Qur’anic Supplication – Ep 13

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This is the 13th supplication in our series as found in Surat Al-Baqarah.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah brothers and sisters, welcome to Quranic supplications. Today during surah, Baqarah, ayah, 127 and 128.

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Something for us to reflect upon in today's law. When we recite today's law we have to remember who is saying this door and at what place. So before you look into your notes, remember after building the GABA, we realized that the Prophet Ibrahim alayhi salatu salam turned to Allah and said the up Ballymena, he'd created them such a huge thing, but he said well I accept it. So I want you to use this in your daily supplications clearly and constantly say to Allah after your prayers after fasting, after you do a good deed constantly say Allahu Akbar Amina in Mecca and the semi Allah alim. What to Ballina inaka and that the wobbel Rahim let's start today and I have 127 of Surah

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bacala where we say Allah Bana the bell mean

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Taco Bell mean

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hold the sound in Naka and that's me rule Isley pucker lift rule Isley in NACA and the semi rule Isley

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then asked a lot for to accept your repentance. What tuba Elena in naka de

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la heem take the words what tuba Elena. What tuba Elena in Naka and that, though, boo Brahim, and at home if you're saying Rahim, give me more in your raw say the word rah

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rah, rah, he does aka Hayden. B is an Allahu Allah. I'll catch you in our next episode of Quranic supplications in sha Allah, it's your brother Hassan Sharif was Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah.