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Welcome to an episode of Ask who is Sam?

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Oh, my microphone just popped off of love. Hold on a second

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lapel it. We're gonna we're gonna keep that in the cut, I guess. Yeah.

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So basically what we're doing is we're going through comments and questions in the comments section of YouTube for was Sam's channel. And so this comments here. So it's basically somebody posted a comment, and then somebody replied and then put it back into urgency. I want to give the whole thing for context. So please go for it from lowball my slot while they come.

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Check this out. I pissant. So I need to get fluent and reading the Quran during this summer. Many Yes, you need to. Yes, you need to. Please can you help me I can move to Texas if I have to. Only Allah can help you. But we'll get there. But I really need to do it this summer. Now, somebody replied, they said oh, call Right if you need to learn how to recite Arabic. And so you can learn with with some online. So some and so Luba response, she goes through that I am on the waiting list, and the semester won't start until January.

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I need a program during this summer. Okay, so we originally had a different type of answer for you to be like, Well, what's happening, but now that you're on the on the waiting list that changes everything. What do I need you to do? We're actually going to give you a plan for the summer, step one, and you got to follow it the way I say it and you'll get an amazing, amazing experience. Number one, Quran revolutions YouTube channel, just make it something that you save something that we can refer to constantly.

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You could go through all of it and just go step by step don't binge. It's not going to help you Quran you can't binge on Quran. We're doing that right now. Yes.

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Don't do what we're doing right now. And number two, I want you to download a an app. Whether you have an iPhone or Android it's the app is called Puffin p UFFIN. It has a bird with a big nose on it. It is a browser that will allow you to use flash. Now once you download this it with Android it's going to make you watch a 10 second commercial every time you open it keep recite or open now recite we're will give you access to the whole Quran word by word you can touch it. So after you watch the video, you saw me recite the whole Surah go to recite Start clicking buttons and start touching it. I know this is gonna go out and YouTube Quran hive is an app

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that without my permission or any anyone that I know, took all of recite All the audio and made it available on an app despite me not knowing how they got all our audio I am telling you, you can use this app despite their their actions you make you can benefit from it. Quran hive has the opportunity that you don't even need to go to recite You can use it as an app. I just think it's interesting that they're taking donations. So you know, remember us remember us so we can continue our groundwork but hey, it didn't cost us you know, anything shy of $3,000 to to get the words but don't worry about that. So we've got recycled about the amount of hours how many hours

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we're gonna bought? Yeah, the dollar amount was actually very little the hour. No, I can't even tell you in hours. It was we went up to like a year and a half of recording, right? Yeah, this is like the amount of like, honestly, like 17,000 separate mp3 $70,000 value on the time that goes into producing that we're talking about at least $100,000. But okay, and you just got to add one thing, every single one of those mp3 is was then listened to by three or four different sheiks from Egypt, who then verified and set me back lists of like, 500 words at a time and I was like, Yo, they're like, nope, nope, nope, no. And it went down to there still a list of 50 words, which I think is

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amazing. So sure the man hours to record it, but yo, was everybody else. Yeah, thank you. And then the guy who sat there sifted and made them into separate. So that was a vision that happened in a burger joint at one o'clock in the morning, Sheikh Ahmed go to the use of fest, that's great story. Yeah, may Allah bless both of them. And we were there and it happened. So just for anyone who in the next generation was like, yeah, it's just intellectual property. Now, bro, that's blood sweat and like love not tears, but there's a lot of love that went into that Gron hive, you can reach out to us. I mean, there's another thing to be said about intellectual property. Yeah, that's really, ya

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know, it's like it's it is, could you honestly, say you go do that yourself? Could you imagine me living at the time of amber Hardy Lawson, right? Oh, taking his book. And then my wish for the Balinese of mankind right now, but then it wouldn't float. Is it? Would it be appropriate for me to take his book, Make copies of it right. And then

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and sell it or say hey, give me donations. No. Right. As opposed to give him on Buhari donation. Yeah, I wrote it right. Yeah. No, we write 40 Hadith, right? And I make that replicate it, but like, give me donations. Right? That's definitely off. But our sister, she she needs a program right now. Summer is ticking. So go ahead, I gave you all the options and I gave you my emotional baggage too. But with that, please use recycler We're on revolutions YouTube channel is abundant. Lastly, if you want to, you can become a patron. This is not a shameless plug, become a Patron on my Patreon page, it'll allow you access to me the Quran classes that are going on just for those inner

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graduates. Also, you can communicate with me, patron, what do they get? So someone gets a patron First off, they get all they get all the mini courses of AQL. So a mini version of granting supplication transformation postures of prayer, they get access to all the federal RX videos, which is now only five, they also get a 27 separate individual dua series. I think right now we're about close to 55 hours of content. So it's a lot of content, but it's not even on public. That's all exclusive. It's all shot and it's all high part of membership portal through Patreon. Absolutely. But what I say to the people out there is I can't answer I do answer Instagram and YouTube, as you

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can see, but a patron can hit me up in the morning and see an answer in two hours. A patron can can say, Hey, I like this. Can we do more of this? Yeah, and the most recent project I just did is coming up with the perfect date, helping us beat our addictions and the things that throw us off. That was all a patron was like, I just need the next course. Yeah, boom, it happened. So and the menial, the lowest membership is three bucks. So it doesn't just $3 or $3 a month or $3 a month. Okay. It's a contribution to the collective. Okay, gotcha, gotcha. So that's patreon. That is your easiest access. I hope that if you can now hearing this, send an email to Quran revolution and see

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if they'll gain you access to Office Hours. Or maybe they'll give you an opportunity to join. But for now, don't let anything give me an excuse of follow Gary Vee and just see what he has to say about excuses and all the things for just a little while. I'm so sorry. No, I'm very colorful language. flavorful. I love all of Ficker.

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It would be so onpoint Yes. And so his colorful use of words are very aggressive. So I'm only saying find someone who can focus you in on getting rid of the excuses. Figure out what you want to do and how you're going to do it and keep asking Allah subhanaw taala I hope the best for you may Allah subhanaw taala make it easy for you. And for everyone out there Quran hive and all recite Quran people. Everyone is doing grunt work. May Allah bless everyone. We have to share our emotions and our feelings so we can grow together. I will see you guys in the next q&a