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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Allah alameen wa Salatu was Salam O Allah Rasool e Nabeel Karim of praise and thanks so due to a loss of friends of mine cut to the chase, I've got 20 minutes. So a lot of praise for less than $1 we send our peace and blessings and resume loss of law to sell them. And we asked Allah subhanaw taala technique this evening, something more than a nice talk. I mean, really, right off the bat, I was in the same boat as mostly seen, I was very lost on the concept of the title. I was very lost on this concept of loving the haters and brushing the shoulders off and I can only imagine what the uncles were thinking as they read this, but that's okay.

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So what I'd like to do is make this section as interactive as possible because I don't need to say much after Molina's talk, it was to the point. And Can someone quickly summarize in one nutshell, the talk is about

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dealing with bullies. Can someone summarize Just give me a quick summary I got 20 minutes Don't waste my time.

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nutshell the whole talk basically said what

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had how to deal with criticism and who dealt with criticism, divest, profits, alladia sallam, the lady carrying his groceries than the people. A guy tried to stab him. Okay, that is always pretty zany. But then, if you meet a guy who does magic on you, he asked him how he did the magic because that's pretty interesting. I don't know how to do magic and be you. You take that guy out of town. Right? If someone looks at us disrespectfully, if someone mentions our

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hedgehog jobs don't match our socks, right? We talked about this last time, then we get all like, you know, it gets on like Donkey Kong. So in this case, in a nutshell, the Mulana gave us the talk that forgiveness was in the character resource allottee asylum. How do you deal with a bully surah bunny? We read this in several occasions. What is alpha globin?

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Salah, and when the J Hill ignorant person says oh bin Laden's cousin or said something retarded? Then you look at him say for lucilla. Now that is all fine and dandy. But now we want to get into how can we take that to our applicable lives. And I don't know how many people are going to leave me out to dry on this. But I'd like to see a group of people raise their hands, if you could. I was sitting back there listening to shift saying and raise your hand if you were with me. Well, that was the Prophet sallallahu wasallam and I no prophet, how many people were busy? How many people were like, well, that's not right below. My whole thing was that was his character. That's why he was a

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prophet. You get the point. So what I want to do is I want you to help me construct my talk and this is going to be the most important. Let's try to find other Olia or other ambia in this case prophets in the Quran that were bullied and then let's see who was bullied the most. So if you don't mind we have read who lost a lot to sell them. Now why was he bullied? What was his main? What was the main message?

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main message of Islam friends, one God but uh, being there you go, one God, there's only one God all the idols that you guys, the American idols and all of the other idols that you worship. They're all not real. And the only real thing is one God and by the way, I just happen to be the last prophet of Allah. Fair enough. Could you believe that? We I guess you could, you could believe that. But at the end of the day, he had Quran. So it's kind of hard to really believe that what did they do, they persecuted him. They physically attacked him and I want to make it clear. I'm not discussing bullying when someone physically attacks you. If someone calls you, you look like a mummy or a ninja

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or whatever. That's bullying. I want to start my talk out by very clearly saying, if someone physically abuses you, friends, they lay a hand on you or they interact with you in an uncomfortable way. You're gonna make that clear to your closest adult. I don't like the way that that teacher patted me on the back. Someone touched me someone got physically made contact that's not what I'm talking about. If that happens, you're going to contact someone and you're going to let them know what happened. So let's go on Can you give me another profit that you think was bullied quickly?

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Use it okay. Use of a Sam very good use of on a Sam was jailed because of a scandal. So at the end of the day, he could be proved right or who could have been proved wrong. So the people who bullied him, there was a 5050 chance right here. They got into the schedule member and he said all

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along. He said no, I ain't about this. I ain't about this scandal. I'm not going to be on the front page of you know

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The Inquirer magazine Yusuf Ali Salah. Did he do this? Did he not? I'm not gonna be there. Give me another prophet sisters, another prophet who was bullied.

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Aren't Ibrahima is I was waiting for someone to say this, quite frankly though. Ibrahim alayhis salam, he did some bullying of his own herself, right? He walked up into that temple. He was like, look at this bad boy. So he was not the, the weak and oppressed. He told us lots of ladies tell them in general, he was the best time on Earth. This is smack talk. He told us last time he said the best time on Earth was when what did he say the best time on Earth was sitting in the fire. Okay, so I wouldn't really say that he was the most bullied. They tried to but they failed. Someone else come up with a prophet who was bullied and if we could really go there. He was bullied for a purpose. He

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was bullied with some meaning. Can anyone figure out who their Prophet was?

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Who was it? Luther a psalm I'm gonna go ahead with dussel Islam, but his people weren't bullies. They were not bullies.

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was not bullied by nobody. Let's get that straight musallam stood his ground. When someone got out of order. What happened? That was it. Was it you know, mess around Missouri. I'm serious. What person had can have a conversation with a las panatela and then be able to stand in front of them and say I know what's going on. So we had Luther lesson on his people, not the best bullies in the world. We had

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rissalah from a sorry Santa wasn't actually bullied. They bullied the wrong guy, right? Nobody is good. Now you're giving me so we have a whole bunch of prophets who were bullied. But they weren't really bullied one. Isa is from what did he die on a cross? Walla? Taku thalassa. There is no three salesians either.

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Who was bullied and it almost made sense. Like we were there. And we weren't Muslim. We might bully him too.

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I like you stand up.

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What do you say? New Holly, Sarah. Now I want you to put yourself there. According to some narrations, good look, according to some narrations. One of the earlier prophets that were early prophets. People don't know a lot about one God or God or no God. Now here comes new holiday, Sam. And where did he live? It doesn't have to be geographical. Did he live in the middle of an ocean? Or was it really? It was really dry. And what was my prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam doing? What was the What was he doing? He was building a boat in the middle of the desert friends. That's a reason to pick on someone. Now the reason why brother of mine gave me this session is very clear. Because I

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was the picked on guy. And the next talk is going to be by shape of the Nasir who is going to speak about bullies. I was picked on so I'm talking about being picked on and Milena Nasser is going to be talking about bullies.

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So all I have to say.

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So now we are in Surah Surah 54 there are a lot of eyes here and I just want you to experience to Allah subhanho wa Taala paint a very vivid picture for us. New holiday Salam is calling his people for how long? How many years have been giving Dawa. Right? Everyone credits us? How many he for nine years? for 95 years? 950 years? And how complicated was the religion then? How many seminaries and say they had to pray? Most people say they didn't even have to pray. There was belief in one God. And how preposterous is that? Hey guys, there's a sun in the sky. And the moon, the one who put it there is one God. He

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comes to people and goes Look guys, unless God said

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to give you the message, flat down por la la la rhune fear, be conscious aware of Allah wa for your own and obey me. I'm not asking you to do much. I'm not asking you for money. I'm not asking for a reward, quite frankly, new highlights and I didn't want to be the president or the king. He just said for the Bulava. Now, if you have a reason to bully someone, I want you to put the talk in two parts. There are reasons to be bullied. Like you're a dork. Let's say I was a dorky kid. And then there are reasons to not be bullied just like someone comes over and says look you have a beard. That's that doesn't mean that's not a reason to bother me right? So put that on the shelf. reason to

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be bullied or someone just made up something you know not so intelligent. So no hurry Sam is giving this message Islam Islam Islam. And now I want you to do the same thing. You are giving a message the way you dress the way you wear hijab.

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The way we pray, you know, when we pray in the Galleria mall, and people stop and take pictures, we're giving a message. And it's really weird because you're praying next to, you know, banana republic or something. So to the people It looks like you're building an ark in the middle of the desert. And is there a reason to make fun of us? Was there a reason to make fun of a guy building a boat or a syllogism? Building a boat in the middle of the desert? Yes. Like if you if you see someone wrapped up like a mummy in an age where you're supposed to be a large and in charge flaunted if you got it in that age, I can have plenty of reason to make fun of you put that on the shelf. Now

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new Halley's Salaam is building a boat people have the reason and what is he warning them of by the way can you help me out here?

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He's warning them of a flood he's warning them now put yourself in the shoes. He's warning them if you don't pray you could go to hell. Same thing both if you chat online too much. You're gonna fall into some you know. chatting, poking relationship. This is the same thing. The same thing and people I know everyone chats online everyone builds a boat No dude nobody builds a boat What's wrong with you? boat in the desert you get it? And upon this the people of New Harley Sam openly openly rejected him and in Iowa number nine sewer number

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54 zero comma i need to know this because I can't cover all the i's. Allah subhanaw taala says Can I bet on

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Oh no. And the people of New they rejected him because that was a very important word coming up here for Canada boo. So they rejected him they denied him they were like what boat man you making a raggedy boat and there's no water here. What is this Allah Allah Allah if there really is a flood then bring it on?

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But camdeboo

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what is the last parents Allah referred to new heights around? The bullied What is he calling him the Prophet? What is he saying? Forget the Boo

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friends in Arabic How do you say sleep?

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Dream students put the pronoun we at the end of that what is it

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it's okay nevermind I'll just talk to myself for a little while so we Sam there's a word called up dinner our sleeves excellent when all

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the people rejected said what kind of retarded ship Are you building in the middle of the desert? Oh yeah a big God in the sky. Let's see the water Bring it on. And they then went on a watch the bullying goes look at your retarded ship. Take that off. Is there something to make fun of Yes there is. But then they take another thing off the shelf and they go much noon. Thank you crazy. You while in? You are crazy. And then I want you to listen to the word was do je

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za, Java, the root word of this is the Java it occurs in a conjugated form about six times in the Quran. This word can be translated as they bullied him. they mocked him rebuked him. They didn't just say You're crazy. They said stupid shoot. they mocked him. They got in his face. And they did agitating things to him. sajha look it up. It has many, many meanings. So in this, somebody who was following what he believed, stood up and did what he was supposed to do. And the people made fun of him. They called him or her a mummy. They look down on the people. They mock them because they had they look like splinter from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. They mock them, they said things about

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And what is that first thing that the guy did? And I'm not going to end? This is the only point of my talk tonight. What did he do? Now? Take it off the shelf. He could have said but I'm a prophet. This thing that you're making fun of it's real. He could have given them rational proofs, emotional proofs. Friends, when they made fun of him in IR nine, where did he go in IR number 10. Further

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he turned to Allah for the hour of Babu and he made dua.

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Okay, great. So your whole talk is when someone believes me I should turn to Allah subhanaw taala Listen to

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me mailloux.

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Listen to the words, asleep.

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Friends, this is the real goal of my talk and I'm going to credit it to my family member. My brother in law gave me this whole little segment here. When someone bullied him. Where did he turn

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to Allah

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Friends I'm not telling telling you when someone calls you a mummy to turn around and start making dua, I'm asking you, when someone looks down on you, get your credibility, get your acceptance. Get your pat on the back from Allison,

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does it click when someone comes to you and says, You look dumb?

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And who are you to make this judgment on how I look? When someone comes to you and says, Man, why do you wear such loose clothes? skinny jeans, brothers skinny jeans?

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Why don't we look back at the person bullying us and just take a second to be like, and who gave you a license to tell me what I need? No one did I lie Allah,

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Allah, Allah would not the creator no better would not the creator license and say, You look beautiful. This way that you're covered, it looks wonderful. This way that you don't make eye contact all the time. It's wonderful. Because we live in a time where they tell us how to dress, how to act, how to feel. And if we don't look and act and sing and wear a rubber band around our wrist. We're not accepted. So friends, this is not my talk at all. It's a wonderful point. And when my brother in law said, Why do we turn to them to validate us? I lost it for a second. I was like, dude, forget my talk. I'm gonna talk about it. I will end on one thing. Now I want you to take both

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things off the shelf, both things. And I talked about this a little bit and some people caught it in California. Remember the guy who gets made fun of because there is something dorky about him?

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I want you to think about a guy who only eats organic. A family who only drinks organic milk and they eat those cage free eggs. Right? What do we do to the average person who drives a Prius drinks? whole, you know, raw milk, organic milk and organic eggs. What do we do to them everybody?

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You think he's like a dork, comma tree hugger? Well, you don't Underland. Usually someone comes to my fridge like oh my god, he drinks organic milk. Now you have to pause here. Step away from the camera for a second in reality, and let's just say Mawlana Nasir knows someone who makes fun of people who drink organic milk, you should advise that brother.

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You need me to follow the story here. Now the guy who drinks organic is he doing the right thing or the wrong thing? He's doing the right thing, right? He's doing a healthy thing for his body. He's helping himself. The guy who's making fun of him. Watch this. He's making fun of him and he's wearing a $70 Armani shirt. So wait a minute, not only is he wrong, making fun of him. food makes you healthier. a $70 shirt and a $17 shirt still cover your body. So wait a minute. The bully is picking on someone who's doing the right thing. And he's doing the wrong thing. Here's where you turn on the switch. When someone makes fun of you. And they say, Man, you're such a dork. Man. You

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drink organic man you pray five times a day. And you start this? No, but what are you doing?

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You're rationalizing you're defending yourself. Wait a minute. Wait, why aren't you doing the right thing? Why do you need to defend as soon as you tell the bully? Look, dude, I drink organic because I have a stomach disease. I have some swelling in my Oh, you're such a dork man. And they keep going on. So why don't step out of the box when someone calls you some name? Like, wow, you're a real piece of art man, right? piece of art. Or right? I'm doing the right thing and you're doing the wrong thing and you're in power over me. Sorry, son. Go do whatever you want. Because I never needed your acceptance. I didn't need the bolg to tell me that my hijab looks nice or not. I didn't need a

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to tell me when I looked right or not.

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Because I looked at Allah subhanaw taala and he said Allah is displeasing to you.

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And that's I believe, my time and as I complete I was looking through my closet one of my closest students weightless here study with me for years. And everyone can tell but there were some usually were stoves. And I was going through my closet and I asked my nieces and nephews to pull out something to wear. I said mom was going to speak in front of a lot of people. Can you pick up something nice. So they picked out a really nice though. And then I realized something.

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How can I get up here be completely conscious about how I look. And then talk about Oh, you guys shouldn't worry. So I pulled out a good day that I never wear b this is from when my brother in law got married. I wore this to his wedding. How long have you guys been married a long time. So that's why it's a little short. But I never looked Now press the pause button.

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Press pause on the button and come back. Come back to the fact that when you're doing something, right, unless okay with you, and when the status quo tells you otherwise, it's tough, because I glanced through your sitcoms and your sitcoms are all about how you look.

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So all you can do friends is take the example of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and try to bring it in the fact that the people who are doing wrong and acting wrong and dressing wrong, are the people who are looking down on us. So at the end of the day, when someone is able to pick on you, then you bought his sale, then you're defending yourself, but you're already eating organic, because what we eat for our soul comes from Allah subhanaw taala is nothing more organic than that. So I closed and I asked you to kind of take a small message.

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We don't need booth to spit the truth. We never needed anyone to tell us what was right or wrong. Let the haters hate.

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And all we need to do is start to appreciate. All of us need to live somewhere between sipping our fate and when the times get tough than stand up in a slough. And when this culture tells you to stick your head in the ground, and they want you to ask straight turn to Allah and prostrate because every single status quo every accent Oh, every gang sign can be turned into one La Ilaha Illa La

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La ilaha illallah wa de la sharika the message is clear. being picked on is because we do not really look to that which is so clear. I end on one last point which I wish I could have made. You can't turn to Allah subhanaw taala you can't know what is status quo. You can't have acceptance from Allah subhanaw taala if you don't know what he accepts, for is before this for is after this. Allah subhanaw taala says four times in one surah Allah Pandey XML

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and certainly definitely, we made the Quran easy to remember. So who's going to remember and know what the status quo is? Was Sam alikum warahmatu