountable, if we tried

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counting them we wouldn't be able to. There are more angels on earth on this night on Leila Takata and Ramona in Dena, in Kuna, Mursaleen. Now we see that some people have said that this Leila toma Baraka is not late at all, but rather, it is the 15th of Siobhan. All right, however, we see that there is no sound Hadith, there is no proof from the Quran or sunnah, that indicates that Leila tomo Baraka is the 15th of Sherborne. In fact, everything we look at all the references, we look at all the details we look at, they all point to what it is later to Qatar, isn't it? Because we see that later tomo Baraka, what is mentioned, the Quran was revealed. Correct? And we see that the Quran was

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revealed on which night later,

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isn't it? So, then we see that Leila two other is called a little further because it is the night of other as in decree. The night one decrees are given. They're issued. And the same thing has been mentioned over here. Right. So one of the scholars, Abu Bakar, an Adobe ematic II Scholar, he said that no Hadith in respect of the 15th of Shaban is reliable,

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either in respect of its merit, or about this, that decisions with regard to the destinies are taken in it. Right, meaning there is no proof that it is the 15th of Shaban rather it is which night which night, lay little cut. So Allah subhanaw taala has chosen this night for the revelation of the Quran. And Why did Allah reveal the Quran? Allah Mata Mira big as a mercy from your Lord in the hole where Samir and Eileen Indeed he is the hearing and the knowing. Now before we continue, one thing we should really pay attention to that as tonight might be the first night of Ramadan, may Allah subhanaw taala allow us to see it.

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And Ramadan, as we are looking forward to worshipping Allah subhanaw taala. More and more in this month. Remember that this is also the time when the decrees for the following here are given. And this is why it is so important that we spend this month of Ramadan begging Allah for forgiveness, that Oh Allah, clean my record. You know, it's like when one book is completed, another book begins. One chapter is completed, another begins one semester ends, another begins. So it's as if one part of our life is going to be over and another chapter is going to begin and we want to add

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Enter it clean and clear of all our sins and also making dua asking Allah for what we want so that it is decreed for us in the following year. Ramadan, the Quran has been sent as mercy from your Lord in the who who was Samia or them? Why did Allah reveal the Quran? Why did Allah send the messenger to guide people as mercy? Because our man, I love Al Quran, it is the most merciful, who has taught the Quran, Who is Allah, Allah be somehow worth you will have, he is the Lord of the skies and the earth warmer Medina Houma and whatever that is between them, meaning the entire existence, the entire creation, Allah is its Lord, in come to morphine, in in if quantum you were more in in wants

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to be certain meaning if you have your PIN, if you have any conviction in the existence of God, then know that He is the Creator, He is the owner, the Lord of everything, and He is the one who has sent this Quran. So believe in his book, La ilaha illa, who there is no God worthy of worship, but he, you he he gives life where you meet, and he also gives death. This is the true lord the true God, the One who has control over life and death, the one who has control over all decrees, or Bukom He is your Lord. What about ecom and he is also the Lord of your fathers, which fathers Awali in the first ones, meaning all of your ancestors, all of your forefathers, he is also their Lord Bell

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rather home be meaning the people to whom the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was reciting the Quran, meaning the people of Makkah. Allah says they are fish shocking, they are in doubt, he allow burn, they are playing, they are amusing themselves. This is such a serious reality.

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What is the Oneness of Allah? The fact that we are to worship Allah, the Quran that Allah has sent the message that the Quran gifts, it is such a serious reality. But people what is their response, el Abu, they are playing, they're busy, amusing themselves. They're heedless of the message of the Quran. They're playing in their lives ignoring the reality of the Quran. And what it tells us about Benham fish shocking yellow are born and you see shuck doubt, allows a person to be heedless, because when a person has to clean when a person has conviction, he is certain that that conviction forces him to action. It wakes him up. It doesn't let him stay heedless. Now if you think about it,

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even Ramadan, what a serious time of the year it is. Every night of Ramadan, especially and every day of Ramadan is special. But it is unfortunate that many people they forget about the importance of Ramadan and its value. And instead the focus is just on yellow baboon just partying. Whether it is the thought party or it is their eat party or its preparations or it is the shopping and everything else associated to it. You and I boom. We forget the spirit of Ramadan and we're lost in the play The amusement it's sad that even when people will go to the masjid to pray, then what happens? What happens instead of praying many times we're busy amusing ourselves by looking at our

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phones, or by hanging out outside the masjid or in the hallways. Benham Fisher Kinneil our balloon. yellow balloon can also refer to the mockery of the people of Makkah that they show to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam for Turkey. He was conveying such a serious message to them. And what were they doing in response? mocking at the Prophet salAllahu alayhi wasallam an example of that we saw in the previous surah Allah says phototoxic so wait and watch for toxic rock off the rock lava is used for the neck, right? And if the Aqaba your turntable is to wait and watch for something, meaning as you're waiting, you're watching out you're on the lookout you're alert. You're cautious

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you're observing so far takip Wait Wait for what Yama day which day that this summer Oh discount will bring as in the sky will produce. They will come in the sky be Doohan in a smoke. What kind of smoke no been visible clear. Wait for the day when the

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Sky will bring a visible smoke, watch out for that time. What is this referring to? This can be understood in two ways and both of these meanings are correct.

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The first meaning is that the smoke is referring to the drought which was sent in the time in the life of the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam while he was in Makkah, we see that the lagoon was Rudra Tula and who and this is mentioned in Buhari, he said that when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam saw that the Quraysh were not believing, and instead, they were just opposing him. And constantly mocking at him, he made dua, he made to ah, and he said, Oh, Allah, protect me against their evil by afflicting them, with seven years of famine, like the seven years of use of Allah, He said, that just as use of ERISA was held through a famine that struck the people, otherwise you

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would have been stuck in jail, isn't it? Just as he was held through that helped me in a similar way. So what happened? Allah subhanaw taala revealed this idea. And then we shook enough maca, they were struck with a year of drought.

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They were struck with a year of drought, such that it destroyed everything, until the people had nothing to eat except bones. And a man would look towards the sky. And he would see something like smoke between him and it. Because you see, when it's very dry, it hasn't rained for a long time, then even the sky becomes hazy, that horizon becomes very hazy, isn't it? And because of one's weakness, also, he's not able to have clarity in his vision. Right. So this is what the Doohan is referring to. And this was the opinion off the ship and Miss Ruth radula horn, who

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this idea can be understood in another way also that the horn is referring to one of the major signs of the Day of Judgment, the smoke that will appear very close to the Day of Judgment. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that the Hour will not come until you see 10 signs and then he listed them. And amongst those 10 signs was also the smoke. And we see that even our bass radula horn who, even our basketball below Arnhold This is how he understood the aisle also that the smoke is referring to one of the major signs of the Day of Judgment, meaning when the smoke will appear, then that means that the day of judgment is very near.

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There is a Hadith in which we see that one of the tabby own he went to the lab in our Bestival dilemma and who is the Lebanon bass, he said that I did not sleep at all last night. I couldn't sleep last night. And so he was asked why. And he said that I saw a star right in the sky, a comment basically. And I was afraid that it might produce a smoke

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because the shooting star was so visible It was so close. It seemed so close because it happens when you're looking at the sky the stars, no matter how far they are, they appear to be very close. So he said I felt I was afraid that the smoke might appear that the shooting star might produce the smoke that we have been warned off, so I could not sleep at all.

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I was afraid that the cuyama would come

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because Allah subhanaw taala wines from the crib Yoma this summer will be Doohan in mobian Wait for that time. Watch out for that day when the sky will bring a visible smoke and the smoke yo shall nurse it will cover the people. However this is meaning that Smoke will be either win or need a painful torment. And we see that the drought yes it was a painful torment for the people of Makkah. But even otherwise, when there is smoke in a place, it can literally kill people have either been Aleem, and then the people will turn to Allah they will tear up banner our Lord actually removed from us either about the torment, meaning remove the smoke from us, or remove the salmon from us. In

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Menon indeed, we are going to believe we are believers, we believe in the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Allah says an LA home with the claw and now how LA home for them. The crowd the reminder, meaning what use is the reminder for them know if they believe now this is too late? Because on the day of judgment or closer to the day of judgment rather, when these major signs will appear, and a person believes in that belief is not going to help him. This is why in a hadith we see the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said hey

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They seem to do good deeds before six things appear. Because once these six things appear, that it's going to be difficult. It won't be possible then that Eman is not really going to be true Eman and after six things he also mentioned the smoke Anala home with vichara hire will there be for them a reminder meaning how can they accept it now? What a job a home while he had already come to them who had come to them rasuluh mo been a clear messenger meaning a Prophet whose truth was well known. It was very evident. But they denied him at that time. Some matter were lower and who, but they turned away from him. Then they turned away from him instead of believing in Him, they turned away, what

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are you and they said, more unknown. He is a person who has been taught by Junoon, a madman more unlearn one who has been trained, one who has been given knowledge. And what they're saying is that he has been taught by some other people. It's not that he has received revelation. Rather he has been taught by some people and he is mudroom. He is mad. He is crazy to claim that he is the messenger of God, some metal Allah and who will call Lumo Allah Majnoon. Now this is specifically talking about the people of Makkah. And we see that this happened, that as soon as a punishment was averted from them, meaning the drought was averted. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam prayed for seven

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years and they were struck with how much one what happened? They started accusing the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam okay, just as they did before, they denied him, they ridiculed Him. They mocked him just as they did previously. Intro to Nahal I have 103 It has mentioned Welaka narla More under homea coluna in Numbeo a Lima Wabasha. We know that these people say that a human being teaches him, meaning Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam did he learn from a human being? No. He learned from WHO? From Allah, Allah send revelation to him. In Allah subhanaw taala warrants he says in that indeed we Kashi foo wants to remove chlorine of the word cash if and cash if one who lifts

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up one who removes Allah are that the punishment Cullinan for a little. Yes, we will remove this punishment. But for a little while, because in nakoma doing indeed you will return meaning you haven't learned a thing from this experience. From this punishment. You are going to go back to your ways. And this happened. We see that the drought was removed. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam prayed the drought was removed and what happened? The weekend they went back to their same old ways of opposing the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam so it is said that we will remove this but remember it is a Leland it's just for a little while. It's going to come back. This punishment

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is going to come back how and when Yona the day when novelty shoe, we will strike with a butcher the assault that is a cobra the greatest. Why? Because injera indeed we won't talk anymore ones who take retribution, not the shoe. buckshot from the letters ba ba shin. And what has brought me to seize it is basically a US Bill to seize violently, very strongly. So the day when we will strike with the greatest assault, that is when the punishment will return to you. What is this referring to? If we take the Doohan the smoke as a smoke that was sent on the people of Makkah, the drought, then the bus shuttle Cobra is referring to the Battle of birth.

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Because what happened, they were struck with the drought. They said, We will believe we will believe we want to pose the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. What happened, the drought was removed, and then we stricken went back to their old ways. So then the wind over here that don't think you are safe, it's going to come back and it's going to come back greater and worse than what you experienced before. Then you won't be able to escape. And that is exactly what happened. The Battle of whether the main main enemies of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, they were finished. If we take the Wuhan as the major sign before the day of judgment, because after that also some people

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will say we will believe we will believe and then what will happen that when the smoke will be taken away. They will go back to their previous ways. So the Yo man up the shoebox shuttle Cobra then is referring to the day of judgment that one that will come then their loss will be permanent than this

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punishment will be permanent. What does this teach us? That each time we get away after doing something wrong, we should realize that we haven't truly gotten away.

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You know, when we do something wrong, and we managed to survive, nothing happens, no disaster. Right? This should not make us think that he or I can repeat this mistake again. I can repeat the sin again. No, because it's only temporary relief. It's only one chance. It's only one of those chances that Allah subhanaw taala has given us a time will come when these chances will expire. When we get away from what we have done wrong. Remember, we haven't truly gotten away. It will come back in monta Ki Moon. Now, this attitude, what does it remind us of? Which nation which people fear to own and his people? And that is exactly what is mentioned in the following verses. Allah says what

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are called fatahna. And certainly we tried already we tried a couple of whom before them, meaning before the people of Makkah, we tried all of your own the people of your own. We put them to fit in a what is this fifth now? What is this fitna? What is this test that the people of their own will put in hardship? Just as the people of Morocco are put in hardship, they were put in hardship. And also they were given blessings. Why, in order that they may believe because remember, tests are in both ways, through hardships and also through blessings. So when I got fatahna, Capella, one coma frown was a home and he came to them, who came to them Rasul en Karim, a Noble Messenger, who is

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this Noble Messenger that Allah sent to the people of unknown. Musa alayhis salam. And Allah describes him as Karim, who is Karim, one off Quran, Quran, nobility, honor status, and not just status, but also good qualities, inherently good qualities within a person that make him honorable and respectable.

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Was Musa alayhis salam like that? Definitely he was. Firstly he was Kareem because he was a messenger. That's enough honor for a person.

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Secondly, he wasn't just a messenger. He was a messenger to whom Allah spoke to what kingdom Allah Who Musa that Lima, Allah honored him by speaking to him directly, multiple times.

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Then we see that he was also Kareem Musa alayhis salam, because of the qualities, the characteristics that he had, that he possessed, like what? What kind of qualities did moosari Salam possess? We have learned many stories of Musa Salam. Pardon?

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Okay, helping others, whether it was helping those two ladies, right? Or it was helping the people who are fighting. Right. So helping others what else? If

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returned to alive every difficulty and every hard time? Yes.

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Yes, that in every difficulty he turned to Allah, we see that when he committed accidental murder, immediately he sought forgiveness from Allah. Right. When he was in difficulty when he ended up in Medina, what did he do? He made the art to Allah or be in Nilima and delta la Yemen Hidin for clears. That is also a very noble quality. What else?

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yes, he was very strong, not just physically, but also mentally, emotionally. I mean, to be able to go and stand before frown and convey the message to him. This wasn't easy. This required a lot of strength. His strength is also evident from the fact that he went from Egypt to Meridian. And he had just sat down when he saw those two women and help in need and he went and help them, isn't it? So that also shows his strength and the other quality you can think of for Musala center.

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Patients with the Bani Israel Ely. Right. And then also one more thing that how he wanted good for his brother. Right? That he requested that his brother be made a profit also. And that happened. So what are soon on Kareem His character, His qualities, the way he dealt with people are sold on Kareem and when Musashi salaam came, he said and that uh, do you hand over you deliver, render either yet to me? Are you bad Allah, the servants of Allah wa salatu salam set to fit on that Abdu l a year a do Hamza Dalia either. What this other mean?

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to pay, to give to hand over to hand over someone's right at once and completely, entirely that is other than own delay, but your son, we have read this earlier. So I do Ilya, he said, hand over to me, are you bad Allah the servant of Allah with servants, the Bani Israel eel. Musa Salam was sent to rescue the Bani Israel. So when he went to Pharaoh he told him hand over the Bani Israel to me meaning release them let them free. In Nila calm Rasulullah Amin indeed I am for you. A messenger who is Amin, who is trustworthy, meaning I'm faithful. I'm not a liar. You will not be harmed by me. I'm not making all of this up. You can trust me on this Rasulullah Amin in Surah Fatiha I have 47 We

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learned fat Dr. HuFa Cola in Rasulullah Arabic for autosen minor Benny Surah Al Musa de Sena one of the tasks he was given was to rescue the Bani Israel and that is what he said to fit on. Our sin mana bunny is slightly into the sharara is 16 and 17. Also this has mentioned TF Rona, for Cola in our Surah Al Amin and I will still mana. Benny is ill that send the Bani Israel with us. We will listen to the recitation

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all in Neela. Qumran sue me

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