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AI: Summary © The speaker is discussing five rules for assembly, including the use of seven letters and the rules for connecting letters. They also give examples of letters that do not connect and how to make them confusing. The speaker then gives a series of rules for assembly, including the use of a certain number and the importance of completing a certain step.
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Peace be upon you and around you, friends. Always a pleasure to be with you. I thought we'd cut away for a little bit one of those sub sessions, because it's great to watch the writing. But it would really be helpful to know what are the rules about connecting because I keep seeing the letters and I can't tell which ones like how do I know it's not a noon and it's a vowel. It's all dots all over the place. So today we're going to talk about assembly. We're going to talk about how to assemble

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and there are five rules to assembly. Let's go number one. The first rule of assembly are seven letters. Do not connect on the left side.

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On the left, what are the letters that do not connect on the left side? Those are Elif dal, the RA czar.

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Wow. And the letter Hamza. Elif Dalada. Rosa, wow. And the letter Hamza, do not connect. On the left side. They do not connect on the left side, which means when you're writing them, they won't be connected on the left side. What does that mean for you, that they will not confuse you in any way because these letters will not be connected on the left side.

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Bear with me let that soak in. I'm going to give you rule number two, rule number two, the letter gaff

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and the letter ha

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will always

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look different

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at the beginning, middle and end of a word

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the beginning,

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middle and end

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beginning middle and end

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so at the beginning, middle and end I got a little close, you will see the letter calf written as

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the beginning calf. Here it is at the beginning calf and the beginning. Calf in the middle and calf at the end

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high at the beginning

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hi in the middle.

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Ha at the end.

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This is bound to confuse anyone, right anyone would say this is confusing. How do I know and in Arabic You know that the beginning it'll be beginning middle and end. But I'm showing you this way. So Kevin How will always look different at the beginning middle and end? Gaff, gaff, gaff, gaff, Gaff.

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Ha ha ha. What's the point? If you're confused about a letter run into the first filter? Oh, wait, it's one of the seven letters that don't connect. If you're still confused, then say wait a minute, good chance it's either a calf or a ha not going to get myself thrown off. Rule number three.

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If it still doesn't fit, and you're like I'm stuck, then it is

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the letter the letter

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can be written

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as that

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or that

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you will see the letter tag the two Boys in the Boat written like this, or written like this. And if you do recognize just a quick sidestep, it is the letter ha with dots on top of it. I'm not going to give you a rhyme or reason right now I'm just going to say hey, you might see a word. The word is

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the word is ba ra ra din by ra ra.

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Ra Ra din. And you might say hey, I know that's about with an R ra ra What's that? Rule number three that can be written as the or in these forms. And there you go. Within five minutes we have the three main main rules and we're just going to flip that over and add in two more basic ones. They're short and easy. Rule number four,

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the letters

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lamb and add f

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It can be

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as lamb Alif

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lamb if

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that makes sense to you the letters lamb and Alif written together can be written as lamb olive or lamb olive. Just something put in your mind number five

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the letters Wow. And yeah, wow and yeah

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can be used as tables. What does that mean?

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I'll show you right here

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the letters while one yeah can be used as tables in the example of

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mean no now? Yeah, yeah, yeah, this is a Wow. But what is the wild holding? You got it the wild was holding your hands up. You're not gonna pronounce it. It's just holding something up. In the case of Allah. Allah.

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You're not going to say Allah yah.

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Yah, the yah is just holding up this, this north to south. And you're only going to say

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one to Isla. You know what I'm not concerned that you don't understand it completely. So we're gonna write so much. So we kept us within our six to seven minute range. You now have two components. You have the cheat sheet with all the audios and you have lessons one through five assembly lessons one through five of assembly tremendous to everyone one through three really change everyone's game they can open the Quran. And with the assembly sheet I believe you are going to be in a completely new level. And that's the one you completed already. So I'll see you on the on the other side. Enjoy this Ramadan.