Akram Nadwi – Weekly QA 19-10-2023

Akram Nadwi
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Assalamu alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh. Everyone. Welcome back to the ASI weekly q&a with Chef Akram nadwi. On every Thursday at 6pm BST. Without further ado, we'll begin. Chef, we have one private question before we begin. So the question is,

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I run a decorating business decorating for parties and events, sometimes I get asked to come do some decorations, for a Christian baptism or for Christmas, and other religious events. Am I is it halal for me to do declarations for non Islamic events related to other religions, just o'clock later, this Monday.

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Muslim actually, you know, for finding Muslim, to do a lot of business with the inner intention, good intention, or with proper honesty, to decorate, decorating the houses or anything, you know, it is harder

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when you get

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in a computer helot even if you do with honesty, you get your money

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from your family, and everybody. But when you declare something, what people are going to do there, that's not your business. People can do something haram their life Allah Inami builder, somebody asked me to build a house for him, and I build they pay me for what I have done, or how they want to use the house I devote to run hobbies,

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you know, something is number not allowed. It's up to them, you know, they will get sued for whatever they do, I have got even money for what I've done. So similarly, you decorate a deck for your business, you get money for that do properly, whether they want to celebrate Christmas Day or, or even be there or anything, you know, talk to the people. And if they do something right, they will get reward. And if they get good, do something sinful, they will get some, it's nothing to do with you. You are only responsible for the work that you

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do suck, locate and show. The next question that we have

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is someone asks, there are six rights and Muslim has over one another. One of them is when they invite you, you go, how does this apply today? Especially if you don't really know them? are we obligated? There are so many community members, I want to know how these rights apply in today's day and age, we all have limited time. And there are a lot of Muslims now in our communities. Please explain this, Heidi.

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Yeah, you know,

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right, it doesn't matter, right or not immediately, that, you know, on the expense of your convenience. In front of people invite me so many people invite me for the wedding party for so many things. But I don't attend any of them. You know, I just found them and approved guide that my unbusy, whatever. And that's enough for me to offer them, you can do not that you order, the profit and loss and do not attend all the wedding ceremony. Medina, nobody can do this. In writing, you're not allowed to reject somebody the invitation, because you think is lower than you do the poor person either in a lower class, you are in an elite class, this is wrong. But if you don't attend

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because you're busy or doing something, that's fine. That's the heart of that. But what this means is that Muslims should treat all Muslims equally, they should not think somebody lower than them. They're not important to don't reject somebody invitation, because his tour of his family ground is not as high as yours. If you had this intention here that then it is not allowed. But because we're busy or do something more important, has happened. Nobody can do in this life. Everything people have to do something, and they level up and even Janaza it at that we arrived at Muslim to attended another funeral. But not only get rid of everybody goes that voltage and are they for the CalFire

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not for the for every individual, something you're busy doing something else you can't do. So having the right means that people should do it easier for them. But not like you know, like for the prayer or fasting was a part of

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does that long kind of check. The next question is asked by Mohammed who asks, What should I study after you're my body will also look?

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Yeah, if you understood those terms properly, then you should move on to the next level. The difficulties level sort of shows you that there's nothing work you can do. There's another work ugly, very good. And that is sort of set by up to help enough

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data that we're very good at

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did not go directly to combines between different monopsony schools. There's much better if you're going to have to have a laugh, then you can move to show carnies book to show the floor or some other world there's so many was also the footprint you can do last one should be mr. chef for that rissalah division is very difficult. You know, the network never more intelligent planning persona discussion there, during the real reality was when the Fed had not applied to the books of the proper books of the faculty, the dependent of people to give fatwa because they follow some not because they follow certain rules that other matters, or this crusade sort of fit. But nevertheless,

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I've sort of felt it is important to not be too clever.

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As an ally like a chef, the next question is by Fatiha, who says salam Yasha can we understand that Allah recorded the statement by Bill please insert on naman, verse 34, as praise.

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It appears to me as one of the most wise sayings, and how can we understand this praise? If so, when the Queen wasn't a believer, also, when will you teach the * series again? Yes, yeah.

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Yeah, no doubt really is that you know, whenever people occupy a country with the force, so that we're gonna happen, you know, the law had been in every culture, every tradition, that we when you take a city or a country by force, then you own all the land, and all the people in that country become your slaves.

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You can sell them you can do whatever you like, you can relocate them, whatever you do. So, basically, the owners of the property did become poor, and the new people who arrived there, their own immunity, that how the purpose that what this means that how the protest used to be in the past

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and actually salaam, where Muslims can conquer the country, to whatever they concur with the force, they became the owner.

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Many times they get to the origin people that that Lancer but then they ask them to pay the tax. But if the Muslims did not give them their food, right not to do

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that maybe some time, but now generally, generally Muslims live to a local population, to do whatever they do, and pay for your tax software that but it is lovely to know, that people have right when they come per country, they became become the owner, to their wife, she's saying this, you know, that really is so mr. Thompson conquer

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this country, then now that rich people talk people will be no more top people, you know, they will take everything was taken away from them. So, that always happened.

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But what is happening in the Middle East that people should not connect with directly because it is much more complicated. So many trauma has been done so many communities, there are so many agreements, in written all of them, none of them are respected.

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You know, some people behave so arrogantly, you know, this, everybody can see really Muslims non Muslims can see that one party so and, and somehow they have managed to convince her powerful countries of the world to support their cause. So media and everything to support them, by you know, a lot of different, you know, learn how to press by people's propaganda and media, and you can't agenda reality on the face of data, people understand this. Allah has made this work on certain types and proved, if people don't accept them, and they want to force their own will and desire on the people and underlined it, that will not go for longer, because you can't change the facts and

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realities on the ground. Impossible. That we can see. Most. Any time when people come around the world with the force very quickly, they fail. Even the user can either look into history, because they all would have behaved very badly. So their roots never lasted more than 7080 years never all the time they lost their reason. Whenever they got power.

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They have very badly they stopped taking advantage even you

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automatic pilot is now you know, formally firing him before he's not even part left in the round. Robin Panetta told them they are atoned. 600 Because they're just respecting everybody. Nobody party India 300 Yes, because it does. But the judiciary

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just just never blocked him other 60 7080 years reason the way they behaved so other countries and unless monetize can kill them, to teach people listen to you see that these people I give them failure and they don't behave properly. So how why punishment to all the time punishment coming to these people. So wonderful understanding of what you have been released. Is it

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To be evil

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in a very shocking show of power, and

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the people in Palestine chose to live there. The way they behaved very badly anybody can feel. So this is not fun. We have to understand situations of the world in the light of meaning it is not just one verse of the Quran about light of sin of the Quran Eva Salaam has got a

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sample of pockets I don't remember now, but inshallah I intention to start some most of Sunni Shala and that will tidy

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to Zack Hello, Claire and check. The next question is by Feriha, who asks, as per your answer a few months back that if a woman gets ill during her menstrual period, it is not obligatory on her to take about. But what if that woman is a Quran teacher? Can she still go to madressa and teach Quran in the state of Islam during menstrual period?

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This is a good question. Question number two, my mother You know, he or she can't pray because of the menstruation for you. Right really, but there are some people say no, you can't read the Quran.

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Most people said so yeah, then she should have been back. And though there are people like no number five Iman money, I feel so so in opinion, they allow people to read the Quran in the Philippines.

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When you

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follow this opinion, or above and because of that also fun.

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Is that Hello penmanship. The next question that is being asked is, could you please explain in details, how a man can approach a girl he is interested in? While they are studying in still studying in college? Can they talk to each other in public places without a markup?

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The best thing maybe when you started to ask someone is to talk on your behalf, you know, like one of your friend or someone you know, direct talking could be some time in better solution not interested.

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you're offended or something like that. Ask someone else. And once she agreed, then maybe you can talk to her in a public space, like in a restaurant or in a park or in a classroom, somewhere going to pick something around. You can toggle this thing or take it a minimum evil and then after that to get married. You can just keep talking on I enjoy being together just enough right in fulfilling that desire, we have just arrived. So you will be allowed to talk about the Merrymakers things which are necessary and after that, leave it until you get married

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or colorful picture. The next question is by a man who asks, What can I do to fulfill the Zakat requirements of giving five grams of gold when all my gold ornaments weigh more with the lightest one being 16 grams, making it impractical to sell or give them away?

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But you must have some case you can bet there's a cut in the money you don't need to pay gold you know you if you have some money, you know

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the the money that you've got so people don't need to sell the gold but if you don't have any money other than gold, they will have to sell

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that no credit check. The next question is by Anwar who says I can't wake up for tahajjud before Fajr Can I pray tahajjud at 1am before sleep will I get the same reward? Yeah. after Isha you can do the hygiene before failure to better to do before you can do anytime when you go to war inshallah.

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Article or picture the next question is

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in sort of Roth,

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verse 1924 of the Quran the Quran refers in the sound masculine plural to the false gods. Can you explain this? Shouldn't it be in the singular feminine in Arabic grammar?

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Arabic grammar in the title of the Quran is a little bit complicated, too, sometimes things which are not don't have intellect. They shouldn't be feminine. But Quran people use

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masculine because just to highlight how people think about them to life an offering or people think that reason is sent to them. And you say no, they don't listen. You can use the word masculine. Do you have to say Hola, yo, let us know.

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Last normally, because you referring what people believe they think they can listen to some type Quran to use the pronoun for the false

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I chose for God's sake, as simple as people think I've delegated. So it could be to allow them

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to Zac Lohan and ship the next question is your opinion on splitting up the moon means the wholesale Hadith would need to be dismissed. This brings a conflict in that you are accepting Hadith as reliable on one hand and dismissing them on another How do you reconcile this? No No don't actually not return yet.

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Sometime I answer the question to don't display it on my behalf other people will give

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in when I write I write properly. But you know, there are so many details you might not follow them there are many hobbies monitor enough to follow you know, leaving some of Hadith does not mean that in the euro area

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because sometimes reason could be the Hadith you think, contract this the Quran

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or contract is, you know, the more Saudi so there is possibility for some internet the theory of Hadith basically, you don't find any way to reconcile between the different the Quran, then you can find the Quran or

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maybe you reinterpret or something like that. Now rejecting

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I don't have to read what they think me that the Quran teaching, whenever they asked the personnel isn't bringing miracle the Quran said Tell them I don't have any miracle in all the time teaching I just sent the Quran so if the prophet has been miracle if you say I have gotten recovery you do not believe in that and people that who witness it isn't miracle the quality people are because of the modified oppo Furman I leave all the close competitors none of them have narrated this either to the general it doesn't really sound like this coming from Abdullah Mazel Tov Lavon who what I think it couldn't be that he made that he just gave it a syrup the verse of the Quran and somehow some people

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misunderstood it either read the story very, very internet, I found it to say something very clearly wonder right.

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But what I want to tell you that really interpreting somebody evil does not mean that we are you know, to the

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people before us, even my magic admission. Even Bukhari Muslim everybody had done the same thing.

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Exactly. Okay. Hair and ship. The next question is by Imran, who asked Salam Shia Why does the Quran mentioned Khalifa for Tao delayed Salam and other Malayalam only? And second question Why did other Malayalam choose that will delay Islam and give him 40 years of his life?

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thing really the first thing and many people don't understand what that means. Recently I wrote an article, somebody asked me a question about meaning of Amana toward a man and his wife.

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I think it needs to be so somebody needs to translate it. So one day is the people that work enough out for the Fed put on news, you know exactly how they find the Quran is just like magic.

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And somebody who has power and authority to obey or disobey. So other mother may have different meaning and authority to obey or disobey. To come charge the door. And there were Karasik now, Amana, Amana to a monastery is up to Amman, I sent that I've learned that

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you know why so other Muslim gave the info from the miter saw to dollar Islam? Or what was the means?

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More information, maybe since you asked me, I would live something on that inshallah.

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Zack, no credit check. The next question

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yes, by Ahmed who asks my questions regarding sheiks opinion, or not considering the narrations about sit her on the prophet for the photosphere of Surah Surah. Philip and us do any traditional diversity use the same approach as Chef?

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Yeah, you know, people, there are people who don't agree with magic things in the medical journal on consoles. So I've got an article, it will find it easily somewhere else and also their website, where I've mentioned things about the people before me, and people can't operate on who have the same opinion that the professor lawless alone did not have any money. Nobody did America, that misunderstanding it correctly. Some trainers and some people interpret an

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article of fiction The next question is by a yoke who asks, When seeking knowledge, studying Arabic and developing critical thinking skills. How do we balance these Ibadat with the Ibadat intended in and of themselves?

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have such as increasing Salah memorization of the Quran? How do we balance these priorities and what takes precedent especially when one begins to affect the other?

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You know, when you're studying then enough for you to further prayer on Sunnah prayers, simply fasting, fasting, and spend more time on learning in clinical knowledge because it's conda. And your understanding of the Quran has come deeper than the quality of either because better, and also you can help other believers to be strong in the faith I can conceive. You know, I have I have so many questions when people ask me the comfort of opinion, right? So many people are afraid they are about to do the fair to that bend to them to their faith because it's funded

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to chatter many times as many people said to me, that 100 For the people they were, they had left as well because of my writing. So what they came back with Ramachandran, again are struggling some they themselves so there are three people you know, you can help them and God monitor yourself because it's fun to learn is a very, very important you can answer the question therefore what happened now in the world, many people did become evil they have both for about the last Motala that the children are being killed and women are being weakened.

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Why and that does not help if you understand the Quran and the Sunnah properly. So you can explain properly you reminded me understand that and you can make other people's emails stronger. By if you don't understand this treaty, you yourself become weak. So it is very important DOMA to have some people who are who have good analysis. And also you have studied properly and then yeah, it's been a little bit more time on it kind of tended to grab

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some time it didn't it couldn't be that your writing is more important. You write your

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deck, it's such a big thing. But I found that when I teach and write I got so tied,

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tied into

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something I couldn't be possible. That is still we can spend more time on that but you know, people have Deaconess and openable forgiven but when you're mortified, but I do too, but especially what I advise you at least the minimum one father soon Don't harm anybody. Don't hurt anybody brought back bite. And it's been more most of them are learning because if you're not a good orlimar we have got the people who repeat who memorized this book and that book, but they don't understand they don't make sense of Islam. I believe just barely slept properly in the way other people

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does that no credit check. The next question is by OS who asks what is Chef crumbs advice for Allah Hadith slash arteries in Aveda in regards to learning Muppet AND ELMO column and the books that one can consult.

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They know how to learn people should learn

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philosophy and even more on logical moral philosophy or something, then you understand the business properly and then if there's a question you can refute them properly like in the Tamia so ignore these follow Sunnah the industry, the Hadith and Quran so deeply, but at the same time, he has to understand the ecological philosophy is good enough

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to hit able to reject them and refute them in one method so big. There never had anybody in the history of my title, so successful in reacting and refuting regroup and everything. Amazing person in particular, he used to understand properly and now in our time, or my goal, understand many of these signs, and they refuted to become very silly. But if people are expert, they can see that you don't understand this. So either people, whether they're Hadith or whatever, the correct I don't really like any of these things anyway, I don't let any people relate them to anyone who's got 100 view of morality or selfie or three or I don't understand why is not enough for people to be

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Muslims. That will never have been given. We are Muslims. So you know, if think about Islam, by the same time, you know, just everything in order to understand it and then be able to explain it properly defend Islam and resistance which are not Islamic.

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As of now, okay. And the next question we take is from for him, who asks Salam Disha How do we understand any physical illness as a punishment from Allah? Or is it Allah's way of drawing us close to him?

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People don't think all the time punishment and

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everybody first Hillary and her disabled believers for in their sector, you know, are falling apart. So you know, there's good that your sins have been forgiven domestic nicely, that I fought everybody falls to deliver delivers, delivers for

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Internal default and often Your sins are forgiven you can the error code or you ask the DUA, we're not here to get a reward for that. You've got some trouble of suffering, and you're patient, you've got to work for that. So much rewarding being in when people will come in. So you know, all the things that are just not I want to help you. He wants to purify you to make you clean, to ask him to kill you. But when you're asked him what he would do, if you did not have in this, how could you ask him? So, you know, don't take a punishment, but it won't be possible. Sometimes people do some since I love punishing them and Grigson some in less. So that punishment also a good thing. Because Allah

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was to alert you Allah wants to make you repent. So in whatever Allah does in this right before you die, it all Rama or mercy, even punishment in mercy, because the punishment they're making here to listen what Allah

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is located on. The next question we have is by Ahmed, who asks, can share recommend a book on the Arab Quran? Preferably in order for a beginning student of novel?

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Disclosure, but why do you why you want to know in Google, people love Arabic retribution more and then read for you don't need to in the beginning, when you will be so good to start with a router run. Just two other books have enough normal language one or two years thereafter that you'll be able to understand books read Pasha for something and being understand deeply. So I will say you know, don't worry, we're intervening

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in the governing law properly, independently,

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language properly to three years, and then after that come to the Quran

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is up now. And final question that will take place today is by a user who asks, What would be a highlight lesson we can learn from the Sierra specifically during the Battle of the 100th period.

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You will think

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I must have selected that every story is this all the prophets and messengers, they have gotten or 1000s and 1000s of lessons, you know, because really what your conditions are so special of Panther but not only one lesson many, many lessons you can take really, you can see the the how the patient companions are, how obedient they are, how the professor nothing, not annoyed, you know, the face of the situation properly is still he makes effort to find a weakness among these enemies. So how can you defeat them in all the time thinking understanding, not like us, people just lying down and waiting for Allah will come? He's active, you don't think they know the next 100 pandemic is still

00:27:48 --> 00:27:52

here enough? You know, suffice with that he wants to make more

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thinking and planning how can he send someone you know, there has been all the time that you don't want the patient to don't have food is hungry for a few days to date, when the Lord there Mr. Prayer, ego and then the how they did other of those prayers.

00:28:13 --> 00:28:29

There are so many instances Kundalini Musa thinking, you need to think and understand that if I had been in the time of the personality center, or you know in that, what he would have been doing, how we have been thinking, but how the professor's thought differently

00:28:30 --> 00:28:59

and generally what happens to you understand the story more similar stories happen in your life to for example, like you know a battle a battle and offered poorly understood by the people who are in the war and Jihad can suffer they can understand much better than those who like us just sitting in teaching in a peaceful environment we can understand properly, but those who are in that condition, they understand much better you know, there are problems with the family with the personalities and he left to the wife's father,

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so many days a month and equally understand it if you have a problem with your wife, you understand how to deal with the problem. So, all the things that happened the latter personality will be much better understood it if you pass by same conditions, or your committee composite by same conditions, then you understand much better with getting the steering of the force clever people without the condition they still can't force or understand the thinking or every story or the parcel of every story told in the Quran assuming that something. Yeah, so first,

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let yourself in that condition. It will help you shall love to draw the lessons and to understand the story properly.

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That's all for today. Unfortunately, if your question hasn't been answered, please remember it and perhaps we can aim to answer it next week. Duck locator and check for your time and duck low head on everyone for joining and we'll be back next week. Thursday at 6pm BST as always

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Assalamu alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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