How To Fill Our Hearts With The Love Of Allah

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The Hadith movement emphasizes the importance of praying for the Prophet's teachings, particularly in the humble method of his teachings. The movement also touches on the difficulty of praying in a busy atmosphere and the use of the gym app to avoid distractions. The segment also discusses the characteristics of a man who wants to kill themselves and their partner in technology, as well as the importance of staying at home during difficult situations and not missing the first tech Bureau during a time when everyone is working from home.

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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallahu wa salim al and number three rahmatan el alameen Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi edge marine Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu. Welcome to this week's episode of purification of the heart. In this week's episode, we're going to talk about part of a hadith of our beloved Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And it's the famous Hadith in Bukhari and others where he mentions the seven that will be in the shade that will also pattern wattana on the day of judgment when there's no shade, except for his subhanho wa Taala.

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And the one we're going to talk about of the seven is the original Ella the elbow Humala, Bill massage it the one who has heart is attached to the massage it His heart is attached to the masjids and we're going to explain inshallah, in this episode, this part of the Hadeeth because when our heart becomes attached to the massage it This means that they're attached to the place where we offer the greatest act of worship in Islam, which is our salad. So our hearts become attached to the salad and to the place where we pray our salad and this is one of the best ways to the masjid and to the salad to purify our hearts inshallah hota bada Cortana if you look at the issue of the massage

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it in Islam, the messages in Islam and the importance, our beloved Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says that in a humble BelAir, no more massage you do have what will be let alone more as well to have that the most beloved of places to Allah subhanho wa Taala is the massage it in the most disliked places to Allah subhanho wa Taala are the marketplaces and this is because the massages are the places where his name is remembered so panel with Allah, we will remember our last panel Tyler, we offer the rebar that the different types of feedback that from Salatin for an attending Islamic lectures and all of the beautiful things we do, and the masjid. So if you live in the west where the

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masjid is, serves the purpose of the mercy like it did in the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when the mercy is the community center, it's where the Muslim community comes together. It's where they do everything that has to do with the Muslim community right there at the masjid, unfortunately, and the Islamic lands today the massage they become not like it was at the time of the Prophet so their sentiments become something where you go, Aloha, come on, sir, I'm on a chrome to last me Get out, get out. If you want to stay, they might come say we want to lock the door, it's time to go. So as that's not how it was at the time of the prophet SAW Salem. It was a community

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center. It was a place where the Muslims came together. They talked about their problems, they worked out their problems, they would joke with one another and have and have fun, and they will focus on their worship as well. They will do everything right there from the message. It was the center of everything during the time of the prophet SAW sent me during the time of his companions as well. But unfortunately that has been lost in a lot of the Muslim world today. We asked a lot to help the Muslims and bring the life back to the masjid like it was during those days. And also because of the importance of the massage in Islam. Our beloved Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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encouraged the Muslims to build the massage it he said man Benelli law he must Judah. Ben Allahu Allahu beighton Phil Jenner, that whoever builds for a lot a message it I mean unless you're here on the earth, that Allah subhanho wa Taala will build for him a house in the paradise in the agenda. And what a great reward and it came in another Hadith the prophet SAW sent him he mentioned somewhere led he will act as your ohana.

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waterberry bajo de that seven things that will seven things that will continue for the servant after his death. The reward will continue he will continue to get the reward when he has died in his in his grave. And he mentioned from the seven that man vanilla he must you that that whoever built for a law msgid and because of the importance of the massage it in Islam, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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encouraged the Muslims only to pray in the masjid and you get more reward when you pray the message as it came that Salah of the the person who prays by himself, the person who prays with the gym mat, it's more in reward of similar Sriracha, and another one comes socially intelligent other narration either 27 or 25 degrees more in reward for the person who prays in the gym with the Muslims. And if you look at the other ahaadeeth the process I'm also warned about the people who pray in their house without an excuse and they do not pray in the masjid. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said you

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Send me I need that fella mi T. fella salata Allahu lm and that whoever hears the need that he used to call for the prayer, and he does not answer that he has no PR unless he has an excuse in his prayer will not be accepted except for if he has an excuse. Some of the scholars they took from his had Ethan, he said, You have to pray in the most it's why'd you other said, this is just something to encourage you more into what emphasis. And as soon as I'm okay to pray in the masjid, I don't want to go in now we're not in class here. We're talking about ways to purify our hearts. But I will say that a lot of the scholars of Islam, especially in the humble method, and also the very method,

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that they in the scholars of Hadith as well,

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that they all say that it's wajib for the Muslim, who has who hears the call to prayer for him to pray them. And it's enough for a Muslim who wants to benefit from his religion, and that fallen into sins are falling into shortcomings to know that we have scholars in Islam who has said it's wajib. So he should strive always to pray his five daily prayers in the masjid, and we're talking about now we're giving the characteristics of the person whose heart is attached to the mission. And the first characteristic is that he is from the person who strives to pray in the gym or to pray in the masjid with the Muslims. And yet another had to eat the process. And him. He was concerned he wanted to

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actually have the home he has the concern to what to burn down the houses of the people who pray in their house without an order without an excuse. And obviously, this is something though that this, as I said, Be the process and wouldn't do that you have women children, you have elderly people who cannot make it, or they don't have to come to visit anyways. So the process I mean, he wouldn't have done some like this. But for him to even have a concern or to think like this, where he's he's showing the oma how dangerous it is for the Muslim man to pray in his house without an excuse, and he must come to the masjid. And that came in the Hadith of the AMA. And it came in the hadith of

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Lama the blind man and the companions. When he came to the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he said, Let it guide you couldn't ilminster He said, I do not find somebody who will take me to the machine. He's a blind man.

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And he told him that the path to the masjid It was a very difficult one. And there was things that could harm him, and he cannot see. So it's very difficult for him to get to the masjid. So the prophets I send him said, okay, he gave him the permission to pray in his house. And then when he turned around and it was leaving, the professor sent him, he said, he asked him, tell him to hold on head testimony that Do you hear the call for prayer? He said, Yes, he said, but they said you should what you should answer this need that answered the call for prayer, and you pray in the masjid. And if we look at how the Senate, the scholars of Islam were before us will see that they used to do

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that usually with us to focus on praying, the prayer and the Jamaat, and the prophet SAW Selim, he focused on certain prayers by giving them a lot of edger in the gym app. For example, in the Hadith, where the prophets I sent him said munsterlander, Shia fija, Martin firkin, Amma Paul karma, this Leela, that whoever prays selected Asia in the Jamaat with a group in the masjid, it is as if he has prayed a half of a night in prayer of pmla. And then he said woman sala superville Jamaat, in Facundo masala, Laila Kula, that whoever then after you pretty issue and Gemma, then he prays budget and gym as well. It's as if he has prayed the entire night. He's been spending the entire night in

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prayer. And this is why the seller before us, they used to focus and strive to pray only in the gym. If you look at the method, the statement of Abdullah Massoud wrote the law and when he said that will occur the right in a woman and her man woman effect that you would see us in our times that nobody would leave the gym and nobody can leave and he would not for no reason I leave the gym I pray in the gym. Except for somebody who was a hypocrite. He was a well known hypocrite, a well known when I feel this the only person who will leave the salon in the gym man. And he said when

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he had that he would be between two people. But he would take him between his that if he wanted to go to the gym. They would take him and put him between two of his brothers, he would walk he would be sick, he was not able to go but he because he didn't want to miss the gym. And because he knew the importance of the gym, in the slot and praying in the masjid. He was having one hand on the on the shoulder of one of his brothers, and the other hand on the other shoulder of his other brother. And so they would place him in the line and he would pray with the gym. And if you look at those who came after the Sahaba how they strive to pray in the gym and say the museum from the Greek tiberian

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will be alone and in Rahim Allah, that it was said as it was said by ello z that there was something special that's imminent. We'll see if there was something special that say demoscene had that no other of the tips

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greenhead and he said that that's he prayed 40 years straight in the gym. And he never even missed tech below to the harem. He never missed the the gym, ah, he never missed praying in the gym out and never missed a meal at home. He said four of these, that he never missed the gym. And he said, 20 of these 40 the he did not see the shoulders of men, meaning that he was always on the front row. And he was learning. As a young man he prayed 40 years never entered the gym out. Perhaps he was in a second row, third row and the first 20 years sometimes sometimes in the first row, but the next 20 years in his life. He never even missed the first role to suffer Oh, but he was always there because

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you're always striving to hear or to be in the gym and and that's why he said Rahim Allah say the museum that the time never came the time for the for the for the for prayer and never came in, except for I was already preparing for it. And he said, when it came close to the prayer, he said, I'm longing for it. And I'm stuck, that he's actually missing this prayer. And also it's been confirmed that I'd even had him a little bit longer. And he also said this, that he said that there was a time for prayer would come I would actually be mushed up I would actually be missing the prayer. And it came that this hobby and had it even his son wrote the law and when he got married,

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they saw him the next day praying slept and fudger in Jamaica. And he said they said you know you just got married last night and now you're praying fudger in Jamaica, and he said what law he swore by a law in in Brighton. Sam nerone mina de Salud. ll adaptil Gemma la Marotta su in there any woman who forbids me from praying the slot over that I know that infrastructural fudger in Jamaica with the Muslims she is let him rot too soon he made the tech eat with the lamb that fairly She is an evil woman. So he said hamdulillah his bride from the sahab yet from the pious women, she would not forbid him say Where are you going? You just got married you wait, you better stay here. She wasn't

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like that she encouraged him to go to the gym, because she wanted the agenda. And that's what brought the two Sahabi together and we'll continue inshallah, to talk about the signs and what are the characteristics of the person whose heart is attached to the budget, we were talking before the break about the characteristics of the person whose heart is attached to the massage it and from these, these characteristics is that he is from the person who goes early to the prayer. Most Muslims today you'll find Muslims who live close to the masjid they will wait until they hear the FM Allahu Akbar Lago and then they okay let's get up let's go. He may have may have old or may not he

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comes on the third record the fourth row guy he might even catch into the very end of this a lot. And then he goes but the true believer that person was striving to have his heart attached to them and get this great reward of being in the shade of Allah subhana wa tada on the day of judgment that he is from the person who goes early to the prayer and from the great reward of this is that the promise I sent him said in the heady that when we are there for praying and there's nothing holding us except for the slot, you know, waiting for your friend, you don't have an appointment, to sit in the masjid and wait till he comes. You're solely waiting for the prayer. It will be written for you

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as if you were praying, even if you're just sitting there, you come into the budget. And an example of this, you come into the budget for example now, and you come in 30 minutes before the event or right when the event is called. And you see a lot but you make too much of two rockets. You have 20 minutes till the comma all these 20 minutes even if you're just sitting there in the masjid waiting for the akarma but you're waiting for the salaat then you will get the edge of the reward A B as if you are praying this whole time so panela and also you'll get the reward as it came in the same idea that our beloved Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that the angels will be praying for you

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while you're sitting there. They will be saying Allahu Allah, Allahu Allah Allahumma hameau Allahumma to Bala he, aka the angels will be making do out for you. They'll be praying for you. They will say I Skelos Matata to forgive you of your sins, to have mercy upon you to repent upon you. These are the melodica that the angels that were making do out for you when you're sitting in the masjid. The next thing that shows that the person's heart is attached to them as it is he is for the people who strives to always make the tick below of Iran, the first step bit of a slot, he never tries to mission it because it's a serious thing. And the seller used to look at this as being a

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very, very serious thing. And they said if you see them and get the hell in via tech will have felt silly at the committal. If you see somebody who doesn't really care, he's absent minded when it comes to tech bita. He doesn't care if he catches the first tech Biafra. If he misses the first record the second record, as long as he gets there, he doesn't care. He said, wash your hands for me. I just give up on him because he's hopeless. So this is a serious thing in the senate used to look at, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and a beautiful Hadith that all of us should try to implement our lives. He said

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Mon Sol La Urbina, Yeoman pyjama, that whoever prays to Allah subhanho wa Taala 40 days a 40 straight days in the gym and he prays with the group in the masjid kuchibhotla who beratan beratan men and now what beratan men and a pap that there are two things that he is freed from during this time and he prays all 40 times he doesn't miss the Mr. Tech Bureau. And because it came in handy, you directly have to be around after he said you pray 40 days consistently in the gym at you directly has a computer to the ROM Cotabato beratan barometer million now or borrow 2 million the fact that there are two things that he has freed from if he makes the first tech bureau during these

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40 days is the first one he will be free from the Hellfire may law free us and all the Muslims, all of mankind from the Hellfire and that he will be free from the top from being a hypocrite. Also, may Allah protect us from that as well as the scholars of Islam has mentioned, as the scholars of Islam have mentioned that the people who try to implement and act upon this hadith in their lives, they found the bulk of the blessings in his head he and all aspects of their lives, not just the religious aspects, even the other worldly aspects in their lives, they found the benefit from trying to implement this hadith and that missing one tech could be at all in the gym, in the masjid with

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praying with the Muslims for 40 straight days. And I want to call all of us after this episode to strive to try to do this inshallah tada Tada. And if we were to look at the Silloth and how they were when it came to be

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the first tech Bureau in the salaat and that missing, you will see for example, Amish as we'll hear from the great scholars of Islam as well. Rahim Allah as the as he mentioned about an amateur himolla he said that an AMA she said he was almost seven years old. And he had never missed the first tech Bureau. He always throughout his life, always made the first tech beer and never missed it during this time. And also, the senath are pious predecessors. They were so keen about getting to this first tech beat up that they said if they missed the first tech be at all, that they would give each other Tasmania condolences, like we do when somebody dies, they will give each other

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condolences for three days because they missed the tech bira. And if they missed the Jamaat altogether, they didn't pray they miss you. They will give each other condolences for seven days. And if they missed the Juma which a lot of us might do. We're busy. What was it this week, it's not a big deal as long as three in a row. So he'll miss the Juma and the son of the Mr. Juba we condolences Desi over 70 days. This is a very serious This was very serious in their life. And this is how we if we want to be successful, and purifying our hearts and successful and getting closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And having a lot of pleasure that and be successful in the hereafter. Also,

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we need to be serious and focus on our salad, just like our set of just like our pious predecessors, Rahim Allah as they did as well. Also from the signs that somebody's heart is attached to the budget and the characteristics of the man whose heart is attached to the masjid is that he goes to them as if even in the most difficult of situations. And we mentioned before that they have to take one of their sick brothers, and they will carry him between them. He will put his hand on the shoulder of two of his brothers until they stood him up in the line so he could pray in the gym and also a word that I meant a tsunami Rahim Allah. They say he would make people carry him to the masjid when he

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was sick because he didn't want to miss the prayer. And it was said to say that we will see, Rahim Allah that Bartok one of the rulers and his time that he wants to kill him, he wants to execute him. So he said, Why don't you take this time and you know, and praying the most in your house, and don't come to the masjid so you don't get killed? And he said to him, he looked at the person saying it's him. And he said, is Matt Hey, lol Farah, here, hey, come to the success. And I don't answer subpattern law. Now if we were told that one of the rulers wants to kill us, he said, don't pray or stay at home. So I'll go to another city, I'll go to another country, we would run and we wouldn't

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be willing to do that. But he said he was going to get killed. I'm going to answer the debt, the call to the prayer and I don't care because he was very serious about a salad. And we talked about going in difficult situations to the masjid. Even in the most difficult of situations to the masjid. The prophets that Allahu Allah He was seldom is a special machine philomela massage it we know the term Yamaha piano. He said he said to sell em, but surely Misha ina the drum, LL massage it be noted term yo mo piano that to give glad tidings to those who walked to the massage it in the loom at a time of very darkness when it's very dark at times with the complete nor the complete light yo mo pm

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Allahu Akbar Subhana Allah look at this area for those who go to the massage and a difficult time

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times, like when it's cold in the morning and you don't want to go during the wintertime, or in some countries where the country's not advanced, and you might fall into a hole you might fall this and that. And you have these problems even where I live. Now we have these problems because they're all the roads are not paved. So you'll see now when you walk, you might even twist an ankle sometimes, and you fall in a rock. But these are the you'll get this free edge of the note attempt the complete light on the Day of Judgment, when you strive to pray in the masjid. Also, if the person's heart who was attached to the masjid, he's from the person who waits for the salaat after another salad, and

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for example, someone who prays Milgram, and he stays there, just into a shell so he can get the reward for selected Asia. And it came in the Hadith where the prophet SAW his enemy said, Allah do lucam Allah May Allah he'll be he'll coppia warrior fabby Dora jack Should I not guide you and the person guide you is the Prophet sallallahu sallam. He said Shall I not guide you to that which will also verify here erases the mistakes and he erases the mistakes and he raises the reward or the degrees and the reward. And he said his belt and we'll do our little mchattie to make we'll do the perfect will do his belt and we'll do to make the perfect we'll do I ll mechanic Macquarie and

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difficult times for example, when you get up in the morning on Southern fudges in the winter it's very cold. You want to make a very brief fool just about the complete world or the best type of will do and these difficult situations and capital hotel massage it and taking a lot of steps to the massage it and will empty bottle solid by the solid waiting for the prayer after another prayer another pair comes but Allah Kumari Bob for the alikum are rebuilt. He said it three times and he said to a seller and also the person's heart is a test and massage it he focuses on making the vicar after the salad. So Pamela Navin the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said that whoever says

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to Pamela 33 times Alhamdulillah 33 times Allahu Akbar 33 times and then he finishes it on the 100 by saying La la la, la sharika hula, hula, hula, hula Galician Kadir at the 100 time that all of his sins will be forgiven. Even if it was like zebra they had like the foam of the bow. And he said to whoever reads ayatul kursi after the salad with the Jima that nothing will stop him from entering the paradise except for death, meaning that the only thing between him and entering the agenda is when he will die if he always says I always reach out to the horse eat after the Salah. Also the person whose heart is attached to the message is from the person who is always there when there's a

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does a lesson or a lecture or reminder in the masjid he stays there to benefit and to purify his heart from this and to learn more about his religion. And last but not least the person whose heart is attached to them as it is the person also who doesn't go and pray when his kids are running around in the street and he doesn't know where they are. He also focuses on making sure his kids learn to have their hearts attached to the massage it and until next week's episode, a low island was solo selama Baraka and Vienna Muhammad wa Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh