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hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah Mirabella the mean was honor to a Salam O Allah Rasool de na vi Karim Allahumma suddenly was suddenly masala Nabina Wahhabi been water solina Mohammed in Salalah who already who was Salam Allahumma salli wa sallim ala Nabina Muhammad Allahumma Elif bainer kulu Bina was that a Nina Nina Sudha salam, Juana Gina Amina guru Murthy, either Norwegian, even alpha HTML Amin. Bhagwan, Allah, we asked before we drench ourselves in the lives, actions and characteristics of the profits of a lot, join our hearts, rectify our situations, whether it's a financial issue, whether it's something going on with your family, between your friends, may Allah rectify it,

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because we cannot come and listen to talks, get excited about a talk, and then go home and be the same. It would be better if we spent Wednesday evening sitting down leaning against a pillar and saying, Who Did I disturb this week? Who did I offend this week? How can I make my relationship with my spouse better, it's not a day to celebrate. So I'm going to surprise her with flowers. It's not a day or two, that my husband is going to expect something so I'm going to do something special for him. It would be better for us to learn little and act more. But what we do we come on every Wednesday. And we come here with the intention to make ourselves better and I will lucky prepare

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with the intention that if I could show some goodness, you could take some goodness. So as we mentioned in last week's class, there were three things about Ibrahim Ali Salaam that were very amazing. Could anyone help me out with those three things because we're at the tail end of Ibrahim Ali Sam. I'm supposed to start Lu today, Sam. It's a very heavy topic. So before I start that I want to open up with the best of intention. What was something about Ibrahima a Sarah? What was his name by the way? He was hurry Roomba. Only two people were given this name of Allah. What do you mean young guys? Come here? Friend, right. So sisters, what did we say about a true friend? There was

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something special about it's not just friendship like, Oh, yeah. BFF. Right. It's a real friendship. Something that and what was a characteristic that we pointed out about real friendship?

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You never ask questions. If my best friend comes to me and says, Bro, I need you to come here, bro. I need 50 bucks, Bro, I need this. At the end of the day. If you all asked me I would have done something right. But when your friend comes to you never you don't blink an eye like Yeah, sure. How when? How high? What should I do? This is when we build a relationship with the last panel aka Allah when Allah asked and you're like, well, Allah asked me, I don't have anything else. What was something else we pointed out about? Ibrahim is around. He was his father tried to burn him alive. He got thrown out of his town. He went and saw the people worshipping the sun, the moon, the stars,

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that King who was alive when he was born now I'm rude. He grew up in that nation. Right? So I'm going to give a little bit of extra information when they threw Ibrahim Ali Salaam into the fire and he came out. What did we say happen to everyone in the town?

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everyone believed except for a moment. They're like nope, no one else could do this. But everyone reverted except one young man standing outside the fire anyone know his name? Luton, a tsunami, the nephew of Rahim it Sarah was standing there. He was standing there he saw Abraham came out of the fire on a soccer sermon. He was like, Whoa, gotta be a prophet got to be from God. So we saw all of these trials, but now he's gone from there. He's married to one woman, no children at the age of 86. He's given a child and then what happens? ends up in the middle of the desert. So we moved through all of this. In every situation. Leave your kids in the desert, lead your family in the desert,

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slaughter your son, leave this town. What did he What did he look at instead of the law? What did he look at instead of the commandment? He looked at Who said it? And if you can take that away and say, we don't look at what the law is, we look at who said it. And at the end of the day, if Allah said five prayers, I'm not going to be like, well in 2013, it's rather difficult to pray. Okay, that's true. It's difficult, but Allah said it so who cares, right? You get past so many difficulties. So today, we're going to pick up where we left off. We left off with two things, the friend of a law, how can we get to that level and we all accepted here, it is all a fantasy talk for me to say you'll

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become the friend of a law without any difficulty. What did Ibrahim Alayhi Salam go through in order to attain that title, anybody?

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He submitted and that's the third point from last week. He wasn't called the Muslim he

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call himself Muslim. I can come to you and say what religion Do you follow? I'm Muslim Islam. Allah says Mecca Medina, right? Right. And then we do all the gentlemen there. After that, you start saying, wait, I'm calling myself a noun. I'm calling myself Muslim. Ibrahim is that I'm used the verb, the verb form. He said, No, I submit, Allah asked me to do something. So I submit the friend of a love because he never asked questions. He looked at the source and said, But Allah loves me enough to ask me. And then number three, he called himself a submitter, at the highest level of this submission. He comes out and he meets the sun that he was about to slaughter. He comes to the sun.

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The narrations tell us is my reality. Saddam was sharpening his arrows. So think of it as a young person. He was, you know, he's fixing his bike. He was maybe fixing his car, and his dad came to him as he's sharpening these arrows. He said, Allah has instructed me to build a house. What did he do to his arrows? He threw them and said, Look, by Kawasaki, I'm ready that our dads call us to do the simplest thing like taking the garbage out. And we're like, oh, Dad, I'm almost there. I'm sharpening my, my arrows. The point of this story that was very important was they had built a relationship father and son, where he didn't turn back and say, Oh, come on, dad. What had he

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accepted dad as who was his dad, a prophet. He had submitted so Ibrahim Ali Salaam, I'm trying to really make a point today, you will never attain the level of friendship with a lot till you go through tests through to you submit. But when you submit and it clicks, Allah will give you whatever you want. And when you say, Oh Allah make, give me a son at 86. Allah will give it to you. But he didn't just ask for a son, right? He asked and make my children submit to so when his children his son submitted through and we know what happened. They started to build the Kaaba, very important things that happened here. They built the Kaaba and throughout the day, they get sing along, Taco

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Bell Minato been at Taco Bell Mina in Atlanta Samia la de what to Bernina in a cantata Baba Rahim. So many details, which will start very quickly, the rocks they went father and son and they picked them one by one. The amazing part about these rocks and they still stand as a testament of time. The garba has been demolished and reconstructed or refashion several times. But those original rocks, Ibrahima Sam would go out pick one and we put one down his son is married would pick one put one down and like a jigsaw puzzle, they fit perfectly until Ibraheem alehissalaam got to a point where the rocks were above his head and then what happened? A Lost Planet Allah sent I mean, you don't

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need Home Depot for this. It was literally a ladder that he stood on and what happened to this rock it elevated and it dropped it elevated and it dropped. Ibraheem alehissalaam could have stopped. Remember, when you try to become the friend of a law you can't stop halfway and be like, Whoa, this is amazing. No, he said a lot. Thank you for the tool. They built the Kaaba, then finally he told his son he goes you know on this side on this side, I want to put a rock so what happens we all know Allah, Allah revealed a rock some narrations anyone know what the name of this rock is?

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What's the color of it? It's black. The narration that we receive not 100% correct. Is that that rock was originally white. This is a narration we take it as is. But what was the point of this a law center rock from Jana to Earth. The second time Allah broke physical law for who? For his friend. What When was the first time physical law was broken?

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Or ram came from where? From Walmart. Where did the brand come from? From Ghana. When when you become friends with the last one or the other forget about physics and well actually third time right when he was in the fire. He burned a lesson. What did he call the fire when he met Mohammed? There is a lot in the highest heaven. What did he call the fire? Said I felt roses touching against me. He said the time in the fire was the easiest time in the dunya. Before that people were killing me. My dad tried to burn me pretty rough life. But we realized a lot change that he sent down the white the black stone and upon this. They went and it's something interesting because last week we

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tackled for miracles that still stand today. zum zum doesn't have any other narration in any book. I mean, I tried to go in Buddhist narrations I tried to go like Japanese folk tale to see maybe someone had talked about his Japanese photo by the way speaks about the splitting of the moon. It's called the year the moon split in Japan, so we leave it at that no narration negates

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what else happened? He was standing on the rock. He stopped for a moment this rock that went up and down mahkamah Viva La him. He stopped for a moment up till now he had control over this rock is floating here.

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Had ability to do whatever he wanted for a moment, the middle of the rock sank, and his two footprints were taking in. And you see the size of his feet, they were taking down, that was telling him, this time is done. Why do I point that out? Because after making that he didn't stop and Marvel he stopped and said a light except this for me. And he said something very amazing. He said, or

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Elena, I want you to make the connection here because we're moving quick today. He finished building the house of Allah. Any human being would have said Thank you, God, any human being would have done some physical action. He said a lot now that I built your house while arena manasi Cana and this is the ultimate lesson for today and I'm including myself more than anyone else. You know, we get all spiritually motivated, we love Allah. And then we want to make Allah happy. So we look at every other action except what he asked for. Allah asked for five daily prayers, Allah asked for my business, Allah, Allah as for cm, will find every other action besides that. So we take as one major

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rule of our Sharia as our code of living, every act of worship is forbidden, except the ones Allah gave us. So many times you'll get into these arguments with people how do I make that happy? How do I become the friend of Allah? Pray? Me find modesty and then someone will come to you. Yeah, you want me to become religious? You wanna become a movie? No, I just want to do what I do not monastic and the things that Allah as traumas, those are the things that we do. And I pray that we can take that away from the building of the Kaaba. After he built it. He didn't stop. He said, What arena manasi gonna want to buy Elena, Allah teach me how to pray. Pause the camera for a second. When the

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Prophet salallahu alaihe salam got to Makkah, this same house that was built 1000s of years ago. How were the men and women making power in Makkah, during the time of the prophets of Luddism, naked, okay. It's really important for you to understand. It's not far fetched. The makin chiefs realize it was like a stadium. Everyone's gonna come to watch the football game every Friday. So what did the McCain society do? The chief said, you have to buy our jersey. You guys know what a jersey is? No jersey shirt, but you need to ball come hang out with me well, ball. So at some point when he learns to be a baller, everyone else knows what a jersey is. Right? So the mocking society said you guys

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are dirty. We are the only ones who can sell the clean clothes. So it's a monopoly. It was a really good it was a good scam for what it's worth. Everyone who came to America either made the off in Kureishi branded jerseys or you made the off without any clothes on. Now keep this in mind. When they were found the braces were clapping other tribes were spinning people were slaughtering animals and wiping the blood and statues. When they were asked What are you doing? What did they say? We're praying. What did they say?

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What did they say?

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This is praying. They said this is arriva in 2013 don't we see all of our groups of Islam doing all sorts of different everybody that but Allah never asked us to do that. But brother I'm getting closer to Allah. But how do you know we're getting closer to Allah? Allah didn't say it. Well, I did not monastic an hour to Ballina. We'll come back to that. So now the completion of GABA is done. It's a huge lesson to be taken from but we take one sole fact a lot teaches us how to praise him when your sisters if your husband comes home with a DVD of the Lord of the Rings trilogy set 913 DVDs because I gave you a gift to offer you What are you going to say? What kind of gift is this?

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Right? You're going to want the thing that you want whether it's if your wife came to you with you know, a brand new iron rowenta iron right she came I bought your 400 $150 rowenta iron you'd like Mashallah without my credit card. Yes, honey, it's for us. We will enjoy this to get you back man. I don't want this. So how can you go to a lie and be like look Allah Muslims Allah this is this is it this amount of Salah How can you do that? Well I did not monastic in our body. But now it gets a little uncomfortable I had to make you smile before we move on. So now it's very nearly salami grows up what was the name of the tribe that came to Sarah Lisa and her son was the name of the tribe they

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were passing by they saw the flow the birds anyone remember Jerome Zach welfare when the when the elders are sitting amongst us young people we should be shouting Judah home so please write this down because last week I said it drew whom was the tribe to which is my alien it sallam. He grew up amongst a member that we said this last week they taught him language and what else did they teach him only youngsters please youngsters? What did what did

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The tribe teaching besides language,

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anybody, sisters, how to act, how to get up how to sit down when elders come in what to do. This is something we lack I lack. We lack the etiquette of how to meet people how to be with people how to make yourself available after this is worried about Islam. We're fast forwarding. He grew up, he got married. What was Ibrahim Ali Salaam, doing? He was going and coming. He was going from where he lived in Palestine. He was coming back to Makkah and at this point it some time had passed. He came and he knocked at the door of his son who opened the door sisters. His wife did

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she hadn't met the father in law yet and the father in law now standing there Ibrahim it sir, he stops and he goes How are you today? She said I'm good. She said how's your situation here? She did not know who he was didn't wait for an introduction. All he asked and sisters you know that that person right? You go up to me say salami like how's everything you just want to know what general? Well, today This happened and my mom said this and my job has not been matching my socks for the last three days. It hasn't been working right? So all of a sudden, Ibrahima Sam comes to her and says, how's your situation? How are things here? She goes to tell you the truth. My husband, he

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comes he goes he leaves and when he leaves I mean we don't even have food. And she started to complain as he kept complaining. Ibrahim Ali Salaam listened as an elder would then he said when your husband comes home I have a message for him. Think with wisdom friends. She finished complaining he goes she goes okay what's up because when your husband comes home say I said Salaam on him I swish peace down my husband on your on your husband and tell him to change his doorstep. This in Arabic we translate this change your threshold but doorstep is you know when you there's a step to get into the house, that specific area. He's standing there and he says when he comes home

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Tell him to change his doorstep is married a solemn comes home. And this is the amazing part the narration I'm giving you has no question. There's no doubt about this. Even if we go back to Bible intellia he comes home and this is the amazing part of someone who submits he walks into the house. What's the first question he asked his wife in the middle of the desert? Did someone come here? Did someone visit the house? What can he feel he can feel the presence of his father, not because he their blood created connected? He's connected to the relationship of Allah subhanaw taala. cultivate that with your sons. Now cultivate that with your daughters now where the presence of spirituality

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is there? How will that happen? Not when you tell your children to pray. But when you're around your children and you pray, not when you tell your daughter to make no outfield 20, record no Atilla D, but when you What is your mom do? My mom's praying. What is your dad doing? He's crying when he comes home from work. Let this soak for years. He comes home. He goes with someone here she goes, Yeah, this old man came. And then she began to describe the man. And she said, and he said, But did he say anything? And she said Yeah. He said, say salaams and you should change your doorstep. You can only imagine with a big smile. Yeah, you should change your doorstep.

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Now we pause here Ibrahima, it says, left the message his son heard the message of his father or of a prophet.

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He looked like Abu Bakr Siddiq from the age of 10. His best friend was Mohammed Ursula from the age of 10. Your chatty buddy is running around with your friend that used to run around in shorts with now all of a sudden he's a Prophet did Abu Bakar ever call him Mohammed after the day that he said he was a prophet Not once. Mental transition. So dad said Salaam and the Prophet Ibrahim said change your doorstep. She relayed the message and he immediately looked at her and said oh, by the way, that was my dad saying that I should divorce you. Very It's heavy. We first go to the fifth issues here. Most young guys come to me it's so my dad says I should marry a divorce my wife I should my

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answer to you and the answer of real or llama. If your dad is Ibrahim Ali Salaam, then leave your wife. If your dad is not a prophet, then have sobor listen to your dad's advice. And remember, we listened to our parents to the nth degree, every letter every word, except when it comes to matters where you are going to make a decision as a man in this cake taste. Take Matura and ask your parents to make his taharah but so he divorces her she goes back to the tribe of Judah home. I'm going to touch us touch a sensitive point today. He divorces the girl from the tribe of Judah home sends her back today. If two families two couples get divorced, what happens if all the pieces this group

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doesn't talk to that group? You can't be friends. You're the cousin of the divorce. You can't be friends with them. Why?

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Because there's this destruction, even though it is the most ugly halaal thing we have to realize a lot may be removing oppression. What if that woman was being beaten? What if that husband wasn't happy? What if they just didn't get along? Other religions do not give us the allowance of divorce, you die, you get married and you die. It is a gift from Allah. So he divorces her and guess what the tribe of Judah home does? This is how much they love is my real Elisa, what do they do? There's another girl you want to marry her. And another girl from their tribe came she got married. Ibrahim Ali Salam now this is in a second marriage. Ibrahim Ali Salam comes to visit his his son against son

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is not home. A young lady opens the door. And from this I want you to write down I don't have too many writers today should try to memorize this Dwight's new. She comes to the doorsteps and how are you doing?

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Everything's good. How's your situation? She stopped. Of course, every every human being not woman, every human being is back. Well, today the Ferrari the, you know the oil, I have to change it. Even if your life was perfect. You'd be like, Well, today I have to do this. I met a guy out on the 55 he had a Rolls Royce Phantom. And on the back of the trunk, he had a bike rack.

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Okay, so he had the two bikes and he had a little bike with like pom poms and streamers. And we pulled up and chatted for a moment. And he was kind of like, Yeah, man, like a bikes in the back of the Rolls Royce. He had a problem. So we all have problems, but she stopped and what do you say Alhamdulillah. And he said, Give my salams to your husband and tell him to keep his doorstep.

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Upon this, she returned home, she's narrated the conversation and I'm going to ask you to learn this duel with me. He asked What did you say? And she said, I'll come to the lab. So from now on, I want us to complain to Allah, not to him, not to her, not to anyone. And when this situation comes where life is difficult, because Ibrahim Ali said I've never said life is perfect. He said Alhamdulillah he said these words if you could repeat it with me do it clearly. So people at home can catch it. Alhamdulillah he

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Allah who Lee

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forgot it one more time. Good luck.

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Allah we say praise and things in every situation. If it looks good here if it doesn't look good here.

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The second part one ooh biLlahi

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give it some life on our own to be lahaie.

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min Hani

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Alhamdulillah Da Li Han Allah I praise you in every city in every hand, every situation. When our Villa and Allah we seek your refuge from the situation of the people of the Hellfire, because all of us are going to go through hard times, right? Someone might go through a divorce, someone might go through financial trouble, someone might go through the loss of a family member, you have the choice to say, you know what, I believe in Allah. Allah wouldn't lie. You can live long enough and Illa Allah wouldn't put me in a situation that I couldn't handle. I started wearing Hijab to school and people are making fun of me. The first day someone makes fun, you can't do it. But wait. The first

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day you make the opposite. I'm going to start praying at school at the MSA. Someone makes fun of you. 102 Billahi min Halle, Allah, Allah when I'm praying, if someone makes fun of my heart slips, keep me away from this. keep me away from this evil situation. I pray we remember this. So upon this, she says, I said I'll handle it. She did something interesting. She told her, she told her husband, he said How did he look? And she described but in the narration we don't get any description of Abraham it Sarah, who describes and I'd like you to take this down. The Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in a beautiful narration. It's completely sound. So

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authentication is there. He asked the Sahaba he said, How can I describe Ibrahim Ali Salaam to you How can I describe him to you? And the prophets? A lot of them stopped and he said the face of Ibrahim matches my face more than anybody else. And what was the face of Muhammad Rasool Allah and so love the love with either narrates to us that the whites of his eyes now I've I've only met two people like this and I went up to the brother, I was like, You have beautiful eyes. They are white, and he kind of stopped and he was like, okay, that works. You said you're from California, right? So at some point, the province of La it was selam there was never the black didn't bleed, you know, you

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wake up and there's like lines it was

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wiped. his pupils were completely round. Listen to the narration as the young children said, the tip of the prophets a lot of thumbs beard on either side came into his shoulder bone. So you had a beard this thick, but when he spoke to you, he never turned his head. He turned his sternum and said, How can I serve you? Mohammed Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam was not tall was not short, he was in a mid range, we'd say 595 10 when he's walked the Prophet sallallahu Sallam didn't walk with his heels. He walked with the pressure on his toes. It looked as if he was descending a staircase when he walked when he spoke, it's narrated. In other words, when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam spoke,

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they said you could hear every letter and when he asked you if you needed anything, he would wait. When you said no, he would wait, because what could happen in your heart, you actually do need something. This is how Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam looked unnecessarily a loved one lived till the age of 103. He lived till the Persians had come in until the Islam had dominated or smaller the loved one was paying people a salary to be a citizen of the Muslim ummah. times were good. And that's what the last one live till 103 He said, I never smelled a musk Musk, we're coming from all over the world. I never heard smarten up. Like when the prophets Allah, why do some touched

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my face, and I could smell his sweat. This was Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Allah give us the chance to see his face. Allah give us the opportunity to say you know what, I think what was Sam said was right, actually, his beard just a little bit more than his shoulders. I hope you find something that I couldn't narrow it to you. But remember, when he spoke, he believed he when he spoke it was truth. So he described. He said, keep your doorstep. He said this is my father. And he was telling me to keep my relationship with you. Now we come in, we bring this conversation of Ibrahim alayhi salatu was salam to a close. And remember four things for today about

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Ibrahim? Number one, the first thing that we recognize and we find this throughout the Quran and like you to make some small notation with me in sha Allah. First it is Surah nahal which is Surah number 16. In surah Hell, I am number 120. I have 120 of surah number sisters, what's the surah number 16. So, Allah, Allah says in Avon he Mancha

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Ibrahim arisa, Rama bringing his four week study to a close, Ibrahim was in Oman himself. He embodied spirituality. He embodied knowledge and he embodied embodied activism, all three components of a true believer. So now I have 120 but then we realize in Surah hadj Does anyone know what anyone remember? surah Hajj, how many eyes are in Surah? Hodge?

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It's kind of famous because the last at 78 is the 78th ayah of surah. Hajj, I would like you to remember how Allah calls his friend to people where his friend Ibrahim alayhi salam, he was this Hadid and Mohammed Rasulullah sallallahu arias and let's see how Allah answered their requests. And Ibrahim Ali said I'm turn to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And Allah said, me, let me comb.

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He who has a man Kumu Sunni Minami.

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It was Ibrahim who himself wasn't oma. He was a nation he was a generation. He was a wick. He wasn't a burning candle. He was the one who lit our candles. Ibrahim it Sam named us who are some magical Muslims musli Minami.

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And then off we have

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punarvasu Lucia de

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Leon coonara, su Lucia de la COVID. But when Ibrahim Alayhi Salaam raised his hands to Allah, he didn't pray for himself. He didn't only pray for his kids. He didn't only pray for the oma to come, but he prayed for you. He prayed for us and he said, that make us with the coolness.

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He prayed that we became people named Muslims. But the amazing part was, he said, and there were two things that made us Muslim for only Muslim land.

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two things made us Muslim. This didn't make us Muslim. salami this Muslim button

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By myself together when I come and pray here you think brother was five times as much What does that have to do when I come here every day when I come here? What do we do? When we come on Wednesdays What do we do? First thing we do sound like bro How was your week sound like But how was your week? We look out for society we look out for each other and every week I know it's Wednesday Why do I know it's Wednesday? Because I have to do this right because I know it's Wednesday because I have to say Salaam if we save up the masala when I get here and I'm praying three four prayers and the mustard and uncle says to me better my my car's not doing so well can you help me with the tire will

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add to soccer and I pay back to my family I pay back to my society for a clean Masada

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and maybe when I change your tire it doesn't work so well. What does the mobila what hold on to Allah? Because Allah subhanaw taala who is Allah when we removed the titles of religion away from us, and we say that is a Muslim someone who submit I submit to what part of the same team

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Miller he who

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comb Allah is our protector near my mouth.

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sleeve protector. Allies are the one who's going to take care of us and help us in all situations. A lot of money is allocated Jenna Allah we ask you for Jenna because there's no one else to ask for what Ma Ma have been holding wireman and that you bring us towards actions and speech that will bring us to gender what are the becoming a naughty Juan Pablo de la having an environment? Allah you take us away from the Hellfire and the actions and speech that will take us to the Hellfire and May Allah make us submit to His Word.

00:31:49--> 00:31:52

By the way, what's your IRA number was that

00:31:55--> 00:32:09

16 now How old was Ibrahim was our oma This is for a hedge. iron. The last is or a hedge is what number 70 Exactly. Okay, so we did two now 120 and we did surah

00:32:10--> 00:32:21

Hajj Ayah number 78. We close last week I took a little bit of extra time. We close now on this simple fact. What I'm about to narrate to you is a

00:32:22--> 00:32:36

it's an Israelite EDL we're not going to take it to be 100% Okay, so what what I share with you now is something that is found in the Torah, the city in Palestine named eliel I think in in

00:32:37--> 00:33:03

Hebron in Hebrew, it's Hebron. This city is where Ibrahim Ali Salaam passed away and we can find his grave there is this to be 100% true, we don't know. But at the end of the day, as our teachers tell us, Allah is not going to ask us where did Ibrahim die? Allah is going to ask us did you pray? Did you fulfill the rights of the people who gave you life? Did you take care of the people around you? Finally, we close on one simple and easy concept.

00:33:06--> 00:33:13

Allah subhanaw taala told us how he likes to be worshipped right told us how to dress act talk walk what to eat, what not to eat.

00:33:14--> 00:33:52

If we today choose at the end of Ibrahim Ali Salaam story to say okay, I feel really good. And we choose to say I'm going to worship Allah any way I want. I'm going to pray sometimes I'll give you the card and when the movie says Be good, I'll be good. That is choice number one. What choice number two is Allah? My god, I don't even know how to use the restroom. Someone has to. Someone has to show me as a child after you wear diapers What do your parents do? And I want the exact words when you go from diapers not to diapers. What is it called? It's called potty training. Okay, someone has to teach you how to take a deuce which is fine. Right? Someone has to teach you and if

00:33:52--> 00:34:12

you're young maybe to to go down the hole plucky will teach you how to use the restaurant but at some point we human beings don't know. Allah subhanaw taala teaches us when we decide that we know and Allah doesn't know perfectly. We will end up with the nephew of Ibrahim Ali Salaam

00:34:13--> 00:34:56

Ibrahim Ali Sam's nephew moved What was his name? Luther listen to a place called saddam in this area. His people were known for breaking the laws of Allah but here's the key factor. Allah created a system and I told you that if we don't touch this rationally, it won't make any sense. God created a system the higher authority he created a man he created a woman in the man he put the the need to procreate okay desire to physically procreate. This is why you have to keep in mind and then he gave women the need to have babies. Two things come out of this. Babies are cute. Why moms Why are babies cute? So when they when they wet themselves when they're screaming all night, you still pick them up

00:34:56--> 00:35:00

and say, Oh, this is adorable. Right? You still love this thing.

00:35:00--> 00:35:45

Because Allah put it there. Number two, Allah subhanaw taala put the need to procreate. At the end of the day at the end of every procreation session, a baby's not born. But Allah Guevara. Zarya, when you move that Zarya, and the the people of luta, de saddam did an action that was never done before. And that was that action of taking the rights of the husband and the wife, the human, the male and the female, and their union of what's the purpose of their union, Union, to please each other, to cultivate love, and to get more human beings so that the society could continue once you break that law. And that's including us guys. You're saying, oh, call me loose, they're so dirty.

00:35:45--> 00:36:30

They're so nasty. That's an extreme. Allah only points out extremes in the Quran. You never hear about a middle situation in the Quran, you always hear about divorce jihad, when a contract is broken, because Allah needs to deal with the outlining. But when we turn away and say, You know what, Allah told me not to do this. But I'm going to do this because of the heart, the situation that I'm in now, we 1% shift, and our sirata muster theme changes. So when we get to next week, I am going to openly talk about and it took seven weeks to prepare. I went from teacher to teacher to teacher, and I said, but she How can I say this? I can tell you what the opinion is on this type of

00:36:30--> 00:36:43

interaction between males. But then what do we do we literally we live in California, the people who support us the most when we go out to do interfaith activity or for civil rights, who supports Muslims the most?

00:36:44--> 00:36:45

That group does.

00:36:47--> 00:37:27

I don't know what it's called GB something. There association is standing next to us. So now I'm going to tell them you're going to hell. So next week, come prepared. I know we said we will tackle it. But next week when we come and we sit down to talk about nutrition and we have to recognize one title. A lot gave us arena manasi kana what to body now how to live, how to act, how to be when we shift away from that, we will end up with the extreme and I will only leave you on one simple thought. So this year at the there's a local parade right for those people, right? Just nod with me there are a lot of kids in the room. It's awkward. Really. I have nieces and nephews too. This is

00:37:27--> 00:37:46

awkward, but let's I just want to leave a little droplet on the end of this table. They have their parade right and their parade allows them to gather and they walk remember Allah says in the Quran, if you turn away and you enter into actions that will that our sins, they have an effect on you in this dunya

00:37:47--> 00:37:59

they had a parade in this parade. It was huge. So the men group was there the ladies group Was there anyone know who else was there? nationally this year? pedophile is anonymous. It's an association.

00:38:00--> 00:38:45

They have a handbook that teaches you pedophiles, the people who I'm not gonna say it here but you know what they do with younger people. They have an association for rights. They have a handbook that says if you touch with this side of the hand it's illegal and you can get away with this much cringe at this my friends cringe because when we say yes to one illegitimate act wait till next year I'm sitting here and saying oh the pedophiles group Anonymous is totally normal now there's this group who's doing this stop haram were less pinata I said it to be We ask Allah Subhana Allah for forgiveness and for mercy I extend Salaam to you from Canada. shake their senses Salam stew, I

00:38:45--> 00:39:21

extend my Salam stew from family member in Scotland. I also make a request at the end and the beginning of every Wednesday class can we collectively make dua or individually make dua for those people are going through a tough time? I used to get old brother Sam Can you make dua my kid becomes Hafiz I make dua I'm getting const everywhere I go from dads I am addicted to the dirty things on the internet make dua for me. I'm approached by young kids I've been trying to stop smoking and he's not smoking cigarettes I've been trying he's sitting in front of me crying making dua I can't stop.

00:39:23--> 00:39:57

I've been sitting with sisters hijab jilbab and they're doing things that couldn't explain to you I'm sitting there saying inshallah make dua for you. My dad was not going anywhere friends. Let's start we gather once a week not to learn about profits, but to better ourselves. How could it be that we leave here without raising our hands and saying the child who is at the end of a blunt right now raise your hands a lot? My Internet's rotten, Mr. Clean, the husband and wife who are yelling at each other right now and have lost their temper and forgot about Allah, Allah and him nutritionally we're eating him and sure enough, see robina hablan I mean as wodgina was the reality now kurata

00:39:58--> 00:39:59

mattina mama

00:40:00--> 00:40:43

Those whose eyes have been hypnotized to the reality of this, the filth of this world along my Elif bainer movie now was that of a Nina Nina suvidha setup when a gene Amina lumati, either neurogenerative an alpha HTML button. A lot more radical enter or Lovering Baraka increase contentment and sustenance in our seeing was more in our in our hearing what other sadhana in our seeing, not just the physical sight but the ability to see guidance to receive guidance. What are the sloty now what will lubaina Allah illuminate our brains our frontal lobes to receive rational ideas illuminate our hearts to receive guidance and light. Our law was what was wodgina and our

00:40:43--> 00:41:12

spouses make them a source of guidance for us was to react in and make our children not a sense of fitna or test for us what to Ballina Allah forgive us and every person who couldn't make it today and every person who hears the reminders and wants to come close to Allah what generally been alpha HTML word amin Hama, baton Subhan Allah because Allah tmrc fonasa Ramadan and mercy will handle our blood may take 10 seconds ask Allah for what you need, what your parents need and what the needs of the nulato

00:41:14--> 00:41:15


00:41:16--> 00:41:16


00:41:18--> 00:41:19

or banana

00:41:25--> 00:41:25


00:41:27--> 00:41:54

with your permission I'll close on one simple point I won't close the door you keep making the law all day go on your I said this should be like your cell phone as frequently as you touch yourself on this should go up and down. We've covered it in our class. The prophets palms are a Salaam you'd line up with his clavicle he would make draw like this. And in some occasions we know that he raised above his head so I'll close on one thing. Allah gave a book to Musashi Salaam and gave a book to Abraham arisa those books are lost.

00:41:55--> 00:42:06

Except in Surah Allah Ayah number surah number 87 ayah number 1787 17. He said bell to see Runa

00:42:07--> 00:42:07


00:42:09--> 00:42:28

the message in the book of Ibrahim not Imam Abu hanifa not the Sahaba not Mohammed Rasulullah Ibrahim his book, a love preserve the sentence. And that was in the book of Ibrahim before they were salon Rosa topi. namaaz aka does be anything.

00:42:29--> 00:42:53

Ibrahima Listen, I'm taught his people, this world is not real. The world of the Hereafter is real. If you want something to hang on to, and you don't want to get overwhelmed by Islam, get overwhelmed by Dean hanifa. That this is not real, that there is a hereafter. And the way to prepare for that Hereafter is to remember the words of Allah, Sophie Eva da,

00:42:54--> 00:43:34

Moosa, and in the books given in the Soho that's like rolled up paper that was given to Ibrahim, and that was given to Musa Allah still points out. Can anyone remind me Who else said this thing that this dunya is not real and the Hereafter is more lasting? What what other Prophet said that? Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam I know we don't like to listen to what the prophets of light is some says now because it's all Islam. It's so heavy. take only the message of Ibrahim submit to Allah when Allah says something, do it and after that everything is clean and pure is from Allah subhanaw taala May Allah Subhana Allah bless you in every step that you take during this week,

00:43:34--> 00:43:54

may your friend your lover as a matter of energy shall be accepted and be accepted 1000 times May Allah make every ruku a new experience for you and every time this touches your head, and I'll run this by two physicians, you know the minimum such that what's the minimum in such that what you say

00:43:55--> 00:44:10

Suhana Swabian the minimum number of times is no just do this we do the math with me super Hannah be super narrow be Allah Allah subhana wa tada that if you said it like that.

00:44:11--> 00:44:53

Physician say in order for the blood to reach your frontal lobe for it to get here and you have higher thinking it takes about 30 seconds. Right the blood has to go through you got a lot you have a lot going on in the back of your brain. Keep such that at least one in every namaz every salon, one such that should be 30 seconds. And not joking. Wait for the 32nd and all of a sudden when your brain goes Oh, I get it. That's Allah subhanaw taala saying Don't be a nada. I am above I am the most tired but I'm here with you. I'm going to fix this whatever it is, I'm going to fix this. Does that glow Clayton? May Allah subhanaw taala give you Jenna Massara madre de la la mania to becoming

00:44:53--> 00:44:54

Zawadi pneumatic.

00:44:55--> 00:44:58

pneumatic with me sakata Casa Mara