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The transcript describes a journey through the realm of science, where people reflect on the ways in which they create something. The story is told by Moshe and Danny, and they discuss the history of a hill, where people live and create things like a flag and a tree. They also mention the importance of remembering the journey and reading signs.

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A walk through a less human inhabited part of the earth we call it nature is also a journey through the realm of science

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looking into something

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still is

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still there ready

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Moshe all the local

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movie to see Moon is He Who sends down water from the sky from it you drink and from it come the shrubs among which you raise your hands your

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visa was a

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levy that he got

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and by it he makes crops to grow for you and olives and dates and grapes and fruit of every kind they're in is certainly assignment for people who reflect what's up for

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one module most of

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the marine Nephi that he got

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he has made the might in the day subservient to you and the sun the moon and the stars all subject to his command there are certainly signs in that for people who use their intellect

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going on

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love this talk about my life last time

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Danny one in Ivy

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League me let go and also the things of varying colors he has created for you in the earth there is certainly a sign in fact for people who pay heat well

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we have

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long, so

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long for me, he cast firmly embedded mountains on the earth so that it would not move under you and rivers pathways and landmarks so that perhaps you might be guided and they are guided by the stars is he who creates like him who does not create a Will you not pay heed

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is he who creates like him who does not create is he who creates like him who does not create

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is he who creates like him who does not create

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I'm fast

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needs it by this hill, Caridad. It looks down on our little town. It looks down with a burden of history. It is the site of an ancient force. People have been living here a long time. I feel the need to climb this hill at least a couple of times a year. From the top, you can see why a fort would be built here.

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It has a truly commanding view. You seem on top of the world. It's an entirely different perspective. When you are high up, you remember how small we are? how small our lives are. The long history of this hill if you recognize that history makes you remember how short our lives are moments. We are just numbered Nights and Days soon. Our last number will come.

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What life have you lived

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tread softly

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tread gently.

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You can't cleave the earth open or reach the mountains in height.

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God does not love the arrogant and proud and boastful for my local karma.

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Is he who creates like him who does not create

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for my yoke local karma

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is he who creates like him who does not create

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for my

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is he who creates like him who does not create for my local

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offer my local come?

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come to like

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your own

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yo see who creates a flag here y'all

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got my yo

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walk through nature is a journey through the realm of signs. Do you see them? Can you read them? It is not the eyes of the mind.

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But it is the hearts that do not see