Memorise Mentor – Rachel’s Story

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my name is Rachel and I've been a students if minimizing talk

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to you future potential, fellow memorizers.

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I just want to let you know it's the most amazing program. So

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I never imagined that I would be somebody who would be memorizing a dark sum from Arabic speaking background. I didn't come from a Muslim childhood and became a Muslim as an adult.

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For me, it was a matter of all alone.

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Say that. I've got some material from my prayers. And by the best plan of Allah, it felt like I fell into mn by accident that Allah is the best of planners.

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I joined this amazing group of people. There's no fitna there's no strife. Everyone is so supportive and lovely.

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The staff are amazing that always make you feel you can do it they'll never make you feel bad if you stumble you trip or if you have a week where you haven't done quite as much as you used to

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do so encouraging and the fellow students, similarly a cup encouraging.

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More highly, and it's not just about memorizing, and it's about transforming your whole life.

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So join us