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This is the eighth supplication in our series as found in Surat Al-Furqan.

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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu brothers and sisters, I welcome you to Quranic supplications. Today surah four gone towards the end, I encourage all of you to read from Isaiah 61 Why are you bad or Rahmani? Levine? What about the rush man in Medina immunol out of the hohner that whole section I'd like you to read it. It really depicts the character of the person who would read this. So even before you get very deep into this, don't memorize it learn it's the dude, I want you to work on getting those characters walking humbly on the earth not being extravagant or very stingy when you spend, and most importantly, look at the ayah before 74 right before what levena law your

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shadow in a zoo. If you want children, a spouse and children who are shining examples and they are kurata the are the poorer the coolness, the stillness of your eyes, then you will need to build your character before so I do make sure that all of us can reach this part is 74 surah four o'clock. I want you to remember this door should come after making to offer your parents we know from the sound narrations best to pray for your parents, and then pay for your spouse and children coming afterwards. Naturally are giving respect and right to those who were there first really important law. I really recommend all of you read this even from a young age. Let's start together. Or Rob

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Bana or Rob banner start with the raw food raw or raw bene Hubba Lana

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Lana mean. Top and bottom teeth together buzz mean as as well Gina mean as well. Gina? Same. We've seen this word before we saw this in the second duar was the re Yeah, Tina pucker vibrate was the re Yeah, Tina was the re Yeah, Tina. Poor raw Boo.

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Boo water. pucker. Commit full raw. Whoo raanta Ah. You mean? Ah you mean?

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Are you mean? Now we're going to connect? Oh, what? Are you new?

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Why'd you you're gonna bounce. What? I'll bounce commit stretch. What?

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li mu l ti Na Ma?

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Na wotja

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Let's repeat that again. It's what I know. What are Nana lil mo Pina. Emma. I think previously like a few seconds ago might have sounded like what Alana? It sounded like a gym had a Fatah. You can see it here in front of you. It's a gym sukoon so bounce it wotja I'll na wotja

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li mu del p Na Ma? Ma. Can we practice the word macduffie say the word keys like keys. Same with the P key now pull it back in your mouth with the key key. Li mu del t EMA excellent. Let's do this together from the beginning.

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Or abana haben Lana mean. As one Gina was the re yeah Tina.

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Ah you knew

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delphina EMA? Watch it. Watch it now. Little motor kena mama. There are a few points that we covered on this. Remember the word Cora stillness or coolness of the eyes. But what the most important part of this do our was in order to be the Imam of the Motoki the person making the DA had to be striving their best had to be striving their best to fulfill the characters of arriba Rockman. So let's look back into our notes. Make this door consistent and ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to give you the best from your spouse's and your children. May they be a key of Jenna for you. Just like a love letter. I'll catch up with all of you in the next quarter unex application what's up Mr. alikum warahmatu

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