The Rights And Responsibilities Of Marriage – Part 1

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Alhambra Productions presents the rights and responsibilities of marriage

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and shutdown regimes manana Rahim. Salatu was Salam water shut off in more serene. Early he was so hard that he woman to be around the Senate. Dean a lot of murder in Atlanta or Hakeem along

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the line of Yuma Adam Turner was in our mo along with I had no control.

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Whatsoever Sorry, no mercy, no Mohammed were added curam. But I hold over quwata in the name of him, what I

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called him what I

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call him Allahumma inni Rudy became an enemy, what hasn't worked out to be committed actually would custom were over the weekend and Germany would probably rule to become unavailable, the danger of current region.

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Before we go into the subject, what I wanted to do, because there's a beautiful Hadith about emomali, it's in a tirmidhi. And when he talked about all the end of ladder, days, tribulations and all the difficulties, the prophets Allah I sent him said, fits in on kottelat and moving him the tribulations would come like periods of a dark black night, one after another. And emomali are the laundry said man Maharaj Yama in jasola? How do we get out of that on in those days, and he said, keytab Allah, the way out is the book of Allah, because that's really the for us that is the explanation. And so I want to look, this relates to male female relations, which is what this is

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about inshallah. And then the result of those relationships, which are generally children, the chapter which is called a Rome, sorta to Rome. Generally, it's called a Rome and it refers to the

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Eastern Roman Empire. But Rome generally refers also to Europeans to and also to Christian. It begins like the Bukhara with a de flam meme. And then it just mentions about the Romans of Woody, better Rome, that the Romans have been defeated.

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As an Arab, and this was in the near land, it also means the lowest point which is Palestine, Palestine is the lowest point on the earth. Geographically, it literally is the lowest point on the earth, which is one of the meanings of that verse. And then it's remarked that within 10 years, Alais is the command in the form of casing and the ladder in that day believers will rejoice,

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which was also the victory that the prophets Eliasson was given on the on the same day. So this is one of the caveats of the Quran, the victory that the prophets alyssum had on that day, when he defeated the polity is also occurred on the same day that the Romans regained the upper hand against the Persians. So the believers rejoice, one because the Quran was true for them, but also because the victory came on the same day. And then it says he helps to victory whom He wills, which is interesting also, because one of the things about young sort of mania share that a lot gives victory to whomever he pleases. Is Romania, shall

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we do mania shall he gives victory to whomever he pleases? And he bases whomever he pleases? And if you look historically, in the Islamic history, there are many periods where the Muslims were defeated quite radically. And certainly the tortorich period is an incredible period. But you know, after Ganga, Khan comes down with his hordes, and overwhelms the Muslims in Iraq, and Persian and all those areas, timberlane, Taymor. lunk becomes Muslim, so by one generation, they become Muslim. And it's interesting because they actually revived Islam, they become survivors of Islam. So they conquered the Muslims, but then they actually become Muslims. And when they came in, nobody did what

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they did even Ethier said, who was one of the great historians of Islam, from the beginning of time, until the present day, there has been never been a greater Scourge on Earth, that there was of the moguls and he saw it. He saw what they did, but that's what that was his opinion as a historian that never

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In the history of human civilization, had there been a worse scorch. I mean, they went in and massacred, everybody. the Euphrates River ran black from ink because they dumped millions of books. I mean, a lot of the books of Islam disappeared during that time. Even Maddock had several books that are gone. He had a book on astronomy.

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And then it says, it is a promise of Allah and Allah does not break his promise. What are the lie he lay already follow what I do what I can act on ness lay on the moon, which is a really important motif in the Quran that occurs again and again, most people don't know.

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Which is another really important thing to keep into consideration that from a Quranic understanding, most people really don't know what's going on. Neither in the the web, or the weaver of the web. People just don't know what's going on most people that the life is so short, that they really can't work out what's going on. And that's the beauty of Revelation is that you have this opportunity, the Torah, the Injeel. And then the poor on gave, the people who receive those revelations gave them the opportunity to really see reality,

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as it was, I mean, that's what this is, it's a blueprint to that. Now, there's very this next verse is really interesting in relation to a Rome because it says, Yeah, the Mona vironment at higher to dunya, oma and an effort to homograph. You know, they know about the outward of the world. But they've forgotten about the, the other side of this world, which is the the mirror image of this world, which is off camera. So this is oola. And then there's our camera, this is the first and then there's the second, right, we come into this world, and we're here for this short period of time. And there's a reminder here that you can get lost in the VA Hill.

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Yeah, the moon of Iran, see, so

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you start looking at that web. And the web is so intricate that you can spend your entire life just looking at the web and trying to work out how the web works. And forget

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about the source of the whole thing of where it all comes from, and then what it's pointing to because the web is pointing to

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the weaver of the web, right, the spider, when you see the web, there's a spider nearby. And the world is also pointing and indicating something

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which is that there is a force behind all of this. And if you forget that, then you've forgotten the whole point of the thing. But because of the power of the world and coming into the world, it's very easy to forget, by the nature of the world that we get so caught up in the world, that we forget that not only are we in time, temporal creatures, we're moving out of this world into another world. And one of the things that years ago, my daughter had when I was leaving tomorrow, he told me, he said, as you move towards canmore, which is the town that you get the car from, he said, every step you make towards that is a step closer to your destination, and a step further away from where

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you've left. And he said, and that's what the world is like. But every breath you take is a breath closer to your ultimate destination, which is to leave the world. And on the escalator. I was on that eska I've told people this but it was it was really interesting I was with Shambala. And we were on this escalator in the airport is the first time we'd ever been on an escalator and he, we were sitting there moving along. And he said Subhanallah This is just like the world. You think you're stationary, but you're moving. And then when we came up to the end of it, there was a sign and it said Beware the end comes abruptly.

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So I translated the sign wrong and he just said so.

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So that's the thing about whenever you get on an escalator, just remember that that's what the world is like. And the thing about being in a boat, is you'll often hear people say, it's so nice to watch these things pass by, right. That's their perspective, but they're not passing by, you're passing by. They're all staying where they are. But that's the illusion. It's that parallax view that you fall into, because of the nature of distances. So, knowing this world, according to our tradition is when you die The only thing you remember are things related to the Acura. All of your knowledge that you learned in the world is forgotten on your death except what you learn that benefits you in the

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Are all the worldly knowledge goes? And that's something to think about. And then right after that, our metaphysical, Lucien, don't they think about themselves? You know, don't they reflect on the nature of the neffs mahakala has some art What? What? Well, Nabina Huma elaborate Huck, a lot didn't create the heavens and the earth and what's between them, except with the truth? Well, I did a Muslim Ma, and to an appointed term, and even material sciences have arrived to that

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understanding that the universe does have, it would appear that it has an appointed term, it's going to end what in the critera millionaire CBD or be him the coffee room, but so many people about meeting their Lord are in a state of rejection. They don't believe it that it's going to happen. Or what I'm you sudo for the hour? Haven't they traveled in the earth? With a young little Kiva can occupy two Latina men? Probably him? Haven't they reflected on the people who existed before them can shed them in home power? They had greater strengths than they did. What a thought or out of the way I'm Aroha axotomy Mamoru ha, they actually did things with the earth and cultivated the earth in

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ways that you haven't done and I don't care what you know, all the buildings that modern man has made look at the pyramids, because we don't even know what was going on there. That people don't really know what the pyramids I mean, look at these places around the world and reflect on this idea. And then look at the the flimsiness of modern civilization how easy it is to just disappear. Because, I mean, an atomic bomb could obviously destroy but so I mean, this is the idea that, that the ancients, they, they did extraordinary things well, jack tomura, home verbena, and these messengers came to them with all these clear signs for my account Allahu liova. Nimmo home. So it

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was not a law who was oppressing them.

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It wasn't a law, who was oppressing them what I can cannot emphasize the moon but they oppressed themselves. And that's a really important another important motif to remember in the Quran. There's this constant understand that we oppress ourselves and and that there's things to learn in the world. And one of them is that when you point fingers outside of yourself, you're deflecting, always from the real work, because you cannot change what is outside yourself in the way that you can change what's inside yourself as a mechanic, occupants, and Edina acetyl, a sewer, and then the affair of those who did these foul things.

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uncomfortable, be it done, da will cannot be higher status, and that they denied the signs of God and then they made fun of them. And this is a really important thing in the Quran is the hazard the idea of making fun. None of the people that made fun of the Prophet became Muslim, not one of them.

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They were called them with stassi own, not one of them became Muslim, the people that mock and joke about any sacred thing. The Prophet never made fun of people's beliefs ever, you'll find nowhere in the Sierra, where he made fun of anyone's belief. When he saw people that were worshipping idols, he felt compassion. He did not feel mockery, or superiority, he really wanted those people to be free of the fetters of superstition that this is not worthy of worship. And that's what that means there's nothing worthy of worship. I mean, that's the the interpretation that the scholars give it. That

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would be haften. There is nothing worshipped in truth, other than Allah, there can be things worshipped, but they're not worshipped in truth. Let my Buddha be happen. See what law there is nothing worship in truth, except Allah subhana wa Tada. And so this idea of making fun of Allah's signs, is really, really dangerous.