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The host of a virtual class for students is encouraging students to explore the benefits of reading the Quran and creating a safe environment for them to interact with others. The class is designed to encourage students to practice reciting and improve their writing skills. The class is organized twice a week on Monday through Thursday, with a possibility to study the topic further on the day of Judgment.

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Have you ever heard of reciter and felt, I would like to feel the way he feels when he reads, it's not so much that you just want to sound like a decider, you want to be able to take the slow, deep breaths, you want to be able to concentrate and focus and appreciate the sound so much that you're willing to give it attention to be really particular on whether a letter is going to be pronounced all or

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if you've had that feeling before, I'm sure you've also felt like, well, I know there are a lot of people out there who can encourage me to learn to read. There are a lot of people out there who can tell me a hadith about reading, but I haven't found as many people can give you the means and the tools to get to that goal, that pitch ah ah

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to be him, you know, shame on you Raji. Me, here

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with the lust, to Allah infinite mercy. And with him, blessing us every step of the way. AQL online has been empowering and enabling students to have the confidence to read Quran, we've done that. But then we also realized there has to be something more than this, a safe place where students could interact, a place where a brand new reader could come and listen to Quran. And the same place where a half of the Quran could come and say, I want to improve my recitation. So next one online is going to be even more beneficial for my community. How can we construct a community like that? And that's exactly what we stumbled upon. It couldn't be a class. It couldn't be sessions and it couldn't be

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work, but it had to be a community. And when you could gather with your community members read Quran practice breathing techniques, stumble upon amazing vocabulary words, practice the benefits of reciting certain ideas many times of the day stumbling upon the other area and the supplications in O'Brien together when you put that together the magic of the experience of reading Quran together it comes to life

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what are

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you ready

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no, not putting this effort up on

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the purpose of brands explore that range of your voice explore it drags it cracks, I make mistakes and practice with you guys hear otherwise, that would be like Oh, it's so wrong. No. Explore see how far this voice ceiling of the voices never know. Until you push it hard. Next slide. It's beautiful. Explore

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what Lindsey

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helos Zuly he was you who

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had the

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hula eagles,

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you see him who do who walk

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so I'm inviting all of you. If you'd like the opportunity to study the book of Allah subhanaw taala in a safe environment, where you could be anywhere from I just learned how to read and you can be the person who says, You know what, I've memorized the Quran, but I want to get restarted again and reconnected and everything in between. We're encouraging you to come out to AQL onlines RAC, read along community, a place for you and your family to come sit down. Put down all your telephones and electronic mediums and stare at one screen together because we can't get rid of our screens, but stare at one screen together interact. And maybe just for those 30 minutes a week or twice a week.

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It's Monday and Wednesday 7pm Central, twice a week.

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You could take a pause on the crazy world that we live in and come back to the fact that you are a family and on the Day of Judgment The only thing that will truly matter and that you will search for is your family. And you will look to see what did what actions of good did you do together with your family? Who Eddie

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Eddie now?

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Anyone watching the recording? Go back a few seconds

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You'll hear I said no more I'd use too much of the tongue. The tongue got heavy so far do

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some follow Eddie now

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why that was slow

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to be

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been lucky to Anna AQL is blessed to present you and invite you to rock our read along community that meets twice a week Monday Wednesday 7pm till 740 either Allahu Taala with Allah subhanaw taala is permission you will have the means to study Allah subhanaw taala

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we cordially invite you to rock, read along community. What's that I want equal walk to law