What Are You Really Hungry For

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Episode Notes

We discuss when you’re hungry or craving (food, entertainment, activity), what are you really hungry for? The more we ask, the more aware we become.

The natural next step is keeping a food log (whether in a journal, in a note on your phone, a voice note to yourself), just record whatever goes in your mouth.

And finally, make observations as to what you really want when you eat what you eat, and whether the food really fills what you’re looking for (if you want energy, did the doughnut help? If you want comfort after a long day, did the chocolate bar give you that lasting comfort?). Observe, and then act accordingly to it.


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Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah long and welcome to this installment of nourishment. If you've been following along, and this is your first time, and this is your first episode, then our goal in nourishment is to figure out how to get more energy, more life, more newer light into our body. So the first question that we started with was, what are you hungry for? So that's today's topic, we'll talk about ritualistic eating coming up, what's great things to introduce into your diet, but for now, if you'd give me a few minutes for so we could talk about what we're hungry for IE. I was in the airport just just yesterday. And my flight got changed and delayed and one from one terminal to

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the next. And I found myself every time they said, okay, terminal C to D, you have to take a train, you have to move. And every time I got slightly agitated or something was out of schedule, I found myself looking at the anti Ms. pretzels, I found myself saying, Hey, why don't you grab? Oh, well, wouldn't it be great to have something to eat? And I found myself highlighting the times where I wasn't necessarily hungry. But food chewing, the overall sensation of eating changed my physiology. So let's get into that for a moment. Why do people reach for a cigarette? Why do people reach for food? Why do people listen to music? Why do we do external things to change our state? So today, I'm

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going to ask you to start an exercise with me first, ask yourself, What are you hungry for? So in order to do the exercise, what you're hungry for naturally, as soon as you're hungry, I want you to ask yourself, What are you hungry for? That's the first exercise you can do that throughout the day. And no, that's not going to change your eating habits. You're just going to say, I'm hungry for a cheeseburger, I'm hungry for pizza. I'm hungry for ice cream. But once you can identify those verbally, then you'll say, wait a minute. I know we're going to talk about routines and rituals, but we're also going to talk about eating for nutrition and eating for ritual. So is the cheeseburger

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nutrition pizza ice cream, even your Power Package food? No, but I'm going to let you figure that out on your own. So take your time and only identify what you're hungry for. I don't want this to turn into, Oh, great. If I listen to everything, he's gonna say I don't get to eat the things I want. I didn't have to lose those things. But it was a shift in mentality. So before we get to our exercises, I want you to realize I'm not here to take away your food. I'm not here to take away the things you enjoy. It might be hard to believe right now. But if we stick along and we work together, could I tell you that you may look at the pizza or the ice cream and say, Oh, that looks great. And

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I choose not to have it now because your body will be able to make the decision. So again, that's my disclaimer, a lot of people are like, Oh, here it goes a diet. In order to get newer in your body, you're going to undoubtedly need to make space. So number one, what are we hungry for number two? Can you begin a food blog? So some of us have been journaling? Can you begin a food log, anything that passes your mouth, guys, I need this for two or three days. Now if you're fasting, this will include anything during the day you're like, Hey, I wish I could grab this. So if you're fasting, the food journal, the food log is a lot easier because you're not eating but you're like Yo, I wish

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I could have this I wish I could have this if you could jot those down or even just voice to text them into your phone on a memo, food chart, food log food journal. And once you start journaling, then a will see what's going into the body. Now let's stop here for a moment. The food log includes anything that goes through your lips. So friends, food, water, and any type of snacks, any, like a pencil or a pen that you tend to habitually as a habit put into your mouth, also cigarettes hookah if you're smoking any other types through a vaporizer because I know there's someone finding the loophole and what I'm saying. If it's an Easter egg have a vaporizer if it is a vape pen if it is a

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combustion chamber if it is a

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gas powered anything you're putting in your mouth, I would encourage that you write that down because the pencils depends the cigarettes, the blunts, the food, the crackers, the water, the soda, the drinks, the milkshakes, all serve one main key component and that is to change our state. So let's try to identify those together. key factor for nourishment today. Once I and you're gonna see because everyone's in the running fashion. Well if I write down all the stuff I eat, I know that I don't need

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Healthy, my job isn't to point out what you're doing. My job is to identify our starting point. And now you got me for our next, when we start talking about postures of prayer, we're gonna have to set a starting point. So this is our starting point. For those of you who are looking for a little jump ahead, it'll come up in the next video, but I'll give it to you. Now, for those of you who have identified I eat to change my emotional state, I now I'm going to take control over that I have made a food log, I know that I'm really good in the mornings, but right after dinner, I don't care at all. I just personally, me, I just feel like the day is over, just give me something like you want

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that. And I hope you get this in your log, I found certain things on my log that I eat to feel better. It's not just the change of state, but rice, carbs, homely food, it presses down to my stomach. And then I don't feel I that satiation of hunger is gone. Now if I have a smoothie, a kale NutriBullet shake, if I have low,

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I guess low carbs that I don't feel full. And I can go through the whole day like that I'll run on the treadmill have a great time. Except that night, those are things I want. So now, not only do I know, I'm looking for comfort, I'm looking for love. I'm looking for some home time in the evenings. And I know that I'm going to bring that into my schedule by having some homely food. So does that mean I'm not going to eat it? That's something you have to you have to come to find out. Because yes, I do eat rice, and I do enjoy things thoroughly. So for those of you who got through all of that, and are like but what can I do for first step nourishment. The idea is if you've answered What

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are you hungry for identified what you're eating, you can recognize that if you're looking for energy, and you're like, Oh, I drink this, I ate the candy bar to get energy, whatever it was, I drink the coffee with sugar to get myself going. I believe that if you change one component right now, before each meal, you took five deep breaths because what are you looking for energy, life, power frequency, it all comes from air prana the air that we breathe the the in and out of the oxygen around us that's nutrient filled. That is that is life, right you could live, you do live off the air. So my idea is if you can work with me before each meal, five deep breaths, deep breath in.

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You notice I took it from the mouth filling up that belly holding the air for five seconds. Now slowly bring that air out

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engaging the throat not the mouth that's in through the mouth.

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And if you can tell them feeling the air into the stomach some of you can't do that yet. That's why we have an exercise coming up for those of you who are ready

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you see how we're swallowing the air filling the stomach engaging that empty what should be empty right now holding the air for five and exhaling for five

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that's my hold.

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And there it is five deep breaths before breakfast lunch and dinner before so who are any thoughts throughout the day when you find yourself feeling hungry? Don't exaggerate too much. You will dry your throat out during the fast I tend to make that kind of like I don't know trick tube sound I'm not sure what that how to explain that to you. But you don't need to be making any sounds that's just the way it sounds when it goes in so

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it's not my mouth. It's my throat trying to fill myself with air and you'll be surprised how much how much less you'll need to eat. But but then you'll say but I'm still hungry bro. What are you hungry for? Are you hungry in your head? Or are you hungry for nutrients? We'll talk about it more guys. Always a blessing. In our next episode we'll talk about routines and rituals for pardon routines and rituals for nutrient based eating and ritual based eating Take care everyone my love to you may my positivity resonance towards you be tangible and usable in this life in the hereafter. Peace be upon you around you and from within you may emanate was Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah