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Qur’anic Supplication – Ep 10

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Wisam Sharieff

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Episode Notes

This is the tenth supplication in our series as found in Surat Aal-‘Imran.

Episode Transcript

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Set Amati kumala to law brothers and sisters Welcome to Quranic supplications Today we're going to be practicing surah Allah Emraan I am number 134 have your notes out available with you and remember when you say the word Allah bene how much emotion goes into that is up to you but we know that there are six levels upon which we call on our Creator so remember those levels as you say, all are bad now feel Lana, the new banner, they're new so it's

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the new banner. I want you to blow through the scene here. What is a lot fana what is wrong fana Fie Rena complete the khatron de la Fie Dina VM Dina what sub bit bring the tongue out and pop at the end was that bit

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was that beat up or die Amana one slew na committee ra one slew na I ll I ll o MIDI kaffee Dean I ll o MIDI kaffee Dean we take the whole while read together we're making the iron supplicating to Allah to forgive our sins and the excess that we have committed in our affairs so when you say this a lot but no fear Lana Zulu vana. What is a lot fana Fie em Medina. Now in this word was sub bit you're going to blow that sir, what sub beat up or da Amana one

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na I ll o MIDI care feeding me Allah subhanho wa Taala protect us and give us the opportunity to know how vast His mercy is. And for us to understand that with the forgiveness of Allah also comes as mercy. So remember the last hour we did while feel Lana what Hamner it is that you have the extension of that law. Here we are asking Allah subhana wa tada not only for his forgiveness, but the excess in the amount because it's not only the sins that we commit, but it's a transgression. Once we know something's wrong, we kind of push the envelope a little bit. Here's your da to turn back to Allah subhana wa Tada. Brothers and sisters in sha Allah see in the next chronic

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supplications was set out more alikum warahmatu law