Why Do Muslims Prefer Calling Allah by the Arabic Word Allah and not English Word God

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Otherwise Allah Subhana Allah says in the Quran in Surah Surah chapter number 17 was 910. Allah says, Allah, Allah, I would recommend Amata to follow a small does not say call upon him by Allah, or by a man by whichever name you call upon him, To Him belongs the most beautiful name. You can call Allah subhana wa Taala by any name, but it should be a correct name. It should be a beautiful name, it should not conjure up a mental picture.

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And this message that to Allah belongs the beautiful name besides for Sri chapter 17, verse 210, it's also mentioned so they are off chapter number seven, verse 983, chapter number 20, verse number eight, and sorry, alhaja chapter 15, verse number 24, that to Allah subhana wa Taala belongs the Most Beautiful Names. And

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if you read the Glorious Quran, there are no less than 99 different attributes given to Allah subhanho wa Taala. For example, R Rahman r Rahim, Al Hakim, Most Gracious, Most Merciful, most wise nor less than 99.

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And the crowning one is Allah. Why do we Muslims prefer calling Allah by the Arabic word Allah instead of the English word God, because a person can play mischief with the English word God,

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which you cannot do with Arabic word Allah. For example, if you add F to God, it becomes gods. That's cruel of God did nothing like poodle Allah call Paulo? say he's 11 only. If you add the E SS to God, it becomes goddess, meaning a female God. There's nothing like male Allah or female ln Islam, Allah subhanaw taala unique he has got no gender.

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If you add father to God, it becomes godfather. He's my godfather. There's nothing like Allah father or Allah and Islam. If you add mother to God, it becomes godmother. There's nothing like Allah mother or Allah Ameen Islam. If you prefixed in before God, it becomes 10 God,

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meaning of a god. There is nothing that in Allah and Islam, that the reason we Muslims, we prefer calling Allah by the Arabic word Allah instead of the English word God, but when the Muslims are speaking to non Muslims, who may not be aware of the concept of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And if they use the English word God instead of the Arabic word Allah subhanho wa Taala like the way I'm doing today, I've got no objection. But I would like to remind them that God is not the appropriate translation of the Arabic word Allah.

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And this word Allah is mentioned in the religious scriptures of most of the major religions. It's even mentioned in the Scripture. If you read Rick Wade, book number two, him number one was num 11. One of the attributes of Almighty God in Greek which book to him one verse number 11, is Allah.

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And if you look at the Sanskrit dictionary, the Hindu dictionary it says Allah is the name of God. He's also mentioned Allah subhanaw taala by the word Allah in regrade. Book number three, him number 30 was number 10. And

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book number nine. him number 67 was Timothy is mentioned as Allah