What Is The Meaning Of The Attributes Al-Mutakabbir & Al-Mujeeb

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The names of Allah's subhanaw taala are discussed, including Al Motta Ali Al Motta Ali (the most powerful and feeky of all), Al Motta Ali Al Motta Ali (the most feeky of all), and Al Motta Ali Al Motta Ali (the most feeky of all). The pride and pride of Islam as a means of protecting others is emphasized, along with the importance of showing pride and being proud of oneself. The speakers also discuss the names and attributes of Allah subhanaw taala, including his name and attributes, as well as his actions and responses to prayers. The importance of remembering and asking for Allah's actions to build a strong foundation for a believer is emphasized, along with advice on how to do so.

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Oh creative

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Welcome back to the program, know your Lord, before the break we were talking about some of the great names of Allah subhanaw taala and talking about how we can utilize and help ourselves in terms of benefiting our own selves in believing, reflecting, pondering on the names of Allah subhanaw taala. So a Norman is the one who is the giver of security, security from the Hellfire security in this very world

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and He will give the greatest gift that is showing himself in a Jana if we have the fate, the strongest faith in Him in Malawi, Africa, in the angels in the books that Allah sent in the messengers that Allah subhanaw taala sent on the day of judgment in the hereafter in the hell in the Hellfire in the heaven in the Paradise if you have the feet in all

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in the destiny that Allah subhanaw taala has designed everything inshallah we will be among those who deserve the security of Allah subhanaw taala

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another attribute of Allah subhanaw taala under the name of Allah subhanaw taala is Al Motta Ali Al Motta Ali is the one who is absolutely high and highly exalted. Allah subhanaw taala is far above what the people attribute to Him. Like for example, people say

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that not only Billa the god forbid, that Jesus Christ peace be upon him is the begotten son of a man of Almighty God. Allah subhanaw taala says, We're called to have the ramen Wallah, they say they say that a Ramadan, the Most Gracious, The Most Powerful, the most pure has begotten a son

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to shape an indica, it is the most abominable thing, the worst thing that they utter the car do somewhat you know what unshackled or do what to kill G ba da da. If the sky has the same feeling, if it were given the feeling what they are uttering about, that AR Rahman has begotten Son,

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it would bust out the art will would split into a center and the mountains it will fall down into utter ruin. And

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how could you say that a Rahman Al majali. He is high, above all what you attribute to him, he begat a son. This is the worst thing that people utter.

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To which they have no right. Allah subhanaw taala is a limiter Ali is the Most High, he is far exalted from what people attribute to Him. The people instead of worshipping this great God, Allah subhanaw taala, Allah metalli they go and worship V gods, they go and surrender themselves to those who themselves are creators, who are low in nature, low in power, low incapacity, low in knowledge, no in everything. In comparison to Allah who is a limiter only, he is far exalted, from what people ascribe to him.

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Allah subhanahu wa taala he is a limiter Kabir who is almost a couple other than Allah, there is none who can be a limiter,

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a limiter Kabir is the one who is the most proud, He is the supreme of all

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he befits

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a limiter Kabir

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and Allah subhanho wa taala. Being an macabre, being the creator of the heavens and the earth, being the one who has given everything to us.

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He is the only one who is worthy for for his supremacy over us. None of us. None of us have the right to show cable to show proud as rasool Allah salAllahu alayhi wa sallam, he warned us that those who have pride, they will not even taste

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smell the sweetness of Jannah those people who have pride they will never be

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able to smell the sweetness of Jana. Leave aside getting in it. You cannot even smell the sweetness of a Jana of paradise. This is the worst characteristic that a person can have. And what is the root cause of this characteristic? Because people think people think that if they are rich, if they have strong strength, if they are powerful, if they are influential, if they are beautiful, they try to think and assume that it belongs to them, by Allah. It is only Allah who possess all your beauty, all your strength, all your power, all your influence, all your glory. It is Allah who is the provider of everything. How come? How come then we boast that we are rich, and they are poor? How

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can can we boast that we are beautiful, and others are ugly? How can we be proud and walk on the face of the earth when this earth belongs to Allah when you belong to Allah with all your qualities belong to Allah, everything belongs to Allah. What for you are proud of

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you reality will be nothing. If Allah wills it is Allah who deserves to be called as Al muta, Kabir, none of us, literally none of us has the right to be called as Metallica. It is only Allah and we testify that there is only Allah subhanaw taala who is Al moussaka, meaning the most proud he is the only one who is supreme, over everything over everybody. Another name

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of Allah subhanho wa Taala is Alma, Nan.

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Alma Nan is the one who does go to the people. Moreover,

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one of the greatest names of Allah subhanho wa taala.

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Is Al Anon Al Anon is the name of Allah subhanho wa taala. And we actually study in the Quran, about who Ullman is, we would understand the reality, the greatness of Alumina.

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And we will testify that we have no right to associate anyone with Al Anon, we have no right to show that we have done something to others. It is only Al Anon who does everything to the people. Allah subhanho wa Taala is the only one who deserves our worship, out of his names and attributes, that He has given to him, which we are studying,

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memorize that. May Allah subhanho wa Taala help us understand that he is

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Al Majeed. He is I am ajeeb who is at mu g. L mu g is the one

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who response how many of us

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sit alone and talk to Allah subhanaw taala experienced this?

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No one should be with you. It's only you and Allah. He is the one who will respond your prayer. He is the one who will respond to what you ask for. Allah says in the Quran in surah baqarah surah number two is number 186. Allah says, I will respond to you. I will respond your supplication I will respond your prayers. He is just not the God who has the knowledge, who hears everything who listens to everything. He is also al Mujeeb. Al Mujib is the one

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who responds, that is the reason we need to go to him. Ask him

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many times we feel that Allah subhanaw taala He doesn't respond to us, well Allah, it is not possible. If Allah doesn't respond to you, then who has the power to respond you who can hear you supplicants who can help you? If Allah Allah Jeem He doesn't respond you which force can help you?

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Our dua is a weapon for us. Make dua to Allah Mujeeb. He is there to access

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to your prayers, He is there to accept your repentance. He is there

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to forgive you. He is there to give you good in this dunya save you in the Accra, he is an Mujib ask him, we will be tired in asking but Allah subhanaw taala he will never, he will never be tired off, responding us. He is Alma Jeep, we the people, the people who believe in Allah subhanaw taala. In order to have complete trust in Allah subhanaw taala we need to make dua and this is the strongest weapon of a believer to which he connects with Allah subhanaw taala to which he talks to Allah through which he acknowledges that there is someone there is a Najim, whom that I can go for all my needs, for all my requirements for all my requirements, I can go to Al MoodGYM, to ask him to play

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to cry, that Yamaji job I need so and so I need to and so make dua and this is the sharpest the weapon of a believer, never despair, never despair that Allah will not respond. You never think or assume that Allah will not respond you, Allah will respond you. Allah knows when to respond. Allah knows how to respond. Allah knows who to respond. We need to be committed in asking Allah subhanho wa Taala so my dear brothers and sisters, again in this episode, we have talked about some of the greatest names and attributes of Allah subhanaw taala.

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I call you for an action, an action that you need to act upon right now is to get up. Make sure that you start memorizing all the names of Allah subhanaw taala reflect upon them, ponder over them and make yourself a person who is an ideal slave of Allah subhanaw taala tell them keep remembering Allah subhanaw taala keep asking to Allah subhanaw taala keep going back to Allah subhanaw taala or Akira Davina Allah, Anil hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen was wa salam Wa alaykum warahmatullahi wa barakato who created this

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who created

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me is Oh, it

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is oh, it forgives us.

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We come

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down on

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tell me who

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you should be super

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and then you reach out to him.