Omar Suleiman – Angels in Their Presence S2 #11 – A Divorce Nullified by Prayer

Omar Suleiman
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So there's one more wife of the Prophet slice alum who has this unique interaction with the angels. Specifically Djibouti is Salam. But it has a serious twist to it. It's not the same as for the dollar, the hola ANA or as I should have the Aloha now. And that is Hafsa been to alma mater last pants I'd be pleased with her and her father

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have settled the Allahu Taala on her has a very interesting story and interaction which indeed it is set up. But before I get there, I actually want to talk about her brother first. And this will give us an understanding of what is going to take place with her. Beloved Norma Well, the a lot of time on hormone was of course a great follower of the Sunnah of the Prophet, slice alum, and was almost identical to almond milk Pablo, the Allahu Anhu. And he was very young, when he was around the profit slice of them. And he said that he wanted to have a dream that he could share with the profit slice them why? Because on the profit side, some would ask people in the mornings to share their

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good dreams. That was a way of connecting to the messenger. So the lie Salem, so he asked Allah subhanaw taala to give him a dream so that he could share it with the profit slice alum the next day. Instead, he goes to sleep. And he says, I saw this dream of two angels that came to me. And they took me to the edge of hellfire. And so how was terrifying dream because he says I saw people in there that I recognized. So imagine he's he's looking at Hellfire for enough of a time that he sees people that he knows in the hellfire. And it obviously scares him in the dream. And just as he is looking at it, another angel comes and says to him, Do not be afraid and commands that the angels

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take him instead to the right, because this is not your place. So the dream is scary in that, you know, he saw hellfire and he saw people that he knows in hellfire and he was in front of it for that time. But it's also a good dream in the sense that he was spared from it right so it's an interesting dream but it's not the type of dream that he had in mind to share with the Prophet slice and then after federated the way that other companions would share their dreams. So instead he goes to have settled the Allah on his sister who's also the wife of the Prophet slice Allah and says to have settled the Allahu anha Can you speak to the prophets like some about this dream? Have some

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approaches the messenger SallAllahu Sallam shares the dream Rasul Allah sai Salam in his wisdom, knowing that whatever he says is going to get back to Abdullah. He starts off by saying near methodological Abdullah, what a good young man on belies What an excellent young man he is, which is a statement of praise, right so that he's put at ease that he's a good young men. But then he says no cannon, you'll suddenly Mina Lake, if only he pray a little bit more at night. So Abdullah is an excellent young man. But Abdullah should also pray some more at night it needs to break down when you can imagine with the Knights of Abdullah and Alma Well, the a lot of Tyler and homage looked

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like after he heard that from the Prophet slice on him as a very young man. So his life is going to be distinguished by his key AMOLED as it is in many other ways. Now what does this have to do with have settled the law on she's obviously the middle woman in this regard. She's the messenger of the messengers ally salaam to her brother to say, look, if you don't want the angels to take you to that place in the Hereafter, then you should increase in European Mullin and that will assure you that the angels will instead take you by the permission of Allah subhanaw taala to the other destination have an agenda. So she was the messenger between the messenger slice alum and her brother. Now what

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makes us so different have settled the Allahu Taala and, and the Prophet slice and I'm actually separated. Well, so Allah sai Salam actually reached a point of divorce with Hafsa all the Allahu Taala and he was not cruel with her. He did not abuse her he did not harm her but the profit slice um, had reached the point where he was going to separate from her and when the profit slice I'm reaches that point, how's this in praise of hopsital the Allahu anha Of course we know our model the law and who came and and you know, ask the profit slice them to reconsider and the profit slice and was gracious with almost all the law I know. But the one who came to the profit slice of them to

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actually convince him was not on level the law and who it was Gibreel it has Scylla and Gibreel Ronnie Islam comes to the profit slice and and says, Yeah, Mohamed Salah honey, some of Raja have said, Take her back now. Is he going to say take her back because she is the daughter of your companion, or take her back because of this that take her back because of what people will say? No, he says, Yeah, Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Roger has to take her back for in her Salama Cole Kawana because she is a woman who fasts a lot and who prays a lot of Cleon well, he is oh Jessica from Jana. And I have seen she is your wife and

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Paradise as well, as panela have settled the Allahu anha has the testimony of Gibreel it has salaam that you should take this woman back, not because of who she is related to, not because of anything else, but she is Salama. Awana. She has distinguished herself in the sight of Allah subhanaw taala. And by the testimony of the angels, by the amount of fasting that she does, and by the amount of pm that she does somehow and connect that back to our beloved normal, right, who Allah subhanaw taala, in his wisdom and planning made her the one that would hear the dream of Abdullah and then deliver the message of the messenger slice and I'm back to him that you should pray mark the AMOLED. And the

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angels won't take you to the destination. And now you have the greatest of the angels coming to the Prophet slice on to testify on her behalf that by the way, this is a woman who is distinguished by her pIane and her sleep. And if you think about what comes after that, and I want you to think about the blessings of that. When we go to say Salam to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, of course the salam reaches him wherever you give it, but when you do zyada when you're in the message of the prophets, I send them specifically from the men's side. And you stand in front of the grave of the prophets lie Selim and Beckett and Omar Radi Allahu Anhu that place that you are standing is

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actually the house of have settled the law and that is the exact location of where have settled the Allahu anha had her home. That is the home that Allah subhanaw taala blessed and distinguished by having the Quran gathered in that home that's not by accident, the most half the papers, the bones, all of the scrolls were gathered in the house of Hafsa little the Allahu Taala Anna, and that was the home that by the testimony of Djibouti it has set up a righteous woman used to fast daily and pray nightly so it shows you that these ranks are not achieved with Allah or with the angels randomly or because of who you're related to or who you know. These ranks are achieved by the deeds

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that the Prophet slice I'm taught us to elevate ourselves until the end of times.

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