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Wisam Sharieff
AI: Summary © The speaker is discussing the process of practicing postures of presence, starting with identifying the present prayer and setting up a series of postures. They will then go through the process of learning and identifying postures, including drinking and using the salon to heal. The speaker emphasizes the importance of identifying the root causes of pain and using physical therapy to heal.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah Peace be upon you, around you and may emanate from within you. A component, if you're gathering with me now is postures of presence, though, the form of prayer and how to use the physical posture, to heal yourself, to open yourself to dump old emotional baggage. And to truly make every prayer different than the last, to make every prayer unique, there are going to be a series of steps that we're going to go through together, they'll be below and that will be the next three components for postures of presence will be a, you want to understand where your prayer is right now, to see or two, we'll go through the process below.

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Just so excited to do it, but we have to do it step by step. In our first stage, we're gonna learn to identify our present prayer, then we're going to learn some postures and five basic postures of prayer, then from there, we're going to start opening up the looking at postures that will help us to open up to the salaah. And number three, the final component of postures of prayer, which is that deeper essence, we're always looking for. If we've sought the intelligence of the gut in nourishment, and the intelligence of the heart, in Sona supplements, then I would ask and hope that we can develop the intelligence of our body, the intelligence of dumping emotional baggage. And

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that's going to see when you get when you get through some of the postures and you're like, Well, why can't I bend here? Where'd it come to see that a lot of our emotions are stuck in different places, points of pain in our body, and we're going to identify them together. So if you're ready, let's work on it together, you'll see a few few more videos coming out. And all those videos are going to are meant to open us up to the postures of presence. So look for a video to identify the five basic postures that you want to work on, look for a video, look for them a set of videos that are then going to talk about how to open ourselves up. So we're going to start from the ground,

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we're going to stretch our feet out. And then finally we're going to talk about dumping emotional baggage, identifying pain and using the salon to cradle the pain and then physical therapy and heal yourself through the prayer. Alright friends, this is us taking an advantage if you're caught all three parts, so no supplements. Now you have nourishment, and here it is postures of presence. We're going to talk soon. Let's set it

Introducing Postures of Prayer as part of Reaping Ramadan series.

Ramadan 2017

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