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The speaker discusses the importance of the verse "Ok," in the Quranic reflections series, which describes Allah's mercy on his people and his actions. The speaker also discusses the importance of not denying people's mistake and being merciful to others.

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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh My dear brothers and sisters, this is another verse from the Quranic reflections series. And it is from Surah Al Baqarah.

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In the who who utter wobble Rahim Indeed, He Allah is the acceptor of repentance,

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the Most Merciful.

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This verse addresses Allah's merciful willingness to forgive his creatures.

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So the first point of inflection is that it is a part of human nature for human beings to sin, as this is how Allah created human beings, as well as the jinn,

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to whom he gave freewill

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to both the jinn and human beings.

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Consequently, the prophesy Salem reassured us staying

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khulumani, Adam hardtop McLaren Hata, in a towable, all of Adam's descendants constantly make errors. And the best of those making errors are those who constantly repent.

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So, Allah accepts are seeking forgiveness

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because of the fact that error is a part of our nature.

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And this is his mercy

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that he doesn't expect us to be sinless

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without any error.

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And he is a toward

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the one who accepts

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all sincere repentance.

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The second point of reflection is that Allah's forgiveness, for those who are repentant

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is from his mercy, and not the right of a sinner.

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So we should be grateful for his kindness and mercy.

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Some people feel that, okay, I repented. So, you know, Allah should do this, or should do that, no, no.

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We shouldn't have sinned in the first place.

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due to our witnesses, we did so. And Allah recognizes these witnesses, which are part of how he created us. So He forgives us. And it is from his mercy, that he is continuously forgiving, kind and generous.

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Now, the third point of reflection

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is that

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being repentant, should make us humble and more willing to accept the apologies and excuses of others who have wronged us or those under our care.

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So, in the same way, we're hoping for a lot to be merciful to us. We should also be merciful to those around us. As far as as I said, Whoever doesn't show mercy will not receive mercy.

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So we should keep that in mind.

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Let's Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh