Qur’anic Supplication – Ep 23

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This is the 23rd supplication in our series as found in Surat Aal-‘Imran.

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Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah brothers and sisters Welcome to call onyx applications be eaten alive today we'll be covering Surah Al e Imran Ayah number eight. And as you remember from the class, we had said that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam encouraged us to read this after every fourth prayer after all of the obligatory prayers during the day, so make it a point to memorize this one and after you say your salams and read idol kursi then I would love for you to read this draw. And also you can read it After you have completed your prayer. And also when you're feeling slightly down. This is a way to ask Allah subhana wa tada to lift up your spirits and never

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to turn you away from guidance. So let's start today are all Bana LA to zil Hulu Bana bar that is had atana what habit Lana Miller done

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in NACA and del wha

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This is the DA in its entirety. Let's break it down into two words now two or three words at a time, or are Bana law use your whole tongue last not law law and then gargle the sound to zil to zil kulu bana now try the word it's going to commit to the line. ba da ba

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ba add that in bring the tongue out to the editor top teeth. Eve had date Anna, what Hubbard Lana will have happened Lana? Full tongue again for Lamin noon always open that tongue what habit Lana, meeting, done care meeting done

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with the law a lot of times at home you might be saying that rah rah rah tried it. Oh it a little bit in there sound like rah don't Oh your lips but oh the sound rah

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rah rah?

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Well haben and Mila Doom Kawashima in NACA en del y.

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NT out that chest cavity with the high sukoon was

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in NACA en del Wahab. If you have your notes, you'll realize that you're asking Allah subhanaw taala to never let you slip from a station from a McCombe from a place of human back into darkness. May Allah subhanho wa Taala forgive us and I pray to see you in the next episode of Quranic supplications does Allah who played on WhatsApp mo aleikum wa rahmatullah