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Quranic Transformations: a monthly, interactive, hands-on series where goal-setting and Quranic supplication come together to create a transformation that is unique to you.


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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah YouTube much Welcome friends. We are here headed to the Quranic transformation. It is for September so as you are all getting settled in please take a moment praise your Lord take out your chronic transformation notes piece of paper and once someone is ready just give me a thumbs up that the audio video is okay on your side please thumbs up audio and video is good.

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You get the face book or is in here with us.

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And there we go.

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On hamdulillah anata wa salam O Allah Rasool Allah He sallallahu wasallam a salaam aleikum, wa warahmatullahi wabarakatuh guys and gals at home are you able to see and hear as are visible sometimes?

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Got it. So if you're good here on the face, YouTube side, why they come on Salaam Saba and family bark low FICO. And let me not do that squinting for the rest of the day. So bear with me here for a moment.

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See if I can

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find it. So for everyone starting with us, I saw Monique on Facebook as much welcome to you and YouTubers. Can I get a one in the chat box? If you have attended ronix transformation before? I'll take a one in the chat box. If you all have seen Granick transformation before all right, and YouTubers, I'm gonna put you in a place so maybe it's a little bit of a better shot.

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Yes, there we go. Is that better? I think that's better. Okay, I mean, both in family Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu.

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Much welcome to everyone sister just sending out a Salam aleikum misool as salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah Alright guys, we are here for onic transformation.

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Jane key

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good, Chaka sama. Genki Am I saying it? Slightly appropriately? So for those of us who have not been here before a solid income guys, great to have you with us on wallick? Muslim suhaib. So let's take a quick moment.

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If you've never been here before, I'm going to make a few jumps to kind of fill in some of the gaps. Have you ever prayed for something and received what you prayed for? Yes, yes. Yes. Some of you are even watching this and saying, Hey, I prayed for this. So if you would, I'm asking you today to say I've asked God gotten one or two of the things that I wanted. Yes, somehow you've gotten so sorry. Let's raise the bar. How many of us have then made a core onic? supplication? robina artina fifth dounia Asana, you have done that? So you've done a Oh God, you've done one of these a basic Rabbana. Athena fifth dunya hacer una Subbu? Is this does this come out clear on your page? Or does it come

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out backwards? It's backwards on your screen. And for you guys at home. It is the simple step of saying Robonaut enough. Indonesia has enough facebookers forward or backwards backwards. We'll figure it out. So let's go next step. Now how many people have custom it's backwards, okay. I have a way to to to make it better. So for first shot is the YouTuber YouTubers. You could ask God and pray the supplication and you basically Rabbana atina dounia ha, Santa Warfield. aphylla Hasina. Okay, so you've seen this, you've made the doowop YouTube facebookers I'll be right there with you.

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And excuse me, thank you. And if you look here, facebookers you can say Rabbana enough in dunia. Hasina. It's sideways. Okay, sorry. But the idea is, is that we have all prayed the prayer. Now the question that I'm trying to get to for all of us is how many of us have customized our prayer?

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sub I have an idea on how to get you guys strict for example. Now is it good? Yeah. Okay. So now it is appropriate. It's not it's not sideways. So you've all made a prayer. So now that we're all on track, a chronic transformation. A chronic transformation happened?

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When I begin to customize what God said for me

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so we have done this, so hey, do you all know I mean of course and family, you guys remember how many times we've done this. YouTubers, I believe we've done this exercise live at least seven times. So seven times we've taken seven unique draws from the poor on and plugged ourselves in in three questions. Question number one time to start jotting down a

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question number one, who is my Lord? Who is this robot? Not like who is this? Who is the God in this scenario? Does anyone

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I'm not going to poke at you right now I am going to ask you to answer these questions though.

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When you are talking to God, who is he in that scenario? Number two.

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Who are you to Allah subhanho wa Taala So who am I to Who is this God doesn't even if I asked you right now we're going to pray for we're going to pray for goodness in this world and goodness in the hereafter. What is the first adjective or description of your God that you have any word works here? What description of the God that you worship who is allowed to you? Let's just start there.

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And as you're answering that

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in the comments, please feel free to answer

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there we go now I can see the comments Oh ally waited for that on YouTube. So YouTubers, who is God like I know it's you're gonna throw it off and facebookers it you get like I don't know God's the one who's gonna put me in hell. Okay, Muslim God is a best friend. Fair enough. Describe a little bit more I've got God the best friend god my provider God The one who cares for me. God the knower of my needs better than I know them. Anybody.

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super like a being above you okay? Now who are you in relationship to this God? So he's my Lord.

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Okay, Genki Can you tell me what what does Lord have to do a psycho Abdullah here of the one who will answer my prayer listener RM Okay, so I've got a few here here of my doula answer of my doula super being now God is above me He is a super being okay I it's a brand new way for my brain to think of it creator of everything Silvia can we let's raise the bar here I love what we're saying a little bit more. Is God the one your Creator

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more directed and john king john key deeper Yes, he's your Creator. But more go deeper your provider keep going guys. You're going to get to some word that only applies to you. How How do you know a loss of 100 mattarella that nobody else knows. Are you ready to go there? How do you know have you ever been in a situation

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Have you ever okay your peace I love where we're growing at crafts at home a god is your peace God but Can anyone right now identify a scenario that only you and alumno an inside story that only you and God know. Right? I was sliding on I was driving the highway my car was started sliding I was like oh my God God saved me. And then the car stopped sliding and I was like Whoa Wow. Like aren't there things that only you don't have to give me an example but do you agree that there are scenarios that only you and God know about? watcher witness Yes. So now bring to mind a scenario the highest knows past present future so guides us to the best I like it he's my confidence he

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understands more than I even understand myself jack john key now you're hitting it now you're hitting it I love a YouTuber just went from my Lord my Creator to the one who knows me even better than I know myself. Like now we're on to it guys, rescue kitty and family while a Muslim body are very good now Shazia is going to come in from a whole nother element and Who is God? You've got 99 names to go through. But coming back to that inside joke how or inside story. How many of us right

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Now with a thumbs up or a heart or a praise of God can say, there is a scenario that only God and I know about. It could be a sin, it could be God getting you out of a tough situation. How many of us can say that?

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A lot. It's me and just kind of be like, you remember, how many of us can say we've had a situation with God like that? I'd like to throw myself in that. plenty of times. I was maybe in a situation I wasn't supposed to be into. Yeah. Thank you. Any I got one YouTuber. Oh, there you go. Just one person who can say, yeah, bro. It kind of brings you that smile, where you're like, Whoa, yeah, God got me out of that one. Okay, Muslim. Ah, very good. Now friends, junkie, great job Allah knows. And often in my blogs, I say Allah, you know, that's true. That's true. Now friends, who are you to Allah

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of the live, you just take a little break your question on the law has been asked so many times of the law, you will come to a greater understanding. And yes, your Nabhi did recite in more than one variation. So the questioning is very limiting friend that that question is limiting.

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Because it's just a lesser understanding of the pit. All right. So I want you to know that he okay. And Abdullah Are you willing to accept and swallow this? I'm just answering a quick question. Are you willing to also accept that there are stamped recitations that might not be did not recite, but went to the angel and said

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and went to the angels and said the people of this area read this? Is it okay. jabril and gibreel said, Yes. Like there's mind blowing this, Abdullah, take it to the next level brother, can you even understand the concept of being able to rhyme a set of poetry and then for an East Coast poet to take it and then rhyme it and it still makes sense a West Coast poet takes in and rhyme sense that a lot are more about the miracle of Koran than they are about differences and confusions. Assembly is the law of the law wishing you the best. So back to grinding stone and transformation. We are His servants most of all friend. Keep going guys you're giving me I need the answer to question number

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two. Who are we to who are Am I to God? Okay, or we can say Who are we? The people sitting here this evening of de la axon Katie Ali. A Shazia just send me a shoe waves misool saara inshallah, Silvia and family

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jakey junkie and family who are we to God? Friends?

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Okay, let's start with the simple we definitely are slaves of God. Yes, we are slaves.

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Give me some more though, in need. Who are you personally tell us.

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Like this is where the transformation takes place and not just a lecture you will look oh, he's a great speaker. Thank you very much. But I'm not here to say I'm a great speaker. I'm here to pick and say, Who am I? If this was a chessboard? Let's start there. If this was a chessboard, what player Am I for a lost behind? Tada. This is a great one. Okay. For Fauji, Mr. Lee You are a servant. But what type of servant Emily forgey Are you a worker servant, a servant. Like

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right we are pawns. Okay, Hashmi. But why is everyone upon? Someone might have a different responsibility. We are worshippers I like it pawns worshippers.

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view. There we go. I feel as though I am a product of his intricate planning a proof of majestic to my community and family. Here we go. So muslimah I like it Fauji. I am an object. I am a worshiper. We are obedient. I love it. obedient servant worshiper, you are a knight in the kingdom of Allah subhanho wa Taala. I love it.

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Whoo Saba says his examinees chi guy not says obedient servant, submissive servant, helpful person, helpless person without him. I love this. This is this is beautiful. muslimah brought up something a believer who

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craft art craft craft at home. You're going to come to see that yours is one of the biggest can Everyone listen for the moment I excuse me, keeps going away.

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I feel as though I am a product of his intricate planning a proof of His Majesty to my community and family. Can everyone get that? Now I shuffled Luke. 4g, you are now raising the bar. Okay. So Is everyone okay? I'm going to try to mix everyone's answers and see if you can get out of it. We are creatures who have freewill and mind to think about a lot behind our borders. Can everybody except individually Fauji? Subbu Muslim are all individual perfectly crafted? pieces of Allah subhanho wa Taala has puzzled Yes.

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I'm writing that for today. That we are waalaikumsalam in Marana and family why a Muslim? Can we all say I am his slave and completely reliant on him? Allah Allah Allah Allah I love it friends, but in today's do odd that I have selected in today's supplication that I have selected I wrote this on Hutch. I wrote this on hudge everyone thought it was a little kooky.

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Can guy not accept can just send me an accept can Muhammad accept Shuaib suhaib ensure he can all of us accept that God has a purpose for us? And that he bada will Mahalo to Jenna will insert a lolly Abdul he bada is not necessarily enough to say my purpose is a bother I know I'm going to lose someone on this one please forgive me let me get the sentence out.

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But a bada will lead me to find my purpose in the universe.

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We buy that. Praying the salah and worshiping God and humbling myself and praying and Vicar and salah and fasting and meditating and breathing and helping the poor poor? Well, that's helping the poor is outside but my worship with God

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telling me if you think if you agree because so then we can move to the next thing. Do you think that someone should just keep worshiping?

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Yes, we are Khalifa Should we keep worshiping and thinking I'm bad? I'm going to hell. I don't know if God will accept me? Or should you or bla gain you forgiveness. And then when you feel connected to God and forgiven you say, oh God, forgive me and help me fulfill my permission to worship.

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worship with a lot is communication. And if you were to be inspired craft at home, your life's work is to build crafts with people and help them to get away from depression and anxiety through building crafts. Say for example, you felt this inspiration?

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Should you just go on worshiping and saying I'm such a worthless human being? Or should you be like

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talking to me? Like are you inspiring me?

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Hashem, take me to the next level though, bro. Can we all accept you to Facebook? Can we both accept we're all sinners. We're all sinners, like right now if you if we all turned in our cell phones, if we all turned in our phones, we're all sinners fair. So should we right now stamp and say I'm a sinner. We're all going to continue some form of sin. Now I want to go further than I'm bad. I'm bad. I'm bad. That makes sense.

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I guess.

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I guess this is where I lose people. I am saying don't make your life. Oh, God. Awful. I'm so bad. I'm so bad. seek the forgiveness, accept the forgiveness and then go be served humanity worship God. And when you make some mistake, go back. God I'm sorry. But when does worship lead to your life purpose?

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I know I'm pushing the line here. When does your a bother your father in law her her mother issue five daily prayers. When does that translate into? I'm going to feed the homeless? I'm going to take care of abused women. I'm going to

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see beyond my sins and work for humanity.

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In Marana says accept our sins, ask for forgiveness and have good intentions.

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Sonia as I think Sonia got it with me just move on. We hold on to the guilt and we'd never end because of the guilt. I'm asking you all right now just show of hands or just say I stuck through law and ask for forgiveness.

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Okay, I will right now. But everyone's hands

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were perfect. Everyone's answers were perfect. But right now, when I said Who are you? How many people internally identified with a sin?

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I did. How many people who when I said, Who are you to Allah? Oh, I'm the guy who watches YouTube. I'm the guy who makes mistakes or sees says bad words.

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Make Toba move on I love it Masuda. Thanks for that answer. Few tubers you know it too. We identify with our sin. I'm an addict. Someone will say I have a fever. Does anyone say I have depression?

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I'm depressed.

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I have anxiety. I am anxious. Do you see how we associate with it? We I am my disease very problematic friends.

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Allah say a child only drug or tobacco 100% Iran 100% make doba No, first have good thought about God. Human insaan means forget we sin as we forget. Oh, Fuji gramatical beautiful point there. Okay, I am going to now. Next level. God is the one who knows us better than we do the one who answers us the one who guides us and protects us the one who answers our Toba And who are we consistent sinners?

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Who and today can you say it because masuleh sometimes our view of Allah is only based on fear and how can we say it? Oh, a lot. It's me. I made a relationship with you based on fear. And hell. And and how many people can say that was a good thing in the beginning. I will say 100% that's a great thing. Because in the beginning, the human psyche needs that. Oh, well as Mercy is greater than his wrath. 100%.

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But if you're willing to take what masuleh said over here, let's suppose comment is sometimes we view a law through hell and fear. Which Come on guys. It gets you up for fudger It gets you moving. It's a good place to start. But do you want your emaan

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Come on, friends, if if you're in a relationship and you're the person in your relationship says, if you don't do this, I won't love you. If you don't do this, I'll stop loving you. Like the entire relationship is predicated on if you don't do this, I'll do that. How deep is your relationship going to go? It's pretty superficial.

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So how many of us right now Bismillah

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how many of us right now can say oh well law. It is me who made a relationship? Who made a relationship with you? And now I want to go to the next level. Yeah, raw, unconditional love with the law. Whoo. You guys are Who are you? Where did you or Where are you guys been? Where's this audience have been? But the basis needs to be love not fear.

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craft. Talk to me about this yet. I'm seeing in real talk human psyche. 100 million people. Do people respond better to reward or consequence?

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I'm sorry. It's a tough it's a tough thing. People respond well to consequence. Now the other wing of fear and Hell is love and mercy. It's a it's a wonderful saying love and mercy.

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Okay, nutjob you feel like reward in Marana vote you guys are true. Your true I'm just

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I'm sticking up for hell here. All right, I'm sticking up for hell. Because if you guys say I'm trying to say everything we've done I'm framing our relationship with God thus far as good. Like the relationship thus far is good. Thank you Allah I don't want to go to hell.

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Okay, Shazia. How do you control the fear? You it's love, love, love, love Shazia. expose yourself to Allah subhanho wa Taala as mercy once you truly start to feel it, taste it touch it. When you see that loss and Allah shrunk the earth for the guy who murdered the 999 people. You start to recognize God read or on and asking your divine Yala take the fear away make me love you more. Why not Shazia? Why not? Yala. It's me. I fear you more than I love you. Yeah, LA. Yeah, a la YAHWAH. Dude, I fear you more than I Love You helped me.

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Know that you're saying it? Correct.

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It is but I will still say friends we don't do bad things because of Hell come on friends tell me for truth Are you guys all like wake up for fudger Oh, I love a lot so much that's why I'm waking up or you guys is 100 love for you if you do god bless you tremendously I just want to leave that out there if you do that's wonderful. I still get up with

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I still get up with a hate it's time to be up.

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Now Okay, you know what I will say one negative thing about fear. I believe that the people who pass down their religion to us were not able.

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They were not able to are taught to love us parent Allah like was Thomas's three asked me.

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Like they're literally that's no because I love Alaska, Montana. That's beautiful. Katie, that's actually absolutely beautiful. God increase you. Yes, my point was consequences drives us.

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And the grind changes your life tremendously. Okay, friends, now, let's be defined the God that we're talking to how many people feel slightly more connected, and having more intimate relationship with that God Rabbana I do just right off the bat. Thank you. Next, next

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misool it's got to have some fear in it, though, friend. fear that you will upset your Lord, that You will not please your Lord, right, that the fear has to be there. The wings have to be there, but misool you and I know where you're coming with. I know the God and how many people can say right now that they can spend more time to know themselves. Right now? Yes. So this is a process now friends, this is where the transformation begins.

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Silvia sometimes there's fear of losing him sometimes there's fear of not pleasing Him. But

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mine is in the middle of fear and love. Okay, so I think we all have we have that picture. How many people though, can put their finger on? I don't know myself well enough. Truly. When someone says how would God identify you?

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You think of your sins?

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Yeah, that's very difficult. Everyone loves to talk about a law law law. But Muslim has said it the majesty of God is in her creation and it's always masuleh and so isn't a job. And but so who is the me? Who is the me my friends? And how can you love them me if you don't know.

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So I'm going to conclude here with three or four minutes left. And let's really poke at we didn't even scratch the surface today friends, you know that getting to know God and getting to know yourself in relationship to him is where the transformation truly takes place. And this is why we do it on a monthly basis. Because you could just write a why and then go frolic in the in

00:28:20--> 00:28:38

I've lost for word frolic in the Botanical Gardens but getting to know yourself and say yeah, lights me with some the sinner and then like telling Oh, yeah, that one. It's me with some The one who has more potential than he realizes. And you are the God who can unlock it.

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Okay, all right friends. So now I'm just going to the number three component here. frolic in the meadows, thank you.

00:28:50--> 00:28:57

The number three question is what do you want? So just jot it down? What is it that you want?

00:28:58--> 00:29:19

youtubers? Are you prepared? I'm gonna give us 30 seconds for you to look at my blog. And then I'm going to come over to my Facebook. So facebookers Can you tell me we said Oh ALLAH and then answer who is Allah? Who are you? We did it now.

00:29:22--> 00:29:36

The two are reads folfiri Lana Zulu banana. What are you asking when you say so forgive us our sins. What does that mean to you? facebookers that's yours. youtubers ready?

00:29:39--> 00:29:59

So YouTubers, this is how it came together. robina in Nana Munna folfiri Luna, the new bonobo joaquina Davina. That's the dua Surah Al Imran, if anyone can find it, so Ali Imran, I think it's 11 or 12. Put the link for recycle rom com that'd be great. So got a guys and gals rub banana

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I then transferred to the source answer who knows how it will all end? Okay source answer who will know how it all ends? Then who is in Nana mana and here's my translation This is all it is us those who trust you believe in you want to meet you the woke aware and guided touched. We are consciously connected

00:30:31--> 00:30:49

Ayana get to your question momentarily. It could really be ion that you just need more rest in general. Maybe if I had you reading Harry Potter, you'd still fall asleep possibly. It could just be sleep issues. So we'll talk about that at the appropriate time. And what does joaquina banagher mean?

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I'll be with you guys. Save us from the depression, anxiety, paranoia, hopelessness, fear and limitations associated with the fire.

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And how about them apples friends? That was one of the best webinars that I have written you face book you face books. Are you ready Booker's okay so we're going to come back over here and please prepare mentally quick shift this man law All right guys if you don't mind I'm just gonna do this the same with them Rabbana in Nana

00:31:26--> 00:31:37

so Oh our Lord indeed we indeed we all believe and thus forgive us our sins and save us from the fire

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then I left this here Okay, ready? Now Who is God? God is the source answer who knows how it will all end I have plugged that into my brain. What does Inanna man look like? Well to me is it's us yeah, a lot I wrote this on hudge so I was just thinking of everyone I said it's us and who is us those who trust you believe in you want to meet you that's my meaning for Amina those who are woke awake guided touched by you. We are consciously connected. I am selling to my Lord. Yeah love it my belief with sound belief alone not so complete. But if you put all my all the oma together our belief is complete so far, fulfill another no brainer. So God

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I'm working on that. I'll just post a picture xeno BIA zenobia and family. I'll just post a picture. But if you want to grab that you can. We'll clean it up a notch. Can you still see so far? spa? Some of us have faults that others don't have forgive us all our sins, evils weaknesses. Let us not judge each other. So do you see how I use this here? youtubers? I didn't show you the bottom part. So fault fear law means

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you do a sin that I don't and I do a sin that you don't. So I'm asking God what pinatas are banagher Look, everyone's got different sins, forgive all of us. And then let us not judge each other. Because how can I say Oh, you guys are in my Iman belief. We're all brothers in belief sisters and believe that I'm like the hell would demola like they're so bad and I judge them come on fam. That's not cool. So last, Joaquin Ah, how many people have said to God saved me from the Hellfire but have not said and the depression associated with the Hellfire, the anxiety, paranoia, hopelessness, fear and self imposed limitations associated with Jana. How many people right? Thank you. zenobia zenobia

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and family, don't you like this was a game changer. And I wrote this right before we went out for the minute tent. And this was like, Whoa, of course, no one wants to go to hell. But how many of us and I'm flipping you guys right now. So take your picture if you need three to one.

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So how many people can call it out right now that some people already live in a hell of anxiety, depression and paranoia? That's called it like it is friends are? Yes. How many of us have lived in hell already? paranoia, anxiety, depression, hopelessness. Well, what's the point we're all going to hell. And thank you in Ronda everyone else to buddy, everybody else. So not only do we not accept God as ours, we're not worried.

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But then we don't we don't accept forgiveness. This was my beginning point guys. Hey, Solomonic Mark de la Nick even family. Great to have you guys. So how many of us don't want to go to Home don't want to go to hell. But anxiety depression, hopelessness addiction, I'm worthless, I'm not good enough controls and runs and makes the decisions of our life cuz you know it cuz you know

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so I'm gonna pause here I'll try to post a picture online and then youtubers

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I don't know how that works, I'll maybe I'll post a picture I'll post a little video of it. But friends, we have to now share some sense of love. If you can give a little bit of your anxiety and just share it here. Put a little bit of your anxiety right here. Put a little bit of your anxiety were there. Okay. And then just let it go into the intro verse. We are all on the inner net. If you agree, c'est la la lala. And our inner net is stronger than the internet. And if I pray for Nikki that he experiences the happinesses of life that he is cleansed and protected. Will my do are on the inner net in inner net Wi Fi system inner Will my blog reaching to keep will it reach Najafi will it

00:36:35--> 00:36:47

reach muslimah and Subbu? Will it? I don't know. That's up to you. I believe it does. I believe my Salawat reach Mohammed's a lot is on them and then trickled down to

00:36:49--> 00:37:35

two sisters Sylvia, I believe that sister in Marana makes dua and it does reach us we just don't let the front door open. La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu honjozo how many people right now we'll leave a little I asked for your donations, hear ye hear ye who will leave some anxiety paranoia at the door. Because we all believe your belief is not good enough. Your belief is not good enough. his belief is not good enough. But guess what? All of our beliefs combined together are complete. You give me your anxieties. I'll give you my paranoia that I think the cops always gonna pull me over. Boom, there it is. Take it away from me, please. I feel nasty. I get anxiety I get

00:37:36--> 00:38:24

paranoia through the TSA because I always get quadruple s You know what? LIDAR, Allah. I give you my anxiety. You give me some of your addiction. Give me your addiction. Oh, so what you watch that thing? Give it Leave it to us fear. Throw it out. Get it out of your system here. And then take from all of us. Rabbana in Na Ma na folfiri Lana Zulu ba na? What? Pina alaba now, I have a love for us all. It's hard to understand that how does this random person have love for me? If you begin to open for self love, then you will be here 3338 minutes into it does that level Plato does always a sense of accomplishment when we finish these. I'll see you all in the next installment of chronic

00:38:24--> 00:38:28

transformation, which is next month, next week.

00:38:31--> 00:38:45

Next week, we are doing prophetic dynasty names 65 or 60 something to 70 something Karima and family while he was saddam Iraq with the library got to amin

00:38:47--> 00:39:16

that's one of my main anxieties can who can take the Nickleby anxiety? Seriously? Who's going to take it? youtubers Can you take some of the Facebook? See that next Wednesday neck? Who wants to take some difficulty of sister who wore it? Who wears makeup? And come on? There's a feeling that people are staring at you and in this world. Some people are staring who's taking it. I'm taking 10% Okay, I haven't dealt 70 to 75 Thank you very much.

00:39:18--> 00:39:21

friend who's gonna take her anxiety Ain't nobody going to

00:39:23--> 00:39:46

love work for Sarah robina in Santa Monica we believe but so fault for Lana Zulu Bana Athena Davina nozette Thank you so much. You are awesome news that you give me some of your anxiety and depression. Some give me a your your paranoia is your greatest fear. Send it out over news it will work bake it into a pie and eat it.

00:39:48--> 00:39:59

Yes, please do check. My health is hopeless and hopelessness and loneliness. Mostly marked. As long as this channel is here. You can't be you

00:40:01--> 00:40:10

You cannot be sad, lonely because we're here in sha Allah through video through life. Just like love Silvia.

00:40:11--> 00:40:14

net dot. Silvia is saying,

00:40:15--> 00:40:44

yeah eating our anxiety Good one. A sister sing I used to wear the club so I can understand and sharing your pain so it's real time now. I used to wear niqab. So I understand. Sister RM is saying, I do wear it and I understand so love for all of us. It's not easy to be seen and looked at but we are here for each other. Thank you again Facebook was Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah. Have a wonderful evening. Thank you for these 40 minutes.

00:40:46--> 00:41:12

YouTubers, you guys are awesome. Thank you for the 40 minutes. I'm excited. I feel great when these things happen. They're, they're real. They're not like dishing out when lights and cool graphics. Like it's raw. But it's us. I have love for all of us. No shine is to say that I was loved within myself. And I extend the verb, the verb of love. If you experience it, may God protect you. Thank you again, a cinematic Mark de la